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Biomarkers Discovery: The Benefit of the Study Exosomes Originated from Merkel Cell Carcinoma Cell Lines . Konstantinell, Aelita Gloria Virginia. Universitetet i Tromsø.
Automatic question detection from prosodic speech analysis. Hirsch, Rachel. Colorado State University.
The Role of mDia2 in Adherens Junctions in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. Zhang, Yuqi. University of Toledo Health Science Campus.
East Antarctic Ice Sheet and Southern Ocean Response to Orbital Forcing from Late Miocene to Early Pliocene, Wilkes Land, East Antarctica. Turton, Nikita Anne. Victoria University of Wellington.
Changes in winter storm characteristics and lake-effect snow in convection-permitting regional climate simulations in the U.S. Riesenberg, Mark Ryan. Colorado State University.
Optimal local foods procurement in the National School Lunch Program : an analysis of potential impacts of Farm to School policies on procurement practices in three Northern Colorado school districts. Long, Abigail B. Colorado State University.
Desarrollo de modelos matemáticos para predecir la concentración inicial en solución externa, curva de adsorción y dosificación de calcio en suelos de la provincia de Buenos Aires. Andreini, Brian Luis. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Montana cattle ranchers' perceptions of USDA APHIS involvement in brucellosis monitoring in the greater Yellowstone area. Bonser, Chelsea. Colorado State University.
Reuse aware data placement schemes for multilevel cache hierarchies. Wang, Jiajun, 1991-. University of Texas – Austin.
Exploring packing defects, loop interactions and sequence-fitness landscape in a four-helix bundle protein Rop, by combinatorial and high-throughput approaches. Kumar, Anusha. The Ohio State University.
Coordination of Theory and Evidence and the Role of Personal Epistemology and Prior Knowledge When Reading About the Controversial Topic of Vitamin Supplement Use. Rotshtein, Regina. University of Toledo.
Generic support vector machines and Radon's theorem. Carr, Brittany M. Colorado State University.
Mental Disorder: Ameliorating Stigmatization and Reconceptualizing Treatment. Gleason, Jennifer Renee. The Ohio State University.
Dispositions of teacher leaders in high impact roles. Lopez, Tonia. Colorado State University.
An Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks . Paget, Bryan. University of Ottawa.
Unsettling: How Euro-whiteness was portrayed to Indigenous school children as superior to Indigeneity through the textual construction of the “Indian” in Missionary texts during the 1830s to 1845 in the Great Lakes Area. Nicholson, Belinda. University of Manitoba.
Impacts of flooding on the rice production of Bangladesh : a panel data study. Hassan, S. M. Kamrul. Colorado State University.
Unsettling exhibition pedagogies: troubling stories of the nation with Miss Chief. Johnson, Kay. University of Victoria.
Machine learning methods to facilitate optimal water allocation and management in irrigated river basins to comply with water law. Rohmat, Faizal Immaddudin Wira. Colorado State University.
Insight into structure and function of Dicer-related helicases from Caenorhabditis elegans . Li, Kuohan. Nanyang Technological University.
Developing a framework to evaluate the types and dose of tailored health information in mobile apps for chronic condition self-management: Developing the mHealth Framework for Investigating Tailoring (mFIT) to evaluate the types and dose of tailored information in mobile apps for chronic condition self-management. Watkins, Ivan A., III. University of Texas – Austin.
Thermal monitoring of Natural Source Zone Depletion. Karimi Askarani, Kayvan. Colorado State University.
A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict University Rates. Park, Samuel M. University of Toledo.
Voter Competency, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Future of Democracy. Ramsay, Travis. McMaster University.
B.C. Farmers' Food Donation Tax Credit : investigating usage among farmers' market vendors, The. Immell, Tara. Colorado State University.
Synthesis and evaluation of fluorous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives for organic electronics. Rippy, Kerry C. Colorado State University.
Computational model and empirical study of the self-undermining proposition in job demands-resources theory, A. Walters, Kevin M. Colorado State University.
College ready Hispanic students : a case study of institutional collaboration. Castro, Delinda Marivel. University of Texas – Austin.
Frequency and Magnitude of Co-payments Exceeding Prescription Drug Cost. Jeun, Ki Jin. University of Toledo Health Science Campus.
Carbon-based electrodes for environmental health applications. Berg, Kathleen E. Colorado State University.
Concrete Made with Fine Recycled Concrete Aggregate (FRCA): A Feasibility Study . De Freitas Macedo, Hian. University of Ottawa.
Modeling and control of drillstring dynamics for vibration suppression. -2932-5728. University of Texas – Austin.
Distributed Coverage Control of Multi-Agent System in Convective–Diffusive Time Evolving Environments . Mei, Jian. University of Ottawa.
T cell independent mechanisms for protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Bickett, Thomas. Colorado State University.
Teaching literacy during student teaching : a multicase study of asset-based and humanizing teaching. -3703-4963. University of Texas – Austin.
Aquifer test methods to estimate transmissivity and well loss via a single pumping well. Roman, James Anthony. Colorado State University.
Validating and implementing the informal learning behavior scale. Willis, Colin Michael Groden. Colorado State University.
Organizing for food sovereignty in Manitoba: small scale farmers, communities of resistance, and the local food movement. Sivilay, Jeanette. University of Manitoba.
Questions de décolonisation et de résilience : bref essai théorique sur le cas des Métis du Manitoba français (essai) suivi de Et elle sourit... (oeuvre de création). Reynolds, Dominique. University of Manitoba.
Landslide response to climate change in Denali National Park, Alaska, and other permafrost regions. Patton, Annette. Colorado State University.
The challenges and opportunities associated with deferred consent in time-sensitive pediatric emergency research: a systematic review. Talukdar, Jhalok Ronjan. McMaster University.
The Place for Indigenous Knowledge in a Sport for Development Program . Essa, Mariana. University of Ottawa.
Методичка обрада функција са параметрима уз помоћ рачунара. Božić Radoslav. University of Novi Sad.
Reassessing assessment : using Bayesian methods to examine the efficacy of multiple-select multiple-choice items. -7326-5347. University of Texas – Austin.
Assessing the Absolute and Relative Performance of IRTrees Using Cross-Validation and the RORME Index. DiTrapani, John B. The Ohio State University.
End-gas autoignition propensity and flame propagation rate measurements in laser-ignited rapid compression machine experiments. Zdanowicz, Andrew. Colorado State University.
Barstool consequences : college students' risk perceptions when interacting with Barstool Sports' modeling of the college experience through Instagram. Coviello, Jenna. Colorado State University.
Development of a Lensless Point-of-Care Device for Urine Analysis. Kun, Jessica. McMaster University.
Analysis of Development Aid Management in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan: Understanding Donor-Recipient Relations in Comparative Perspective . Yazlyyev, Begench. University of Ottawa.
Comparison of comprest and conventional types of Hereford steers as evaluated by body and carcass measurements, A. Safley, Carl E. Colorado State University.
Characterization of the Role of Shroom3 in Nephron Formation. KITALA, PATRICIA. McMaster University.
Queer Narratives in Disco Films: Saturday Night Fever, Xanadu, and Beyond. Drake, Erin R. Ohio University.
Information-augmented Building Information Models (BIM) to Inform Facilities Management (FM) guidelines. Sadeghi, Marjan. Colorado State University.
Ficciones en el aula: ¿escrituras que transforman? Croci Codevila, Cecilia. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Evaluating the utility of global versus local geospatial data for secondary cities. Davis, Danielle Brooke. Colorado State University.
Perspectives on reconciliation, cultural identity and respect, and intergroup trust among University students in Canada. Fontaine, Aleah Sheyenne Marie. University of Manitoba.
1 month effect of breaking up sedentary activity on insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis in free-living overweight/obese adults. Schreck, Laura M. Colorado State University.
Modeling sensible heat flux for vegetated surfaces through an optimized surface aerodynamic temperature approach. Costa Filho, Edson. Colorado State University.
Le rôle du financement de la MONUSCO sur l'autonomie journalistique à Radio Okapi . Faye, Marie Renée. University of Ottawa.
Popular humor and the collective acceptance of breakthrough innovations. -5270-9367. University of Texas – Austin.
Re-imagining the ecological subject : toward a critical materialism of entangled ecologies. DeCarlo, Chelsea Loren Welker. Colorado State University.
Dissipative State Engineering in Quantum Many-Body Systems. Schnell, Alexander. Technische Universität Dresden.
Depression and Heart Failure in Male and Female Rats: Role of Inflammation and Estrogens . Najjar, Fatimah. University of Ottawa.
Parameters of Articulation: an Introduction to Analysis of Form in Electroacoustic Music. Beery, Timothy Russell. Ohio University.
Effects of landscape structure and natural enemies on the abundance of cereal leaf beetle, Oulema melanopus L. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), in wheat fields in Southern Alberta. Kheirodin, Arash. University of Manitoba.
In vivo detection of retained gadolinium in bone by x-ray fluorescence following administration of gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI. Lord, Michelle. McMaster University.
Analysis of Energy Delivery Sector Malware Attack Response Mechanisms . Sapienza, Michael. Naval Postgraduate School.
On designing large, secure and resilient networked systems. Mulamba Kadimbadimba, Dieudonné. Colorado State University.
Stepping Beyond Behaviour: Explainable Machine Learning for Clinical Neurophysiological Assessment of Concussion Progression. Boshra, Rober. McMaster University.
I'm Different Online: An Account of Differences between Face-to-Face and Online Testimony. Enright, Sophia. Victoria University of Wellington.
Economic essays on wildlife-aircraft conflict in the United States. Navin, Jordan. Colorado State University.
Domestic Dining Performances in Three of Elizabeth Gaskell's Novels. Salvati, Serena. McMaster University.
State of collaboration : an analysis of form and function in Colorado's natural resource collaboratives, The. Huayhuaca, Ch'aska. Colorado State University.
Examining the relationship between participation in youth leadership development and leadership styles of undergraduate college student leaders. Serjoie, Ara. Colorado State University.
Selection History in Attentional Control: Evidence from Contextual Cueing Effect and Item-specific Proportion Congruent Effect. Wang, Chao. McMaster University.
Defects and Schottky Contacts in β-Ga2O3:Properties, Influence of Growth Method and Irradiation. Farzana, Esmat. The Ohio State University.
Uniformly accurate layered medium green’s function approximation via scattered field formulation of the spectral differential equation method. Li, Xinbo. University of Manitoba.
Effects of scour on the flow field at a bendway weir, The. Garfield, Mason. Colorado State University.
Grassland sensitivity to extreme drought : assessing the role of community functional composition. Griffin-Nolan, Robert James. Colorado State University.
How do we know someone will intervene? The validation of a survey instrument designedto measure collegiate bystander intervention disposition. Dahl, Laura S. The Ohio State University.
Multimethod simulation paradigm for investigating complex cellular responses in biological systems of aging and disease, A. Hoffman, Timothy Edward. Colorado State University.
Self-Compassion, Health Behaviors, and Cardiovascular Health. Walter, Fawn Autumn. Kent State University.
Una historia holandesa (1847) de Mme. d’Arbouville: entre lo trágico y lo sentimental. Sobre su traducción en la República de la Nueva Granada. Zárate León, Jhonattan. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
#instaworthy presentations of place : a place study of experience among teenagers on Instagram. Hughes, Fan E. Colorado State University.
The Transnational and Local Dimensions of the U.S. Anti-Apartheid Movement. Larson, Robert Zebulun. The Ohio State University.
Learning to teach: Teaching assistants (TAs) learning in the workplace. Korpan, Cynthia Joanne. University of Victoria.
Understanding the role of prion-like domains in ribonucleoprotein granule dynamics. Boncella, Amy Elizabeth. Colorado State University.
Preparation and characterization of poly lactic-co-glycolic nanoparticles encapsulated with gentamicin for drug delivery applications. Sun, Yu. Colorado State University.
Management plan for the Poudre Working Circle Roosevelt National Forest. Ray, Walter H. Colorado State University.
Multi-User Detection of Overloaded Systems with Low-Density Spreading . Fantuz, Mitchell. University of Ottawa.
Change in piñon-juniper woodland cover since Euro-American settlement : expansion versus contraction associated with soil properties. Amme, Noah. Colorado State University.
Relative persuasiveness of health infographics, The. Downing Bice, Channing Faith. Colorado State University.
Desarrollo de estrategias de control del fitopatógeno Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) a partir de la diversidad microbiana. Zapata Henao, Sebastian. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Modeling strontium-90 transport and potential remediation from a contaminated aquifer. Phillips, Preston. Colorado State University.
Impact of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Information on Perceptions of Illness. Cook, Carolyn M. Ohio University.
Nuclear Cascades and Neutrino Production in the Sources of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Nuclei. Biehl, Daniel. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Uticaj prekidnih režima na fenomene prenosa mase i toplote pri sušenju materijala sfernog oblika. Doder Đorđije. University of Novi Sad.
Paleohydrologic investigation in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, A. Fuertsch, Susan Jane. Colorado State University.

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