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Understanding lək̓ʷəŋən soils: The foundation of environmental stewardship in coastal anthropogenic prairies. Lowther, Emma. University of Victoria.
The Impact of Time on Complicated Bereavement in Individuals Bereaved by Suicide Death. Blackshear, Mindie M. Mercer University.
Karakterizacija novosintetisanih derivata cikloalkanspiro-5- hidantoina primenom tečne hromatografije. Tot Kristina. University of Novi Sad.
Spontaneous torpor in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus): systemic prerequisites and acute mRNA regulation within the brain. Haugg, Elena. Universität Ulm.
A Missed Opportunity: Interactions and Play of Elementary Students with Significant Disabilities at Recess. Martin, Sara. The Ohio State University.
Educational software of dynamic analysis of structures with rigid and flexible diaphragms. Garzón Buitrago, Oscar David. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Characterizing and Predicting Canadian Adolescents’ Internalizing Symptoms in the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Green, Haley Elizabeth. University of Western Ontario.
Investigation Into the Accumulation of Iron and Metabolic Alterations in the Central Nervous System Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Pacheco, Gardenia. University of Akron.
Non-Orthogonal Multi-Dimensional Modulation and Nonlinear Distortion Compensation for Beyond 5G. Uthayakumar, Thakshanth. University of Western Ontario.
Dynamic Event Tree Analysis of Accident Tolerant Fuel Safety Benefits Considering Steam Generator Tube Degradation. Kim, Jintae. The Ohio State University.
Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Self-Regulatory Instructional and Learning Strategies in a Flipped Learning Environment. Salam, Nakia. Kennesaw State University.
A Phenomenological Study on How University Employees Experienced Working from Home During a Pandemic. Hill, Amy. East Tennessee State University.
Predicting the carbon source for Bacillus subtilis by integrating gene expression profiles into a constraintbased metabolic model. Thanamit, Kulwadee. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.
Development of an experiment plan with 3D electrospinning equipment for cartilage tissue engineering . Amador, Rita Costa. Universidade de Aveiro.
Municipal corruption risk in Colombia and its relationship with early childhood investment: an analysis with machine learning and text mining tools. Numpaque Cano, Juan Sebastian. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Luminescent Group 11 Metal Chalcogen Clusters with Bidentate Phosphine Ligands. Nayyar, Mansha. University of Western Ontario.
Developing and Implementing a Competency Based Training Curriculum for Emergency Veterinarians. Ruehl, Mackenzie Kristine. The Ohio State University.
Trauma Informed Practices a Professional Development Series. Kanelis, Emily. Western Oregon University.
Impact of Substrate on Nutrient Removal in In-Ditch Bioreactors. Dubner, Anne Noe. Virginia Tech.
The management of urban voids in Latin American cities. Evidence for the cases of Bogotá and São Paulo. Torres Garzón, Astrid Juliana. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
La cámara oscura: estudio de su diseño y potencial como sistema óptico: The camera obscura : study of its desing and potential as an optical system. Yurrita Méndez, María. Universidad de Cantabria.
Effect of Fluidic Fence Spanwise Placement on Swept Wing Stall. Saksena, Rajat. The Ohio State University.
Essays on the Economics of Education. Pariguana, Marco. University of Western Ontario.
Roles of strigolactone signaling in the vascular development during secondary growth of Arabidopsis thaliana. Zhao, Jiao. Universität Heidelberg.
The Paleoecology of High-Elevation Bison in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Implications for Modern Bison Conservation. Bouvier, Darian. East Tennessee State University.
Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams with High Strength Reinforcement. Akbar, Sohaib. University of Western Ontario.
Effects of ozone on plants and plant-insect interactions. Duque, Laura Maria Ribeiro. Universität Würzburg.
Examining κ, the high frequency spectral decay parameter, in Eastern Canada. Palmer, Samantha M. University of Western Ontario.
On Constructing 'Our Home': North Korean Cinema and Symbolism. Cherry, Makayla. The Ohio State University.
Nursing Student Perceptions of Presence in a Virtual Learning Environment: A Qualitative Description Study. Thrift, Jason R. Mercer University.
Sensor to motion coordinate frame calibration in robotic vehicles . Gomes, Manuel Alberto Silva. Universidade de Aveiro.
Determining Ohio Agricultural Organizations Engagement with Diversity and Inclusion: An Ohio Case Study. Rinehart, Kameron Slade. The Ohio State University.
Women and Feminism in Classical and Jazz History: Katherine Hoover’s Clarinet Concerto in Context. Valladares, Gabrielle Alissa. The Ohio State University.
Nostalgic Metafiction: The Adventure Fiction of Stevenson, Kipling, and Conrad. Lee, Hanji. University of Western Ontario.
Chemically Induced Phytoextraction of Lead (Pb) Contaminated Soil by Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), assisted with BAP and NTA applications. Hart, Genna. Kennesaw State University.
The Intersection of American Exceptionalism and Protestant Christianity: Distinction, Special Status, and Mission in the Early Republic. Graham, Ty J. Youngstown State University.
Evidence of Mineral Phase and Eutectic Chemistry as Dominant Factors Affecting Deposition of Heterogeneous Mineral Dust in an Impingement Coolant Jet. Nied, Eric Patrick. The Ohio State University.
Reducing Training Time in Text Visual Question Answering. Behboud, Ghazale. University of Victoria.
Rejecting the “Therapy vs. Enhancement Distinction”: An Ethical Evaluation of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Through Genetic Justice. Calderini, Guido. University of Ottawa.
Impacto de los mecanismos de evitación de bloqueo en el rendimiento de redes de interconexión Hyperx: Impact Of Deadlock Avoidance Techniques In The Performance Of Hyperx Interconnection Networks. Cano Cos, Alejandro. Universidad de Cantabria.
Magnetic Resonance Systems Development for Point-of-Care MRI Platforms. Lessard, Eric J. University of Western Ontario.
Heat flow in terrestrial-type bodies from high P,T electrical resistivity measurements of Au, Fe-Si and Fe-Ni-Si solid and liquid alloys. Berrada, Meryem. University of Western Ontario.
Birds Without Wings: An Exploration into the Relationship Between Orientalism, Liberal Peacebuilding, Resistance, and Masculinities in the West Bank. Swan, Emma. University of Ottawa.
Design of protein-nanomaterial hybrids as tools for sensing, imaging and bioelectronics . López Martínez, Elena. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Pretreatment factors predictive of patients’ compliance wearing class II elastics. Keppler, Frederick Louis. The Ohio State University.
An Examination of the Working Relationships Between General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals in General Education Settings. Page Hosay, Rita. East Tennessee State University.
La repercusión del tratamiento de heridas crónicas con cura en ambiente húmedo en el gasto sanitario de Galicia: The impact of chronic wounds treatment with moist wounds’ healing in the Galician sanitary expenditure. Conde Pájaro, Mónica. Universidad de Cantabria.
A taxa efetiva de tributação e o índice de divulgação voluntária de informação nas empresas do PSI 20 . Oliveira, Gisela Pinto. Universidade de Aveiro.
Dynamic Assessment of Endocrine Responses in Healthy Neonatal Foals. Kinsella, Hannah. The Ohio State University.
Procesos de remediación y recuperación de metales pesados utilizando comunidades microbianas extremófilas. Massello, Francisco Luis. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Regulation of MHC II Trafficking and Expression by Host and Viral Factors. Lac, Alex. University of Western Ontario.
Impaired Efferocytosis in Knee Osteoarthritis. Del Sordo, Luigi M. University of Western Ontario.
Evolution of Gas Permeation Properties of Several Fluorinated Polymeric Membranes through Thermal Annealing. Al Oraifi, Abdullah. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Optimization of Using Polymeric and Mixed Matrix PVA Amine-based Membranes for CO2/N2 and CO2/CH4 Separation. Samputu, Iris. University of Ottawa.
Virtual music therapy program to cope with workplace stress on a sample of public-school teachers. Angel-Romero, Yenifer. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Machine Learning Algorithms and their Embedded Implementation for Service Robotics Applications. [No author]. Politecnico di Torino.
At Home at the Down Home: Building and Sustaining a Musical Community. Myhre, Rheva. East Tennessee State University.
Co-rumination In Social Networks. Jones, Samantha M. University of Western Ontario.
No Longer Remaining Silent: Defining, Addressing, and Exploring Silence Experienced Among Black Female Clergy. Mitchell, Pamela Shantel. Mercer University.
Investigating supra-intelligibility aspects of speech . Simantiraki, Olympia. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Broad-domain Quantifier Scoping with RoBERTa. Rasmussen, Nathan Ellis. The Ohio State University.
Brillouin Propagation of Cold Atoms - Velocity-Matching or Mechanical Resonance? Scoggins, Casey Clark. Miami University.
Foraging Ecology of Megaherbivores and Seagrass Distribution in Al-Wajh Lagoon. Nasif, Areen O. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Examination of Feeding Decisions and Behavior of Low-Income Mothers of Infants 4 - 9 Months Old. Edgar, Kristin L. The Ohio State University.
Afinação de parâmetros laser de máquina de impressão 3D em metais . Monteiro, Daniel Reichart. Universidade de Aveiro.
Unterschiede zwischen Fachinformationen wirkstoffgleicher Arzneimittel : eine Analyse der Daten aus Fachinformationen und Befragung von Ärzten und Apothekern. Sillmann, Yannick. Universität Ulm.
Smart Quality Assurance System for Additive Manufacturing using Data-driven based Parameter-Signature-Quality Framework. Law, Andrew Chung Chee. Virginia Tech.
Examining the Influence of Dietary Factors on Testosterone-Cortisol Ratio in Male Endurance Runners. Scire, Joseph M. The Ohio State University.
Semântica dos verbos de perceção em português e inglês: uma análise contrastiva em PLE . Zhang Zichen. Universidade de Aveiro.
A Theoretical Perspective on Parasite-Host Coevolution with Alternative Modes of Infection. Shillcock, George N. University of Western Ontario.
Methodologies for Quantifying and Characterizing Strain Fields Resulting from Focused Ultrasound Therapies in Mouse Achilles Tendon using Ultrasound Imaging and Digital Image Correlation. Salazar, Steven Anthony. Virginia Tech.
Semana Santa (The Act of Ripping The Colonized Tongue Out Of My Mouth). Román, Armando. The Ohio State University.
Perceptions of Dental Hygiene Students/Dental Hygiene Directors on the Integration of a Spanish Language Course in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum. Sandoval, Najely Fernanda. The Ohio State University.
Lehrkräftegesundheit als Frage sozialer Anerkennung. Meißner, Sebastian. Thueringen Doctoral.
An Analysis of Three Compositions for Trumpet by Female Composers. Sanso, Alexander Anthony. The Ohio State University.
Two Sonatas for Flute and Piano by Jin Ta: An Analysis, Descriptions, and Composer Interviews. Chen, Yuanzhu. The Ohio State University.
Die Rolle von durch rhGM-CSF aktivierten Makrophagen bei der Immunabwehr von Glioblastomen im orthotopen C6-Tumormodell der Ratte. Jawork, Anna. Universität Würzburg.
Estudio de defensinas de flores de cardos con potencial aplicación biotecnológica. Fernández, Agustina. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Effects of wave load models on the uplift risk of ports exposed to hurricanes. Efstathopoulos, Georgios. McMaster University.
Social Support Buffering During a Traumatic Extraorganizational Stressor: The Relationship Between Supervisor Support, COVID-19 Related Fear, and Mental Health. MacLeod, Roderick. University of Ottawa.
GJB3 controls ploidy of urothelial cells and the invasive and migratory capacities of bladder cancer cells through interactions with α-Tubulin and F-Actin. Liu, Junnan. Universität Ulm.
Precise Photometric Measurements from a 1903 Photographic Plate Using a Commercial Scanner. Cerney, William; Kron, Richard G.; Martinez, Michael N.; Muratore, Amanda; Chapman, Ali; Liang, Yingyi; Lin, Jason J.; Medina, Elisabeth; Ogonor, Buduka; Sanchez, Jorge. University of Chicago.
Adaptive Pattern Modeling for Large Reflector Antennas. Sengupta, Ramonika. Virginia Tech.
Development of immunomodulatory RNA therapeutics for immune disorders . Iyer, Vaishnavi Srinivasan. Karolinska Institute.
The principle of the most beneficial condition: tension in its application to the survivors pension, between constitutional and ordinary jurisprudence, since the reform introduced by law 797 of 2003. Botero Díaz, Humberto. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Understanding local electronic structure variations in bio-inspired aromatic molecules. Büchner, Robby. Universität Potsdam.
The Impact of Early Season Drought on Host Millet Physiology and its Microbial Community in a Growth Chamber Study. Charles, Christine. The Ohio State University.
Crisis Intervention Team Training and Use of Force on Persons with Mental Illnesses. Aguirre, Xavier. California State University – San Bernardino.
Measurement of Dicke narrowing in warm alkali vapor for different buffer gas pressures. Wenner, Scott Lake. Miami University.
Elucidating the Role of Hypoxia Signaling in Placental Trophoblast Differentiation. Jaremek, Adam. University of Western Ontario.
Technology and International Student Parenting: Implications for Research and Design of Digital Childcare Technologies. Bhatti, Neelma. Virginia Tech.
Necesidades psicológicas básicas y GRIT en universitarios becarios del PRONABEC . Manyari Masias, Maria Pia. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
La désintégration de l'État dans l'ère de la guerre contre la terreur : le cas du Yémen. Kadri, Jude. University of Ottawa.
Vergleich der Adaptation von Frühgeborenen mit 23+0 bis 26+6 Schwangerschaftswochen mit oder ohne Blähmanöver im Rahmen einer randomisierten kontrollierten Studie. Ehring, Friederike. Universität Ulm.
Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral (CGS D). Lee, Danielle. University of Manitoba.
Analytical framework of intellectual capital and its contribution to strengthening competitive advantages: Minas Faculty and Ciencias Faculty at Universidad Nacional case study. Marulanda Grisales, Natalia. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
On the Generation and Fate of Free Carriers in Non-Fullerene Acceptor Organic Solar Cells. Perdigón-Toro, Lorena. Universität Potsdam.

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