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Title Synthesis and Characterization of Ti3SiC2/Mg and Cr2AlC/Mg Composites
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University/Publisher Drexel University

High strength, light-weight materials are in high demand in many applications; especially aerospace and the military. The focus of this work is to report on the fabrication and characterization of Ti3SiC2 and Cr2AlC MAX phase reinforced Mg and Mg-alloy metal matrix composites synthesized by pressureless melt infiltration. Pure Mg and Al-containing Mg-alloys (AZ31, AZ61 & AZ91) with varying Al content were matrices with loadings of ~ 45 1 vol. %. The resulting microstructures and mechanical properties were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and compressive stress testing. SEM revealed kinked, delaminated, and elongated Ti3SiC2 grain, and non-deformed, rounded Cr2AlC grain morphologies. Like in the Ti2AlC/Mg composite system, increasing the Al wt. % content in the matrix enhanced the mechanical properties of the Ti3SiC2 composite system, but had a deleterious effect on the properties of the Cr2AlC composite system. At 1.9 0.1 GPa, 346 4 MPa and 617 10 MPa, the Vickers hardness, yield strength and ultimate compressive strength, respectively, of the Ti3SiC2/AZ91 composite were the highest in this study. All composites fabricated in this work exhibited fully and spontaneously reversible hysteresis loops due to the back and forth motion of dislocations. A small change in reinforcement volume fraction was found to affect the measured mechanical properties.

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering  – Drexel University, 2014

Subjects/Keywords Materials science; Alloys – Mechanical properties; Magnesium – Metallurgy
Contributors Barsoum, Michel W.; College of Engineering
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