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Title Behind the illusion: addressing adolescent dating violence in schools
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University/Publisher California State University – Sacramento
Abstract California Education Code section 200-201 (n.d.) states that schools have a duty to protect students from harassment, discrimination, hate crimes, abuse, etc. This encompasses adolescent dating violence. While this education code policy exists, many schools lack the appropriate systematized or cohesive set of materials available to assist staff to address these issues for the school population. Therefore, this project will address this lack of materials at both the school personnel and student level, specifically addressing preventive strategies to be implemented with middle and high school students. The product of this project will be composed of three components: a handbook, a school-wide middle school curriculum, and a small group high school counseling curriculum. The handbook will function as a reference guide for educators on the importance and severity of adolescent dating violence; it will include characteristics of dating violence, community supports, and legal information. The middle school curriculum is designed to offer prevention education for all middle school students for one week every year. The last component, the high school curriculum, functions as a therapeutic approach to support students who may have been victims or perpetrators of dating violence. It is our hope that these materials will be utilized in the future to bring awareness to the issue of adolescent dating violence, as well as hopefully decrease the incidences of dating violence among adolescents.
Subjects/Keywords Intimate partner abuse; Teen relationship abuse; ADV
Contributors Brock, Stephen E.
Language en
Country of Publication us
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Repository sacramento
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Date Indexed 2017-05-12

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