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Statistical Methods for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Analysis and Comparison. Olson, Branden. University of Washington.
Marine microplastic pollution: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the effects on organisms, ecosystems, and policy. Harris, Lyda. University of Washington.
The analysis of RNA-Seq experiments using approximate likelihood. Jones, Daniel Caleb. University of Washington.
Diversity of lateral habenula neuron roles in negative valence events. Levinstein, Marjorie R. University of Washington.
Hierarchical Supramolecular Architectures: Towards a Model of the Cytoskeleton. Xiu, Fangyuan. University of Twente.
A Framework for Assessing the Equity Impacts of Changing Access Regimes in Fisheries. Nixon, Marisa Rose. University of Washington.
Characterizing the mechanisms of resistance to the novel antimicrobial 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal by the model pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. Tabakh, Hannah. University of Washington.
Greenspace, mental health, and psychological well-being: Exploring mechanisms and effect modification. Fein, Naomi. University of Washington.
An 8-Channel Bidirectional Neurostimulator IC with a Highly-Linear High-Dynamic-Range ADC-Direct Architecture for Simultaneous Recording and Stimulation. Moeinfard, Tania. York University.
Give Me A Clean Death | Rethinking Our Modern Death-Care System. Lott, Olivia Katharine. University of Washington.
Generalized Matrix-fractional Functions and Their Applications. Gao, Yuan. University of Washington.
Kinetic and reactor model development for trace chemicals in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis in GTL process design. Shinde, Manoj V. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Investigations of skin inflammation with a novel dermatology toolbox for early phase clinical drug development. Kolk, T. van der. Leiden University.
The ERK-cascade in the pathophysiology of cardiac hypertrophy. Claßen, Alexandra. Universität Würzburg.
Affect & Play: Socio-political Videogames as a Site of Felt-knowledge Production. Shamdani, Sara. York University.
Increasing Access and Capabilities of CubeSats for Investigation of Earth Trojan Asteroids. Sturmer, Paul J. University of Washington.
Vertical Contrast Interferometry and Bloch-Band Approach to Atom Optics. Gochnauer, Daniel. University of Washington.
Historical geographies of trans care practices in the United States. Davenport, Theodore. University of Washington.
Dimensionality Reduction and Sparsity Promotion for Complex Dynamical Systems. Hirsh, Seth Michael. University of Washington.
Quantum Dot Probes for Neuroimaging and Visualization of Extracellular Vesicles. Zhang, Mengying. University of Washington.
Fluid-Structure Interaction Between a Piezoelectric Microactuator and a Flexible Membrane in a Fluid Channel. Taylakov, Sergiy. University of Washington.
Neural Models for Integrating Prosody in Spoken Language Understanding. Tran, Trang. University of Washington.
Pier Pressure: Addressing Ecological Opportunities of Nearshore Infrastructure in Lake Washington’s Union Bay. Doersch, Krista. University of Washington.
Enabling End-Users to Create Real-World Robot Applications through Visual Programming Interfaces and Automation. Chung, Michael Jae-Yoon. University of Washington.
Roles of Structures-in-Use in the Outcomes of Online Political Talk. Oliveri, Vincent. University of Washington.
Alkene Amination Reactions Enabled by Organoselenium Catalysis. Obenschain, Derek Curtis. University of Washington.
Towards Better Understanding of Algorithms and Complexity of Some Learning Problems. Yang, Xin. University of Washington.
Dialogical Signals of Stance Taking in Spontaneous Conversation. Rolston, Leanne Elizabeth. University of Washington.
From respected hermits to ordinary citizens: The conversion of the Baduy, ethnicity, and politics of religion in Indonesia (1977 - 2019). Suryani, A.J. Leiden University.
The iron brain: Post-mortem and in vivo imaging of iron in brain diseases. Bulk, M. Leiden University.
Repertoire Choices for Teaching Intermediate-Level Piano Students, with Practice Suggestions and Exercises, Based on Five Pillars of Musicianship. Zhang, Yimo. University of Washington.
Deep Generative Models for Natural Language Generation. Li, Dianqi. University of Washington.
Exploiting Image Resolution Holistically in Computer Vision Models. Yan, Eddie. University of Washington.
Rebuilding mixed stock fisheries: lessons from the U.S. West Coast. McQuaw, Kristin Gale. University of Washington.
#GOALS: How Class Origins Affect the Creation and Realization of Career Goals. Leppard, Thomas Richard. North Carolina State University.
Socio-political changes, confessionalization, and inter-confessional relations in Ottoman Damascus from 1760 to 1860. Massot, A.K.J.M. Leiden University.
Computational Guidance and Control for Aerospace Systems. Reynolds, Taylor Patrick. University of Washington.
Approach to Markov operators on spaces of measures by means of equicontinuity. Ziemlańska, M.A. Leiden University.
Risky Choices on Behalf of Others. Demnitz, Raoni. University of Washington.
Vergleichende Charakterisierung intestinaler Barriereveränderungen in Gewebeproben und Enteroiden aus Patienten mit chronisch-entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen. Salm, Jonas. Universität Würzburg.
Search for dark matter produced in association with a Z boson in the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. McLean, Kayla Dawn. University of Victoria.
Adapting Statistical Learning Method for Spatial Applications. Hee Wai, Travis. University of Washington.
Dynamic aeroelastic optimization of composite wings including fatigue considerations. Rajpal, D. Delft University of Technology.
SLC6A2-regulierende microRNAs bei Angsterkrankungen: Genexpressions- und Assoziationsuntersuchungen. Lang, Konstantin. Universität Würzburg.
Glottal Stop Initials and Nasalization in Sino-Vietnamese and Southern Chinese. Lanneau, Grainger Steele. University of Washington.
Troubling Matters: Examining the Spread of Misinformation and Disinformation on Social Media During Mass Disruption Events. Arif, Ahmer. University of Washington.
Uniform Inference when Parameters are Subject to Linear Inequality Constraints. Shi, Xuetao. University of Washington.
A Natural Language Question Answering System for Exploring Online Conversations. Siddiqui, Nadia Ashfaq. York University.
Cat and Human Personality. Darling, Saethra. University of Washington.
Constraining seismic hazard in the Pacific Northwest through observation and direct modeling of earthquakes. Stone, Ian Patrick. University of Washington.
Baseline Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful Candidates During Special Forces Qualification Course for a Canadian Military Special Operations Unit. Lablans, Dale Malcolm. York University.
An Applied Neurobiological Model Of Dance, Why It Matters, And How It Heals. Barnstaple, Rebecca Elizabeth. York University.
The Reported Processes and Outcomes of Supervisor Social Identity Verbal Self-disclosure and Social Identity Topic Management in Social Work and Higher Education. Meoz, Benjamin Christopher. University of Washington.
“Managing Diversity” in U.S. Popular Culture, Politics, and Education in the 1990s. Schubert, Lisa Renee. University of Washington.
Time-domain analysis of multiple scattering effects on the radar cross section (RCS) of objects in a random medium. Su, Chenxin. University of Washington.
Assembly Required: Rewilding Space and Education Through Continuous Adaptive Practices. Young, Jessie Ann. York University.
Human-assisted Neural Machine Translation: Harnessing Human Feedback for Machine Translation. Finkelstein, Paige. University of Washington.
Microspore embryogenesis: cell wall dynamics and reprogramming of cell fate . Camacho Fernández, Carolina. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Towards Lean EHR Usability Heuristics for Behavioral Health Providers. Boehler, Jayte. University of Washington.
Antarctic Elevation Drives Hemispheric Asymmetry in Polar Lapse Rate Climatology and Feedback. Hahn, Lily. University of Washington.
"The Shape of Things to Come": Identity and Destiny in the Music of Battlestar Galactica. Francisco, Megan Hollis. University of Washington.
Genetische Ursachen hereditärer Herzerkrankungen. Kolokotronis, Konstantinos. Universität Würzburg.
High temperature electrochemical studies on nickel: glycerol and nickel electro-oxidation. Borsboom-Hanson, Tory. University of Victoria.
Dysrhythmia in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease and exploring the Role of Bachmann’s Bundle in Atrial Fibrillation. Teuwen, Christophe. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Strategies for stimulating market penetration of advanced solar shading systems. Ghosh, Oindrila. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
The Immunological Response to Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection has both Age-Related and Extracellular Matrix Provisions. Kellar, Gerald George. University of Washington.
Implementation, Verification, Validation, and Application of Two Constitutive Models for Earthquake Engineering Applications. Chen, Long. University of Washington.
Time Step Sensitivity and Process Coupling in Climate Models. Santos, Sean Patrick. University of Washington.
“Vom Hakenkreuz zum Sowjetstern“: een kritische analyse van Bodo Uhses weg naar het communisme. Borsten, G. Leiden University.
Bypassing Barriers: Surface-Groundwater Exchange Between a Wetland, Sandur, and Lava Field in Southeastern Iceland. Aggarwal, Aiesha Katya. York University.
Einfluss von Tenting Screws auf die bukkale Volumenstabilität nach Augmentation mit zwei verschiedenen Kollagenmembranen - ein in vitro Versuch im Schweinekiefer. Lux, Sophia Ellen. Universität Würzburg.
Accounting for model uncertainties in statistical forecasts of wildfire parameters. Podschwit, Harry Richard. University of Washington.
Control of High Frequency PMSMs with Non-sinusoidal Back-EMF. Kim, Heonyoung. North Carolina State University.
Emerging molecular biomarkers and treatment strategies in resectable pancreatic cancer. Geus, S.W.L. de. Leiden University.
THE 8TH KINGDOM: Biomimicry as a systems lens for organic architecture in Methow Valley, Washington. DITTO, JAMES. University of Washington.
Geometry of Feedback Control and Learning. Bu, Jingjing. University of Washington.
Learning to Facilitate Productive Mathematical Discussion: Teacher candidate participation in a practice-based elementary mathematics methods course. David, Elizabeth Sugino. University of Washington.
On the criminalization of HIV nondisclosure: HIV vulnerabilities and implications for HIV testing among survival sex workers in a qualitative study from Victoria, Canada. Benner, Bryan Eric. University of Victoria.
The impact of sphingolipids on \(Neisseria\) \(meningitidis\) and their role in meningococcal pathogenicity. Peters, Simon. Universität Würzburg.
Correlates of Substantia Nigra Echogenicity in Healthy Children. Schaeff, Sulamith. Universität Würzburg.
Low Power Wireless Protocols and Platforms for Internet of Things. Najafi, Ali. University of Washington.
Reflections on Algorithmic Reputation: Judgment and Equity in a Digitally Mediated Society. Katell, Michael Aaron. University of Washington.
Cutting a course: examining the effects of historical thinning treatments on directing forest response to bark beetle outbreaks. Morris, Jenna. University of Washington.
Wavelet-spectral analysis and large-eddy simulation using neural networks of droplet-laden decaying isotropic turbulence. Freund, Andreas. University of Washington.
Dynamic Control of Formula - Towards Driverless. Lu, Jing. University of Washington.
Development of Parallel Indirect Methods for Solving Constrained Optimal Control Problems. Yang, Chaoyi. University of Washington.
Offshoring Militarism: U.S. Military Aid and the Limits of American Foreign Policy. Schwab, Eric J. University of Washington.
T cell immunity in the female genital tract. Davé, Veronica Anjali. University of Washington.
Essays on Labor and Development Economics. Chon, Eui Ran. University of Washington.
Quantifying wellness and disease with personal, dense, dynamic data clouds. Earls, John Carl. University of Washington.
Association Between Rehabilitation and Functional Outcomes of Stroke Survivors: A Population-Based Study. Azizi, Zahra. York University.
Online Decision Making: DR-Submodular Objectives and Stochastic Linear Constraints. Raut, Prasanna Sanjay. University of Washington.
Tumor-immune interactions in colorectal cancer: link between the primary tumor and circulating immune cells. Krijgsman, D. Leiden University.
A Qualitative Study of Mental Health Problems Among Children Living in New Delhi Slums. Martin, Prerna. University of Washington.
Vox Aestheticæ: Creating a Method of Aesthetic Analysis for the Voice Performer. Benfield, Christopher. University of Washington.
Access to Environmental Justice: NGO Environmental Advocacy on Mining-Related Environmental Issues in Mongolia. Enkhbaatar, Ulziilkham. York University.
Explorations In Curriculum Learning Methods For Training Language Models. Campos, Daniel. University of Washington.
Molecular Conformation and Dynamics of Conjugated Polymers using Neutron and X-ray Scattering and Simulations. Wolf, Caitlyn M. University of Washington.
Charles-Marie Widor’s Ten Organ Symphonies: A Formal Analysis. Libra, Samuel David Lansing. University of Washington.
Analyzing the chemical tracers in fin rays: a non-lethal approach to infer the migratory patterns of bull trout. Lowe, Michaela. University of Washington.

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