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School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist's Perceptions of Sensory Food Aversions in Children. Monroe, Ellen. East Tennessee State University.
On the superposition principle for linear and nonlinear Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equations on Hilbert spaces. Dieckmann, Martin. Universität Bielefeld.
Understanding the Context and Social Processes that Shape Person- and Family-Centered Culture in Long-Term Care: The Pivotal Role of Personal Support Workers. Melis, Ellen Helena. Antioch University.
“Not just a simple yes or no”: how college students define and communicate sexual consent. Stacey, Claire. University of Pittsburgh.
An Analysis of the First Passage to the Origin (FPO) Distribution. Soni, Aradhana. East Tennessee State University.
A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Online Instructors of Theological Reflection at Christian Institutions Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. Jowers, Judy Arline. Liberty University.
''In English below'':Finnish-into-English translations of events organised by student societies at the University of Oulu. Parviainen, K. (Kalle). University of Oulu.
Scherzo. Frederick, Andrew N. Bowling Green State University.
Tiedettä ja viestintää lääkäri-potilassuhteessa. Modarress-Sadeghi, M. (Marella). University of Oulu.
Assessment of the Effect of Urbanization on Diversity, Population Dynamics and Wildlife Interactions Using Citizen-science Camera Trapping and Ancillary Data. Parsons, Arielle Waldstein. North Carolina State University.
The Importance of School Climate: How School Leaders in Inner City Middle Schools Shape Climate. Robinson, Willie. East Tennessee State University.
Effect of Religious Coping on Faith Maturity as Moderated by Hope. Thomas, Clark Daniel. Liberty University.
Uncharted Territory: The Professional, Gendered Experiences of Female Rural Superintendents in the Twenty-First Century. O'Keeffe, Erica Lynn Mitchell. Miami University.
A Study on the Evangelism Training Program for Church Growth: The Case of Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Korea. Lee, Sung Hee. Liberty University.
Struviitin saostaminen sähkökemiallisesti. Rantala, V. (Venla). University of Oulu.
An Historical Analysis of the Perception of Pain & Pain Management Methods from 1800-1945. Himes, Alisha N. Walsh University.
Who's writing what we read: authorship in criminological research. Bray, Bethany. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.
Acoustic Monitoring for Leaks in Water Distribution Networks. Cody, Roya. University of Waterloo.
Participation in high school interscholastic athletic programs as an intervention to increase academic success of students in poverty. Froehlich, Jeremy Lee. Miami University.
Wind turbine control: Advances for load mitigations and hydraulic drivetrains. Mulders, S.P. Delft University of Technology.
"I'm a fully realized creation!": bodies of work and creative processes in The Adventure Zone and The Lord of the Rings. Bumas, Adam. University of Pittsburgh.
A Pedagogy of Hope: Levers of Change in Transformative Place-based Learning Systems. Heaton, Michelle G. Antioch University.
Using Environmental Identity To Promote Environmental Concern and Willingness To Participate In Endangered Species Conservation. Wesolek, Christina M. Antioch University.
A method for operationalizing service-dominant business models. Suratno, Bambang. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Investigating the perceptions to and effectiveness of an ally skill-building workshop. Wymer, Chelsea. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.
The importance of the time-effect in electrochemical studies of corrosion inhibitors. Meeusen, M. Delft University of Technology.
The perceived unmet need for home care and impact on frailty related health outcomes among community-dwelling middle-aged and older adults in Canada. Leslie, Sarah. University of Waterloo.
Drug detection using Eosin Y and cobalt thiocyanate paper assays. Canfield, Jeremy. Bowling Green State University.
Staying Alive! Reengaging Boomers in Second Adulthood Ministry: Guidance for 21st-Century Church Leaders. Ward, Hilery L, Jr. Liberty University.
Investigating Students' Perceptions and Achievement in a Traditional Versus Online Statistics Course. Li, Linda S. Bowling Green State University.
Begin with Worship Pastor Longevity in Mind: A Biblical Guide for the Evangelical Worship Pastor Search Committee. Gonzales, Thomas Christopher. Liberty University.
Keinotekoiset neuroverkot koneoppimisessa. Tiiro, K. (Kristian). University of Oulu.
Teachers Creating Success Stories: Alternative-Education Program for At-risk Students. Banton-Brown, Karrian D. University of Saskatchewan.
Evaluation and Reconciliation Education from a Social Innovation Lens: A Case Study of the Haida Gwaii Institute’s Reconciliation Studies Semester. Cloutis, Geneva Athena. University of Waterloo.
Mechanics of pre-stressed polymeric materials. Bose, Anwesha. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Capturing Agents in Security Models: Agent-based Security Risk Management using Causal Discovery. Janssen, S.A.M. Delft University of Technology.
Practical Graph Algorithms with Applications in Near-Term Quantum Computing. Goodrich, Timothy David. North Carolina State University.
Using the Health Belief Model to Predict an Individual's Willingness to Conduct Genetic Testing. Turrietta, Christina M. Texas State University – San Marcos.
Positive School Bond as a Moderator of Parent-child Relationship Effects on Repeat Offending. King, Mikayla V. Bowling Green State University.
A Discovery of the Extent that Associate Ministers in Tennessee are Utilized by their Senior Pastors in the Spiritual Development of Church Members. Powell, Norma Lynne. Ashland Theological Seminary.
Aliteracy to Literacy: An Applied Research Study to Solve Elementary Readers' Aliteracy Problems. Buis, Brian Kirk. Liberty University.
Passive intermodulation tester characteristics. Kuronen, V. (Veli). University of Oulu.
Renal sensory nerves increase sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure in 2-Kidney 1-Clip hypertensive mice. Ong, Jason. University of Pittsburgh.
Exchange of impact-generated dust between the Galilean moons. Matilainen, K. (Katja). University of Oulu.
Church Revitalization Through Effective Women’s Ministry. McCullough, Dennis Jay. Liberty University.
The Role of Self-Care Management Support Groups for Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease. Wilkins, Jeffrey Lamar. North Carolina State University.
The Effect of External Load on Self Perceived Shoulder and Elbow Function in Competitive Junior Tennis Players. Aranda, Miguel. Texas State University – San Marcos.
Raman Spectroscopy for Extracellular Vesicle Study. Lee, Wooje. University of Twente.
Learning to Play a Musical Instrument Affects Student Behavioral Health. Lafser, Christopher. Liberty University.
A Multi-Case Qualitative Study of Servant Leadership in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. Jackson, Deidra Kaye. Liberty University.
Data-driven method for low-carbon building design at early stages. Jusselme, Thomas Bernard Paul. EPFL.
Non-Standard Preferences and Beliefs in Financial Decision Making. Koch, Melanie. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Mentoring Relationships among Women Leaders. Elliott, Gayle Fauber. Liberty University.
The Effect of Temperature on the Toxicity of Planktothrix agardhii. Moore, Christina J. Bowling Green State University.
Kvanttorit ja suora todistaminen lukion pitkässä matematiikassa. Kinnunen, K. (Katja). University of Oulu.
Ounasjoen välimurteen variaatio. Kautto, R. (Reetta). University of Oulu.
Mitokondriaalinen apoptoosi. Tuutijärvi, S-M. (Salla-Mari). University of Oulu.
Examining Perceptions of Obesity-Related Training Opportunities and Needs for Head Start Health and Nutrition Managers. Trimbach, Kara Elizabeth. Miami University.
Longitudinal Case Study: Expressive Language in a Bimodal Bilingual Child with ASD. Randall, Kristina Marie. Miami University.
A Study on the Process of Establishing Church Vision through the Vision Room: The Case of Incheon Shinkwang Church in Korea. Park, Sungho. Liberty University.
Collision Avoidance and Extending Range and Capacity in ZigBee. Mohan Kumar, Rashmi. Texas State University – San Marcos.
Govoreeting with Lewdies: A Critical Discourse Analysis of A Clockwork Orange and its Translations Across Media and Language. Wallace, Willie. East Tennessee State University.
Aktiivisen oppimisen nopeuttaminen datan visualisoinnilla. Holmberg, T. (Tuomas). University of Oulu.
A Top Fashion Program and the Traditional College Experience: A Narrative Study of Fashion Merchandising Students’ College Choice. Golden, Heather A. Bowling Green State University.
Conflict Resolution and Radical Political Disagreement: A philosophy of radical political disagreement. Madojemu, Isi. Leiden University.
Dynamics of the Oort cloud and formation of interstellar comets. Torres Rodriguez, S. Leiden University.
Motivaatio varhaiskasvatusikäisten lasten liikunnassa. Leinonen, R. (Rosalia). University of Oulu.
Development of a Prototype Active Ankle-Foot Orthotic Design Tool Using Novel Integrated Algorithms. Tessier, Isabelle Sylvie. Miami University.
The Hybrid Ensemble Model. Riley-Gonzalez, Melanie Emily. Liberty University.
The Effects of Hype on the Free-to-Play Pricing Strategy in the Online Video Game Industry. Mullee, Sean. Miami University.
A Multiple Case Study Identifying Factors Influencing Church Attendance and Engagement with Unchurched and Dechurched Families. Waters, Jason Robert. Liberty University.
The Effect of Section 504 Plans on Elementary Student Attendance. Guerin, Jeffrey Michael. Liberty University.
On Obsessions: A Phenomenology of Doubt, Images, and the Obsessive-Compulsive Chronological Structure in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Chiang, Brenda. University of Waterloo.
Death, Transition, and Resilience: A Narrative Study of the Academic Persistence of Bereaved College Students. Urabe, Cari Ann. Bowling Green State University.
Simulations Using the Kalman Filter. Vascimini, Vincent G. Bowling Green State University.
A piece of Bengal in Japan: the intercultural relationships between Bengalis and Japanese in Tokyo. Best, Maya. University of Pittsburgh.
Analysis of Temporal and Tissue Specific Humulus lupulus Isoforms by Long-Read Sequencing. Liebelt, Donna J. North Carolina State University.
Care provision for people with Fragile X Syndrome: Should it be need or diagnosis driven? Daffin, Jennifer. Cardiff University.
Hurricane Storm Surge Sedimentation on East Texas Gulf Coast Marshes: Spatial Variations in Sediment Distribution in the Right-Front Quadrant of Hurricane Ike. Hodge, Joshua B. Texas State University – San Marcos.
Closets Breed Suspicion: Environments that Stigmatize Concealable Identities Raise Doubts about Claims to Contrasting Non-Stigmatized Identities. Oakes, Harrison. University of Waterloo.
Lay Leader Development and the Model of Christ: Intentional Small Group Organization for Multiplying Groups at Green Acres Baptist Church. Gossett, Michael Wayne. Liberty University.
Treaty Education in Saskatchewan in an Era of Reconciliation. Gallays, Jennifer Lee. University of Saskatchewan.
Accurate Statistics from Optical Transmission Matrix Measurements. Pai, Pritam. University Utrecht.
Evaluation of Natural and Synthetic Sorbents for Oil Spill Clean-up Applications. Hakami, Abdulelah Ali. University of Waterloo.
Additively manufactured biodegradable porous metals. Li, Y. Delft University of Technology.
Näkymättömät lapset varhaiskasvatuksessa. Sarre, J. (Johanna). University of Oulu.
Application of Ferrohydrodynamic Flows for Heat Transfer Enhancement and Energy Harvesting. Anand, Nadish. North Carolina State University.
Examining the Role of On-Campus Experiences: A Phenomenological Study of Persistence for Limited-Residency Doctoral Graduates. Yourous, Kaitlin Elizabeth. Liberty University.
Creative Exposure Intervention – Group Version for Social Anxiety: A Mixed Methods Replication Study. Trexler, Michael Todd. Liberty University.
Opiskelijoiden määritelmiä erityisopetuksesta. Aho, E. (Eveliina). University of Oulu.
Europe for Europeans: nationalism in the 21st century. Niroomand, Azad. University of Pittsburgh.
The Relationship of Self-Efficacy and Clinical Reasoning of Undergraduate Nursing Students. Holder, Amy G. East Tennessee State University.
STT-MRAM characterization and its test implications. Radhakrishnan, Govindakrishnan. University of Waterloo.
Sigfox, LoRa ja NB-IoT -verkkojen vertailu. Kontu, N. (Niilo). University of Oulu.
Pornography and Purpose in Life: A Moderated Mediation Analysis. Evans, Cynthia Marie. Liberty University.
Modelling Level 1 Situation Awareness in Driving: A Cognitive Architecture Approach. Rehman, Umair. University of Waterloo.
Living in Occupied Territory: A Study of Militarization and Use of Force. Pryor, Cori. Bowling Green State University.
A Phenomenology Examining the Lived Experiences of Student Mothers at Community College. Simon, Christine Renee. Liberty University.

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