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The Perceived Empowering And Brand-related Effects Of Femvertising. Török, Anna. Corvinus University of Budapest.
Hibridni elektromagnetski-triboelektrični nanogenerator za prikupljanje mehaničke energije. Bjelica Jelena. University of Novi Sad.
In vivo determination of pH and magnesium ion concentration by means of 31P MRSI: A multi-parametric look-up approach. Franke, Vanessa Lydia. Universität Heidelberg.
Propuesta de distribución urbana de mercancías en Santander mediante ciclologística. Arana Ruiz, Eduardo. Universidad de Cantabria.
La conducta agresiva en niños y niñas de edad escolar: sensibilidad al contexto familiar en función deltemperamento y los perfiles hormonales y genéticos . Del Puerto Golzarri, Nora. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Lattice cryptography: from cryptanalysis to New Foundations. Woerden, W.P.J. van. Leiden University.
Modulating energy metabolism: pathophysiological aspects and novel interventions. Straat, M.E. Leiden University.
Material Fingerprinting: Understanding how differences in geology impact metallurgical plant performance. van Duijvenbode, J.R. Delft University of Technology.
Vliv vývoje parametrů nabídky na prodejní cenu nemovitostí: The effect of the development of supply parameters on the selling price of houses. Jandásková, Tereza. Brno University of Technology.
Optimal designs for matching adjusted indirect comparison (MAIC). Zheng, Xiang. University of Manitoba.
Profiling of Microbial Communities, Antibiotic Resistance, Functional Genes, and Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon in a Carbon-Based Potable Water Reuse System. Blair, Matthew Forrest. Virginia Tech.
Indigenous Communities and Climate Change: Portrayal of Environmental (In)justice inIndigenous and Mainstream Media in the U.S. Klaproth, Fabian. Ohio University.
Electromagnetic Analysis of Plasmonic Nanostructures by Solving Coupled Volume Integral and Hydrodynamic Equations. Uulu, Doolos Aibek. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Interakce nenewtonovské kapaliny s pružnou stěnou: The interaction of non-newtonian fluids with a flexible wall. Šedivý, Dominik. Brno University of Technology.
Semiconductor-based device architectures in multimaterial fibers. Esposito, William Nicolas Duncan. EPFL.
Secreted long non-coding RNAs Gadlor1 and Gadlor2 act as mediators of cardiac remodelling during pressure overload. Keles, Merve. Universität Heidelberg.
Towards a Computational Model of General Cognitive Control Using Artificial Intelligence, Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Ansarinia, Morteza. Université du Luxembourg.
Discovering How Hospice Chaplains Provide End-of-Life Care. Wilford, Buckley, Dr. Ashland Theological Seminary.
Polynomial time and private learning of unbounded Gaussian Mixture Models. Arbas, Jamil. McMaster University.
Přenosné zařízení pro autonomní odečet měřidel: Portable Device for Autonomous Meter Reading. Giesl, Vojtěch. Brno University of Technology.
Fatty acid biomarkers of intake and metabolism and their association with type 2 diabetes. Prada, Marcela. Universität Potsdam.
Korelacija komponenti metaboličkog sindroma sa težinom kliničke slike kod bolesnika sa psorijazom. Levakov Olivera. University of Novi Sad.
Using Decision-Tree Analysis for Predicting Wildfires Impact on Vegetation in Australia. Al-Khuraisat, Saif. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Testing the Benefits and Barriers Model of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Predicting Intensity of Self-Injury. Flores Cruz, Manfredo. Xavier University Psychology.
MRI analysis of diaphragmatic weakness and clinical variation in Pompe disease. Harlaar, Laurike. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).
Exploring Sisters’ Fashion Shopping Influences. Andrews, Caroline W. Ohio University.
Preclinical studies to improve targeted radionuclide therapy for prostate cancer. Ruigrok, Eline. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).
A Case Study of Nutrition Educators’ Perspectives on the Delivery of Virtual Community Nutrition Programming. Anderson, Alyssa Nicole. North Carolina State University.
Tropospheric BrO plumes in Arctic spring – A comparison of TROPOMI satellite observations and model results. Schöne, Moritz. Universität Heidelberg.
Unsymmetrische Doppel-Schiff-Basen als Liganden. Kießling, Andreas. Thueringen Doctoral.
Crisis civilizatoria y Buen Vivir: aprendizajes desde las prácticas feministas . Crespo Ordóñez, Carmen. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Towards a Simulator Tool for Predicting Sprinting and Long Jump Motions with and without Running-Specific Prostheses: An Optimization-Based Approach. Emonds, Anna Lena. Universität Heidelberg.
Improved risk prediction of all-cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and vascular dementia by biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation. Trares, Kira. Universität Heidelberg.
Vybrané aspekty světla v sakrální architektuře: Chosen Aspects of Light in Sacred Architecture. Šťasta, Jiří. Brno University of Technology.
Effektivität und Sicherheit der Prostataarterienembolisation bei benigner Prostatahyperplasie. Hoppe, Lisa. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Sustainably Providing Accurate Local River Discharge Data with Global Hydrologic Modeling and Bias Corrections. Hales, Riley Chad. Brigham Young University.
Discovery Grants Program - Individual. Lubna, Nikhat. University of Manitoba.
Predicting food safety compliance for food-serving establishments inspections. Al Zarooni, Huda Amin. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Sauberkeit von Milchzahnwurzelkanälen nach Präparation mit unterschiedlichen Nickel-Titan-Systemen - Eine REM-Studie. Phan, Kieu Minh. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Multi-criteria Sustainable Building Design Tool: A decision-support to enhance the energy efficiency and indoor climate of archive buildings in early-stage design using building performance simulations. Nikoufard, Mahsa. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Vergleichende immunhistochemische Analyse onkogener Signalwegssignaturen in Lymphomen. Stauder, Philipp Vincent. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Multi-infrastructure restoration modeling to support regional planning for recovery following earthquakes. Deelstra, Andrew. University of Victoria.
Design and Evaluation of Dedicated Lanes for Connected and Automated Vehicles. Razmi Rad, S. Delft University of Technology.
In between looking and seeing: recognition, referral and assessment of children and adolescents' mental health problems at the interface of primary care and secondary mental healthcare. Aydin, S. Leiden University.
Transformer Models for Vision. Cordonnier, Jean-Baptiste Francis Marie Juliette. EPFL.
Einfluss des Erkennens einer präklinischen Sepsis durch den qSOFA-Score auf die intrahospitale Mortalität und Morbidität. Ziegler, Mario. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Sound or silence?: Multidimensional aspects of Death Rattle Highlighted. van Esch, Jet. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).
Pratique déclarées d'enseignants qui utilisent la littérature bi-/plurilingue dans les écoles de langue française en Ontario. Trottin, Mélissande. University of Ottawa.
Controlled mechanical early loads improve bone quality and quantity around implants: An in vivo experimental study : 制御された機械的な早期荷重はインプラント周囲の骨質と骨量を向上させる:in vivo実験による研究. 鈴江, 正義. Nagasaki University.
Programmed Cell Death in the Eradication of HIV-1 Infected Cells by the Oncolytic Maraba Virus MG1. Magro, Megan. University of Ottawa.
Advanced endoscopy in pancreaticobiliary diseases. Stassen, Pauline. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).
The influence of contextual threat and safety transmitted by social learning on visual working memory and item/source memory and its modulation by adverse childhood experiences and (social) anxiety. Schellhaas, Sabine. Universität Heidelberg.
Die Problematik der Dichotomie in Kants Transzendentalphilosophie und ihre mögliche Überwindung. Li, Longfang. Universität Heidelberg.
Carrier-envelope phase (CEP)-dependent strong-field ionization at infrared (IR) wavelengths. Zhang, Yinyu. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Soil viral particles as tracers of surface water sources and flow paths. Florent, Perrine Julie. Université du Luxembourg.
Maternal morbidity and mortality in the Netherlands and their association with obstetric interventions. Kallianidis, A.F. Leiden University.
Nano-modified slag-based cementitious composites reinforced with multi-scale fiber systems. Youssef, Omar. University of Manitoba.
Drilling Mechanics: In-Cutter Sensing and Physics-Based Modelling for Drilling Optimization. Koulidis, Alexis. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Cut-offs of the 1-minute sit-to-stand test and quadriceps muscle strength to detect functional impairment . Barros, Cíntia Dias de. Universidade de Aveiro.
Whole genome doubling promotes tumorigenesis through loss of chromatin segregation and compartment repositioning. Lambuta, Ruxandra-Andreea. EPFL.
A importância da atividade lúdica na aprendizagem sobre a educação ambiental . Freitas, Jéssica Bárbara Abreu. Universidade de Aveiro.
Exploring the roles of sediment production by Photozoan and Heterozoan biotas on the evolution of carbonate system geometries through forward modelling. Tella, Timothy Oluwatobi. Universität Potsdam.
Detection, Extraction and Measurement of the Length and Width of the Metacarpal Bones in Images: Detection, Extraction and Measurement of the Length and Width of the Metacarpal Bones in Images. Paul, Daniel. Brno University of Technology.
Human rights narratives and the right to truth. DeFehr, Mitchell. University of Manitoba.
Processing of metallic materials by Selective Laser Melting at elevated temperatures: Processing of metallic materials by Selective Laser Melting at elevated temperatures. Malý, Martin. Brno University of Technology.
Stigma Among Nursing Home Staff Towards Nursing Home Residents with a Mental Illness. Kuhlman, Kristen Marie. Franklin University.
The Relationship Among Teacher and Student Gender and the Referral of Students to Intervention Processes that could Potentially Lead to Special Education Evaluation for Behavioral Characteristics of Emotional Disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Jarman, David Richard. Virginia Tech.
Building Level Administrators' Experiences and Perceptions Regarding Preparation for their Role in Teacher Retention: A Basic Qualitative Study. Renard-Spicer, Lisa. Virginia Tech.
Eliminating flaws in biomedical image analysis validation. Reinke, Annika. Universität Heidelberg.
Electrochemical Benzylic C−H Fluorination and 4d-Metallaelectro-Catalyzed C−H and C−C Functionalizations. Scheremetjew, Alexej. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Alignment-free Phylogenetic Placement and its Applications. Blanke, Matthias. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Efektivnost programa zdravstvenog vaspitanja o reproduktivnom zdravlju mladih uzrasta 16 godina u Vojvodini. Tomašević Tanja. University of Novi Sad.
Artificial intelligence for advanced manufacturing quality . Sáiz Álvaro, Fátima Aurora. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Integration of energy and urban planning dynamics for cities' climate-neutrality . Urrutia Azcona, Koldo. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Establishment of physiologically relevant environment for human cell culture and blastoid models. Alsolami, Samhan M. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
computer-assisted pproach to the comparison of mainland southeast Asian languages. Wu-Urbanek, Mei-Shin. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Computational Models for Non-linear Mechanical Loading Analyses of Lattice Structures Made by Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Computational Models for Non-linear Mechanical Loading Analyses of Lattice Structures Made by Laser Powder Bed Fusion. Červinek, Ondřej. Brno University of Technology.
Chromatin structure and dynamics at different phases of the cell cycle. Forte, Giada. University of Edinburgh.
Coverage and Energy Analysis of T-UAV-Assisted Cellular Networks: Stochastic Geometry Approach. Khemiri, Safa. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Spaceborne GNSS reflectometry for land remote sensing studies. Setti Junior, Paulo de Tarso. Université du Luxembourg.
The historical development of the Dutch posture-verb progressive construction: including a comparison with German. Okabe, A. Leiden University.
Spectroscopy on the verge of soot formation. Doddema, Robin. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Breathing retraining benefit’s women’s blood pressure and mental well-being during COVID-19 responses. Winzar, Claire. Southern Institute of Technology.
Life Stories of Chinese Women in Taiwan's Military Enclaves. Chou, Szu-Nuo. University of Ottawa.
Exploring Virtual Reality and Doppelganger Avatars for the Treatment of Chronic Back Pain. Kammler-Sücker, Kornelius Immanuel. Universität Heidelberg.
Image processing for correlative light and electron microscopy. Ma, Fengjiao. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Орално здравље, коришћење стоматолошких услуга и потребе за стоматолошком здравственом заштитом жена у Војводини. Pantelinac Jelena. University of Novi Sad.
Characterization of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) associated dental defects - insights from zebrafish (Danio rerio). Azimian Zavareh, Parnia. University of Manitoba.
Comparing Canada’s role on the United Nations Security Council and the Arctic Council: finding several roles. Cabagyo, Jessiah. University of Manitoba.
Извијање стубова I пресека од нерђајућег челика при дејству пожара са утицајем историје оптерећења. Rajić Nikola. University of Novi Sad.
Modelovanje, simulacija i optimizacija dobijanja gumenih proizvoda na osnovu različitih kaučukovih smeša. Lubura Jelena. University of Novi Sad.
Bring your own device (BYOD) trend with cloud service for schools in Invercargill: A case study, high schools in Invercargill. Bang, James. Southern Institute of Technology.
Paternal involvement beyond residence : the role of non-resident fathers in raising their children in Tshwane Metro, Gauteng. Lobaka, Simon Tebogo. University of South Africa.
The path from clinical evidence to use of drugs – Marketing analysis of factors influencing the market performance of drug therapies = A klinikai evidencia útja a gyógyszerhasználatig – A gyógyszerhatóanyag terápiák piaci teljesítményére ható tényezők marketing szemléletű elemzése. Kovács, Bence. Corvinus University of Budapest.
Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation in elderly patients with early-stage breast cancer. Jacobs, D.H.M. Leiden University.
Impact of Mirabegron Administration on the Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate in Patients with Overactive Bladder : 過活動膀胱患者におけるミラベグロン投与前後の血圧や脈拍数に対する影響. 伊藤, 秀德. Nagasaki University.
Tanec s miliony uzlů. Návrat k řemeslným technikám a autorské práci s textilem v kontextu současné umělecké praxe: Dance with a Million Knots. A return to craft techniques and artistic work with textiles in the context of contemporary artistic practice. Gryboś, Julia. Brno University of Technology.
Combining Radiation and Oncolytic Measles Virus for the Treatment of Refractory Tumors. Derani, Judith Magdalena. Universität Heidelberg.
Low-Level Static Analysis for Memory Usage and Control Flow Recovery. Bockenek, Joshua Alexander. Virginia Tech.

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