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Title Locus of control and achievement motivation of unskilled black Eskom employees to participate in training and advancement programmes
Publication Date
University/Publisher University of Johannesburg

M.A. (Social Work)

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Subjects/Keywords Achievement motivation; Promotions; Employees - Training of - South Africa; Employee motivation - South Africa; Unskilled labor - South Africa
Rights University of Johannesburg
Country of Publication za
Record ID handle:10210/12877
Other Identifiers uj:12989
Repository johannesburg
Date Indexed 2018-12-06

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…motivation and locus of control by race 78. 1. CHAPTER 1 ORIENTATION TO THE STUDY 1.1 INTRODUCTION The South African labour force is composed of a small and generally well-trained white component in contrast to a large unskilled and semi-skilled black…

…Woytinsky (1953) distinguishes between three broad groups of occupations, namely skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers. The unskilled occupations are separated into those requiring arduous labor and those involving mainly lighter tasks…

…According to Miller and Form (1980) the unskilled workers form an extensive labour force. The majority of South Africa's large companies consist of unskilled employees. Matthews (1987 :60) stressed the need for better utilization of…

…black labour in South Africa. Matthews cited that there is a serious shortage of skilled employees and an over supply of unskilled labour which results in inferior workmanship at inflated rates of pay. contributing to the reduction of growth rate in…

…division 58. 2.3.8 The study environment 50. 2.3. S. 1 Eskom .....•................................. 59. : Opportunities for unskilled employees in Eskom 2.3.9 Closing remarks . 59. . 62. x. CHAPTER I II : ~IETHODOLOGY…

…guaranteed unless the labour force is motivated to participate actively and take responsibility for the outcome of their inputs. To enable employees to utilize these opportunities, special attention must be given to their locus of control and level of…

…characterized by global markets, internationalization of public business, pressure from the for ethical behaviour and a more demanding sophisticated customer, who is looking for quality quality products". An unskilled black employee in South Africa, has…

…socialization of an unskilled black employee internalized dependency and external control. These employees were therefore orientated towards extrinsic motivators because of their" concern for survival and security offered in earning a salaries/wages…