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Title Study of Compton suppression capability in a triple-layer phoswich detector
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Radiation Health Physics
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Oregon State University
Abstract A triple layer phoswich detector was designed and assembled in the advanced radiation instrumentation lab at Oregon State University. The detector had three scintillation layers: the first one was a BC-400 for beta and conversion electron detection, the second layer was a CsI(Tl) for x-ray and gamma detection, and the third layer was BGO for shielding the CsI(Tl) crystal from background radiation and identifying scattered photons from the CsI(Tl) layer. Digital pulse processing was utilized to analyze pulses at a 200 MHz sampling rate. Pulses were analyzed according to their light decay time. The detector was able to suppress Compton events in low energy spectrum through pulse shape analysis. Suppression factors were calculated at the 90 keV and 250 keV regions in the ¹³⁷Cs gamma ray spectrum. Compton suppression capability reduced the Compton continuum at 90 keV region, and at 250 keV region by a factor of 56.5%, and 68.3%, respectively.
Subjects/Keywords phoswich
Contributors Farsoni, Abdollah T. (advisor); Hamby, David M. (committee member)
Language en
Country of Publication us
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Repository oregonstate
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Date Indexed 2017-03-17
Grantor Oregon State University
Issued Date 2011-07-27 00:00:00
Note [] Graduation date: 2012; [peerreview] no;

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…assembled  in  the  advanced  radiation   instrumentation  lab  at  Oregon  State  University.  The  detector  had  three  scintillation  layers:   the  first  one  was  a  BC-­‐400  for  beta  and…

…Study  of  Compton  Suppression  Capability  in  a  Triple-­‐Layer  Phoswich  Detector       by   Abdulsalam  M.  Alhawsawi       A  THESIS     Submitted  to     Oregon  State  University

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