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Title Power Output Calculations for an Array of Point-absorber Wave Energy Converters
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Civil Engineering
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Oregon State University
Abstract This study presents a methodology for power take off (PTO) forecasting for an array of heave wave energy converters (WECs). Based on spectral data obtained directly from the National Data Buoy Center, representative realistic sea states are generated at the location of the WECs, and by using two wave-structure interaction models of differing complexity (wave-follower assumption and analysis of 6 degrees of freedom) the motion of the WECs is simulated. Subsequently, using a PTO model that depends entirely on the WEC's motion, power extraction data sets are obtained for hourly sea states. Finally, a comparison between the two wave-structure interaction models is provided for two different WEC sizes and the variability of the PTO data series and also its relationship to wave energy flux is analyzed. It is found that the model and the WEC size choice have an influence on the forecasted PTO. Additionally, the energy flux can be related to the average PTO for a sea state in terms of the energy period. Finally, for the case of multiple WECs it was found that the variability of the total PTO (normalized by the farm average PTO) decays as the number of devices increases and also that large devices produce the least variable power.
Subjects/Keywords Wave Energy Converter; Ocean wave power
Contributors Ozkan-Haller, Tuba (advisor); Cox, Daniel (committee member)
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Date Indexed 2017-03-17
Grantor Oregon State University
Issued Date 2015-06-05 00:00:00
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