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The Relationship Experiences of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Analysis. Gibby, Jordan Grant. Brigham Young University.
Izvajanje eksperimentov tematskega sklopa snovi pri pouku spoznavanja okolja v osnovni šoli. Frece, Anka. Univerza v Mariboru.
Access and coverage of healthcare among health staff in the Sunyani Municipality: Implications for the realization of universal health coverage. Abu, Juliet. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Nanoscale Material Characterization of Silicon Nanowires for Application in Reconfigurable Nanowire Transistors. Bukovsky, Sayanti. Technische Universität Dresden.
Model uporabe mobilnega telefona pri pouku v osnovni šoli. Novak, Tjaša. Univerza v Mariboru.
Development of Agriculture value chains as an asset for the sustainable development and food security: the case of the improvement of agricultural technical and vocational education in Senegal. Kane, Ousmane. Virginia Tech.
Früherkennung Alzheimer-Demenz: Untersuchung zur Korrelation von Vagus-evozierten Potenzialen mit dem Aufmerksamkeitsblinzeln (Attentional Blink). Kratz, Salome. Universität Würzburg.
Increasing Introductory Biology Students' Modeling Mastery Through Visualizing Population Growth Models. Wasson, Samantha Rae. Brigham Young University.
Impact of Second Language Acquisition on Cerebral Matter in Adult Monolinguals. Jorgensen, Benjamin D. Brigham Young University.
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors. Al-Dawood, Khaldoon Ali Mohammad. North Carolina State University.
Development of a Shelf-stable Caloric Dense Protein Bar Using a High Fat System. Sharp, Matthew Alan Robinson. North Carolina State University.
SleuthTalk: Addressing the Last-Mile Problem in Historical Person Identification with Privacy, Collaboration, and Structured Feedback. Yuan, Liling. Virginia Tech.
Eefect of occupational accidents on job performance; a case of a construction firm in Kumasi-Ghana. Agyemang-Beniako, Afia. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Dejavniki učnega zavlačevanja pri srednješolcih. Jeseničnik, Katja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Emergent practices in agile people management: a multiple-case study of SMEs in New Zealand and Switzerland : A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University. Mollet, Léonie S. Lincoln University.
A novel design methodology accounting for ramping and field inhomogeneities in dreMR imaging. McCready, Matthew A. University of Western Ontario.
A Case Study of an Agricultural Teacher's Planned Behavior When Working With Students With Special Needs. Greaud, Michelle L. Virginia Tech.
Music Sounds Better With You. Carrabre, M Gillian. University of Western Ontario.
Oblike dela z učenci z motnjami avtističnega sprektra pri pouku glasbene vzgoje. Sakelšek, Maja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Gender Agreement Patterns in Heritage Russian. Krüger, Irina. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Vzgoja in izobraževanje v času epidemije covid-19 v Sloveniji – sistematičen pregled raziskav. Švajger, Manja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Making sense of the magic : legibility, space, and play in tabletop roleplaying games. Harris, Eboneigh L. University of Texas – Austin.
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of the fruits of vitex doniana (hort. Brit.) And the quantification of one of its bioactive constituents oleanolic acid. Adjei, Silas. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Design and Development of a Two-Photon Absorption Induced Fluorescence Spectrometer and the Investigation of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Chromophores. Michail, Evripidis. Universität Würzburg.
Thermometry in high pressure gases using spontaneous Raman scattering. Haller, Timothy William. University of Texas – Austin.
A single droplet auto-ignition of surrogate fuels, lubricant oil and their mixtures at elevated temperature and pressure. Maharjan, Sumit. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
A modular attention hypothesis for modeling visuomotor behaviors. Zhang, Ruohan. University of Texas – Austin.
Unraveling the Microstructure of Organic Electrolytes for Applications in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Wahyudi, Wandi. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
AC-DC Solid State Transformer Based on SiC MOSFETs 98. Chen, Siyuan. North Carolina State University.
3-adic Properties of Hecke Traces of Singular Moduli. Beazer, Miriam. Brigham Young University.
Challenges of teaching primary school migrant students basic English. Obrovnik, Patricija. Univerza v Mariboru.
Transport and Confinement in Bilayer Chiral Borophene. Albuhairan, Hassan. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Resonance Startup of Supersonic Cavity Flow. Turpin, Aaron Michael. North Carolina State University.
Relative Infrasound Calibration of Microphones with Application to Outdoor Vector Intensity Measurements. Irarrazabal Oliva, Francisco Javier. Brigham Young University.
Detecting Remnants of the Past: Archaeo-Geophysical Prospection of Fremont Sites in Southern Utah Valley. Jepsen, Jacob P. Brigham Young University.
The Association Between Ethnicity and Caregiver Health. Aboyeji, Adetola. University of Western Ontario.
The governance of value creation and capture in agribusiness value chains: A New Zealand case : A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University. McIntyre, Tiffany. Lincoln University.
The role of Eya1 in otic neurogenesis in Xenopus laevis . Almasoudi, Suad. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Quantum aspects of classically conformal theories in four and six dimensions. Casarin, Lorenzo. Humboldt University of Berlin.
La memoria en imagen-tiempo: Los adioses de Natalia Beristáin. Miller, Elizabeth Adriana. Brigham Young University.
A Common Programming Interface for Managed Heterogeneous Data Analysis. Luong, Johannes. Technische Universität Dresden.
Bivalve Colonies as a Scour Mitigation Method: Assessing their Effects on Coastal Sediment Erodibility. Quiah, Joanna. North Carolina State University.
Design Validation of a Multi-Stage Gradually Deploying Stent. Despain, Dillon J. Brigham Young University.
Pre-Columbian Cultivation of Agave Species Through Rock Mulching: Potential for Modern Applications. Ortiz Cano, Hector Genaro. Brigham Young University.
Assessment of Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva D.K. Bailey) Forest Communities Using Geospatial Technologies. Burchfield, David Richard. Brigham Young University.
Supporting Rural Adolescent Voices in the Secondary English Language Arts Classroom. Wright, Heather Lynn. Virginia Tech.
Vanhempien eron kokeneiden lasten tukeminen varhaiskasvatuksessa. Hautamäki, T. (Timo). University of Oulu.
Music for Self-Attention. Lupker, Jeffrey A T. University of Western Ontario.
Modulation der Schrankenfunktion primärer humaner zerebraler Endothelzellen durch Fumarsäureester unter inflammatorischen und nicht-inflammatorischen Bedingungen. Nehen, Mathias Julius. Universität Würzburg.
From guerrilla insurgency to movement-party: A territorial analysis of armed group transition in Colombia. Staples, Henry. University of Sheffield.
Self-management of diabetes among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending diabetes clinics in selected hospitals in the Tamale Metropolis, Northern Region, Ghana. Afaya, Richard Adongo. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Localized Anthropogenic and Geogenic Groundwater Contamination in the Structurally Complex Carbonate-Hosted East Tintic Mining District, Eureka, UT, USA. Cordner, Cameron Patrick. Brigham Young University.
Étude des écoulements du film mince d'eau à la surface des cristaux de neige naturels en fusion. Lapointe, Chantal. Université de Sherbrooke.
Recherche-action visant la co-construction de stratégies de soutien pour faciliter la planification de la transition vers la vie adulte des jeunes présentant une déficience intellectuelle profonde: Support strategies to plan transition to adult life for youth with profound intellectual disability and their parents. Gauthier-Boudreault, Camille. Université de Sherbrooke.
<em>Star Wars: The Clone Wars</em> and Popular Culture in America. Zermeno, Ubaldo. Chapman University.
Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung für (teil-)stationäre Patient*innen der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie. Zimmermann, Julia. Universität Bielefeld.
Impact of High Intensity Interval Training Versus Traditional Moderate Intensity Continuous Training on Critical Power and the Power-Duration Relationship. Collins, Jessica Rose. Brigham Young University.
Sequence Specific Concentration and Labeling of Bacterial Plasmids for Future Use in Detection of Drug-Resistant Sepsis Cases Without Amplification. Hanson, Robert L. Brigham Young University.
Are Near-Death Experiences Veridical? A Philosophical Inquiry. Mandoki, Monika J. University of Western Ontario.
Nyelvi tájkép a Rába-vidék két szlovén–magyar kétnyelvű általános iskolájában. Zakocs, Barbara. Univerza v Mariboru.
Textile-based Soft Sensors for Prosthetic Environment Monitoring. Tabor, Jordan Ashley. North Carolina State University.
Physiological Arousal, Emotion, and Word Retrieval in Aphasia: Effects and Relationships. Johnson, Angela Lynne. Brigham Young University.
Lewd and Lascivious: French Quarter Clean-up Campaigns by Business and Civic Organizations in 1950s New Orleans. Rodriguez, Fernando. Louisiana State University.
Posterior Neural Plate-Derived Cells Establish Trunk and Tail Somites in the Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). Pawolski, Verena. Technische Universität Dresden.
Technological innovations in the collection and analysis of three-dimensional footwear impression evidence. Larsen, Hannah J. Bournemouth University.
Identity at Work: Balancing Demographic-related Identity in the Workplace and the Impact on Extra-role Behaviors and Turnover Intentions. Tuskey, Sarah Elizabeth. Virginia Tech.
Spremembe rabe tal v izbranih katastrskih občinah na območju Haloz, Dravskega in Ptujskega polja v obdobju med leti 1824 in 2017. Chomicki, Špela. Univerza v Mariboru.
An εHf and δ18O Isotopic Study of Zircon of the Mount Osceola and Conway Granites, White Mountain Batholith, New Hampshire: Deciphering the Petrogenesis of A-Type Granites. Matos Strauss, Javier Fabian. Brigham Young University.
Processing of Intrinsic Microporous Polymer for Protective Textiles and Molecular/Atomic Layer Deposition for Organic and Hybrid Material Synthesis. Wang, Siyao. North Carolina State University.
Vpliv različnih rokov setve in razpleveljanja na rast in razvoj ter pridelek sončnic (Helianthus annuus L.). Zemljak, Petra. Univerza v Mariboru.
The Role of Inflammation in Colitis-Associated Cancer. Good, Hayley. University of Western Ontario.
Understanding Quote-Tweet Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bean, David Hardy. Brigham Young University.
Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Sensory Processing and Anxiety in Autistic Children. Tindall, Kelsey Lee Ustach. Brigham Young University.
A New Method of Measuring Flow Stress for Improved Modeling of Friction Stir Welding. Prymak, David John. Brigham Young University.
Work Design in Times of Digitalization: Challenges of Advanced Technologies at Work with Job and Task Rotation as Potential Remedies. Mlekus, Lisa. Universität Bielefeld.
The dynamics of data donation : privacy risk, mobility data, and the smart city. Pereira Campos, Jorge Fernando. University of St. Andrews.
Challenges Associated with Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder in Older Adults and the Impact on Psychosocial Development. Victory, Marisa. National-Louis University.
Additively manufactured Si-SiC combustion devices : the role of heat recirculation in counter-flowing reactors. -6028-2634. University of Texas – Austin.
Nano-opto-mechanical sensors for semiconductor metrology. Galeotti, Federico. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
A parallelized Eulerian VIScous Vorticity Equation (VISVE) method in an inertial and non-inertial frame of reference. -1333-5454. University of Texas – Austin.
Analyse de performances des actionneurs à fluide magnétorhéologique pour les interfaces haptiques. Lebel, Louis-Philippe. Université de Sherbrooke.
Characterization and modulatory influence of pyruvate kinase muscle isoforms 1 and 2 within the murine pluripotent continuum. Dierolf, Joshua G. University of Western Ontario.
Building a Brand: A Multimodal Analysis of the Brand I Feel Slovenia. Ivanuša, Ema. Univerza v Mariboru.
Radiosensibilisierung humaner Tumorzelllinien unterschiedlicher Entitäten durch den MEK-Inhibitor PD184352 allein oder in Kombination mit dem HSP90-Inhibitor NVP-AUY922: Einfluss der Behandlungsschemas. Grabenbauer, Felix. Universität Würzburg.
Spectrum Management Issues in Centralized and Distributed Dynamic Spectrum Access. Lin, Yousi. Virginia Tech.
Look and listen : from semantic to spatial audio-visual perception. Gao, Ruohan. University of Texas – Austin.
Parent Anxiety, Parental Psychological Control, and Adolescent Anxiety: Mediation and Bidirectional Relationships. Gibbons, Iesha R. Brigham Young University.
The Impacts of Outdoor and Nature-related Experiences on Science, Conservation, and Well-being Outcomes for Adolescents. Jackson, Steven Brent. North Carolina State University.
Behavior of Unreinforced Lightweight Cellular Concrete Backfill for Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls. Wilkinson, Ryan Jeffrey. Brigham Young University.
Soft skills para un desempeño exitoso de trabajo: estudio comparativo intercultural sobre las competencias transversales en los managers. Coluzzi, Fabiana. Universidad de Burgos.
Analiza izvajanj načel v zvezi z obdelavo osebnih podatkov v zdravstvu. Gradišnik, Nina. Univerza v Mariboru.
Maison de Couture. Gent, Bailey Lynn. Virginia Tech.
The Architecture of Continuous Dialogue: Cedric Price’s Experiments in Architectural Theory. Njoo, J.T.H. Delft University of Technology.
Unremarkable violence and the politics of relation : education and the whiteness of institutional response discourse. Cook, Courtney Brooke. University of Texas – Austin.
Zdravstvena oskrba zapornikov. Vrbnjak, Ksenija. Univerza v Mariboru.
Analyzing a 10-Year Cave Drip Record in James Cave, Virginia: Implications for Storage and Recharge in Shallow Appalachian Karst Systems. Groce-Wright, Nigel C. Virginia Tech.
The Non-Backtracking Spectrum of a Graph and Non-Bactracking PageRank. Glover, Cory. Brigham Young University.
Use of Vertical Electrical Impedance for Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks. Boekweg, Enoch Thomas. Brigham Young University.
Metabolic Profiling Analysis of Four Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars from Saudi Arabia and Tunisia Using LC-MS and GC–MS Analysis. Alsuhaymi, Shuruq. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

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