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Title Análisis crítico del discurso educativo del currículum y la Prueba de Selección Universitaria chilena. Entrecruzando discursos con consecuencia social. Un análisis crítico para el currículum y la PSU en la asignatura de historia y ciencias sociales
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Discipline/Department Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa
University/Publisher Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract This research presents a Critical Analysis of Educational Discourse (ACDE) of the curriculum in History and Social Sciences and the University Selection Test (PSU) in Chile, comparing both discourses and their social consequences. The main questions of this research are: * What is the sense of the current Chilean education? And, * What are we valuing in the educational work in our classrooms? To answer them, we need to understand the educational objectives and what we evaluate in education. To begin, we present a tour of various ideas of sense of education throughout history. In addition, we explore what is meant by education today from different points of view. Then we analyze what is valued in education today reviewing what is considered ’quality education’ in Chilean society. We look at what is evaluated differently in tests like the University Selection Test (PSU), the Measurement System of Quality Education in Chile (SIMCE) and the test carried out by the OECD (PISA). Also, we review the interpretation of these national and international standardized tests by Chilean academics and Chilean society, but especially expose and analyze this in regard to the critique of the use of these test results, allowing us to understand roughly what is now considered quality education in Chile and the world. In addition, in order to answer our questions, we have developed a Critical Analysis of Educational Discourse (ACDE) with which we analyze curriculum texts for the subject of History and Social Sciences in Chilean high school (secondary) and then observe the characteristics of questions of the University Selection Test. This method of analysis is a proposal created for this research, which has been adapted from the methods of critical discourse analysis. Because of this, we do a brief tour of the roots of the Critical Theory of Social Sciences, then the critical discourse analysis and finally we explain our methodology, in which we establish a categorization of the relevant concepts of educational discourses. We believe this categorization can be a first step to develop a theory of Critical Analysis of Educational Discourse.
Subjects/Keywords Currículums (Ensenyament); Programas de estudio; Curricula (Courses of study); Qualitat de l'ensenyament; Calidad de la enseñanza; Educational quality; Proves d'accés a la universitat; Exámenes de ingreso a la universidad; Entrance examinations for universities; Xile; Chile; Chile; Ciències de l'Educació; 378
Contributors [email protected] (authoremail); false (authoremailshow); Cano García, Elena (director); true (authorsendemail)
Language es
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Date Indexed 2018-03-21
Issued Date 2015-12-16 00:00:00

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