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Title Modeling, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Bragg Slot Waveguide with a Cavity
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Toronto

This thesis encompasses a theoretical analysis, the fabrication, and optical characterization of a novel compact Bragg Slot Waveguide with a Cavity (BSWC). Strong light confinement in the low refractive index slot region formed by two silicon slabs on a silicon dioxide substrate [1] makes this structure useful for optofluidic, sensing, and optical trapping applications. The transmission spectrum of the BSWC can be engineered through the dimensional variations of the waveguide and through the refractive index change of the surrounding medium. BSWC is compact and can be integrated with various components on a chip for increased functionality. The results in this thesis show a good agreement between analytical and experimental results, while emphasizing the increasing importance of atomic-scale imperfections as a result of fabrication on the nano-scale. The impact of the slot width, slab width, and the cavity length on the waveguide transmission spectrum is investigated.


Subjects/Keywords slot waveguide; photonics; 0544
Contributors Aitchison, J. Stewart; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Language en
Country of Publication ca
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