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Title Comprehensive Musicianship and Beginner Piano Method Books: A Content Analysis
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University/Publisher University of Ottawa
Abstract Comprehensive Musicianship (CM) is a philosophy that developed in the 1960s to encourage the study of contemporary music and student creativity. It expanded in the 1970s to describe the interdisciplinary study of music. Its goal was to encourage teachers to go beyond technical and performance aspects of music and start integrating theory, history, composition, improvisation and aural skills instruction to their curriculums. However, while CM has had a strong influence on many music programs, it is not clear whether this trend has influenced the field of private piano instruction, and whether CM elements have been included and integrated in beginner piano method books. To address this question, categories that constitute the core elements of CM were selected to conduct a content analysis of 12 piano method series. Analysis showed that the focus tends to be on aural skills (as teacher duets), and theory, with a noticeable lack of the more creative activities of improvisation and composition.
Subjects/Keywords piano; PIano pedagogy; piano teaching; comprehensive musicianship; beginner piano; piano method books; content analysis; comprehensive piano
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Country of Publication ca
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Date Indexed 2018-01-03
Issued Date 2012-01-01 00:00:00

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method books - used by teachers to track the evolution of these materials during the time period covered in our analysis. The fourth section of this chapter will present the available research that has been conducted on both Comprehensive Musicianship and…

…beginner piano method books. The final section will state our purpose of study and research questions. 1.1 Music Education in the School System in the 20th Century The following section will present a brief overview of the growth and development of music…

…perceptual span. Thompson’s Modern Piano Course (1936) was one of the most widely used method series in North America, with the claim “something new at every lesson”, in order to promote the “fun” in music learning. Other early method books

…including composition and improvisation in the method books. Robert Pace’s Piano Method, (1961) was ground breaking in this area of creative activities, with Noona’s 19 Mainstream Piano Method (1973) also including special creative…

…the repertoire being studied. While school music programs have standardized curriculums in place, in which the Comprehensive Musicianship aspects may be clearly stated and integrated, it is not always obvious when looking at beginner piano method books

…if the Comprehensive Musicianship philosophy is included. There is a need to evaluate piano method books, and to conduct an analysis of their possible inclusion and integration of the various aspects of Comprehensive Musicianship. 1.2 Presentation of…

…research conducted This section looks at research that has been conducted into the Comprehensive Musicianship philosophy and into beginner piano method books. The first part of this section will present the research conducted on the Comprehensive…

…Musicianship philosophy, while the second part will look at the studies involving beginner piano method books. 22 1.2.1 Studies on Comprehensive Musicianship The general consensus is that students who are involved in a Comprehensive Musicianship program of…