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Title Waveguide Simualtion Using Mode Matching Method
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Degree MSECE
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher McMaster University

Finite-Difference (FD) based complex modes solver and Complex Mode Matching Method (CMMM) is one of the most popular combinations in modeling and simulation of opti- cal waveguides. This thesis covers the basic theories behind the approaches and impor- tant implementation details. Weighted Optical Path Distance is proposed to speed up convergence and improve numerical accuracy to deal with asymmetric structures. An improved formula is derived for Complex Mode Matching Method expansion process based on matrix optimization. The latter part applies the above approach in the mod- eling of bending structures and grating structures. Typical structures, including bend- ing structures, straight-bend-straight structures, long-period gratings, gratings with de- posited layer, gratings with deep corrugations, are investigated and analyzed.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE)

Subjects/Keywords complex modes; mode matching method; waveguide simulation; coupled mode theory
Contributors Huang, Wei-Ping; Li, Xun; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Language en
Country of Publication ca
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Date Indexed 2020-08-12

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