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Title La historia que nos nace. Indagación narrativa con docentes en la experiencia de enseñar historia en Bachillerato
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Discipline/Department Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa
University/Publisher Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract This thesis is a research experience which began with the tensions, concerns and uncertainties of my work as a teacher of History in Secondary Education in Chile. It is born from the disparity between my initial teacher training, especially the didactics of History lessons, the reality I was part of when teaching in classrooms and the subsequent educational relationship with the students. My need to find new meaning on the teaching of this subject motivated me to carry out qualitative research and made it possible to find, through narrative inquiry, the right way of addressing the main objective of the study: Rethink the teaching of History in college from the perspective, knowledge, and reflection that teachers have of the educational relationship. The research has explored the experiential knowledge of teachers in order to know and comprehend the essence of what happens in the classroom when Secondary students are being taught History. It has been supported by the fusion of methodology and methods from hermeneutic phenomenology and narrativity. Field work has been carried out with two teachers from Secondary Level Schools in Cataluna in the periods 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. The data collection process was based on the observation of lessons, reflective conversations, a field journal and the writing of experiential accounts. The final part of this work is centred on carrying the experience into the written word using real-life accounts and stories, illustrating the knowledge that is nurtured in and lives in the schools and which conveys a language belonging only to those educational environments. These stories from the History class are told narratively because they have been born from a manifestation as natural as it is habitual in the educational experience, which is to tell what we know. They invite the audience to reflect on those situations which are worth thinking about in the teaching and learning of History, those really giving life to the pedagogical question. In other words, they are stories which look to open up a way of questioning that which occurs in the educational relationship, rather than providing limited conclusions on what needs to happen in order to teach and learn.
Subjects/Keywords Educació secundària; Educación secundaria; Secondary education; Batxillerat; Bachillerato; Baccalaureate (Secondary school educational programme); Ensenyament de la història; Enseñanza de la historia; History education; Històries de vida; Métodos biográficos en ciencias sociales; Narrative inquiry (Research method); Ciències de l'Educació; 373
Contributors [email protected] (authoremail); false (authoremailshow); Contreras Domingo, José (director); true (authorsendemail)
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