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Physiological significance of sulfur in growth and metabolism of mustard, Brassica juncea exposed to salinity stress;. Nazar, Rahat. Aligarh Muslim University.
International Traveling Exhibitions: Comparison of Two Case Studies from China. Ye, Zhongming. University of Washington.
Ralf Adelmann, Ulrike Bergermann (Hg.): Das Medium meiner Träume: Hartmut Winkler zum 60. Geburtstag. Thielmann, Carlo. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
The Influence of Probiotic Supplements on Microbial Diversity in the Gastrointestinal Microbiome of Healthy Horses. Barnhart, Katelyn L. The Ohio State University.
ADR & ODR in het consumentenrecht: effectieve realisatie van de langverwachte oplossing? Daenen, Lore. Universiteit Hasselt.
Materiaaloptimalisatie bij industriehallen op basis van gecombineerde stabiliteits-, kostprijs- en milieubelastingsanalyses. Breemans, Jonas. Universiteit Hasselt.
Micro-Simulation of Car Drivers' Movements at Parking Lots. Vo, Thi Thuy An. Universiteit Hasselt.
Exploring local patterns between gene expression profiles and chemical structures (fingerprints) of compounds. Abatih, Emmanuel. Universiteit Hasselt.
Vergelijkende studie van software om bedrijfsprocessen mee te simuleren. François, Maarten. Universiteit Hasselt.
True Color Measurements Using Color Calibration Techniques. Wransky, Michael E. University of Akron.
Creëert de Wet Eenheidsstatuut een volledige harmonisatie tussen het arbeiders- en bediendenstatuut? Pexsters, Charlotte. Universiteit Hasselt.
A Study on the Effect of Bond Stress and Process Temperature on Palladium Coated Silver Wire Bonds on Aluminum Metallization. Gomes, Jimy. University of Waterloo.
Van-e út a munkába? A fogyatékos és megváltozott munkaképességű emberek munkaerő-piaci reintegrációjának esélyei [védés előtt] = Is there a way to find work? Re-integration chances of disabled people and persons with partial work capacities into the labor market. Nagy, Zita Éva. Corvinus University of Budapest.
Peer Victimization and Rejection Sensitivity in Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder: The Role of Daily Emotional Functioning with Peers. Waller, Jennifer. University of Pittsburgh.
Classification and functional characterization of extracytoplasmic function (ECF) σ factors from planctomycetes and actinobacteria. Huang, Xiaoluo. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Explaining the Evolution of the Arctic Council. Chater, Andrew. University of Western Ontario.
Closing The Contractual Circle: Investigating Emergent Subcontracting Approaches. Osmanbhoy, Natasha. University of Washington.
The impact of the Canterbury, New Zealand earthquakes on couples’ relationship quality : a dyadic and longitudinal investigation. Marshall, Emma M. University of Canterbury.
Epidemiology of Chronic Pseudomonas Lung Infections in Cystic Fibrosis Adolescents and Adults. Crull, Matthew. University of Washington.
Big five personality traits and Behavioural aspects of individual Investors in indian capital market;. Thomas T C. Anna University.
A study of work related behaviour of development personnel in relation to certain psycho social variables; -. Sonher, Basant Kumar. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
De invloed van omgevingskarakteristieken op het dagelijks functioneren van personen met een beperking. Leysen, Wouter. Universiteit Hasselt.
Studies on treatment and disposal of industrial waste;. Ahmad, Rasi. Aligarh Muslim University.
Optical Mapping of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocyte Graft Electrical Activity in Injured Hearts. Filice, Dominic. University of Washington.
Lock-in infrared thermography as non-destructive test for material characterization. Bussé, Len. Universiteit Hasselt.
Revival of Indigenous Practices and Identity in 21st Century Inner Asia. Rubin, Amalia Hana. University of Washington.
Development and characterization of a clinically relevant rat model of diabetic cardiomyopathy. Cops, Jirka. Universiteit Hasselt.
A translation of Orikuchi Shinobu's Kuchibue. Boxman, Joseph E. University of Washington.
Developing a pilot study of evidence-based PTSD treatment in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Fast, Paul S. University of Pittsburgh.
Synthesis and application of chiral substituted oxazolines. Zhenyu, Cao. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Alternate Approaches to the Cup Product and Gerstenhaber Bracket on Hochschild Cohomology. Negron, Cris. University of Washington.
”Aiemmin se oli jotenkin nolompaa” – Suomalaista nettideittailua 1990-luvulta nykypäivään. Heikkilä, Katinka. University of Helsinki.
Produzione di citochine proinfiammatorie da parte delle cellule dell'immunita' innata umane in risposta a M. tuberculosis o a M. bovis BCG, con particolare riguardo all'interluechina-1 beta. NARDINI, PATRIZIA. Pisa University.
Modeling the population dynamics of herring in the Prince William Sound, Alaska. Muradian, Melissa L. University of Washington.
Het managen van continuïteit in familiebedrijven: hoe hebben de verschillende generaties de continuïteit van 'Patisserie Brabanders' gegarandeerd? Brabanders, Astrid. Universiteit Hasselt.
Management Application of Statistical Population Reconstruction to Wild Game Populations. Clawson, Michael Vernon. University of Washington.
Estimating Iraqi mortality from the Iran-Iraq war through Operation Desert Storm, 1980-1994. Li, Shang-Ju. University of Washington.
Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of N-Sulfonylaziridines with Boronic Acids and Synthetic Approaches to Organic Polymer-Supported One-Dimensional Metal Wires. Duda, Megan Lynn. University of Washington.
Grafiikkaprosessorin avustama järjestäminen. Tantarimäki, Mika. University of Helsinki.
Sabine Schrader, Daniel Winkler (Hg.): TV Glokal: Europäische Fernsehserien und transnationale Qualitätsformate. Weiß, Monika. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Les orientations pédagogiques des organisations internationales en matière de formation à l'enseignement. Analyse des discours de l'UNESCO, de l'OCDE et de la Banque mondiale. Cerqua, Anthony. Université Laval.
Sentence Comprehension and Phonological Memory in Boys with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dunley, Kelleen Erin. University of Washington.
The Production and Consumption of Slow Food as an Aesthetic Response to Risk:Exploring the Embodied Realities of Subjecthood and Health Activism. Broderick, Michael L. Ohio University.
Performance evaluation of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket uasb reactor process treating dairy wastewater;. Elangovan C. Anna University.
2f2-f1 DPOAE Sources in Contradiction to the Two-Source/Two-Mechanism Model? Horn, Jennifer. University of Pittsburgh.
Fungal and mussel protein sources in fish feed. Vidaković, Aleksandar. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Opereren Europese professionele voetbalclubs efficiënt en heeft de invoering van de Financial Fair Play Rules hier invloed op gehad? Marino, Steve. Universiteit Hasselt.
Ontwerp van een oven voor het meten van elastische eigenschappen van halfgeleiders in inerte atmosfeer tot 1500°C. Van Clé, Ian. Universiteit Hasselt.
Oikeudenmukaisuuden kokemukset Helsingin kaupungin sosiaali- ja terveysviraston fuusioprosessissa. Honni, Sirpa. University of Helsinki.
Precipitation and processing of solids from high pH, high Si groundwater. Pandya, Rupal. University of Washington.
Towards a History and Aesthetics of Reverse Motion. Tohline, Andrew M. Ohio University.
From Transcription to Tubulogenesis: Insights from the Drosophila Ovary. Peters, Nathaniel Clement. University of Washington.
Het managen van continuiteit in private familiebedrijven. Mebis, Jolien. Universiteit Hasselt.
Strichartz estimates for Nonlinear Wave Equation. ANTICO, MANUEL. Pisa University.
Tarzana Syndrome. Allen, Matthew Schau. University of Washington.
Theory and Methods for Tensor Data. Gerard, David C. University of Washington.
Indagine tramite questionari sull'influenza di stress ed esposizioni ambientali nell'insorgenza della Miastenia Gravis. RUGGERI, FRANCESCA. Pisa University.
The Effect of Hospital Trauma Level on Outcomes for Injured Pregnant Women and their Neonates in Washington State, 1995 to 2012. Distelhorst, John. University of Washington.
Bernd Kracke, Marc Ries (Hg.): Expanded Narration: Das Neue Erzählen. Kaiser, Tina. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Photometric Calibrations of Metallicity and Temperature For M Dwarfs . Hejazi, Neda. York University.
The Making of an American Sculptor: David Smith Criticism, 1938-1971 . Bissonnette, Meghan Leia. York University.
The Passive Display Case:. Chang Lara, C. Delft University of Technology.
Trailblazing the Concrete Jungle: Museums Utilizing Interpretive Nature Trails in Urban Communities. Hightower, Jimi Michelle. University of Washington.
Quantitative Photothermal Heating and Cooling Measurements of Engineered Nanoparticles in an Optical Trap. Roder, Paden Bernard. University of Washington.
Declawing has no effect on biting behavior but does affect adoption outcomes for domestic cats in an animal shelter. Fritscher, Saethra Jade. University of Washington.
Examining The Impact Of Supply Chain Integration On Organization Structure And Operational Performance in Oil and Gas Supply Chains: A Contingency Approach. Ebrahimi, Seyed M. University of Sheffield; Faculty of Social Sciences (Sheffield); Management School (Sheffield).
Searching for a Path to Authenticity Through Physical Theatre Practices as the Baron Docteur in Parks' Venus . Silcox, Neil Joseph. York University.
A study of lower back disorders among Indian vehicle drivers and analysis of Potential environmental ergonomic Risk factors;. Leelavathy K R. Anna University.
Suomen Punaisen Ristin ja Kirkon Ulkomaanavun Facebook-viestintä Haiyan-katastrofista. Rodriguez, Emilia. University of Helsinki.
Interaction of photoilluminated riboflavin with macromolecules and human red blood cells;. Ali, Iyad A F. Aligarh Muslim University.
Environmental Impact of Parking Measures. Martens, Johannes. Universiteit Hasselt.
Screening of potential new ROCK inhibitors for future preclinical development. Sànchez, Selien. Universiteit Hasselt.
L-Spaces, Taut Foliations and Left-Orderability. ALFIERI, ANTONIO. Pisa University.
Investigations into response of potato to cadmium with special emphasis on genotypic and somaclonal variations. Ashrafzadeh, Seyedardalan. University of Canterbury.
Lo studio dei movimenti ripetitivi e dei precursori del linguaggio attraverso l'analisi retrospettiva dei filmati familiari in soggetti con sviluppo tipico e atipico. ALIMANDI, FEDERICA. Pisa University.
Werkgeverscontrole op het internetgebruik van de werknemer in het social media tijdperk: een (Europese) update vereist? Janssen, Joren. Universiteit Hasselt.
A multifunctional sensor system for brake system applications. Hernandez Aguirre, Rogelio. University of Waterloo.
Innovation i regional utvecklingspolitik: Flexibilitet, byråkrati och samverkan vid projektbaserad implementering. Hillo, Jaakko. University of Helsinki.
The Neural Correlates of Vection: An fMRI Study . Kirollos, Ramy. York University.
The Impact of Global and Local Processing on Creative Performance: (Failing to) Improve Idea Selection in Brainstorming. Fillion, Elizabeth A. Ohio University.
Development and evaluation of colon targeted drug delivery system for the prevention treatment of local pathologies;. Jyoti. Maharishi Markandeshwar University.
Orchestrating Mixed-Criticality Melody: Reconciling Energy with Safety for Mixed-Criticality Embedded Real-Time Systems:. Narayana, S. Delft University of Technology.
Hoogfrequente percussieventilatie bij premature baby's: een retrospectieve case- control studie. Lenaerts, Lore. Universiteit Hasselt.
Re-Conceptualizing "Contributing" Homelessness and Unpaid Labour in a Neo-Liberal Climate . Choy, Mary Rebecca. York University.
De onderhandelingsfase van een internationaal koop-verkoopcontract inzake roerende goederen: een reflectie van de relevante wetgeving en andere bepalende elementen in de praktijk voor contractsluiting en mogelijke ADR-instrumenten bij conflict na contractsluiting. Jaspers, Céline. Universiteit Hasselt.
De (on)mogelijkheid een pensioenrecht te bestemmen voor de woning of zorg. Leeuwen, Jacqueline van. Open Universiteit Nederland.
A Peep through a Tube at a Leopard. Wu, Zheng. University of Washington.
A Prototype System and Circuits for the Development of an Implantable H-bridge Stimulator ASIC in a Bulk CMOS Process. Micheletti, Daniel. University of Washington.
”Pienellä panostuksella sais aika isoi juttuja aikaan”. Tutkimus munasolujen luovuttajien motivaatiosta ja kokemuksista. Lenkkeri, Kaisa. University of Helsinki.
Motion Estimation from Tagged MR Images and Application to Cardiac Strain Evaluation and Functional Analysis of Ocular Tissues . Li, Ming. Auburn University.
La persecución penal de integrantes de organizaciones no estatales por la comisión de crímenes internacionales: el caso de las organizaciones guerrilleras argentinas de la década del setenta. López Uhalde, María Cecilia. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
"God Sends Meate but the Devil Sends Cookes": Cooks Working in French and English Great Households, c.1350-c.1650 . Whibbs, Ryan J. York University.
High-intensity interval training in non-specific chronic low back pain: a clinical pilot trial. Vandepoel, Caroline. Universiteit Hasselt.
Datatrey balkrushan kalelkar aek adyayan;. Jayantkumar P,Patel. Gujarat University.
Design Considerations for Engaging Science Teachers in Video-Supported Professional Development. Peterman, Tana Jo Bryn. University of Washington.
Home-based rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis: Impact on exercise capacity? Willems, Bram. Universiteit Hasselt.
Industrial training its contribution towards employability in the hotel industry stakeholders perspective;. Bhinder, Hardaman Singh. Maharishi Markandeshwar University.
Upper extremity disabilities in Americans and disparities in periodontal health. Ganguly, Madhurima. University of Washington.

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