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Title Orchestration over Heterogeneous Infrastructures
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

The future cloud ecosystem will be very diverse. On account of differences in offerings, prices, and locations, resource allocations may span multiple public cloud providers and include private resource pools in the form of virtual customer premise edges. Additionally,future applications will require more powerful networking paradigms like software-defined networking (SDN), which provide a centralized and fine-grained view of the network. When considering private resource pools, we must extend the notion of SDN to other resource types and consider software-defined infrastructure (SDI)- a resource management approach that converges the management of heterogeneous resource types and provides a centralized view over all resources. This work proposes Vino, a system for managing resources in heterogeneous domains (public and private clouds) as well as orchestration over these heterogeneous infrastructures. Additionally, Vino enables SDI capabilities on arbitrary clouds by leveraging overlay networks. We design, prototype and evaluate the Vino system, capable of handling the aforementioned tasks.


Subjects/Keywords Orchestration; 0464
Contributors Leon-Garcia, Alberto; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Country of Publication ca
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