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Title Synchronization Control of Interconnected Systems with Applications to Neuronal Models
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

This thesis investigates the control of synchronization for a general class of compartmental models. The system consists of interconnected compartments. Each compartment is an interconnection of subsystems called species, which are modeled as input-output operators in the extended L_2 space. Compartmental models are ubiquitous in biological networks modeling. The distinctive feature of this thesis is the presence of an external feedback loop that can be used to modify the behavior of the network. Our main results provide controllable bounds on the level of synchrony of the network. The problem ofselecting the feedback parameters to achieve the desired bounds is also addressed and the approach is applied to a number of neuronal network models. The application is motivated by the feedback control of pathological synchronization of neuron firing in the brain, often responsible for neurological diseases such as Parkinsons


Subjects/Keywords Input Output Approach; Parkinson's Disease; Synchronization Control; 0544
Contributors Scardovi, Luca; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Country of Publication ca
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Repository toronto-thes
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