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Design, Verification and Use of a Novel Ground-Based Elastic Lidar Simulator. Howe, Rebecca. University of Leicester.
Para além das fronteiras do gênero: a performance drag queen e seus repertórios críticos e subversivos nas redes on-line. Almeida Bezerra, Pedro Henrique. Figshare.
Risk som skada : En diskussion om ersättning av förhöjda risker i svensk skadeståndsrätt. Hannerstål, Carolina. Stockholm University.
The perspective of school leaders on the implementation of evidence-based practices: A mixed methods study. Sridhar, Aksheya; Taormina, Isabella; Rajadhyaksha, Manasi; Azad, Gazi. University of California.
Optimum Care of AKI Survivors Not Requiring Dialysis after Discharge: An AKINow Recovery Workgroup Report. Barreto, Erin; Cerda, Jorge; Freshly, Bonnie; Gewin, Leslie; Kwong, Y; Neyra, Javier; Ng, Jia; Silver, Samuel; Vijayan, Anitha; Abdel-Rahman, Emaad. University of California.
تجديد التفكير الديني عند خالد محمد خالد "رؤية من هنا نبدأ ونقادها" Elmahdy, Dr/Nasser. Figshare.
Adapt or die: Examining al Qaeda adaptive process. PATERSON, JAMES. Monash University.
Marketinško komuniciranje rokometnih klubov na družbenih omrežjih. Milič, Luka. Univerza v Mariboru.
An (Anti)colonial Genealogy: Exploring Pākehā Challenges to White Settler Colonialism in the Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Centuries. Goldthorpe, Hayley. Victoria University of Wellington / Te Herenga Waka.
How architecture influences mental and emotional states in psychological horror films. Clooney, Megan. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Impairments and Outcomes in Adults with Hip Dysplasia. O'Brien, Michael. La Trobe University.
Public University Systems and the Benefits of Scale. Johnsen, James. University of California.
Synthetic Studies on SHIP Modulators, HIF-2α Antagonists, and New Rhodium Carboxylate Catalysts. Pacherille, Angela. Syracuse University.
‘Ireland’s Hidden Army’ - Banshee, Bread and Roses and the Irish Women’s Liberation movement in the 1970s. O’Carroll, Stacey. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Robotic Automation of Mechanical Verification. Gårdestam, Sofie. KTH.
Knowledge Informed Fake News Detection using Large Language Models. Benny, Jess Joseph Joseph. University of Windsor.
Var finns värdegrunden i SO-undervisningen? Engdahl, Nathalie. Malmö University.
De Invloed van het Technisch Leesniveau op Tekstbegrip bij Close Reading. Seiger, Kirsten. Open Universiteit Nederland.
Films by Jesse Nishihata: Curating an Online Film Exhibition from CFMDC Storage Films. Zhang, Yixun. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Reklam för vad, kläder eller kroppar? : En multimodal kritisk diskursanalys om hur skönhetsideal framställs i Lindex kampanj ”Reinvent the Model”. Lundgren, Emelie. Umeå University.
Live Streaming and Entrepreneurship: Adapting Lean Start-Up Approaches to Live Streaming on Twitch. Mulé, Olivia. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Effect of Miniaturisation on Jump Kinematics and Take-off Strategies in Jumping Spiders. Joshi, Pranav Milind. Macquarie University.
Job satisfaction and work engagement: The impact of gender and working from home in a COVID-19 environment. Boucher, Ellen. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
A value-centered approach to data privacy decisions . Carter, Sarah E. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Enhancement of a Power Line Information System by Combining BIM and LiDAR Data. Wollberg, Daniel. KTH.
The diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in at-risk populations. PETRIE, KATE EMMA. Monash University.
A rapid structured literature review of digital legacy attitudes using Terror Management Theory. Bunting, Muireann. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
The relationship between paranormal beliefs, personality, and academic discipline. Kelleher, Craig. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Songs influence on vocabulary and language acquisition in the EFL classroom : Sångers inflytande på ordförådd och språkinlärning i Engelska som främmnade språk. Kronvall, Olivia. DIVA.
Estabilidad absoluta versus relativa en la fijación con placas para fracturas de diáfisis de húmero de trazo simple en pacientes atendidos en el Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo, 2024-2025. Mendoza Lozada, Gabriel Ernesto. National University of San Marcos.
The Professional Integration of International Medical Graduates: Implications of Restricted Certificates During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Taki, Saeid. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Before and after Nature: Temporality and Landscape in Toronto’s Early Urban Greenspace. Shaftoe, Samuel. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Comparison between two-level and three-level DC/DC converters . Chen, Mingshan. Chalmers University of Technology.
Intimate Partner Violence and Its Association with Self-Reported and Observed Sleep Quality: The Potential Mediating Role of Mental Health Symptoms. Park, Jae eun. University of Notre Dame.
Barns Hälsa i Förskolan : En didaktisk analys av förskollärares beskrivningar av deras praktiska arbete. Willhammar, Sophie. Linnaeus University.
Adila: Fairness-informed Collaborative Team Formation. Ghasr Loghmani, Hamed. University of Windsor.
Displaced from the Horn of Africa: A Case Study of the Vernacular Photographs from the Somali diasporic community in Toronto. Hussein, Shadio. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Ensayo clínico comparativo de dos dietas hipocalóricas: dieta con patrón Mediterráneo, frente a dieta hipograsa en pacientes con esteatosis hepática metabólica (EHMET). Papel del polimorfismo PNPLA3 en la respuesta a la dieta. Laserna Del Gallego, Cristina. Universidad de Valladolid.
Forces affecting the adaptive capability and organisational change in air navigation service providers (ANSPs): A comparative study of Australian and United Kingdom ANSPs. Thompson, Ian William. La Trobe University.
The effect of creativity and object-play on adult playfulness. Hruba, Katerina. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Navigating the Intersection: Cost Reduction and Sustainability in Logistics Strategies. Bäckström, Huong Kerensa. Jönköping University.
CO2 flow modeling in a coupled wellbore and aquifer system: Details of pressure, temperature, and dry-out. Zamani, Nematollah; Oldenburg, Curtis M; Solbakken, Jonas; Aarra, Morten G; Kowollik, Patrick; Alkan, Hakan; Amro, Mohammed M; Nassan, Taofik H; Estrada, Jose KP. University of California.
CFD-simulering av värmeöverföring under upptändningsförlopp av krutraketmotor. Sjögren, Carl-Otto Olsson. Luleå University of Technology.
Högläsning i förskolan : En intervjustudie om högläsning som pedagogiskt verktyg i förskolan. Lindqvist, Ulrika Asplund. Dalarna University.
Patent applications and firm innovation outputs in the UK biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Dinh, Khanh Hien. University of Sussex.
Evolving Technologies Shaping Public Transit. Epanty, Efon Mandong. Virginia Tech.
Prestandajämförelse mellan krypterade och okrypterade tidsseriedatabaser med IoT-baserad temperatur- och geopositionsdata. Uzunel, Sinem. KTH.
Compatibility of Friction Materials of Brake Pads with Alumina-Coated Cast Iron. Liu, Yinting. University of Windsor.
An examination of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation Final Report under three headings: The history of commissioned reports since independence; An analysis of the clarity of information gathered and collated in the report; The response of survivors and interest groups to the final report. O'Connor, Ruth. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
How the ideology of customer sovereignty shapes customer-oriented practices in the call centre. Ayeah, Ebenezer N. University of Leicester.
An investigation of the impact of soccer expertise on scan frequency, scan timing, and decision-making as measured by a soccer-specific virtual reality training programme. Lynch, Daire. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
New Mathematics Teachers' Goals, Orientations, and Resources that Influence Implementation of Principles Learned in Brigham Young University's Teacher Preparation Program. Gneiting, Caroline S. Brigham Young University.
Does Technology Speak for Us; Exploring Emotional Range and User Interface Design in Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems (AAC). Soldano, Emily. Toronto Metropolitan University.
An evaluation of GPT models for phenotype concept recognition. Groza, Tudor; Caufield, Harry; Gration, Dylan; Baynam, Gareth; Haendel, Melissa; Robinson, Peter; Mungall, Christopher. University of California.
Computational Modal Analysis Of A Half-Scale Business Jet Fuselage Tail Section. Gunawardana, Rochana. Queens University.
Investigating the relationship between self-esteem, self-presentation and time spent on online dating. MacHugh, Jack. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
NGF’s Irish queer periodicals: The formation of a community identity and the subversion of Irish hegemony. Carroll, Cillian. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
What really makes cities smart? A human-centric approach to smartness. Prevelianaki, Aikaterini. Anglia Ruskin University.
Factores que intervienen en el adulto en la demora de la solicitud de atención médica por infarto de miocardio en el Hospital Dos de Mayo, año 2023. Dominguez Linares, Miriam Adriana Sarai. National University of San Marcos.
Womens Club? : The Role of Gender in the Female Business Angel’s Investment Process. Edenvik, Hanna. Uppsala University.
Patienternas upplevelser i samband meddiagnosbeskedet kolorektalcancer till början av behandling : En litteraturstudie. Robeyi, Soukaina Al. Malmö University.
Prolonged Armed Conflict as a Driver of Climate Change Vulnerability. Hammersland, Jenny. Uppsala University.
Option Generation Under Stress. Braich, Dhipteen K. University of Leicester.
An investigation into the differences, in personality traits and life satisfaction, between volunteer types. Goodall, Isabel. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Microbial Dysbiosis Linked to NAFLD in Asians: <i>P</i><i>revotella</i><i> copri</i> Promotes LPS Biosynthesis and Network Instability in Prevotella Enterotype. YUAN, HENG. Figshare.
The Polaroid Preservation Project. Arslanyan, Alexander. Toronto Metropolitan University.
En aktiv reception : strategianvändning för att underlätta läsförståelsen i ett främmande språk. Wickström, Emelie. Luleå University of Technology.
Navigating Uncertainty: An Ethnography of Everyday Transport with Families of Children with Disability in Australia. MAHER, IRIS. Monash University.
Face-to-Face: An Investigation of Social Comparisons of Facial Attractiveness. Saiphoo, Alyssa. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Optical spectroscopy of graphene quantum dots and halide perovskite nanocrystals : Spectroscopie optique de boîtes quantiques de graphène et de nanocristaux de pérovskites halogénées. Levy-Falk, Hugo. université Paris-Saclay.
Non-Linear and Non-Stationary Speech Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Rueda, Alice. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Vilken riktning ska vi ta? : Användarupplevelse av vertikal skrollning i horisontella webbgränssnitt. Gerre, Isak. Malmö University.
Design av sekretessmeddelanden : Hur sekretessmeddelanden kan designas för att främja användares förståelse. Cavric, Marko. Halmstad University.
Functional Analysis of Influenza Host Shutoff Proteins. Dunagan, Megan Marie. University of Rochester.
Mechanisms of Translation Pausing Induced by mRNA Secondary Structures. Bao, Chen. University of Rochester.
Investigating the impact tattoo status and gender has on stigma against tattoos and the ideal self. Woods, Jasmine. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Življenjski cikel programske opreme: teorija in praksa. Gornik, Boštjan. Univerza v Mariboru.
Greenwashing and analyst forecast accuracy. ZHANG, JINNA. Macquarie University.
CSR Decision-Making In Multinational Corporations’ Headquarters And Their Subsidiaries In United Arab Emirates. DIAB, CHARLES ANTONY. Monash University.
Utredning om lönsamhet av solceller för privata hushåll. Al-Jadirji, Abdullah. Linnaeus University.
David versus Goliath: The rise of the Irish craft beer movement. Gangnus, Olivia. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Exploring ongoing thoughts in clinical contexts: a multidimensional approach. Strawson, William. University of Sussex.
Investigating the role of ethnic grocers in health and healthy eating among Chinese and South Asian immigrants in the Toronto CMA. Lee, Janelle. Toronto Metropolitan University.
An investigation into the effects of cosmetic use and personality traits on self-esteem. O’ Byrne, Emer. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Förskolepedagogers perspektiv på om alla barns behov tillgodoses. Andersson, Madeleine. Malmö University.
Implementación de celdas de media tensión en la subestación eléctrica principal del Centro Comercial Open Plaza Atocongo. Hilari Quispe, Moises. National University of San Marcos.
Assessing Responses for Hockey Teams Following Team Tragedy. Bravo, Owen James. University of Windsor.
Three Essays on the Distribution of Economic Development through Historical Events. LIEW, YIT WEY. Monash University.
Negotiating Peace: Analyzing Rebel Group Compliance with International Humanitarian Law. Kouwenhoven, Nicole. Uppsala University.
Влијанието на менаџментот на знаење врз перформансите на организацијата. Badarovski, Todor. Goce Delcev University.
IFRS 15 och dess påverkan på värderelevansen. Blomqvist, Ellen. Uppsala University.
Satisfacción de las demandas de clientes en el año 2020 y su relación con la calidad del servicio prestado por SEDAPAL – filial Comas. Herrera Cometivos, Jhamely. National University of San Marcos.
Concurrent administration of serotonergic antidepressants and ozanimod in participants with relapsing multiple sclerosis from the open-label extension DAYBREAK trial. Naismith, Robert; Cohen, Jeffrey; Bar-Or, Amit; Comi, Giancarlo; Selmaj, Krzysztof; Hartung, Hans-Peter; Sheffield, James; Krakovich, Anthony; Tatosian, Daniel; Cheng, Chun-Yen; Reardon, Jennifer; Khaychuk, Vadim; Riolo, Jon; Silva, Diego. University of California.
The effect gender, glasses and eye-openness has on person perception and perceived intelligence. Whelan, Chloe K. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
PhD Thesis Petar Radanliev University of Oxford. Radanliev, Petar. Figshare.
The role of online social support for individuals living with disabilities and chronic illness: Investigating stress, resilience and positive mental health. Harcourt Thewlis, Sarah. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Why Choose Canada?: A Critical Internet Discourse Analysis on Canadian and Korean Perspectives of ‘Value’ in Canadian Higher Education. Tobin, Kimberley. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Computational Modeling of Metaphor in Discourse. Jang, Hyeju. Carnegie Mellon University.

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