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The Influence of Shared Leadership in Positive Youth Development Through Sport. Crane, Nathaniel. University of Waterloo.
Three-Dimensional CT Imaging and Microstructural Mechanical Modeling of Corrosion and Freeze-Thaw Damage of Concrete. Alhusain, Mustafa. University of Waterloo.
Reappraisal of the phosphorus requirement of lactating dairy cows. Keanthao, Pornsin. Universiteit Utrecht.
A Methodology for Data-Informed Process Control in Progressive Die Sheet Metal Forming. Budnick, Dylan. University of Waterloo.
Development of an Efficient and Broadly Applicable Measure of Case Conceptualization Quality. Capobianco, Kevin. University of Waterloo.
The Assessment of Practical Per-Cooling Targeting Peripheral Limbs During Exercise in Hot and Humid Environments. Stothart, Alexander. University of Waterloo.
Predictors of Loneliness and Transitions in Loneliness in Ontario Home Care Clients: Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ochwat, Sandra Kinga. University of Waterloo.
Multisensory Integrative Processes and Aging. Basharat, Aysha. University of Waterloo.
Mixed Integer Programming Approaches for Group Decision Making. Iam, Hoi Cheong. University of Waterloo.
Social simulation for socio-ecological systems: An agent architecture for simulations of policy effects. Pastrav, Cezara Maria. Universiteit Utrecht.
Neural correlates of trait anxiety in sensory processing and distractor filtering. Faerman, Michelle. University of Waterloo.
Plant-Based Cheese Analogues and Value-Added, High-Fiber Soymilk Gels Containing Okara. Sy, Jing. University of Waterloo.
A Study of Electrochemically Induced Lattice Distortions in Layered Perovskites. Whittingham, Alexander. University of Waterloo.
Engineering the kinetic stability of a β-trefoil protein by tuning its topological complexity. Anderson, Delaney. University of Waterloo.
Tunable Diffractive Liquid Crystal Photonic Devices. García de Blas, Mario. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Proyecto de implantación y comparación técnica, ambiental y económica de cuatro parques eólicos (Onshore) de 30 MW en la Comunidad Foral de Navarra. Molina Figliozzi, Camila. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Key Principles for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Collaborative Impact Assessment in Canada. Pfeffer, Jordan Elizabeth. University of Waterloo.
Bifurcation and Robust Control of Instabilities in the Presence of Uncertainties. Meng, Yiming. University of Waterloo.
Validación de la Terapia de Ambiente Acústicamente Enriquecido EAE para el tratamiento de pacientes con Tinnitus. Garzón Pico, Christiam Santiago. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
In situ Nanoscale Quantification of Corrosion Kinetics by Quantitative Phase  Microscopy. Fanijo, Ebenezer Oladayo. Virginia Tech.
GPU Wavefront Splitting for Safety-Critical Systems. Klashtorny, Artem. University of Waterloo.
Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Enumerative Graph Theory. Yusim, Samuel. University of Waterloo.
Connecting the dots: Relating the infant brain network to infant behavior. van der Velde, Bauke. Universiteit Utrecht.
The Investigation of Isomers using Differential Mobility Spectrometry and Ultraviolet Photodissociation Spectroscopy. Mashmoushi, Nour. University of Waterloo.
Evaluation of a Novel β-cyclodextrin Functionalized Nano Adsorbent for Removal of Pharmaceuticals. Demircan Ozelcaglayan, Ezgi. University of Waterloo.
Modelling Subglacial Hydrology under Future Climate Scenarios in Wilkes Subglacial Basin, Antarctica. Siu, Kevin. University of Waterloo.
Under the Skin: Assessing the Ideological Underpinnings and Material Reality of Cultured Meat. Giles, Richard Eugene. University of Waterloo.
Proyecto de integración de geotermia somera para la aplicación de frío industrial. Rolan Callejas, Ignacio. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Promoting Flood Risk Mitigation Among Canadians Through Effective Risk Communication. Krueger, Rachel. University of Waterloo.
Evolución del diseño en firmes de carreteras y nuevos materiales en la era de la economía circular : un cambio de paradigma. Sanz García, José Manuel. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Estandarización de mediciones de superficies parcelarias y su aplicación al tráfico inmobiliario. López Medina, José Antonio. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Illuminating the brain: Dissecting synaptic architecture through genome editing. Willems, Jelmer. Universiteit Utrecht.
Thermal Dynamic Imaging and Thermal Management for Quantum Cascade Lasers. Wang, Siyi. University of Waterloo.
Pseudodynamic analysis of heart tube formation in the mouse embryo. Esteban Varela, Isaac. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Estudio del recurso eólico, cálculo de estelas e implantación preliminar de un parque eólico en Aciberos (Zamora). García Bermúdez de Castro, Álvaro. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Our Grand Domestic Revolution: (Re-)making home from Jaffna, Sri Lanka to the Greater Toronto Area. Paranthahan, Mayuri. University of Waterloo.
From Drugs to Gene Editing for Developmental Epileptic Encephalopathies. Weuring, Wouter Jan. Universiteit Utrecht.
Estudio técnico-económico de un sistema FV-H2 para producción, almacenamiento y uso del hidrógeno en una instalación industrial. Larghi Bosso, Maria Florencia. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Análisis y optimización del tiempo de respuesta del servicio de ambulancias de la ciudad de Madrid. Morales Fernández, Luis. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Song of a Broken World: A Study on NieR: Automata's Presentation of Argument. Tan, Xinlyu. University of Victoria.
Coherent interactions and thermometry in a trapped ion quantum simulator. Vogliano, Anthony. University of Waterloo.
Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging using Broadband Mid-wavelength Infrared Single-Channel and Multispectral Cameras. Nagorski, Michael. University of Waterloo.
Constitutive and Friction Characterization and Simulation of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy Sheet under Die Quenching Conditions. Boulis, Raphael. University of Waterloo.
Seedlings of Temperate Tree Species Show Plastic Responses to Water Deficit and Heat Stress, But They Do Not Prevent Decline in Growth. Aragón Baquero, Lina Marcela. University of Waterloo.
Specializing Scala with Truffle. You, James. University of Waterloo.
Growing in circles: A circular bioeconomy for plastics: Assessing strategies to reduce the plastic sector’s Greenhouse-gas emissions and resource consumption. Stegmann, Paul Heiner. Universiteit Utrecht.
Mapping the Complexity of Mining & Peacebuilding in Guatemala. Silburt, Aviva. University of Waterloo.
Reconfigurable Cryogenic Microwave Devices Using Low Temperature Superconducting rf-SQUIDs. Khaira, Navjot Kaur. University of Waterloo.
Forgiveness in Work Relationships: Causes and Consequences. Cao, Wenrui. Universiteit Utrecht.
Nuevas Técnicas de Medida Aplicadas a la Edificación. Yedra Alvarez, Engerst. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Energy Management System Infrastructure for Solar Photovoltaic Energy System. Li, Joey Zheqiang. University of Waterloo.
On the Properties and Structure of Bordered Words and Generalizations. Gabric, Daniel. University of Waterloo.
Fostering Homefulness. Pollack, Shelby Marie. Virginia Tech.
Evaluation and Comparison of Two Novel Non-Platinum-Based Antitumor Agents on Pancreatic Cancer and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Xu, Xiangxuan. University of Waterloo.
The influence of winter lake surface cover conditions on under-ice light regimes and primary productivity in small, hydrologically disconnected lentic systems. Barrett, David Clem. University of Victoria.
Human Factors in Esports: Investigating performance measures, coaching practices, and stress training in League of Legends. sabtan, bader. University of Waterloo.
Enumerative perspectives on chord diagrams. Nabergall, Lukas. University of Waterloo.
Probing highly polymorphic proteins by mass spectrometry: Proteins with a personalized touch. Hoek, Max. Universiteit Utrecht.
Rice in a different light: Shoot architecture from genome to field. Huber, Martina. Universiteit Utrecht.
In search of a better ontology of mental disorder: From essentialism and reductionism to embracing dynamic and complex relations. Köhne, Annemarie Catharina Johanna. Universiteit Utrecht.
Supervisión de las condiciones de mecanizado en operaciones de fresado periférico mediante el análisis de señales de ruido aéreo. Sio Sever, Andrés. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Análisis del sistema de almacenamiento de una PSFV de 50 MW para servicios de red. Romero Arenas, Raúl. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Admissions to Graduate Studies: Selection Methods for Life and Natural Sciences Masters’ Programs at a European Research University. Kurysheva, Anastasia. Universiteit Utrecht.
A qualitative examination of the impact of social restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic on social relations and social interactions of adolescents aged 12-18 years in Ontario, Canada. Imanzi, Liza. University of Waterloo.
Explanatory factors for improving performance on bike-sharing systems. Julio Castillo, Raky. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
De gang op gestuurd: Een kwalitatief empirisch onderzoek naar het proces van schikken op de gang tijdens vermogensrechtelijke procedures in Nederland. Lieverse, Lucas. Universiteit Utrecht.
Synthesis of Scientific Workflows: Theory and Practice of an Instance-Aware Approach. Kasalica, Vedran. Universiteit Utrecht.
Giving for the City: How Civic Capacity Influences Philanthropic Support for Education Reform in Small-to-Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. Jamerson, Ja'Nel LaVon. University of Michigan.
Front-of-Pack Labelling in the Caribbean Community: Power and Policy in Regional Standard Setting. Hinton, Lucy. University of Waterloo.
Mortality Prediction using Statistical Learning Approaches. Meng, Yechao. University of Waterloo.
Capillary-discharge ignition of dispersed-phase [email protected] core-shell thermite particles in a liquid filled microchannel. Baranovsky, Alex. University of Waterloo.
Population Dynamics and Spatial Ecology of White-tailed Deer in the Central Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Clevinger, Garrett Balee. Virginia Tech.
Queen of the Academy: Academic Drag as Pedagogy and Praxis. Mayberry, Tommy. University of Waterloo.
Offline Evaluation via Human Preference Judgments: A Dueling Bandits Problem. Yan, Xinyi. University of Waterloo.
Hydrodynamics of charged Dirac electrons. Pongsangangan, Kitinan. Universiteit Utrecht.
Potencial autoconsumo de energía solar fotovoltaica en la ETSII. Garcia Amieva, Juan. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Understanding and diagnosing cancer through its mutational history. Nguyen, Luan Ngoc. Universiteit Utrecht.
A Song of Ice and a Warm Southern Ocean: The paleoceanographic evolution of the Oligocene–Miocene Southern Ocean. Hoem, Frida Snilstveit. Universiteit Utrecht.
Identification of Re-assessment Intervals to Support a Measurement Based Care (MBC) approach with the interRAI Community Mental Health (CMH) Assessment. Monakhova, Sveltana. University of Waterloo.
Barriers to Women in Policing - Traversing the Gender Gap: An Examination into the Perceptions and Experiences of Senior Ranking Policemen. Pamminger, Mark. University of Victoria.
Using Polymers to Improve the Performance of Sulfur and Organic Cathodes. Gao, Xiguang. University of Waterloo.
The Importance of Data in RF Machine Learning. Clark IV, William Henry. Virginia Tech.
Harnessing the CRISPR/Cas9 system to study the regulatory network of plant biomass degradation in Aspergillus niger. Kun, Roland Sandor. Universiteit Utrecht.
Study of new applications of the Quartz Crystal Resonator (QCR) for the characterization of viscoelastic properties of biological fluids of interest for medical applications. Miranda Martínez, Andrés. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Understanding resistance and sensitivity to improve cancer treatment. Pogačar, Živa. Universiteit Utrecht.
Cellular Heterogeneity during Metastatic Colonization of Colorectal Cancer: Investigating phenotypic, transcriptomic, and chromatin changes over time. Heinz, Maria Christine. Universiteit Utrecht.
Female Sex-Workers in Rome: Agency and Self-Representation. Hill, Rachel Esther Fey. University of Waterloo.
Sense of Sensors: monitoring behavior of dairy cows. Hut, Peter Reit. Universiteit Utrecht.
Design of a Tiny Machine Learning system for UWB radar based multi-target detection. González Navarro, Luis. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Modeling and Operation of Ground Source Heat Pumps in Electricity Markets Considering Uncertainty. Peralta Moarry, Dario. University of Waterloo.
Fabrication of Hard-to-Process Ni-Based Superalloy Thin-Wall Parts Made by Laser Powder Bed Fusion. Chakraborty, Apratim. University of Waterloo.
Utilising SABRE hyperpolarisation to enhance 13C2 Pyruvate. Konspayeva, Gulmira. University of York.
Contaminants of emerging concern in the fetal environment: unravelling the exposure and effects of endocrine disrupting compounds and micro(nano)plastics in utero. Dusza, Hanna Marta. Universiteit Utrecht.
Towards multicentre application of diffusion MRI in cerebral small vessel disease. Brito Robalo, Bruno Miguel de. Universiteit Utrecht.
Impact of SARS-CoV-2 on the coronavirus literature through dynamic topics. Guillén Pacho, Ibai. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
The role of the community pharmacist in minor ailments: Focus on uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women. Lelie- van der Zande, Adriana Cornelia Antonia Maria. Universiteit Utrecht.
Polymer Additive Engineering of Organolead Halide Perovskites: Effect on Device Characteristics and Scalable Manufacturing. Mathur, Avi. University of Waterloo.
Early Paleozoic Ocean Redox Dynamics: Perspectives from Uranium Isotopes of Sedimentary Rocks. Lu, Xinze. University of Waterloo.

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