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Title Low Power Building Blocks for a MM-wave Distance Sensor
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

Recent advances in Silicon-Germanium BiCMOS technologies have made it possible to design power efficient millimeter-wave sensors. In days where power consumption is a critical design consideration, circuit designers are looking for alternative approaches in which they can gain a valuable function at a reduced overall power intake. This thesis proposes a 60 GHz low power distance sensor transceiver building blocks for short range distance measurements based on the Doppler frequency shift effect.The transceiver takes advantage of the 55nm SiGe BiCMOS technology to combine MOSFETs and HBTs on the 60 GHz signal and LO path and thus to obtain optimal functionality in terms of output power, number of receiving/transmitting channels, bandwidth, isolation, and minimal power dissipation.The sensor is intended for integration in a portable device capable of short range distance measurements with a precision of a few millimeters.


Subjects/Keywords 0544
Contributors Voinigescu, Sorin; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Country of Publication ca
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