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Development of new cationic copper (l) complexes for white light-emitting electrochemical cells : Développement de nouveaux complexes cationiques du cuivre pour l'élaboration de cellules électroluminescentes blanches. Umuhire Mahoro, Gilbert. Normandie; Universidad autonóma de Madrid.
Site-specific validation of turbulence models on large offshore wind farms for improving fatigue assessment. Ghauri, Rameen (author). Delft University of Technology.
The role of gas infrastructure for integrating offshore wind in the North Sea region: Analysing different energy visions in the North Sea region. van Dam, Floor (author). Delft University of Technology.
Uterine and embryo quality: features and models to predict successful IVF treatment. Blank, Celine. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Investigating the Use of CRISPR/Cas9 for Genetic Screens in Drosophila. Ng, William. University of Waterloo.
Exzessiver Videospielkonsum bei jungen Erwachsenen: Einfluss auf den Schlaf und das deklarative Gedächtnis sowie die Hormone Melatonin und Cortisol. Hartmann, Miria. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Towards energy efficient shipping: Using machine learning to support a ship's crew in energy efficient sailing. van der Bos, Jelle (author). Delft University of Technology.
Understanding and Equipping Female Leadership at Prosperous Temple Church of God in Christ. Hackett, Jonathan R. Liberty University.
Essays on stimulating non-routine performance in competitive environments. Höchenberger, Ralf. Universität Ulm.
Positron emission tomography studies of the D1 dopamine receptor in schizophrenia . Stenkrona, Per. Karolinska Institute.
Contrôle coopératif des systèmes multi-agents dans un réseau en cluster : Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems in Clustered Network. Pham, Van Thiem. Reims.
Evaluation of in vitro biocompatibility of functionalized magnesium alloys for application in orthopedic implants . Pereira, Joana Maria Moreira. Universidade de Aveiro.
Les dictionnaires bilingues malgaches dès origines jusqu’à la fin du XIXe siècle : étude historique et métalexicographique : Bilingual Malagasy dictionaries from the origins up to the end of the 19th century : historical and metalexicographical studies. Ravonjiarisoa, Alice Marie Linah. Paris, INALCO.
Biophysical properties of single-stranded DNA studied with single-molecule force spectroscopy. Viader Godoy, Xavier. Universitat de Barcelona.
At the intersection of Behavioural Economics, Nudging and Regulation: Rethinking the process of nudge design for regulation. Pena Madeira Gouveia DeCampos, Maria Carolina. Università di Bologna.
Making Crowds Wiser: the role of incentives, individual biases, and improved aggregation: Crowds wijzer maken: de rol van incentives, individuele biases en verbeterde aggregatie. Tereick, Benjamin. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Distributional properties of killed exponential functionals and short-time behavior of Lévy-driven stochastic differential equations. Reker, Jana. Universität Ulm.
Comportement mécanique à température ambiante d’un revêtement de chrome déposé sur un substrat en alliage de zirconium : Mechanical behavior at room temperature of a chromium coating on a zirconium alloy substrate. Nguyen, Duc Vinh. université Paris-Saclay.
Adding value to the marine invaders Asparagopsis armata and Sargassum muticum . Pintéus, Susete Filipa Gonçalves. Universidade de Aveiro.
Týmová spolupráce a firemní kultura ve stavebnictví: Team cooperation and company culture in construction engineering. Eckeltová, Petra. Brno University of Technology.
Crises et contestations du pouvoir d’émission monétaire des banques : le cas islandais : Crises and contestations of the money issuance power of banks : the icelandic case. Malherbe, Leo. Bordeaux.
Shape Optimization of a Flapping Wing for the Atalanta Project FWMAV. Amer, Hakim (author). Delft University of Technology.
Corporate Misconduct and the Impact of Market Forces, Regulatory Change, and Auditor-Provided Services. Friedrich, Christian. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
A theoretical investigation of fiber phase sensitive amplifiers for applications : Etude théorique des amplificateurs sensibles à la phase des fibres pourles applications. Chatterjee, Debanuj. université Paris-Saclay.
Exploring the potential of social robots to support resilience in dementia. Whelan, Sally. NUI Galway.
Metodologia de Fusão de Dados usando aprendizado profundo para segmentação semântica de usos de solo na Amazônia. Oliveira, Joel Parente de; Universidade Federal do Amazonas.
Role of the terminal complement complex in intervertebral disc degeneration. Yong, Zhiyao. Universität Ulm.
Artificial intelligence in local governmental agencies: Exploring the process of adopting AI-systems. Volmer, Ellard (author). Delft University of Technology.
Measuring Smoke Evolution at Full-Scale with Video Recordings. Ellingham, Jennifer. University of Waterloo.
Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Rodents Exposed to Long-Term Space Flight and Insights into Physiological Effects. Oribello, Jonathan. San Jose State University.
Desenvolvimento e caracterização de membranas de poli(ɛ-caprolactona) eletrofiadas e modificadas com heparina e ácidos graxos essenciais para aplicação biomédica. Farias, Taisa Lorene Sampaio; Universidade Federal do Amazonas.
A physics guided neural network approach for dose prediction in automated radiation therapy treatment planning. Meerbothe, Thierry (author). Delft University of Technology.
Sound Source Localization Mechanisms in Gerbil Medial Superior Olive. Plauška, Andrius. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Validação e otimização de conceito prótese resurfacing da anca em Si3N4 . Oliveira, Mariana Ribeiro de. Universidade de Aveiro.
Causes and consequences of stress and tobacco exposure in utero on birth size, asthma and academic achievement . Lundholm, Cecilia. Karolinska Institute.
Mechanical reliability and oxygen permeation of Ce0.8Gd0.2O2-δ-FeCo2O4 dual phase membranes. Zeng, Fanlin. Forschungszentrum Jülich.
Psychological Distress and Mental Illness in Emerging Adults with Learning Disabilities. Chown, Samantha Leslie. University of Waterloo.
Experimental and theoretical study on amoeboid cell-cargo active motion. Lepro, Valentino. Universität Potsdam.
Analysis of nucleosomal DNA patterns around transcription factor binding sites. Umesh Nagalakshmi, Sheethal. Rochester Institute of Technology.
The Modular Business Model Framework: The Development of a Business Model Framework that Preemptively Addresses Commonly-Faced Barriers of Entrepreneurs in Developing Nations and Incorporates Aspects of Sustainability and Circularity for Development - Case Study: Biogas in Ethiopia. Platteeuw, Carmen (author). Delft University of Technology.
Tamoxifen pharmacogenetics and pharmacokinetics in early breast cancer. Sanchez Spitman, A.B. Leiden University.
Is the rate and extent of pH fall correlated across the muscles in sheep? : A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Food Innovation at Lincoln University. Jayakumari, Lekshmy. Lincoln University.
Hverjar eru heimildir stjórnvalda til vinnslu og varðveislu gagna samkvæmt persónuverndarlögum nr. 90/2018 . Emilía Guðbjörg Rodriguez 1976-. University of Bifröst.
Digital Platforms divided by Culture: The impact of cultural differences on the acceptance and use of multi-sided platforms. Kuijpers, Jasper (author). Delft University of Technology.
Markaðsstefnur íslenskra fyrirtækja : hve stór hluti fyrirtækja á Íslandi er með virka markaðsstefnu? Hafdís Rós Jóhannesdóttir 1998-. University of Bifröst.
Að stela þrumunni eða að verða fyrir eldingu? Kristjana Stefánsdóttir 1988-. University of Bifröst.
Risks and benefits of drinking water treatment : focusing on child health and prenatal development . Säve-Söderbergh, Melle. Karolinska Institute.
Impact of Winter Soil Processes on Nutrient Leaching in Cold Region Agroecosystems. Krogstad, Konrad. University of Waterloo.
People know how diverse their music recommendations should be; why don’t we? Robinson, Kyle. University of Waterloo.
Diagnosing the role of non-water factors in water governance situations: assessing the external governance of water. Alvarado Revilla, Fabiola. University of Waterloo.
Évaluation de la prise de décision dans un environnement complexe et dynamique : effets de l'expertise et de la fatigue au handball : Assessment of decision-making in a complex and dynamic environment : effects of expertise and fatigue in handball. Bonnet, Guillaume. université Paris-Saclay.
Hvaða heimildir hefur lögreglan til að nota færanlegar hraðamyndavélar í ómerktum bifreiðum . Kristófer Ari Te Maiharoa 1986-. University of Bifröst.
Loot boxes in video games : should loot boxes be considered a form of gambling and therefore be subject to gambling laws? Ingi Hilmar Sigurðsson 1992-. University of Bifröst.
Prevalence of Cyberbullying among Traditional Undergraduate Students Attending Faith-Based Universities: A Causal-Comparative Study. Hayes-McElroy, Susan Alice. Liberty University.
Calcul accéléré de la dose périphérique en radiothérapie : Accelerated peripheral dose calculation for radiotherapy. Champciaux, Valentin. université Paris-Saclay.
Procedimiento computarizado de evaluación dinámica en el uso de pruebas estandarizadas de comprensión lectora en Inglés como LE: un estudio de caso. Casart Quintero, Yris Claudia. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
El apego adulto: perfiles de sujetos evaluados por el Cuestionario de Apego Adulto y su relación con otras variables psicológicas. Ferré Rey, Gisela. Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
Antireflux surgery in the prevention of supra-esophageal cancer and mortality . Yanes, Manar. Karolinska Institute.
Bacitracin reduces the cytotoxic effects of Clostridium difficile toxins A and B on mammalian cells and human intestinal organoids. Zhu, Ziyu. Universität Ulm.
Descriptions calculatoires de catégories supérieures : Computational descriptions of higher categories. Forest, Simon. Institut polytechnique de Paris.
Art, curadoria i polítiques culturals des dels feminismes: una anàlisi de la Mostra FemArt (1992-2018). Fando Morell, Anna. Universitat de Barcelona.
Breytingar á vinnuaðstæðum : viðbrögð og áhrif á starfsmenn Isavia ohf. af fyrirvaralitlum breytingum á vinnuaðstæðum í tengslum við COVID-19 . Jófríður Leifsdóttir 1974-. University of Bifröst.
Espaces de fonctions holomorphes et espace atteignable de l'équation de la chaleur : Spaces of analytic functions and reachable space of the heat equation. Orsoni, Marcu-Antone. Bordeaux.
An Exploration of Context, Food and Diet among Indigenous Youth Across Canada. McEachern, Louise. University of Waterloo.
Design and development of a downstream separation process for ethylene recovery within the e-Refinery framework. Snoeks, Casper (author). Delft University of Technology.
Numerical modelling of flame flashback in premixed tube burners with turbulent flow and high hydrogen content. van Put, Max (author). Delft University of Technology.
Guided Cultural Evolution and Sustainable Development: Proof of Concept and Exploratory Results. Kearney, Norman. University of Waterloo.
Simulation of an underground cut and fill mine: A simulation approach using SimMine to determine the systems bottlenecks and the added value of additional miners in the production shift. van de Stadt, Michael (author). Delft University of Technology.
Conjugated organic radicals and polyradicals: electronic structure and photophysics. Sandoval-Salinas, María Eugenia. Universitat de Barcelona.
Vliv rozpouštědla na deformační chování hydrogelů: Influence of Solvent on Deformation Behavior of Hydrogels. Kulovaná, Eva. Brno University of Technology.
Áhrif fjarvinnu á starfsánægju og líðan starfsfólks á Covid tímum . Þóra Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir 1985-. University of Bifröst.
Novel food gelling agent as a topical probiotic delivery system : A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Food Innovation at Lincoln University. Gopan, Yamuna. Lincoln University.
Patterns on spatially structured domains. Schouten-Straatman, W.M. Leiden University.
Evaluation of global glacio-hydrological model coupling for runoff prediction: PCR-GLOBWB 2 and GloGEM. Wiersma, Pau (author). Delft University of Technology.
Finding what Fits: Uncovering the potential of Explorative Self-experimentation and how to facilitate it – A meta-strategy for helping individuals change and maintain personal health behaviours. Fedlmeier, Antonia (author). Delft University of Technology.
Gesamtentwurf von Agentendynamik und Kommunikationstopologie homogener Multi-Agenten-Systeme. Hermann, Jonathan. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Certification in Digital Transactions : Determinants of Effectiveness in the Context of Information Asymmetry. Siegfried, Nils. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Non-Markovianity in Logical Fidelity Estimation. Caesura, Athena. University of Waterloo.
Learning-based Image Scale Estimation for Quantitative Visual Inspection of Civil Structures. Park, Ju An. University of Waterloo.
Let’s Make Good Stuff: Combatting planned obsolescence and junk by relearning repair, maintenance, and personal agency over the things around us. Scheffler, Nathanael. University of Waterloo.
Dual-task effects of concurrently coupling aerobic exercise with virtual navigation. Williams, Laura. University of Waterloo.
The Examination of Grit in Southern Baptist Lead Pastors in Alabama. Hodges, Kyle Bradley. Liberty University.
COTS GNSS Receiver: Testing of an on-board receiver for the Indian Space Research Organisation satellite INS-1C. Vancraen, Sander (author). Delft University of Technology.
Unravelling the Link Between Cancer, Cognition, and Dementia: Causes, biomarkers, and methods. Willik, Kimberly. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Persistence exponents via perturbation theory : autoregressive and moving average processes. Kettner, Marvin. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Price hedging in salmon farming : is price hedging a viable, profit inducing option for salmon farming companies? Ingimar Aron Baldursson 1998-. University of Bifröst.
Design of a reversible growth-from-the-tip device following a complex trajectory: An innovative everting chains principle. Doelman, Michiel (author). Delft University of Technology.
Fortification of rice crackers made from brown rice flour and black rice flour with protein from oyster and mussel powder : A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Food Innovation at Lincoln University. Halim, Andrew. Lincoln University.
The Plenoptic Sensor for Smart Anisoplanatic Aberration Correction: Simulated Performance in MATLAB. Stouten, Simon (author). Delft University of Technology.
Hlutdeild : mörkin á milli hlutdeildar og samverknaðar . Rakel María Karlsdóttir 1991-. University of Bifröst.
L'édition illustrée de l'entre-deux-guerres à travers l'œuvre de trois de ses acteurs, Clément Serveau, Jean-Gabriel Daragnès et Daniel Henry Kahnweiler : une approche socio-esthétique : The illustrated edition between the world wars through the work of three of its actors, Clément Serveau, Jean-Gabriel Daragnès and Daniel Henry Kahnweiler : a socio-aesthetic approach. Galland, Jean-Michel. Université Paris sciences et lettres.
Fighting Child Sexual Abuse Material better together: A stakeholder central review of the government policies. Rutten, Marie Sam (author). Delft University of Technology.
A new approach in optimal sensor placement for smart hydraulic monitoring in intermittent water supply (IWS) systems: A technical and financial analysis of the use of flow and pressure meters to detect hidden leaks in large cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Verbart, Joost (author). Delft University of Technology.
Selenium compounds as a novel class of experimental cancer chemotherapeutics . Selvam, Arun Kumar. Karolinska Institute.
Collaborative identity in project alliances: improving collaboration through collaborative identity formation. Ligthart, Chiara (author). Delft University of Technology.
Stimuleren van schoolse taalvaardigheid bij rekenen: proefschrift. Dokter, Nanke. Fontys Hogescholen.

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