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El ritmo acentual en treinta y tres romances de juventud atribuidos a Lope de Vega. Llamas Martínez, Jacobo. Université de Neuchâtel.
<i>p</i>-Group Codegree Sets and Nilpotence Class. Croome, Sarah B. Kent State University.
Considerations for the development and implementation of transgender-inclusive gender demographic questions . Haupert, Margaret. Indiana University.
An Evaluation Of The In-School Suspension Program At One High School. Griffin-Gay, Monique. National-Louis University.
Hydrophobic Disperse and Polymeric Dyes for the Coloration of UHMWPE Medical Sutures. Kolell, Hannah Joy. North Carolina State University.
North Carolina County Commissioner Perceptions of Cooperative Extension: Implications for County Based Programs on Performance, Communication, and Evaluation. Blevins, Mark W. North Carolina State University.
Wertigkeit des Aspergillus-Antigens zur Diagnose invasiver Pilzinfektionen bei Patienten nach allogener hämatopoetischer Stammzelltransplantation. Lienert, Florian. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
A Cross-cultural Study of Young Consumers' Eco-friendly T-shirts Purchase Behavior. Zhang, Ziwei. North Carolina State University.
The Lived Experience of the Female Collegiate Student-Athlete and Holistic Wellness at a Power 5 Division I Institution. Neeley, Bethany Charlene. North Carolina State University.
Design and Cryptanalysis of Symmetric-Key Algorithms in Black and White-box Models. Udovenko, Aleksei Nikolaevich. Université du Luxembourg.
Recovering Roosevelt: Memory and the Restoration of American Exceptionalism in Contemporary Visual Culture. Maldonado, Chandra Ann. North Carolina State University.
High-Temperature Deformation Characteristics of Cladding Materials for Nuclear Reactors: HANA-4 and FeCrAl. Joshi, Pratik. North Carolina State University.
Fostering the HERO within: A Narrative Study of Foster Care Alumni in Higher Education. Medlin, Allison. North Carolina State University.
Resource Allocation in Virtual Network Environments. Gao, Lingnan. North Carolina State University.
Charakterisierung Patienten-individueller Tumormodelle für endokrine Tumore. Scheller, Franziska-Helene. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Die endotheliale Tyrosinphosphatase SHP-1 spielt eine wichtige Rolle für die vaskuläre Hämostase in TNFα-induzierter Inflammation in vivo. Pircher, Elisabeth. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Experimental Investigation of Spray and Combustion of Gasoline Direct Injection under Different Ambient Conditions. Wang, Libing. North Carolina State University.
Epigenetic and Transcriptomic Mechanisms Linking Maternal Cadmium Exposure to Disease Susceptibility in the Offspring. Hudson, Kathleen. North Carolina State University.
Natural killer cells, multiple myeloma, and daratumumab : a love-hate relationship . Chrobok, Michael. Karolinska Institute.
Teaching Educational Psychology from a Race Reimaged Approach. Wornoff, Jason R. North Carolina State University.
Towards a Genetic Approach to Invasive Rodent Eradications: Assessing Reproductive Competitiveness between Wild-derived and Laboratory Mice. Serr, Megan Elizabeth. North Carolina State University.
Essays on the External Debt of Turkey. Koksal, Ismail. North Carolina State University.
The Influence of Late Course Registration on Student Success in Higher Education. Freeman, Adrianne Darnell. North Carolina State University.
Structural and Molecular Insights into Leucine Rich Repeat Receptor Kinases (LRR-RKs) in Plants. Chakraborty, Sayan. North Carolina State University.
The return-sweep in reading. Parker, Adam. Bournemouth University.
Static and Dynamic Influence of a Fluid Droplet on a Soft Deformable Solid. Bardall, Aaron Ryder. North Carolina State University.
Grain Yield and Quality Effects of a Late Spring Freeze on Soft Red Winter Wheat. Baucom, Andrew Lee. North Carolina State University.
Investment Protection under the Energy Charter Treaty. Zebari Dildar Frzenda-Zuber. University of Szeged.
Automatic Customization of Powered Knee Prostheses for Individual User using Adaptive Dynamic Programming. Wen, Yue. North Carolina State University.
Nonprofit CEO Power and Multiple Boards: Their Effects on Governing Board Role Fulfillment. Gamble, Kathryn Fuller. North Carolina State University.
Disneyjeva risanka kot del medijske in književne vzgoje v I. vzgojno-izobraževalnem obdobju. Komar, Jana. Univerza v Mariboru.
Índice de transparencia corporativa aplicado al sector bancario en el Perú. Calderón Gonzales, Wilson David; Canelo Chavarría, Milagros Marisol; Chávez Cordova, Carlos Alberto. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Effects of Urbanization and Warming on Trees, Pests, and Urban Birds. Long, Lawrence Charles. North Carolina State University.
Magnetic Micro- and Nanostructures for Electrical Machinery. Ahmadi, Farzad. University of Akron.
Monitoring and analysis of interactions between the retreating Aletsch glacier and adjacent rock slope instabilities. Glüer, Franziska. ETH Zürich.
Oat Avenanthramides Contribute to Attenuation of Intestinal Glucose Absorption. Xie, Xueying. North Carolina State University.
Initial Understandings of the Perceptions to the Self-Efficacy in Interpreters Working in K-12: Potential Underlying Factors. O'Bleness, Angela L. Western Oregon University.
Childhood socioeconomic status and weight change in later life. Hua, Cassandra Leigh. Miami University.
Emerging Adults’ Experiences of Agency in Higher Education Decisions. Benjamin, Leah B. Antioch University.
A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Pinery Provincial Park Smartphone Application Pilot Project. MacDonald, Andrew. University of Waterloo.
Mothering the Aggressive Child. Ermann, Katja. Antioch University.
Control of Structural and Electrical Transitions in VO2 Thin Film Heterostructures. Moatti, Adele. North Carolina State University.
Views from the Top: Vice Presidents of Student Affairs’ Perspectives on Prioritizing Students of Color. Davis, Jemilia Shenika. North Carolina State University.
Vpeljava aksonometrične perspektive v fotografijo. Birca, Amadeus. Univerza v Mariboru.
The Relation between Sport Commitment, Masculinity and Injury in College-Aged Recreational Athletes. Knight, Travis. North Carolina State University.
Blended Learning In Elementary Schools: An Interdependent Enterprise. Pratt, Carrie J. University of New England.
How Ideology And Pedagogy Impact Technology Adoption In The Classroom, A Causal-Comparative Study. Bernard, Christopher J. University of New England.
Bicyclopyrone as a Possible Flumioxazin Herbicide Alternative in Sweetpotato. Lindley, Jennifer Jean. North Carolina State University.
microRNA-vermitteltes atriales Remodeling in einem Schweinemodell für paroxysmales Vorhofflimmern. Tomsits, Philipp. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Using Hoeffding Sampling and Project Elimination to make Bellwether Discovery Faster. Nalwaya, Akshay. North Carolina State University.
Viscoelastic Response (VisR) Ultrasound: Development, Methodologies and Application in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Moore, Christopher Joseph. North Carolina State University.
Data Collection by Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Improve Cotton Plant Growth Regulator and Defoliant Application Methods. Rudd, Joshua David. North Carolina State University.
Using Program Theory-Driven Evaluation to Examine the Quality and Impact of Digital Resources Provided by the North Carolina 4-H Horse Program. Stroud, Lori Lucas. North Carolina State University.
An Actor-Network Approach to the Gezi Protests. Suren, Nora. North Carolina State University.
Automated analysis of non-verbal behaviour of schizophrenia patients . Chakraborty, Debsubhra. Nanyang Technological University.
Mögliche Prävention einer Genotoxizität von hyperbarem Sauerstoff durch Adaption oder das Xenobiotikum Vitamin C. Manger, Jessica. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Razvoj namizne filtrirne naprave za cigaretni dim. Kragl, Denis. Univerza v Mariboru.
The Politics of Place: Branding, Identity, and Belonging in Pinehurst, NC. Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth. North Carolina State University.
A Computational Approach to Study Iris Biomechanics. Pant, Anup Dev. University of Akron.
Functional Characterization of the Lactobacillus acidophilus S-layer Associated Proteome. Klotz, Courtney Elizabeth. North Carolina State University.
Perception and Integration of Product Quality by Textile and Fashion Entrepreneurs. Ghaani Farashahi, Behnoosh. North Carolina State University.
Optimizing Environmental Parameters for Precision Indoor Propagation of Day-neutral Strawberry. Xu, Xiangnan. North Carolina State University.
The Experience of Pregnant Women in Remission from Anorexia Nervosa. Butcher, Meghan. Antioch University.
Somatoforme Schmerzstörung: Ergebnisse experimenteller Schmerzmessungen mittels quantitativen sensorischen Testens (QST). Einfluss des Krankheitsbilds, des Affekts und der Medikation auf die psychophysiologische Schmerzwahrnehmung. Lankes, Florian Nagid. Universität Regensburg.
Invariant T cell subsets in immune defense of oral mucosa and skin . Sobkowiak, Michał J. Karolinska Institute.
The effect of nitrogen and boron on celtuce in hydroponics system and the effect of deficit irrigation on celtuce. Pan, Zhiwei. North Carolina State University.
Network Access Control through Host and Application Analysis. O'Connor, Terrence John. North Carolina State University.
"A New Park, A New Opportunity": Place-Branding, Acculturation, and Cultural Diversity in Rouge National Urban Park. Guppy, Danika. University of Waterloo.
Attractional to Missional: A Strategic Transition Plan for Anastasia Baptist Church. Thigpen, Samuel F. Liberty University.
The Complexity of Care: A Single Case Study Exploring the Intersectionality of Culture and Chronic Life Stressors on Trust. Churchwell, Atalaysha Laquette. North Carolina State University.
Expression and functional properties of selected miRNAs in human cancer tissue and cancer cell lines . Johannessen, Charles Walquist. Universitetet i Tromsø.
Autonomous Robotics for Invasive Aquatic Plant Management. Patel, Maharshi Nimesh. North Carolina State University.
Objectionable: The Cincinnati Committee for the Evaluation of Comics and the American Anti-Comics Movement, 1940-1957. Ash, Evan Roberts. Miami University.
Photophysical Characterization and Ultrafast Dynamics of Diimine-Containing Metal Hydrides and Carbonyls. Taliaferro, Chelsea Marie. North Carolina State University.
Adding Pieces to the Puzzle: Experiences of Beginning Teachers who Received Professional Development Regarding Students with Autism in General Education Classrooms. Pennington, Malinda Leigh Teeters. North Carolina State University.
Integrating Commercially Available Energy Storage into a Textile Garment. Gillespie, Benjamin Trent. North Carolina State University.
How Corporate Trainers Get Groupies: A Q methodology Study of Viewpoints on Why Trainees Seek out the Same Corporate Trainer for Additional Training. Sullenger, Holly Anna. North Carolina State University.
Investigation of New Mechanisms and Materials for Enhanced Photocatalytic and Photoluminescence Properties. Vineet Kumar, FNU. North Carolina State University.
Development of a Severity Measure for Fault Tree Analysis and an Intuitive Fault Tree Analysis Software Prototype. Lau, Mei Ying. North Carolina State University.
Dislocation Based Stresses during Electrochemical Cycling and Phase Transformation in Lithium-ion Batteries. Dhiman, Pankaj. North Carolina State University.
A Comparative Study of Teacher Efficacy in Charter and Traditional Public Schools. Capwell, Sara. Liberty University.
A Phenomenological Exploration of Early Childhood Educators' Perseverance Experience. Mellott, Alison Lee. Liberty University.
Middle Leader Communication with Faculty during Student Success Reform Efforts in Two Community Colleges. Wolfe, Constance Rae. North Carolina State University.
Modeling, analysis and voltage balancing for DC distribution networks . Chew, Benjamin Si Hao. Nanyang Technological University.
Ordnungsprinzipien einer Klinik im Spiegel der Chefanordnungen von Prof. Dr. Georg Maurer. Schweitzer, Bernadette. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Doing the Robot: Theorizations of Transduction & Emotional Data Collection. Dietrich, Malinda K. North Carolina State University.
White-footed Mouse and Invertebrate Associations with Logging Residue: Informing Potential Wood Bioenergy Markets in the Southern Appalachians. Boggs, April Dawn. North Carolina State University.
Advancing Boreal Forest Archaeology: Intrasite Spatial Analysis of the Eaglenest Portage Site. Rawluk, Matthew B 1983-. University of Saskatchewan.
Einfluss von bekannten Provokationsfaktoren der Psoriasis auf die Expression und Sekretion von Interleukin-18 in primären humanen Keratinozyten. Jaskolski, Michael Robert. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Actuating Molecular Machines with Light. Jin, Tao. North Carolina State University.
Role of the Complement System in the Pathogenesis of Venous Thromboembolism . Høiland, Ina Isabella. Universitetet i Tromsø.
Role of cholesterol metabolism in hepatic steatosis and glucose tolerance . Ahmed, Osman Salih Osman. Karolinska Institute.
Fabrication and Characterization of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Magnetic Fibers with High Loadings of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles via Dry-jet Wet Spinning. Liu, Lu. North Carolina State University.
Sources, concentrations, and screening of hazardous brominated flame retardants from waste streams in Ireland . Sharkey, Martin James. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Carl F. H. Henry's Presuppositional Theology and its Implications within Educational Settings. Lickey, Adam L. Liberty University.
Überlebenshäufigkeit von Patienten einer Anästhesie-Intensivstation mit und ohne intravenöses Haloperidol Retrospektive Studie mit Propensitäts-Statistik als Beitrag zu einer Risikobewertung von intravenösem Haloperidol. Liebetrau, Ann-Sophie. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Art and analogy through evolutionary computation . Breen, Aidan. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Theoretical Studies of the Growth, Stability and Applications of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons. Xiao, Zhongcan. North Carolina State University.

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