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Towards a bottom-up reconstitution of the nuclear pore complex. Fragasso, A. Delft University of Technology.
Towards low-cost PEM fuel cells: Interfacial effects and material dynamics of a non-PGM electrocatalyst. Rangel Cardenas, A.L. Delft University of Technology.
The Effects of Age, Sex and Genotype on Neuroinflammation in Humanized Targeted Replacement APOE mice. Mhatre-Winters, Isha. Kent State University.
Untersuchungen für den validen Einsatz spirometrischer Messungen im Schwimmen. Götz, Janina-Kristin. Universität Leipzig.
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Caching Strategy for Internet of Things Networks with Transient Data. Nasehzadeh, Ali. York University.
Associations Between Weight Discrimination and Metabolic Health: Analysis of the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (Cardia) Study. Adil, Omar. York University.
PAF1 complex and MYC couple transcription elongation with double-strand break repair. Endres, Theresa. Universität Würzburg.
Naturally fractured reservoir characterization: Advanced workflows for discrete fracture network modeling. Prabhakaran, R. Delft University of Technology.
An Open Field: Informal and Anti-Formal Approaches to Videogame Art History. Bailey, Andrew Remington. York University.
Two Tier Hybrid Routing Schemes for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Based on Reinforcement Learning. Boroujeni, Narges Haghighati. York University.
Assessing the influence of geological and land-use gradients on zooplankton and phytoplankton biodiversity in the land between ecotone. Hassal, Emily. University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
Micro Energy Harvesting from Low-Frequency Vibrations: Towards Powering Pacemakers with Heartbeats. Blad, Thijs. Delft University of Technology.
Atrial fibrillation fingerprinting. Abdi, Bahareh. Delft University of Technology.
The Zebrafish Pannexin1a and Pannexin1b Ohnologs Contribute Differentially to Seizure Propagation In Vivo. Taskina, Daria. York University.
Understanding comfort and health of outpatient workers in hospitals, a mixed-methods study. Eijkelenboom, A.M. Delft University of Technology.
The Thermomechanical Response of Structural Timber in Real Fire Exposures. Chorlton, Bronwyn Susan. York University.
Immediate Systems in Architecture: Continuous adaptability at the speed of human intention. Friedrich, H.C. Delft University of Technology.
The Use of Optical Coherence Tomography to Asscess Water Transport Through The Urothelium of The Porcine Bladder. Lan, Dao Phuong. Miami University.
Critical aspects of high-pressure CO2-induced plasticization in polyimide membranes. Houben, Hermanus Johannes Marie. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Covariance and Uncertainty Realism for Low Earth Orbiting Satellites via Quantification of Dominant Force Model Uncertainties. Schiemenz, Fabian. Universität Würzburg.
A Validation Study: Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Measurement at Rest and During Cognitive-Emotional Stressors. Williams, Spencer Harrison. York University.
Delayed Ionospheric Response to Solar EUV/UV Radiation Variations. Vaishnav, Rajesh Ishwardas. University of Leipzig.
Phosphorus recovery from iron-coagulated sewage sludge. Prot, T.J.F. Delft University of Technology.
Applied behaviour analysis in Taiwan: Examining How parents of children with autism perceive and select intervention options. Ho, Hilda Sze Wing. York University.
Ionic liquid-based metal recovery: from aqueous industrial process and waste streams. Othman, Enas Azhar. University of Twente.
Analyse des isolierten chirurgischen Aortenklappenersatzes an der Uniklinik Würzburg unter dem speziellen Gesichtspunkt Gender. Hahn, Elina. Universität Würzburg.
Validation of a Behavioral Measure of Attachment for Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence. Gastelle, Marissa Lynne. Kent State University.
Hearing impairment among ageing adults in Northern Finland:prevalence, incidence and risk factors. Lohi, V. (Venla). University of Oulu.
On the Use of Surrogate Model Ensembles for Bioretention Cell Design Optimisation under Current and Future Climate Conditions. Khalid, Rahmah Duraid. York University.
Intensification of continuous tertiary amine alkylation with renewable dimethyl carbonate. Kleijwegt, Roel. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Under One Cover: Traditional & Hybrid Woodwind tudes. Tollar, Ernest Patrick. York University.
Assessment of Sidestream And Mainstream Anammox-Based Systems Using Experimental and Mathematical Modelling Tools. Izadi, Parin. York University.
Aerial Planning for Flying Taxi of Dubai. Alnuaimi, Maitha Ali Salem. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Books and the Disappearing Body. McCray, Kelly Todd. York University.
The Potential Impact of Dance for Disabled Young Adults. Andrew, Ruth-Anne Jessica. York University.
Long-term survival and post-stroke epilepsy after primary intracerebral hemorrhage. Lahti, A.-M. (Anna-Maija). University of Oulu.
Quantitative Fundusautofluoreszenz – Untersuchungen und Anwendung erweiterter Analysetechniken an einer gesunden Kohorte und an Fallbeispielen. Kleefeldt, Nikolai. Universität Würzburg.
Patient Pathways in Integrated Care – Understanding, Development and Utilisation. Richter, Peggy. Technische Universität Dresden.
The Effects of Concussion on the Determinants of Gait Velocity in Community-Dwelling Men and Women. Khimji, Fatema A. York University.
Waterborne platooning: A viability study of the vessel train concept. Colling, A.P. Delft University of Technology.
To Set Aside or To Not Set Aside the Agreement Pursuant to Section 56(4) of the Family Law Act: Applying Relational Theory to Domestic Contracts Involving Spousal Support Releases and Waivers. Kun, Sara. York University.
Adhärenz bei oraler Capecitabin-Therapie - Zusammenhänge mit Angststörungen. Steimer, Ann-Kathrin. Universität Würzburg.
Optimal Control of Distribution Networks. Mohamed Hasan, Fayas Ahamed. York University.
Miradas en metamorfosis: una investigación estética sobre la producción puntual de un artista anónimo . Oliveira Góes, Carlos Eduardo. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Transmission water-window microscope for biological imaging . Tomáš Parkman. Czech University of Technology.
Designing the Electronic Interface for Qubit Control. van Dijk, J.P.G. Delft University of Technology.
Toward Efficient and General Multi-Modal Planning. Kingston, Zachary. Rice University.
Genomic glucocorticoid signaling in the hippocampus: understanding receptor specificity and context dependency. Weert, L.T.C.M. van. Leiden University.
Cooperative 1,3-P,N-ligands and non-innocent NHCs. Rong, Mark Karsten. NARCIS.
Towards water resource factories: Designing and planning sustainable circular wastewater treatment processes. Kehrein, P.A. Delft University of Technology.
The Influence of Drawing on Memory Formation: A Lesion-Based Approach. Levi, Adina Rachel. York University.
Symmetry and functional properties of clamped Pb(Zr0.6Ti0.4)O3 tuned by thermal strain and electrostatics effects. Huang, Sizhao. University of Twente.
Lapsen kuolema:traumaattinen suru kotimaisessa omaelämäkerrallisessa kirjallisuudessa. Nyfors, M. (Mervi). University of Oulu.
Evaluation of Telemedicine as an Option for Providing Safe, Accessible, Care to Young Adults in a University Setting. Lynch, Diane. Seton Hall University.
Health Insurance, a False Dichotomy and a Negative Right to Abortion in Canada's Maritime Provinces. Shrybman, Clare Joanne. York University.
The social web as an ecosystem of networked improvement communities (NICS):an interplay of user engagement, technology improvement, and the business opportunities as enablers. Mian, S. Q. (Salman Qayyum). University of Oulu.
Modelling collisionconsequences of unmanned aircraftsystems on human. Rattanagraikanakorn, B. Delft University of Technology.
Otium. Ghayedikarimi, Maryam. York University.
Advanced Finite Element Strategies for Machining of Long Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites. Cepero, Fernando. University of Sheffield.
Building a Systemic Understanding of Resilience in Boys in Street Situations in Leon, Nicaragua. Hamel, Kayla Gabrielle. York University.
Greenbacks and Greybacks: Iconographic Depictions of Union and Confederate Nationalism on Civil War-Era Currency. Lengyel, Christian Martin. Kent State University.
The effect of hand dominance on manual arm strength. Wakeely, Fahima. University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
Biologische Evaluierung von 18F-markierten Aminosäure-Tracern für Tumor- und neurologische Bildgebung. Krämer, Maximiliane-Felicia. Universität Leipzig.
Who's Your Guru. Alexander, Nicole Alexandra. York University.
The interplay between costs, quality, and organisation of home care in Europe. van Lier, Lisanne Irene. NARCIS.
Bioorthogonal labeling tools to study pathogenic intracellular bacteria. Bakkum, T. Leiden University.
Parentage analysis of commercial lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) brood stock in Newfoundland. Skillings, Ashley. University of Guelph.
What Once Was, Is All That Should Have Been. Visco, Gerardo. York University.
Towards cooperative urban traffic management: Investigating voting for travel groups. Dennisen, Sophie. Technische Universität Dortmund.
The (Dis)Honest and (Un)Fair Brain: Investigating the Neural Underpinnings of Moral Decisions. Speer, Sebastian. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Analogical Reasoning in Biomimicry Design Education. Stevens, L.L. Laura Stevens.
Coiled-coil biomaterials for biological applications. Shen, M. Leiden University.
Determining Team-DNA for the Royal Dutch Football Association. Vyzas, Nikolaos. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
An Extensible Self-Arbitrating Architecture for Redundant Onboard Computers In Nanosatellites. Bindra, Udai. York University.
An Exploration of Sex- and Hormone-Related Differences in Cognitive-Motor Performance, Brain Network Integrity, and Recovery Metrics Following Concussion. Pierias, Alanna. York University.
Berry's phase driven nonlinear optical and transport effects in solids. Matsyshyn, Oles. Technische Universität Dresden.
Essays on Platform Sponsor Scope: Implications for Ecosystem Emergence and Growth. Murthy, Ramya Krishna. York University.
Data journalism practises in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Aldossari, Hussain. Bournemouth University.
Towards the Interoperability of BIM and GIS by Building Ontologies using Semantic Web Technology. Ullah, Aman. York University.
Nollywood Film Industry: Informal Film Practices and Their Cultural Formations. Akande, Olaniyi Joseph. York University.
How We Do What We Do: Joint Action and Spontaneity. Leferman, Alexander Emil. York University.
Waste Biomass Valorization for the Production of Cellulosic Fractions of Interest in Food Packaging Applications . Benito González, Isaac. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Understanding the effect of interventions on transmission dynamics of emerging disease: A case study of COVID-19 pandemic. Tariq, Mehreen. York University.
Josephson and noise scanning tunneling microscopy on conventional, unconventional and disordered superconductors. Chatzopoulos, D. Leiden University.
The Existential Nihilism Scale (ENS): Theory, Development, and Psychometric Evaluation. Forsythe, Jeremy Eugene. York University.
Narratives of the Self: A Walk Through a Labyrinth. Inalouei, Niloofar. York University.
Apparatus for Positronium Production via Rydberg Cesium Charge-Exchange. Thai, Richard. York University.
Predictive optimization of heat demand utilizing heat storage capacity of buildings. Hietaharju, P. (Petri). University of Oulu.
Modulation pH-regulativer Transportproteine durch Fettsäurerezeptoren im Pansenepithel des Schafes. Baaske, Lisa. Universität Leipzig.
Liquid Crystalline Polymers as Tunable Composite Resins for Composites Applications. Marchetti, M. Delft University of Technology.
Experimental and model-based investigation of overpotentials during oxygen reduction reaction in silver-based gas-diffusion electrodes. Franzen, David. Technische Universität Dortmund.
Wide-Input-Range Power Conversion for RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer. Campos Martins, G. Delft University of Technology.
Tourism Representations, Imaginaries, and Encounters on the Maltese Islands. Spiteri, Suzanne. York University.
Improved analysis of tube flow fractionation data for measurements in the pulp and paper industry. Törmänen, M. (Matti). University of Oulu.
Synthese, Charakterisierung und Immobilisierung von Kohlenstoffnitriden für die photokatalytische Schadstoffzersetzung. Köwitsch, Isabel. Technische Universität Chemnitz.
Einfluss der intestinalen Mikrobiota nach Roux-en-Y Magenbypass-Chirurgie auf das Körpergewicht und den Stoffwechsel im Kleintiermodell. Haase, Nadine. Universität Leipzig.
The Places We Lived. Marchant, Jean-Pierre. York University.
Towards predicting cavitation noise using scale-resolving simulations: The importance of inflow turbulence. Klapwijk, M.D. Delft University of Technology.
Negating Neutrality: The Marco Civil Da Internet, Informational Capitalism, and Contesting Digital Rights at the Periphery. Hoskins, Guy Thurston. York University.

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