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Quest for Pillaring Strategies of Highly Connected Rare-Earth Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization. Altaher, Batool M. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Nursing Student Perceptions of Presence in a Virtual Learning Environment: A Qualitative Description Study. Thrift, Jason R. Mercer University.
Micro FrontEnd: estrategias en el desarrollo de componentes reutilizables. Curin, Betiana. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Julia Wolfe’s Zigzag for Wind Band: The Commission, Analysis, and Interviews. Farr, Daniel Kenneth. The Ohio State University.
Farmacontaminación. Impacto medioambiental de los medicamentos desde el punto de vista de los profesionales de la salud . Domingo Echaburu, Saioa. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Visual Rhetoric and The English Careers Website. Oforah, Ifeoma C. California State University – San Bernardino.
Out of the Past, Into the Future: The Evolution of Cinephilia. McComas, Ronald Edward, II. The Ohio State University.
Inzidenz und Risikofaktoren der sekundären Arthrose nach chirurgischer Therapie von Gelenkinfektionen. Finsterbusch, Luise. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Machine Learning with Big Data for Electrical Load Forecasting. L'Heureux, Alexandra. University of Western Ontario.
Lesiones por presión en quirófano y su incidencia perioperatoria en pacientes sometidos a neurocirugía: Pressure injuries in the operating room and their perioperative incidence in patients undergoing neurosurgery. Pérez Sastre, María. Universidad de Cantabria.
How Narcissism Relates to Social Rank Dynamics in Teams. Xu, Tianyue. University of Western Ontario.
Pharmacological management of Dry Eye Syndrome in post-refractive surgery patients in an ophthalmologic center in Bogota during 2019. Rodriguez Camacho, Lizeth Tatiana. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Karakterizacija novosintetisanih derivata cikloalkanspiro-5- hidantoina primenom tečne hromatografije. Tot Kristina. University of Novi Sad.
Improving the Accessibility of Heterogeneous System Resources for Application Developers using Programming Abstractions. Plauth, Max Frederik. Universität Potsdam.
Opening a Crack to let the Light in: An Exploration of an Online Group Adolescent Compassion Focussed Therapy Intervention. Fraser Tait, Euan PB. University of Western Ontario.
An illness called fibromyalgia : Approaches from the narrative productions with a feminist perspective of five colombian women. Pineda Ardila, Angie Johanna. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Characterization and prediction of peptide structures on inorganic surfaces. Maksimov, Dmitrii. EPFL.
Crop Rotation Effect on Fungal Community Complexity and Soil Carbon Stabilization. Ritter, Branden. The Ohio State University.
Finding Community and Connection in the Shadow of COVID-19 at Forest Hills Baptist Church Youth Group, Raleigh, North Carolina. Pate, Kirby E. Mercer University.
TetR family regulator FarR variation controls antimicrobial fatty acid efflux in Staphylococcus aureus. Bonn, Camryn M. University of Western Ontario.
The development of Sinorhizobium meliloti and Deinococcus radiodurans as chassis for synthetic biology applications. Brumwell, Stephanie L. University of Western Ontario.
El antropoceno como concepto científico: un enfoque integrativo de su historia y axiología . Granados Mateo, José Luis. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
The Published Chamber Percussion Ensemble Music of Christopher Deane: A Theoretical, Performance, and Pedagogical Guide. Spearman, Joseph Irwin. The Ohio State University.
Perceptions of Dental Hygiene Students/Dental Hygiene Directors on the Integration of a Spanish Language Course in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum. Sandoval, Najely Fernanda. The Ohio State University.
Evaluación de la eficacia de un protocolo de prevención de desgarros cutáneos en Atención Primaria: protocolo de ensayo clínico aleatorio: Efficacy assessment of a protocol for the prevention of skin tears in Primary Care: randomized clinical trial protocol. Baltà Domínguez, Laura. Universidad de Cantabria.
Effects of ozone on plants and plant-insect interactions. Duque, Laura Maria Ribeiro. Universität Würzburg.
A Review of Selected Works for Violin and Percussion. Shaheen, Benjamin Arthur. The Ohio State University.
The Intersection of American Exceptionalism and Protestant Christianity: Distinction, Special Status, and Mission in the Early Republic. Graham, Ty J. Youngstown State University.
Optimization of Using Polymeric and Mixed Matrix PVA Amine-based Membranes for CO2/N2 and CO2/CH4 Separation. Samputu, Iris. University of Ottawa.
The Self-Less Love Model. Kennon, Michelle Louise. The Ohio State University.
Nonreciprocal Surface Waves on Gyrotropic Interfaces. Holmes, Alexander Martin. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
Virtual music therapy program to cope with workplace stress on a sample of public-school teachers. Angel-Romero, Yenifer. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Location of faults in rural electrical energy distribution systems in zones of high atmospheric electrical activity. Zapa Pérez, Iván Darío. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Comparison of maxillary tooth movement between Invisalign® and fixed appliances by artificial intelligence technique. Murphy, Shaun Jennifer. The Ohio State University.
Design and Characterization of a Ground State Analog of a Charge-Separated Excited State. Allen, Zachary T. North Carolina State University.
Istraživanje motivacije i demotivacije turista na primeru multi-atrakcijske destinacije. Šaćirović Demir. University of Novi Sad.
Effets d'un stresseur de défaite sociale chronique sur le comportement et les sous-unités du récepteur GABA type A dans l'axe intestin-cerveau. Nadon, Christophe. University of Ottawa.
Novel hybrid hydrogels based on poly(2-oxazoline). Hu, Chen. Universität Würzburg.
Target identification studies for SC83288: a novel drug for the treatment of severe malaria. Celada, Romina Virginia. Universität Heidelberg.
On the Generation and Fate of Free Carriers in Non-Fullerene Acceptor Organic Solar Cells. Perdigón-Toro, Lorena. Universität Potsdam.
Trauma Informed Practices a Professional Development Series. Kanelis, Emily. Western Oregon University.
Assessing the long-term risk of metal pollutants to honey bees: effects on the survival of adults, larvae, and mechanistic modeling. Ricke, Dylan Frank. The Ohio State University.
Look-Ahead Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric and Connected Vehicles. Perez, Wilson. The Ohio State University.
A Survey on Universal Tumor Screening for Lynch Syndrome Practices Among US Cancer Hospitals. Kyle, George Martin. The Ohio State University.
Einfluss von genetischer Prädisposition auf die Komplexaktivität bei Sepsis. Sobel, Selina. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Essays on the Economics of Education. Pariguana, Marco. University of Western Ontario.
Constructing a model of school belonging for students with intellectual disability. Van Gaasbeek, Emily K. The Ohio State University.
Policy Momentum and Transgender Policy Inclusion: Explaining National Policy Change. McMahon, Nicole. University of Western Ontario.
Describing Healthcare Concerns of Young People and Adults with Cerebral Palsy. Winger, Christina M. University of Western Ontario.
Spontaneous torpor in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus): systemic prerequisites and acute mRNA regulation within the brain. Haugg, Elena. Universität Ulm.
Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams with High Strength Reinforcement. Akbar, Sohaib. University of Western Ontario.
Global Existence and Uniqueness Results for Nematic Liquid Crystal and Magnetoviscoelastic Flows. Kortum, Joshua. Universität Würzburg.
Three essays on ownership issues in corporate finance dissertation. Wang, Yuan. University of Manitoba.
Rejecting the “Therapy vs. Enhancement Distinction”: An Ethical Evaluation of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Through Genetic Justice. Calderini, Guido. University of Ottawa.
Verbund zwischen Dentin und Komposit nach unterschiedlichen Konditionierungsmaßnahmen bei Füllungsreparatur (In vitro). Braun, Michael Markus. Universität Würzburg.
Opciones de biorrefinería para disminuir desigualdades de género en zonas rurales y vulnerables: Biorefinery options to decrease gender inequalities in vulnerable rural areas. Laguna Muñoz, Karol Yahayra. Universidad de Cantabria.
A taxa efetiva de tributação e o índice de divulgação voluntária de informação nas empresas do PSI 20 . Oliveira, Gisela Pinto. Universidade de Aveiro.
Crisis Intervention Team Training and Use of Force on Persons with Mental Illnesses. Aguirre, Xavier. California State University – San Bernardino.
Enhancement of Energy Efficiency for Thermal Energy and Biomass Driven Applications. ELSAYED, OSAMA Mansour Selim. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
On Constructing 'Our Home': North Korean Cinema and Symbolism. Cherry, Makayla. The Ohio State University.
Understanding lək̓ʷəŋən soils: The foundation of environmental stewardship in coastal anthropogenic prairies. Lowther, Emma. University of Victoria.
Compound flooding analysis over the Canadian coastal regions. Jalili Pirani, Farshad. University of Western Ontario.
Deciphering the regulatory network controlling adult neurogenesis in the telencephalon of Danio rerio. Lübke, Luisa. Universität Heidelberg.
Active and Reactive Ultrafiltration Membranes for Water Treatment. Zhang, Nan. McMaster University.
An Adaptive Nonparametric Method for Two-Dimensional Dose Optimization of a Text Messaging Intervention. Nikahd, Melica. The Ohio State University.
Einfluss des extrusionsbasierten 3D-Drucks von Einzelzellen und Sphäroiden in Alginat-Gelatine-Hydrogelen auf die chondrogene Differenzierung humaner mesenchymaler Stromazellen. Nadolinski, Annemarie. Universität Würzburg.
Probing the Inner Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei Through Reverberation Mapping. Khatu, Viraja Chandrashekhar. University of Western Ontario.
Physical and chemical properties during high-mass star formation. Gieser, Caroline Sophie. Universität Heidelberg.
Connecting above- and belowground effects of climate warming on bumble bee health. Mullan, Francis. Kennesaw State University.
Comunicação corporativa e gestão de relacionamentos: relatório de estágio na Abel Santiago S.A. Grangeia, Rita Marçal. Universidade de Aveiro.
Anticancer Effects and Mechanisms of CFI-400945 and Radiation in Breast Cancer. Pellizzari, Sierra M. University of Western Ontario.
Can the Poor Have Their Say? Structural Incorporation of Low-Income Voices in Corporate Governance. Corbin, Brian Roland. Youngstown State University.
Spectral analysis of Dirac operators on bounded domains. Benhellal, Badreddine. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Regret, Relationships, and Reproductive Autonomy- A Critical Narrative Analysis of Requesting and Receiving Tubal Ligation in Canada. Sui, Anna. University of Western Ontario.
The discovery of a regulatory role of prohibitin-1 in testosterone production and the intracellular cholesterol pool in basal steroidogenesis. Geetika, . University of Manitoba.
Incorporation of hydrogen bonding for high performance waerborne coatings. Jiménez Irurzun, Nerea. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Immobilized Phosphate-Binding Protein Systems to remove and Recover Phosphate. Hussein, Faten Bakri. Marquette University.
Predicting Education-Job Mismatch and Its Consequences for A Cohort of American Workers. Orr, Emily J. University of Western Ontario.
Necesidades psicológicas básicas y GRIT en universitarios becarios del PRONABEC . Manyari Masias, Maria Pia. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Immunozytogenetische Analysen an Interphase-Zellen und Meiose-Stadien der Maus. Kiene, Carmen. Universität Würzburg.
Prevalence of Oral Leukoplakia and Its Histopathologic Significance. Hochberg, Mark G. The Ohio State University.
Possible role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition and its associated FGF/FGFR pathway in adrenocortical carcinoma. Sbiera, Iuliu. Universität Würzburg.
High throughput exposomic studies for new insights into smoke exposures in occupational and population health. Gill, Biban. McMaster University.
Microscopic dynamics and rheology of vitrimers using hybrid molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. Perego, Alessandro. University of Akron.
Reputation-Based Trust Assessment of Transacting Service Components. Tsiounis, Konstantinos. University of Western Ontario.
Procesos condicionantes de la calidad del agua subterránea en las zonas de borde continental del acuífero costero medanoso: aplicaciones al abastecimiento de agua en poblaciones rurales y al sustento de áreas naturales. Galliari, María Julieta. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Birds Without Wings: An Exploration into the Relationship Between Orientalism, Liberal Peacebuilding, Resistance, and Masculinities in the West Bank. Swan, Emma. University of Ottawa.
Synthesis of positron emitter-labelled amino acids: Application to the investigation of metabolic preferences and vulnerabilities in a mouse prostate cancer model. Castellnou Arenas, Pilar. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Desarrollo y evaluación de técnicas de inteligencia artificial para el análisis de la calidad y el curado de la información proveniente de infraestructuras IoT: Development and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence techniques for IoT data quality assessment and curation. Martín González, Laura. Universidad de Cantabria.
Towards sufficiency in housing: Agent-based model and transition scenarios. Agriantoni, Margarita. EPFL.
Views of American Cities, 1800-1850. Wagoner, William J. University of Chicago.
On the Topology and Control of Six-Phase Current-Source Inverter (CSI) for the Powertrain of Heavy-Duty EVs. Salem, Ahmed. McMaster University.
Green Wireless Transmissions for Advanced Internet of Things: Session-Specific Analysis and Design with Deep Reinforcement Learning. Xu, Fang. University of Victoria.
Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange in Statistics with Applications in Fire Science and Statistical Education. Uggenti, Chelsea. University of Western Ontario.
Co-rumination In Social Networks. Jones, Samantha M. University of Western Ontario.
The effects of kelp canopy submersion on the remote sensing of surface-canopy forming kelps. Timmer, Brian. University of Victoria.
Quantitative Analysis of Graduate Orthodontic Treatment at Ohio State University. Ossa, Maria. The Ohio State University.

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