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Title Android Quick Browser
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Kansas State University
Abstract People are more inclined to use mobiles instead of other computing devices like desktops and laptops due to their portability and ease of use. A number of desktop applications have become available as mobile applications in response to the increasing market demand. Android is one of the largest and most popular open source platforms that offers developers complete access to framework APIs in order to develop innovative mobile applications The objective of this project was to develop an Android application for daily users of Android mobiles. This application advantageously allows users to search the internet on their phone, save preferred links, and prioritize outputs based on saved links. The application uses the Google search engine as its primary search engine and customizes links for the user.
Subjects/Keywords Android
Contributors Daniel Andresen
Language en
Country of Publication us
Record ID handle:2097/32178
Repository ksu
Date Retrieved
Date Indexed 2018-08-10
Issued Date 2016-05-01 00:00:00
Note [degree] Master of Science; [level] Masters; [department] Department of Computing and Information Sciences; [advisor] Daniel Andresen;

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…real application. Last but not least I would like to acknowledge the academic support received from the staff and students of Kansas State University viii Chapter 1 - Introduction 1.1 Problem Definition Android Quick Browser is a search engine that…

…the searches for later reference. 1.2 Existing System In the existing system, a user must browse for a particular website and then search for particular content on that website. Android mobiles currently do not contain a search engine that gives…

…relevant ranked results to the queries (relevancy decision problem). 1.3 Proposed System The Android Quick Browser retrieval system performs a word-by-word match of a query, and then a feature personalized search aims to customize search results…

…for each user according to local context. Location intent queries are also studied. Android quick search is a very simple search engine consisting of a simple indexing system and query processing system is presented by capturing the user’s interest in…

…surfing in order to obtain relevant results. Because end users would benefit from some glance of what exactly that particular result contains, the concept of the Android Quick Browser was developed, which provides a glance of every link on a single page to…

…becomes tedious because the user must go back and select a new result. If the user opens the other way in new tab to see the result which resulting in open of many tabs and end up in performance issues. Therefore, the Android Quick Browser was built to…

…of an Android application that would provide a solution to this common problem and would increase knowledge of Android development was conceived. One of the hardest aspects of application development was determination of the exact requirements or use…

…fourths of the main screen. Requirements for developing this application were also considered, as listed in the following section. 7 3.1 Requirement Specification For running the application:  Android Smart Phone 2.2 or higher  4.0MB space for…