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Title Anticolonial Biocultures: A Framework for Community Education, Biopower and Resilience
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

In this thesis, I describe colonial biopower in sciences, education, and society, and the ways in which Individual/Community biopower is maintained and reclaimed. I connect our biocultural relationships within settler colonialism and Indigenous Land movements of Turtle Island and Abya Yala. It is shown that biocultural sciences and biocultural knowledges in schooling and Community are vital to the reclamation of biopower. I connect five key concepts between Indigenous/ancestral/cultural/place-based biocultures and anticolonial thought to share a pedagogical framework which centers Humxn subjectivity, diversity, Community, co-learning/co-creating, and continual change. The anticolonial biocultures framework is meant to support mobilizing of biopower in Community learning, innovation, and change; strengthening biocultural relationships and Indigenous/ancestral/cultural/place-based biocultural knowledges; and the co-creation of resilient, sustainable Communities with(in) Nature. Esta tesis describe el biopoder colonial en las ciencias, la educación y la sociedad, y las formas en que se mantiene y recupera el biopoder Individual / Comunitario. Se muestra que las ciencias bioculturales y los conocimientos bioculturales en la educación y la Comunidad son vitales para la recuperación del biopoder. Vinculo cinco conceptos clave entre bioculturas Indígenas / ancestrales / culturales / basadas en el lugar y el pensamiento anticolonial para compartir un marco pedagógico que centra la subjetividad del ser Humxno/a/x, la diversidad, la Comunidad, el co’aprendizaje, la co-creación, y el cambio continuo de la Naturaleza. El marco de bioculturas anticoloniales apoya la movilización del biopoder en el aprendizaje comunitario, la innovación y el cambio; fortalece las relaciones bioculturales y los conocimientos bioculturales Indígenas / ancestrales / culturales / basados en el lugar; y la co-creación de Comunidades resilientes y sostenibles con (en) la Naturaleza.


Subjects/Keywords biopower; Canada; colonialism; environment; Latin America; science; 0515
Contributors Dei, George S; Wane, Njoki; Social Justice Education
Country of Publication ca
Record ID handle:1807/91585
Repository toronto-thes
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Date Indexed 2019-06-26

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