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Title Caracterización eléctrica de muestras biológicas con resonadores de cuarzo como nanosensores
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Discipline/Department Departament d'Enginyeries: Secció d'Electrònica
University/Publisher Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract Electrical characterization of biological samples can give important information about the properties of the biological agents, their relationship with the medium, their chemical behavior and the basis of diverse biological phenomena. However, these types of characterization technologies have to overcome many limitations and difficulties, especially in microscopic and nanoscopic scenarios. The main objective accomplished by this Thesis is the development of high precision technological platforms applied to electrical characterization of biological samples at nanoscale. The present work shows different technologies based on a novel Conductive-AFM nanosensor using a QTF-metallic tip nanotool capable of simultaneously imaging the topography and conductance of a sample with nanoscale spatial resolution. The system is based on a header design which allows the metallic tip to be placed in tight and stable mechanical contact with the QTF without the need to use any glue. This technology allows force measurements while the electrical current is acquired by the metallic tip. The equipment has been validated with calibration sets and biological samples (CC and AC conditions). Results obtained show the possibilities of this technology for being adapted to a nanorobotic multitool platform. This platform consists of a two nanosensor systems composed by two 3 DoF motor units (micro and macro range) for each tool, and an optical microscope for the tip positioning. The combination of this C-AFM technology with the multitool station gives a new vision of the possibilities of the developed microscopy. During this work it has been demonstrated the great behavior of this novel platform validated by several calibration tests with known substrates, resistors and capacitors. Last experiments presented in this work explore the equipment capabilities studying the impedance of selected aluminum microparticles, the electrical behavior evolution of Escherichia Coli biofilms with the culture time and the nanoelectrical mapping of bacteria. Concept essays exploring the capabilities of the equipment with SECM/AFM measurements are also presented in the document. Results provided during this Thesis gives an overview of the behavior and the possibilities of this C-AFM nanorobotic multiplatform for the study of the electrical behavior of biological samples.
Subjects/Keywords Nanoelectrònica; Nanoelectrónica; Nanoelectronics; Mostres biològiques; Especímenes biológicos; Biological specimens; Ciències Experimentals i Matemàtiques; 53
Contributors [email protected] (authoremail); false (authoremailshow); Puig i Vidal, Manuel (director); Otero Díaz, Jorge (director); true (authorsendemail)
Language es
Rights ADVERTIMENT. L'accés als continguts d'aquesta tesi doctoral i la seva utilització ha de respectar els drets de la persona autora. Pot ser utilitzada per a consulta o estudi personal, així com en activitats o materials d'investigació i docència en els termes establerts a l'art. 32 del Text Refós de la Llei de Propietat Intel·lectual (RDL 1/1996). Per altres utilitzacions es requereix l'autorització prèvia i expressa de la persona autora. En qualsevol cas, en la utilització dels seus continguts caldrà indicar de forma clara el nom i cognoms de la persona autora i el títol de la tesi doctoral. No s'autoritza la seva reproducció o altres formes d'explotació efectuades amb finalitats de lucre ni la seva comunicació pública des d'un lloc aliè al servei TDX. Tampoc s'autoritza la presentació del seu contingut en una finestra o marc aliè a TDX (framing). Aquesta reserva de drets afecta tant als continguts de la tesi com als seus resums i índexs.
Country of Publication es
Record ID handle:10803/400400
Repository barcelona
Date Indexed 2019-12-30
Issued Date 2016-11-17 00:00:00

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