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Title Imagining Iran: Representation of the Joint Compressive Plan of Action in Dutch Newspapers
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Leiden University
Abstract The relation between Iran and the Netherlands has a long history. Yet the image of Iran in the Netherlands is a negative one. This thesis investigates four leading Dutch newspapers and their representation of the Joint Compressive Plan of Action. It becomes apparent that the Dutch news media are dominated by the Iran-as-Polity discourse, that ties in with the Clash of Civilizations regime of truth. This prevents reconciliation and mutual understanding between the Dutch and the Iranians.
Subjects/Keywords Iran; Joint Compressive Plan of Action; Nuclear Deal; Dutch Newspapers; Clash of Civilizations; Regime of truth; Iran and the Netherlands; P5+1; Islam versus the West; mutual understanding
Contributors Forough, Mohammadbagher (advisor)
Language en
Country of Publication nl
Record ID handle:1887/65175
Repository leiden
Date Indexed 2020-08-08
Issued Date 2018-08-30 00:00:00

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…responsibility in the construction of damaging and distorting narratives about Iran, it is clear that a study of Dutch newspapers is necessary. First of all, to clearly identify the discourses involved. Second, because examining relevant media items will help to…

…research question and sub questions as stated in the next paragraph. RESEARCH QUESTION AND SUB QUESTIONS To achieve its objective, the main question of this research asks; how did the Dutch newspapers (de Telegraaf, de Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad and…

…moderate newspapers NRC Handelsblad and de Volkskrant. Together, the answers to these question will provide an insight into the discourses that dominate Dutch Iran-related news. Furthermore, the conclusion can help to better understand and strengthen the…

…31 will discuss the relevant narratives in progressive newspaper TROUW. Ultimately, this thesis will discuss which discourse dominates Dutch newspapers and how the news media have trapped the less hostile discourse in a paradox. The conclusion sets…

…with that consideration: neither moving image nor audio items could be searched as easily for the specific words or sentences that this research was built around. So they are the largest, most easily searchable source. Third, Dutch newspapers both…

…these keywords mean that a biased discourse exists in Dutch newspapers that negatively affects Iran. The key words fit into the narrative that is put forward by the clash regime. That means the representation of Iran in the context of the Nuclear Deal is…

…other in the Anglo-American contexts. However, the Dutch context has not yet been thoroughly examined. Though as in Washington and London, negative narratives about Iran have dominated Dutch foreign policy and the statements that mean to legitimize it…

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