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Title A Wide-band Dynamic Equivalent Model of Wind Power Plants for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems
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Degree PhD
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Toronto
Abstract High depth of penetration of wind power and proliferationof wind-turbine generator (WTG) units, clustered aswind power plants (WPPs), have invoked significant effort fordevelopment of WPP mathematical models to reflect the WPP behavior with respect to power system electromagnetic transients (EMTs). The detailed modeling of WPPs is neither practical nor possible due to its significant computational burden. Therefore, it is necessary to represent the WPP with an equivalent model that captures its EMTs behavior.This thesis proposes and develops a novel accurate and computationally efficient reduced-order dynamic-equivalent of Type-4 and Type-3 based WPPs for the analysis of EMTs in the power system, external to the WPP. The proposed model significantly reduces the computational resources and the simulation run time while preserving the WPP response fidelity in the desired frequency range, e.g., 0 to 50 kHz. The proposed WPP equivalent model is composed of two parts: 1) a frequency-dependent equivalent model which represents the WPP passive components in the entire frequency range and 2) a dynamic equivalent model that represents the WPP supervisory control and the aggregated low-frequency dynamics of wind-turbine generator (WTG) units.The proposed model is implemented in the PSCAD/EMTDC environment. Extensive case studies, that compares the equivalent model results with those of a detailed model, are conducted to validate the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed equivalent model. The case studies cover different types of faults at different locations, external to the WPP, with respect to the WPP terminal.This thesis also presents three applications of the developed WPP equivalent model.(1) The real-time simulation of the Type-4 WPP based on the developed equivalent model.(2) The real-time simulation of the Type-3 WPP based on the developed equivalent model.(3) The real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing of the WPP supervisory control which is realized on an industrial controller platform (NI-cRIO) whereas the rest of the WPP equivalent model is simulated on a real-time digital simulator RTDS.Real-time simulation case studies are performed to demonstrate (i) the accuracy of the developed models and (ii) the computational efficiency and the saving in the hardware resources associated with simulating the WPP equivalent model in comparison with the the WPP detailed modeling.
Subjects/Keywords Electromagnetic transients; Equivalent Model; real-time simulator; Type-3 WTG; Type-4 WTG; Wind Power Plants; 0544
Contributors Iravani, Reza; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Country of Publication ca
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Repository toronto-diss
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Date Indexed 2018-10-24

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