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Title Cohomological Insights for Complex Surface Automorphisms with Positive Entropy
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University/Publisher University of Illinois – Chicago
Abstract I equate dynamical properties (e.g., positive entropy, existence of a periodic curve) of complex surface automorphisms with properties of the pull-back actions of such automorphisms on line bundles. I use these results to describe the measures of maximal entropy for positive-entropy surface automorphisms and to completely characterize the possible values of entropy for two-dimensional complex torus automorphisms.
Subjects/Keywords Complex Dynamics; Entropy; Kahler Surfaces; Cohomological Actions; Complex Tori
Contributors DeMarco, Laura (advisor); Coskun, Izzet (committee member); Hadian-Jazi, Majid (committee member); Koch, Sarah (committee member); Takloo-Bighash, Ramin (committee member)
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Rights Copyright 2013 Paul Reschke
Country of Publication us
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Date Indexed 2019-12-17
Issued Date 2013-10-24 00:00:00

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