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Title Balancing domain decomposition by constraints algorithms for incompressible Stokes equations with nonconforming finite element discretizations
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Discipline/Department Mathematics
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University/Publisher University of Kansas
Abstract Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) is an important family of methods, which combine the advantages of both Discontinuous Galerkin in terms of flexibility and standard finite elements in terms of accuracy and efficiency. The impact of this method is partly evidenced by the prolificacy of research work in this area. Weak Galerkin (WG) is a relatively newly proposed method by introducing weak functions and generalizing the differential operator for them. This method has also drawn remarkable interests from both numerical practitioners and analysts recently. HDG and WG are different but closely related. BDDC algorithms are developed for numerical solution of elliptic problems with both methods. We prove that the optimal condition number estimate for BDDC operators with standard finite element methods can be extended to the counterparts arising from the HDG and WG methods, which are nonconforming finite element methods. Numerical experiments are conducted to verify the theoretical analysis. Further, we propose BDDC algorithms for the saddle point system arising from the Stokes equations using both HDG and WG methods. By design of the preconditioner, the iterations are restricted to a benign subspace, which makes the BDDC operator effectively positive definite thus solvable by the conjugate gradient method. We prove that the algorithm is scalable in the number of subdomains with convergence rate only dependent on subdomain problem size. The condition number bound for the BDDC preconditioned Stokes system is the same as the optimal bound for the elliptic case. Numerical results confirm the theoretical analysis.
Subjects/Keywords Mathematics; BDDC; domain decomposition; hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin; saddle point problems; Stokes; weak Galerkin
Contributors Tu, Xuemin (advisor); Huang, Weizhang (cmtemember); Van Vleck, Erik (cmtemember); Xu, Hongguo (cmtemember); Wang, Z.J. (cmtemember)
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