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Exploring Animated Textiles Using Pneumatic Actuators: Towards a Toolkit. Martínez Castro, Jose (author). Delft University of Technology.
How Male Technology Leaders Navigate Inclusion and Diversity Expectations Using a Paradoxical Leadership Framework. Hofmann, Lori Ann. Antioch University.
The Knowledge Networks of Workshop Construction in the Roman World. Motz, Christopher F. University of Cincinnati.
Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Scan and Color Doppler Twinkling Artifact of Canine Uroliths to Determine Urolith Fragility by Laser Lithotripsy. Goodman, Laura. University of Guelph.
Offshore Ramps: An Analysis of their Impact on Wind Farm Power Variation and Ultimate Wind Turbine Loads: A measurement-based approach for improving ultimate design-driving loads modelling. Ranka, Preeti (author). Delft University of Technology.
Predicting body weight with linear body measurements in beef calves. Rotondo, Vanessa. University of Guelph.
Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Water Demand in Cincinnati. Feltman, Lauren E. University of Cincinnati.
Molecular-based Magnetoresistance Devices at Room Temperature. Martín Rodríguez, Alejandro. Universitat de Barcelona.
A Model for Prediction of Failure Initiation and Load Resistance Behavior in Finite Element Analyses of Connections with Welds and Bolts in Combination. Soni, Divyang. University of Cincinnati.
Social Identity and Sport among Adolescents Female Cheerleaders. Broermann, Taylor Marie. The Ohio State University.
The Microenvironment as a Regulator of Nervous System Development, Brain Tumor Growth and Treatment Resistance. Rao, Rohit R. University of Cincinnati.
Defining Mechanisms of Antifungal Resistance in Cryptococcus neoformans by Quantitative Proteomics. Bermas, Arianne. University of Guelph.
The immunomodulatory properties of the IgM- and IgA-enriched immunoglobulin preparation trimodulin. Bohländer, Fabian. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Elucidating the Role of BRUCE in Chronic Liver Disease Pathogenesis. Vilfranc, Chrystelle L. University of Cincinnati.
Discovery of Macrophage Hypophagia as a Critical Regulator of Antibody Mediated Cellular Cytotoxicity. Pinney, Jonathan J. University of Rochester.
Design for information flow between data scientists and researchers in Ford. Chang, Yen-Heng (author). Delft University of Technology.
Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS). Íslensk þýðing og rannsókn á próffræðilegum eiginleikum mælitækisins. Sigurlaug Mjöll Jónasdóttir 1984-. University of Iceland.
Measurements and numerical simulations of the effects of inclination and height of a GPR antenna above ground. Ganther, Tobias (author). Delft University of Technology.
Deep Proteome Profiling in the Progression of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma-Associated Cachexia. Umberger, Tara. IUPUI.
Integrating Machine Learning with Web Application to Predict Diabetes. Natarajan, Keerthana. University of Cincinnati.
Piles in the picture.: A study of the physical disturbance and archaeological information loss caused by piling through archaeological sites and features, based on photographs. Groenendijk, Maarten Johan. NARCIS.
Emotion regulation in context: moderators of responses to positive affect, mania risk and mood symptoms. McGrogan, Claire L. Northumbria University.
Low-Wind Turbines in the Dutch Power Grid: Understanding the Effect of Low-Wind Turbines on Storage Capacity and System Costs. Vos, Bas (author). Delft University of Technology.
Locally Explainable Isolation Forest with Mixed-Attribute Data and Ternary Isolation Trees: Combatting Money Laundering with Anomaly Detection. Huistra, Mark (author). Delft University of Technology.
Genesis Symbiosis: Luxury mobility reimagined for a more sustainability-oriented future. Bonnemayers, Vitto (author). Delft University of Technology.
Structural brain changes in migraine and cluster headache. Arkink, E.B. Leiden University.
Expressions of Uncertainty from Patients with Advanced Cancer when Communicating with the Palliative Care Team. Stanek, M. Susan. University of Rochester.
Protein Kinase D- A Key Regulator of Pulmonary Barrier and Early Innate Immunity. Veazey, Janelle Marie. University of Rochester.
"Út við ræði og ervið föng": Einsöguleg rannsókn á ævi sjómannsins og alþýðuskáldsins Jóns Jónatanssonar . Harpa Rún Ásmundsdóttir 1992-. University of Iceland.
LAUSANNE – PLAINES DU LOUP: ekologické město: LAUSANNE – PLAINES DU LOUP: sustainable city development. Khaver, Anna. Brno University of Technology.
Exploring Open Source Intelligence for cyber threat Prediction. Adewopo, Victor A. University of Cincinnati.
Alvöru karlmenn borða kjöt: Mæta karlmenn hindrunum, hyggist þeir taka þátt í umhverfis-aktívisma og veganisma? Birta María Aðalsteinsdóttir 1997-. University of Iceland.
Spatial Temporal Analysis of Traffic Patterns during the COVID-19 Epidemic by Vehicle Detection using Planet Remote Sensing Satellite Images. Chen, Yulu. The Ohio State University.
Evaluating AHDriFT Camera Traps and Traditional Survey Methods for Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) Presence-Absence. Amber, Evan Douglas. The Ohio State University.
An Insight Into Human Cytomegalovirus Mediated Metabolic Reprogramming. Rodríguez Sánchez, Irene. University of Rochester.
Connecting Chemical and Omics Domains for Drug Discovery and Repurposing. Reigle, James K., M.S. University of Cincinnati.
Organic geochemical characterization of the Yacoraite Formation (NW-Argentina)-paleoenvironment and petroleum potential. Ruiz-Monroy, Ricardo. Universität Potsdam.
Abstractive Representation Modeling for Image Classification. Li, Xin. University of Cincinnati.
Let the people speak: deliberative mini-publics: A pathway towards a participatory democracy? Eckardt, Franziska. University of Twente.
Caching for mobile users in edge networks. Belzer, Nick (author). Delft University of Technology.
Optimization of Processes with High Levels of Outcome Variability Factoring in Risk. Bernal, Iric Jacob. The Ohio State University.
Decreasing demand without building houses: Towards Agent-Based Market Analysis of Internal Demand. Wiegel, Erik (author). Delft University of Technology.
On the Instabilities Triggered in Rotating Flows in Closed Cylinders . [No author]. Universidad de Navarra.
Honigpoort: a community space for and by improvisation | bricolage. Poelma, Atty (author). Delft University of Technology.
Intra-organizational Supply Chain dynamics: An Agent-Based Modelling approach. Gorter, Chris (author). Delft University of Technology.
Characterizing and Targeting the Pancreatic Tumor Draining Lymph Node to Enhance Antitumor Responses in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Han, Booyeon Julia. University of Rochester.
Evaluation of the Seismic Performance Factors for Hybrid Coupled Core Wall Systems with Steel Coupling Beams. Bartole, Dennis. University of Cincinnati.
Medicine, Intersex, and Conceptions of Futurity: Examining the Intersections of Responsibility and Uncertainty. Beight, Debra Lynn. The Ohio State University.
Finding balance while the pendulum swings: An exploration of work-life balance among academic parents in Iceland during COVID-19 . Soffia Louise Baragar 1989-. University of Iceland.
Development of New Single and High-Density Heat Flux Gauges for Unsteady Heat Transfer Measurements in a Rotating Transonic Turbine. Celestina, Richard A. The Ohio State University.
Az ikon deszakralizációja - Uitz Béla, Vajda Lajos és az orosz avantgárd. Shah, Gabriella. University of Szeged.
Building a better Placode: Modeling Neural Plate Border interactions with hPSCs. Blair, Joel. University of Cincinnati.
Methods for Improving Efficiency in Clinical Trials. Ma, Shiyang; McDermott, Michael P. University of Rochester.
Improving repairability in cordless vacuum cleaners. Fonteijne, Charlotte (author). Delft University of Technology.
Transdermal drug delivery from a patch . Skúli Gunnarsson 1996-. University of Iceland.
Wiles and wanderings: immune-evasive maneuvers of skin-penetrating parasites. Winkel, B.M.F. Leiden University.
Algoritmy detekce radarových cílů: Detection Algorithms of Radar Targets. Štukovská, Petra. Brno University of Technology.
Modelling the Effect of Catalysis on Membrane Contactor Mass Transfer Coefficients for Carbon Dioxide Absorption Systems. Miller, Jacob. University of Cincinnati.
Landmótun Bægisárdals, Lambárdals og Húsárdals . Karl Stefánsson 1995-. University of Iceland.
Vodojemy - Brno, Žlutý kopec: Reservoirs - Brno, Zluty kopec (Yellow hill). Gomboš, Michal. Brno University of Technology.
“Now We Spend Every Waking Hour Together”: Experiences of Young Carers in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Wylie-Curia, Nicole. University of Guelph.
Finite Difference Time Domain Modelling of Ultrasonic Parametric Arrays in Two-Dimensional Spaces. Ajaz, Mahnoor. The Ohio State University.
Functional Changes to the Modulation of alpha4beta2* Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors During Postnatal Maturation. Hewitson, Elizabeth. University of Guelph.
Microfluidic platforms for the validation of new targeted therapies for personalised medicine against osteosarcoma. [No author]. Universidad de Navarra.
Heart failure outcomes. Berge, Jan. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Implementación de un Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad en base a la Norma ISO 9001:2015 en una Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Quirúrgica. Mercader Alarcón, María. Universitat Jaume I.
Functional characterisation of gluconate kinase and its role in human cell metabolism . Kayleigh Angela Falconbridge 1994-. University of Iceland.
[en] COMPUTATIONAL MODELING OF SHEAR BANDS IN PLUG SCALE. [No author]. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
Iterative tensor factorization based on Krylov subspace-type methods with applications to image processing. UGWU, UGOCHUKWU OBINNA. Kent State University.
Cyber-Physical Systems Security: Machine to Machine Controlled by PLC in a Local Network. Fall, Moustapha. University of Cincinnati.
Optimalizace tvaru mazací mezery hydrodynamického ložiska: Lubricant Gap Shape Optimization of the Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearing. Ochulo, Ikechi. Brno University of Technology.
A Theory of Emotion Sharing. Gatyas, Maxwell. University of Cincinnati.
Integrating Explainability in Deep Learning Application Development: A Categorization and Case Study. Maltbie, Nicholas. University of Cincinnati.
At Face Value: Facial Difference, Facial Reconstructive Surgery and Face Transplants in Literature and Other Texts. Hornsey, Elizabeth. University of Cincinnati.
Enumerating Approximate Maximal Cliques in a Distributed Framework. Dhanasetty, Abhishek. University of Cincinnati.
Baðstofan hans Helga: Hlutverk þáttarins "Heima með Helga" á jaðartíma kóvid . Andri Freyr Sigurpálsson 1992-. University of Iceland.
Data Driven Modeling of Dynamics. Brown, Hannah Marie. The Ohio State University.
Incorporating Human Factors to Explain the Diving Behaviour under Adverse Weather Conditions. Kokoris, Dimitris (author). Delft University of Technology.
Effectiveness of tuned liquid dampers in seismic response mitigation of base-isolated buildings . Ravindra Thapa 1991-. University of Iceland.
Responsible Innovation and Organisational Change. VARLAMI, KONSTANTINA (author). Delft University of Technology.
Understanding sex disparities in tuberculosis and assessing the potential impact of strategies to improve men’s access to care. Horton, KC. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
Finding A Lost Style: Study 01_Questioning Relationships Between Black Architecture, Black Film, and Black Communities in the United States. Morris, De'Sean B. University of Cincinnati.
Preschool Teacher Working Environments and Well-Being: Associations with Child Inhibitory Control and Literacy Development. Bartholomew, Caroline Paige. The Ohio State University.
Fuel Flexibility: Fuel-flexible fuel cell systems for super yachts. Lambregts, Taco (author). Delft University of Technology.
Entwicklung und Charakterisierung neuartiger Markierungen für Biomoleküle mit Anwendungen in NMR-Hyperpolarisationstechniken. Herr, Kevin Sebastian. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
16S analysis of the subgingival biofilm and cytokine profile in patients receiving fixed orthodontic treatment. Chien, Esther. The Ohio State University.
An Image Processing-based Approach for Additive Manufacturing of Cranial Implants. Ghalsasi, Omkar. University of Cincinnati.
Optimal locations for rescheduling infrastructure in public transport networks: Enhancing the robustness value against disruptions for Amsterdam tram network. Thakur, Suryawardhan (author). Delft University of Technology.
Elementární architektura / Škola architektury pro generaci Z: Primary Architecture / Generation Z School of Architecture. Šašek, Ondřej. Brno University of Technology.
Design guidelines towards humanization and Artificial Intelligence in the Intensive Care Unit. Nagtzaam, Ruud (author). Delft University of Technology.
Are we on the same page? Informing adaptive management of outdoor rock climbing using document analysis and cognitive mapping. Anderson, Madison Lee. The Ohio State University.
Identifying Crime Hotspot: Evaluating the suitability of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning. Hussein, Abdul Aziz. University of Cincinnati.
Pyrylium salts for bioimaging, sensing and solid-state emission. Muñoz Resta, Ignacio. Universitat Jaume I.
Using Formal Methods to Build and Validate Reliable and Secure Smart Systems via TLA+. Obeidat, Nawar H. University of Cincinnati.
Intrustion Detection in Soho Networks using Elasticsearch SIEM. Nwosu, Ikechukwu C. University of Cincinnati.
„Upplifunin er allavega sönn, hvað sem öllu öðru líður“: Reynsla fólks af heimsóknum framliðinna ástvina . Anna Sóley Sveinsdóttir 1996-. University of Iceland.
Hodnocení finanční situace vybrané soukromoprávní korporace metodami finanční analýzy a návrhy na její zlepšení: Evaluation of the Economic Situation of a Selected Corporation and Proposals to its Improvement. Kolegarová, Gabriela. Brno University of Technology.

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