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Title Fast methods for full-wave electromagnetic simulations of integrated circuit package modules
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Degree PhD
Discipline/Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher Georgia Tech
Abstract Fast methods for the electromagnetic simulation of integrated circuit (IC) package modules through model order reduction are demonstrated. The 3D integration of multiple functional IC chip/package modules on a single platform gives rise to geometrically complex structures with strong electromagnetic phenomena. This motivates our work on a fast full-wave solution for the analysis of such modules, thus contributing to the reduction in design cycle time without loss of accuracy. Traditionally, fast design approaches consider only approximate electromagnetic effects, giving rise to lumped-circuit models, and therefore may fail to accurately capture the signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic interference effects. As part of this research, a second order frequency domain full-wave susceptance element equivalent circuit (SEEC) model will be extracted from a given structural layout. The model so obtained is suitably reduced using model order reduction techniques. As part of this effort, algorithms are developed to produce stable and passive reduced models of the original system, enabling fast frequency sweep analysis. Two distinct projection-based second order model reduction approaches will be considered: 1) matching moments, and 2) matching Laguerre coefficients, of the original system's transfer function. Further, the selection of multiple frequency shifts in these schemes to produce a globally representative model is also studied. Use of a second level preconditioned Krylov subspace process allows for a memory-efficient way to address large size problems.
Subjects/Keywords Electromagnetic simulation; Model order reduction; Microelectronic packaging; Electromagnetic interference; Integrated circuits Computer simulation
Contributors Swaminathan Madhavan (Committee Chair); Papapolymerou John (Committee Member); Chatterjee Abhijit (Committee Member); Peterson Andrew (Committee Member); Sitaraman Suresh (Committee Member)
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Record ID handle:1853/41059
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Date Indexed 2018-01-11
Issued Date 2011-04-25 00:00:00
Note [degree] Ph.D.; [advisor] Committee Chair: Swaminathan Madhavan; Committee Member: Papapolymerou John; Committee Member: Chatterjee Abhijit; Committee Member: Peterson Andrew; Committee Member: Sitaraman Suresh;

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