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Title Prospective and Practicing Middle School Teachers' Knowledge of Curriculum for Teaching Simple Algebraic Equations
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University/Publisher Texas A&M University
Abstract Knowledge of curriculum is a significant component of mathematical knowledge for teaching. However, clearly understanding knowledge of curriculum requires further refinement and substantial research. This study consists of three papers that aim to explore prospective and practicing middle school teachers? Knowledge of Curriculum for Teaching Simple Algebraic Equations (KCTE). The first paper reviews trends in and the evolution of standards and policies and synthesizes significant findings of research on mathematics curriculum and Knowledge of Curriculum for Mathematics Teaching (KCMT). Through this synthesis, the paper examines policy changes and research relevant to mathematics curriculum and KCMT and anticipates future research approaches and topics that show promise. Building on the context provided by the first paper, the following two papers investigate KCTE from the perspectives of prospective and practicing middle school mathematics teachers. For the second paper, data was collected from a convenience sample of 58 prospective middle school mathematics teachers and a subsample of six participants. The findings of this study identify patterns of key mathematical topics in the teaching sequence of simple algebraic equations, compare the participants? sequences with experts?, reveal participants? orientations toward KCTE, draw connections between participants? KCTE and their knowledge of content and teaching, and establish relationships between participants? KCTE and their knowledge of content and students. Four middle school mathematics teachers participated in the third study. The results indicate that state-level intended curriculum is the most prevailing component of participants? KCTE. Furthermore, from a vertical view of curriculum, participants? awareness of their students? lack of basic mathematical knowledge impacted their KCTE. The paper also identifies the role of the state-level intended curriculum in participants? KCTE, alternative approaches to curriculum implementation that participants used to respond to the multiple intelligences of their students, and the participants? lack of lateral curriculum knowledge in KCTE. Together, these three papers offer a closer look at KCMT with a focus on simple algebraic equations. This research broadens our understanding of prospective and practicing middle school teachers? KCMT and discusses implications for professional development.
Subjects/Keywords Mathematical knowledge for teaching; Knowledge of curriculum; Middle School; Equation; Teacher knowledge; Education
Contributors Li, Yeping (advisor); Kulm, Gerald (advisor); Stuessy, Carol (committee member); Schielack, Jane (committee member)
Country of Publication us
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Repository tamu
Date Indexed 2017-09-06
Issued Date 2012-11-28 00:00:00

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