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Title Methods of Divination at Delphi: the Pythia, Cleromancy and Necromancy
Publication Date
Date Accessioned
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Leiden University
Subjects/Keywords Delphi, divination, necromancy, the Pythia, Cleromancy
Contributors Beerden, Kim (advisor)
Language en
Country of Publication nl
Record ID handle:1887/30162
Repository leiden
Date Indexed 2020-08-08
Issued Date 2014-12-24 00:00:00

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…considered to be as a medium from the god Apollo. Moreover, various sources mention that necromancy was also practised in Delphi, along with cleromancy, performed by tossing and turning beans with different colours. For now I will focus on the Pythia and her…

…my approach will be divided to an emic and etic point of view. In the next chapters I will give more details about necromancy and the lot Oracle.  The person Emic A small amount of information is available about the Pythia herself. ‘Pythia’ was the…