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Title Soul-to-soul: deconstructing defiict thinking in the classroom
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University/Publisher University of Saskatchewan
Abstract This thesis explores educator beliefs, attitudes and practices in teaching First Nations, Inuit, Métis and Ethnic students in Canada, including Muslim and Arabic students. Research supports evidence of on-going systemic racism toward the First Nations, Métis and Inuit, and New Canadians in society, and therefore, within our schools and our classrooms. Evidence also exists regarding how racism, invisibly instilled in educators as societal norms, permeates classrooms and helps continue to perpetuate marginalization and Othering of students. The research question was: How can teachers begin to deconstruct Euro-Centric, White Dominant beliefs, practices, attitudes and expectations in order to positively impact all students and their academic well-being? I examine the questions: What are some teachers doing which positively impacts learning for all students? What can be done to help teachers realize that some of their teaching practices and ways of dealing with students are disrespectful to the individual children and contribute to systemic racism?
Subjects/Keywords Keyword 1; Key Phrase One; deficit thinking, Keyword 2; Key Phrase Two anti-oppressive education
Contributors Balzer, Geraldine A.; Orlowski, Paul M.
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Country of Publication ca
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Other Identifiers TC-SSU-2013111301
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