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Efektivni opticke funkce ve vlaknovych fotonickych sitich: Effective Optical Function in Fibre Photonics Networks. Havliš, Ondřej. Brno University of Technology.
Characterization of Gut Microbiome in Vitamin D Supplemented C57BL/6J Mice. Constantine, Ethan. Texas State University.
Geoarchaeological Analyses of Core 1 and Core 3 from the North Sulphur River Fannin County, Texas. Schautteet, Anna M. Texas State University.
Difuzní vlastnosti OSB desek v důsledku zasažení nadměrnou vlhkostí. Žižková, Lucie. Brno University of Technology.
In Between the Margins: José Rezal and Isabelo de los Reyes' Competing Filipino Nationalisms in the Late 19th Century: In Between the Margins: Jose Rezal and Isabelo de los Reyes' Competing Filipino Nationalisms in the Late 19th Century. Surio, Neil Patrick. Texas State University.
Vertikální zelené stěny: Vertical green walls. Utíkalová, Ivana. Brno University of Technology.
Stories of Stonewall Warehouse: Queer Memories of Space and Place and its Potential for Queer Worldmaking. Manriquez, Hector. Texas State University.
Magnetic Anisotropy of Strontium Ferrite / PA-12 3D Filaments Used for 3D Printing of Permanent Magnets. Espinosa Rodriguez, Gabriela L. Texas State University.
Assessing Lidar-Based Forest Structure Change of Ground Beetle Habitat Association within the Rocky Mountain National Park Neon Site. Pugh, Garrett. Texas State University.
Studium vlivu přídavku kávové sedliny do půdy na růst vybraných rostlin: Study of the effect of adding coffee grounds to the soil on the growth of selected plants. Kopková, Pavlína. Brno University of Technology.
Risky Business: Exploring the Perceived Risk of Being Uninsured Among College Students. Lozano, Ana. Texas State University.
Příprava a charakterizace ligninu modifikovaného pomocí enzymu lakáza: Preparation and characterization of lignin modified by laccase enzyme. Hrušková, Lucie. Brno University of Technology.
Baugruppe v Rosicích u Brna: Baugruppe in Rosice u Brna. Pokrivčák, Marek. Brno University of Technology.
Professional Development Instructors' Perceptions of Postsecondary Learning Support Trainings. Lollar, Jonathan. Texas State University.
Teaching in Flux: Mindfulness and Conditionality in Pedagogical Practice. Smalley, Nathan. Texas State University.
Examining Non-Religious Parents' Religious Socialization Practices and Supernatural Beliefs. Mitaj, Dea. Texas State University.
Obscured Visions: Psychology, Religion, and Mysticism in J. SHeridan Le Fanu's In a Glass Darkly. Murr, Olivia. Texas State University.
Sites of Belonging: Rhetoric, Affect, and the Dynamics of Home in Academia. Siddiqui, Shireen. Texas State University.
Towards Constructing a Tunable Register Allocator. Solis, Andrew J. Texas State University.
Mapping and Estimating Expansion Rates of Arundo Donax in Native Fish Conservation Areas of Central Texas. Carpenter DeMent, Jenna Marise. Texas State University.
"It's Like a Whole Other Country" Texas Exceptionalism and the 1936 Texas Centennial. Johnson, Helen. Texas State University.
Orthorexia Nervosa Symptomatology Among Gay Men. Murley, William D. Texas State University.
Environmental Impact on Cognitive Function and Stress in Adult Learners: A Comparison of Natural and Artificial Environments. Prentice, Stephen B. Texas State University.
Nové sociální bydlení v Sielcích: Rekonstrukce avantgardní budovy Szpiegowo ve Varšavě: New social housing in Sielce: Remodeling of an avant-garde Szpiegowo building in Warsaw. Miklušová, Tereza. Brno University of Technology.
Vliv elektrochemicky generovaného peroxidu vodíku na stresovou odpověď mikroorganismů za účelem zvýšené produkce PHA: The influence of electrochemically generated hydrogen peroxide on the stress response of microorganisms for the purpose of increased PHA production. Najbrtová, Johana. Brno University of Technology.
The Effect of Multiple Thymol Doses on Intake, Digestion, Rumen, Fermentation and Rumen Microbial Populations in Beef Castle. Fukuda, Emma. Texas State University.
Willingness to Intervene and Recognition of Intimate Partner Violence: Evaluating an Online Intervention. Barrett, Karrie M. Texas State University.
Consumer Preferences for Blockchain Technology in Agriculture. Smith, Barbara. Texas State University.
Association Between Vaping and Body Dissatisfaction in Female College Students: A Cross Cultural Study. Ritch, Emily. Texas State University.
Studium metabolismu termofilní bakterie Caldimonas thermodepolymerans: Study on metabolism of thermophillic bacterium Caldimonas thermodepolymerans. Krempaská, Vladimíra. Brno University of Technology.
Evaluating Structure from Motion as an Effective Method for the Reconstruction of Lunar Topography. Hejl, Kendahl. Texas State University.
The Hartman Reforms and the Power of Storytelling in Grassroots Social Justice Campaigns. Milam, Abagail. Texas State University.
Optimizing Chitosan-Functionalized Hollow Silica Microspheres for Isolation and Concentration of Nucleic Acids. Ross, Omari. Texas State University.
Pedaling Through Cycling Citizenship in San Marcos, Texas. Huntington, Anna. Texas State University.
Obsah phloridzinu ve vybraných odrůdách jablek: Phloridzin content in selected apple varieties. Křehlíková, Jana. Brno University of Technology.
Printed and Flexible Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) Switch for High-Frequency Applications. Monne, Mahmuda Akter. Texas State University.
Zdi mezi námi: Walls Between Us. Rodová, Eva. Brno University of Technology.
The Relationship Between Intergenerational Conflict with Depressive Symptoms and the Alcohol Use in Asian American Emerging Adults: The Moderating Factor of Helicopter Parenting. Tran, Lin. Texas State University.
Get Dragged: The Socialization and Critical Autoethnography of Queer Drag Performance. Vasallo, Johnny. Texas State University.
Sistas Vibin': A Critical Embodied Perspective of Educational Leadership Through the Lens of Black Women Music Educators. Glover, Kelley T. Texas State University.
Religious Mothers in Literary Modernism. Renteria, Jason Anthony. Texas State University.
An Evaluative Study of a Dropout Prevention Program on African American Male Students in Central Texas High Schools. Williams, Crosville D. Texas State University.
Investigating the Effect of Technological Literacy on Implicit Association Test Scores. Staton, Tyler. Texas State University.
Surviving the Badge: A Self Assessment of Retired Law Enforcement Officer Stress, Coping, and the Impact of a Career Walking the Thin Blue Line. Elliott, Kevin. Texas State University.
Zlín FCK Technology: Zlín FCK Technology. Morávek, Jakub. Brno University of Technology.
Kopřivnice 3.0 - Bydlení A++: Koprivnice 3.0 - Housing A++. Šimková, Eliška. Brno University of Technology.
Aplikace chlazené recirkulace výfukových plynů u moderních zážehových motorů: Application of cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation on modern gasoline engines. Bazala, Jiří. Brno University of Technology.
Exploring the Influence of Vertical Relief on Large Mammal Home Range and Occurrences of Illegal Activity. Pinon, Andrea E. Texas State University.
"Responsible Laziness?": A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Health Decision-Making Among Young Adult College Students. White, Shelly A. Texas State University.
Developing an Immersive Virtual Reality Game for Increasing the Awareness of Focus-Four Construction Hazards. Snosi, Omar Saber Sayed. Texas State University.
Accelerating and Improving Deep Learning Inference on Embedded Platforms via Tensorrt. Zhou, Yuxiao. Texas State University.
Free-Floating and Impersonal Solidarity: Resistance Satires and the Aesthetics of Late Capitalism. Adams, Emily. Texas State University.
The Catholic Church's Response to Immigration Policies of Expulsion and Strategic Neglect: Understanding Asylum Governance in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Cohen, Josie. Texas State University.
Performing Tuberculosis: The Depiction of TB in 20th Century Theatre. Davis, Katelyn. Texas State University.
An Analysis of White Women Literacy Instructors at Texas Postsecondary Institutions Near the U.S. Southern Border. Finau, Stephanie M. Texas State University.
Popular Movies and Children's Emotion Understanding: Recognizing Emotion in Live-Action vs. Animated Movies. Rogalski, Joshua. Texas State University.
Morphological Variation in Points, Macroblades, and Cores from Two Ends of a Conveyance Corridor: Blackwater Draw Locality 1 and the Gault Site. Jones, Elliott. Texas State University.
Emotional Intelligence for the Culinary Industry: Perspectives of Community College Instructors Participating in a Collaborative Inquiry Project. Ortiz, Richard. Texas State University.
CO BUDE, AŽ NÁDRAŽÍ NEBUDE?: HOW TO MOVE ON WHEN THE STATION IS GONE? Valíček, Viktor. Brno University of Technology.
Optimalizace výroby nečokoládových cukrovinek s přídavkem extraktu tužebníku za použití různých sladidel: Optimizing the production of non-chocolate sweets with the addition of Filipendula ulmaria extract using various sweeteners. Malyszová, Markéta. Brno University of Technology.
Pecos River Style Atlatls: An Iconographical Analysis. Williams, Kenneth G. Texas State University.
Architektura inscenující interakce v prostoru: Architecture Staging Interactions in Space. Krettková, Karin. Brno University of Technology.
Studium interakce rizikový kov – mikroplast: Study of the interaction of hazardous metal – microplastic. Sinčáková, Lenka. Brno University of Technology.
Teleological Reasoning in Non-Religious Adults. Shields-Rhodes, Kendria. Texas State University.
Attitudes Toward Rape Myths: The Influence of Social Constructs and Personality on the Acceptance of Rape Myths. Brunett, Kaitlin. Texas State University.
Social Demands and Geospatial Distributions of Urban Green Spaces and Blue Spaces. Jamil, Raihan. Texas State University.
Online Monitoring of Bacteria and Bromate using Prototype Analyzers in a Pilot Direct Potable Reuse System. Leontieff, Daniel A. Texas State University.
Characterization of Laser Annealed Molybdenum Sulfides with Enhanced Activity for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. Armitage, Jacob. Texas State University.
Examining Student Thinking on Series Approximations Using Limiting Case Analysis of Charged Rings. Zamora, Samuel F. Texas State University.
Hodnocení stavu životního prostředí s ohledem na obsah rizikových prvků v tělech ryb: Assessment of the state of the environment with regard to the content of risk elements in fish bodies. Jonášová, Simona. Brno University of Technology.
Nábytek v symbióze s rostlinami: Furniture in symbiosis with plants. Paterová, Eva. Brno University of Technology.
Rediscovering Three Texas Women Composers and their Music: Zulema Garcia (1870-1907), Stella Kaiser (1873-1953), and Julia D. Owen (1868-1964). Douglas, Garrett. Texas State University.
Black Girl Happy: The Visual Language of Black Women Pursuing and Creating their Happiness. Otuata, Chika. Texas State University.
Developmental Literacy Educators' Conceptualizations of and Attitudes Toward Hidden Disabilities. LeBlanc, Theresa Rene'. Texas State University.
Schools as Caring Spaces for Teachers: Tales on Morale, Professional Identity, and Otras Yerbas in Secondary Public Schools in Uruguay. Ureta Viroga, Maria Magdalena. Texas State University.
Hodnocení nejistot měření ve fotometrii: Uncertainty Evaluation in Photometry and Radiometry. Motyčka, Martin. Brno University of Technology.
Cílená modifikace hrotů využitelných pro vybrané měřicí módy mikroskopu atomárních sil: Controlled modification of tips usable for selected measurement modes of atomic force microscopy. Lišková, Kateřina. Brno University of Technology.
Educator Foster Parents of Color: How the Lived Experiences of this Unique Group can Support Outcomes for Children in Care. Holmes, Analeasa. Texas State University.
Cedar Groves in the River City: Creating Syrian and Lebanese Space in San Antonio 1900-1930. Key, Jay Cody. Texas State University.
Realizace počítačové hry s motivy deskové a karetní hry: Implementation of a computer game with themes of board and card games. Haraším, Richard. Brno University of Technology.
Loaded Conversations: Identity and Culture of American Private Gun Ownership. Pomeroy, Kandi. Texas State University.
Agency in Adaptation: "Beauty and the Beast" as seen in Sarah J. Maas's "A Court of Thorns and Roses" Series. Moore, Rachel. Texas State University.
Biotechnologické produkce polyhydroxyalkanoátů svyužitím extrémofilních purpurových bakterií: Biotechnological production of polyhydroxyalkanoates employing extremophilic purple bacteria. Rubanová, Blanka. Brno University of Technology.
Trauma, Healing, and Hope: Narratives of Undocumented Mexican Immigrants. Velasquez-Garcia, Gloria. Texas State University.
Navigating the Imposter Phenomenon in a Work Environment. Cardona, Marinna. Texas State University.
Návrh laboratorní aparatury pro studium objemové filtrace: Design od laboratory apparatus for deep bed filtration research. Vejlupek, Petr. Brno University of Technology.
Post-Secondary Education Pathways: The Disconnection for Texas Women Receiving TANF and Public Housing Assistance. Scott, Cedric M. Texas State University.
Příprava a studium série polymerů na bázi diketopyrrolopyrrolů (DPP) jako fotoaktivních látek: Preparation and study of a series of diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based polymers as photoactive substances. Solanský, Lukáš. Brno University of Technology.
Designing Benchmark Suites of Irregular Programs. Liu, Yiqian. Texas State University.
Spatial Association Between Maternal and Early Life Exposure to Aire Pollution and Acute Respiratory Infection among Children in Nigeria. Anyanwu, Chijioke I. Texas State University.
Huminové látky v kosmetice: charakterizace a stabilitní studie balzámu na rty: Humic substances in cosmetics: characterization and stability studies of lip balm. Dostálová, Tereza. Brno University of Technology.
Investigating the Impact of Spatial Scales on Human Movement Patterns Extracted from Geospatial Big Data. Bin Asad, Khan Mortuza. Texas State University.
Lidský ekosystém: Human ecosystem. Lapšanská, Gabriela. Brno University of Technology.
Pedagogy del Corazón: Investigating Cultural and Community Practices Embedded in IRW Courses Using the Methodology of Counterstory: Pedagogy del Corazon: Investigating Cultural and Community Practices Embedded in IRW Courses Using the Methodology of Counterstory. Regalado, Yvette M. Texas State University.
Arts 2 Heart: Teachers' Experiences in an Elementary Arts-Specific Mentoring Program. Loesch, Mary Ann. Texas State University.
Pán Tří Světů: Lord of the Three Worlds. Hejdová, Dominika. Brno University of Technology.
The Talk: Learning that Binds Generations: A Critical Reflective Practice Begot from a Black Woman's Dialogic Approach. Pippins, Esther. Texas State University.

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