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Title Social-aware opportunistic routing
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University/Publisher Universidade de Aveiro
Abstract The increased capabilities (e.g., processing, storage) of portable devices along with the constant need of users to retrieve and send information have introduced a new form of communication. Users can seamlessly exchange data by means of opportunistic contacts among them and this is what characterizes the opportunistic networks (OppNets). OppNets allow users to communicate even when an end-to-end path may not exist between them. Since 2007, there has been a trend to improve the exchange of data by considering social similarity metrics. Social relationships, shared interests, and popularity are examples of such metrics that have been employed successfully: as users interact based on relationships and interests, this information can be used to decide on the best next forwarders of information. This Thesis work combines the features of today's devices found in the regular urban environment with the current social-awareness trend in the context of opportunistic routing. To achieve this goal, this work was divided into di erent tasks that map to a set of speci c objectives, leading to the following contributions: i) an up-to-date opportunistic routing taxonomy; ii) a universal evaluation framework that aids in devising and testing new routing proposals; iii) three social-aware utility functions that consider the dynamic user behavior and can be easily incorporated to other routing proposals; iv) two opportunistic routing proposals based on the users' daily routines and on the content traversing the network and interest of users in such content; and v) a structure analysis of the social-based network formed based on the approaches devised in this work.
Subjects/Keywords Telecomunicações; Redes de telecomunicações; Redes sociais
Contributors Mendes, Paulo Jorge Milheiro (advisor); Sargento, Susana (advisor)
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