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Title Imagining Iran: Representation of the Joint Compressive Plan of Action in Dutch Newspapers
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Leiden University
Abstract The relation between Iran and the Netherlands has a long history. Yet the image of Iran in the Netherlands is a negative one. This thesis investigates four leading Dutch newspapers and their representation of the Joint Compressive Plan of Action. It becomes apparent that the Dutch news media are dominated by the Iran-as-Polity discourse, that ties in with the Clash of Civilizations regime of truth. This prevents reconciliation and mutual understanding between the Dutch and the Iranians.
Subjects/Keywords Iran; Joint Compressive Plan of Action; Nuclear Deal; Dutch Newspapers; Clash of Civilizations; Regime of truth; Iran and the Netherlands; P5+1; Islam versus the West; mutual understanding
Contributors Forough, Mohammadbagher (advisor)
Language en
Country of Publication nl
Record ID handle:1887/65175
Repository leiden
Date Indexed 2020-08-08
Issued Date 2018-08-30 00:00:00

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P5+1. This announcement preluded the fertile period of negotiations that resulted in the Joint Compressive Plan Of Action. Preceding the recent development of the US pulling out of the Nuclear Deal, Trump officially declared for the first time that he…

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…relevant to know which publicized items each of the four newspapers in question deemed most important in relation to the search criteria. The final breakdown per news medium was as shown in figure 1. Number of ‘relevant’ articles per newspaper:Year of…

…publication Telegraaf 30 NRC Handelsblad 20 de Volkskrant 20 TROUW 30 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2 0 5 12 3 0 2 8 10 4 8 7 3 10 4 2 12 6 1 1 Fig. 1: Number of analysed articles 48 How – Data Analyses Discourses determine the flow of knowledge through…

…in relation to the Joint Compressive Plan of Action. 24 CHAPTER 1: A RIGHT-WINGED VIEW OF THE JCPOA Before starting the analysis of the different newspaper articles, it is important to further explain the two discourses that these news items (…