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Title Assessing the Effects of the Anti-Pill Mill Law in Florida on Prescription Drug Related Health Outcomes
Publication Date
Degree PhD
Discipline/Department Health Services Research - Health Services Research, Management, and Policy
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Florida
Abstract The significant increase in the abuse of prescription drugs over the past decade has received national attention and has been deemed a public health epidemic in the United States. Prescription drug abuse and the related mortality and morbidity are a particular problem in Florida. The goal of this study is evaluate the effects of pain clinic legislation policies and specifically, HB 7095, the anti-pill mill law in Florida on prescription drug related mortality and morbidity. To accomplish these aims, this study will use a difference in difference (DID) approach with New York (NY) serving as the control state. State medical examiner and hospital discharge data will be used to determine the change in the number of fatal and nonfatal prescription drug related injuries after implementation of HB7095 in Florida. ( en )
Subjects/Keywords Benzodiazepines; Death; Drug prescriptions; Heroin; Muscle relaxants; Opioid analgesics; Pain; Poisoning; Prescription drugs; Sedatives; drugs  – economics  – healthcare  – outcomes  – policy
Contributors HARMAN,JEFFREY SCOTT (committee chair); HARLE,CHRISTOPHER A (committee member); COOK,ROBERT L (committee member)
Language en
Country of Publication us
Record ID florida:etd:UFE0047508
Repository florida
Date Retrieved
Date Indexed 2018-12-06
Grantor University of Florida

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