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Title Efficiency Enhancement Techniques in Integrated Tri-mode DC-DC Converters
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

This thesis presents a tri-mode dc-dc converter that can operate in buck, boost and buck-boost configuration. A power transmission gate is implemented in the converter as the high side driver of the H-bridge output stage. A one-step dead-time correction technique is also implemented based on a previous work of buck converter topology. This tri-mode converter is designed to use the lithium-ion battery as input voltage source (2.7 to 4.2V) and provide an output voltage from 1 to 5V with an output current of up to 0.5A. The switching frequency is fixed at 1.5MHz. This converter combines different efficiency enhancement techniques such as power transmission gate, one-step dead-time correction and segmented power devices on one chip which increases the complexity of integrated circuit implementation. A peak efficiency of 93% is observed in the boost mode. A further improvement of 3.3% in the peak efficiency is achieved with dead-time correction.


Subjects/Keywords Buck-boost; DC-DC converters; Efficiency enhancement; SMPS; Tri-mode; 0544
Contributors Ng, Wai Tung; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Country of Publication ca
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Repository toronto-thes
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