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Twelve Tales of Engineering in the "Real World:" Narratives of Newcomers' Agency in Transitions to Engineering Work. Gewirtz, Christopher Aaron. Virginia Tech.
Topology Preserving Data Reductions for Computing Persistent Homology. Sens, Aaron M. University of Cincinnati.
Evaluation the Interaction between Anthocyanin and Whey Protein and Their Impact on Anthocyanin Color and Stability. Ren, Shuai, Ren. The Ohio State University.
Analýza povodňového zabezpečení obce Lovosice a komparace povodňové situace při povodních v roce 2002 a 2013 . Lenka Steinmetzová. Czech University of Technology.
Identifying language disorder in bilingual children using automatic speech recognition : a feasibility study. -7224-4149. University of Texas – Austin.
Predicting Long-term Flourishing Outcomes Among Sensitive and Non-sensitive Children. Hanson-Cook, Blair, M.A. University of Cincinnati.
The Shell evolution of the hydrocenidae of Malaysian Borneo. Bin Khalik, M.Z. Leiden University.
Is Immersiveness Even a Word? A Delphi Study. Burns, Lindsay E. The Ohio State University.
Hleðsla á rafbílum . Daníel Már Aðalsteinsson 1996-. Reykjavík University.
Learning-based Visual Odometry - A Transformer Approach. Rao, Anantha N. University of Cincinnati.
Inovace technologie loupání a metodika loupatelnosti semen olejnin . Jan Hoidekr. Czech University of Technology.
Low temperature pure boron layer deposition for silicon diode and micromachining applications. Liu, Xingyu. University of Twente.
Three Essays on the Impact of Flooding on Human Welfare in South Asia. Sajid, Osama. The Ohio State University.
Development of Zn-IV-N2 and III-N/Zn-IV-N2 Heterostructures for High Efficiency Light Emitting Diodes Emitting Beyond Blue and Green. Karim, Md Rezaul. The Ohio State University.
Overcoming Occupational Safety and Health Inequity: A Case Study of Exemplary Performance in Medium Business. LISA R. IVERSON-LEIRMO (11506317). University of Illinois – Chicago.
Characterization of Reward Sensitivity, Positive Affect and Working Memory in Socially Anxious Young Adults. Garcia, Katelyn M. Virginia Tech.
Pride, Prejudice and Unemployment. Fric, Karel. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Non-homogeneous Boundary Value Problems of a Class of Fifth Order Korteweg-de Vries Equation posed on a Finite Interval. Sriskandasingam, Mayuran. University of Cincinnati.
A Deep Learning Approach to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Based on the Dementia Level in Brain MRI Images. Pellakur Rajasekaran, Shrish. University of Cincinnati.
All Hours. Grant, Bernard. University of Cincinnati.
Fall-related behavioural risk factors in community-dwelling older adults. Begin, Diane. McMaster University.
Drivers and consequences of animal foraging behavior on seed dispersal and plant community composition. Tonos Luciano, Jadelys M. Rice University.
Applying Automatic Speech to Text in Academic Settings for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Weigel, Carla. McMaster University.
Standard and Rational Gauss Quadrature Rules for the Approximation of Matrix Functionals. Alahmadi, Jihan. Kent State University.
Ozone and peroxymonosulfate as oxidants in water treatments for disinfection by-products control or pollutant degradation . Bernat Quesada, Francisco. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Two-point vertical force-velocity profile with model predicted maximal theoretical force. Lipsius, Lauren. University of Victoria.
Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscopy of Electronic and Magnetic Two-Dimensional and Layered Materials. Trout, Amanda Hanks. The Ohio State University.
Using Sediment Archives to Reconstruct the Historic Risk of Legacy Contamination from Gold Mine Emissions to Lakes Near Yellowknife, NT. Cheney, Cynthia. University of Ottawa.
Modelling the Effect of Catalysis on Membrane Contactor Mass Transfer Coefficients for Carbon Dioxide Absorption Systems. Miller, Jacob. University of Cincinnati.
Heroes Like Harvey Milk: Using LGBTQ-Themed Literature to Promote Critical Literacy and Social Justice in Fifth Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies. Carmack, Jamie. Otterbein University.
The Essential Work of Double-Duty Carers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mehta, Sakshi. McMaster University.
Feminist Pedagogy, Action Research, and Social Media: TabloidArtHistory's Influence on Visual Culture Education. Huffstetter, Olivia Claire. The Ohio State University.
The Effects of Emotional Stimuli on Language Processing in Aging Adults and People with Aphasia. Blackett, Deena Schwen. The Ohio State University.
Multi-wavelength studies of the interstellar medium and star formation in nearby galaxies. Chown, Ryan. McMaster University.
Understanding and Mitigating Multi-sided Exposure Bias in Recommender Systems. Mansoury, Masoud. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Interactions of Chitin and Lignin Thin Films with Other Molecules. Yu, Guoqiang. Virginia Tech.
Digital Vigilantism in Russia: Citizen-led justice in the context of social change and social harm. Gabdulhakov, Rashid. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Kliničko-epidemiološka studija Devikove bolesti u Centralnoj Srbiji. Martinović, Vanja, 1987-, 73124105. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Hydro-thermo-chemo-mechanical Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Injection in Fluvial Heterogeneous Aquifers. Ershadnia, Reza. University of Cincinnati.
Effect of day of hatch inoculation with Enterobacteriaceae on inflammation and enteric permeability in broilers. Chasser, Kaylin M. The Ohio State University.
Abstractive Representation Modeling for Image Classification. Li, Xin. University of Cincinnati.
Co-Creating Capital: Rural Youth, Stigma, and Applied Theatre Practice. Neumann, Aubrey Helene. The Ohio State University.
What have we learned from the economic impact of the Covid-19 outbreak? Critical analysis of economic factors and recommendations for the future. Marco Franco, Julio Emilio. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Variations Op. 41 and Etudes Op. 67 by Nikolai Kapustin: Historical Background, Stylistic Influences, and Performance Approaches. Hu, Yingzhou. The Ohio State University.
From molecular processes to clinical outcomes: Bridging metabolic models and machine learning in aging research. Cabbia, Andrea. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Eliminación de pesticidas organofosforados mediante fotoelectrocatálisis con fotoánodos de WO3 . Roselló Márquez, Gemma. Universitat Politècnica de València.
A Performance Guide on Selected Sonatas for Flute and Piano by:Darius Milhaud (1892-1974), Louis Durey (1888-1979), Francis Poulenc (1899-1963). Kwag, Munjung. University of Cincinnati.
Comment faire rire les enfants d’âge préscolaire : développement d’un système de codification et liens avec l’attachement enfant-père et enfant-mère. Schmiedel, Sabrina. University of Ottawa.
Planteamiento de un proceso participativo para la propuesta y priorización de proyectos de desarrollo regional. Caso de estudio Departamento del Meta en Colombia . León Camargo, Astrid. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Партиципативна права радника као вид ограничавања послодавчеве власти и претпоставка индустријске демократије. Ugarković, Tijana Đ., 1985-, 69525257. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Inner Speech in College ESL Reading: A Mixed Methods Study. Yang, Na. University of Cincinnati.
Test position effects on recognition memory for pictures and words. Fallow, Kaitlyn. University of Victoria.
Dyslipidemia at the crossroad of the skin barrier and the arterial wall. Martins Cardoso, R. Leiden University.
A Survey of Literature on Entrepreneurial Experiences for Classical Musicians: Implications for Training Pianists. Sigler, Shitong Zhan. The Ohio State University.
Corporation transformation through network changing agents in the context of outsourcing and automation. Sarome-Nykänen, S. (Sari). University of Oulu.
Cancer vaccine strategies to improve immunotherapy: many roads lead to Rome. Tondini, E. Leiden University.
Investigation of Shear Lag and Eccentric Weld Demands on Top Chord Knife Connections in Open Web Steel Joist Girders. Walimbe, Anmol. University of Cincinnati.
Modern analytic methods for scattering amplitudes, with an application to two-loop five-particle processes. Zoia, Simone. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
The Role of Coreference Resolution in Memory- and Expectation-based Models of Human Sentence Processing. Jaffe, Evan. The Ohio State University.
Садржина брачног уговора. Stjepanović, Bogdana, 1992-, 18899559. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Evaluation of Metal Printing and Cleanroom Fabricated SiC and Ga2O3 Radiation Sensors. Taylor, Neil Rutger. The Ohio State University.
A Machine Learning Web Application for Predicting Neighborhood Safety in The City of Cincinnati. Arthur, Gifty A. University of Cincinnati.
Estructuración de aceites mediante el uso de hidrocoloides para sustituir grasas plásticas en los alimentos . Bascuas Véntola, Santiago Martín. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Карактеристике урбаних земљишта Београда и њихов значај за животну средину. Tešić, Mirjana, 1979-, 23264871. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
El grotesco en la escultura. Feyling, Esteban Guillermo. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Planets in a different light. Petit dit de la Roche, Dominique. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Exploring the use of Twitter and theShoutYourAbortion Hashtag in How Women Confront and Challenge Abortion Stigma. Allan, Brittany. McMaster University.
Crowdfunding culture: Bridging Arts and Commerce. Dalla Chiesa, Carolina. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Punishment in Canada: Extending Gladue-Like Procedures to Non-Indigenous Offenders. Old, Lindsay. McMaster University.
Mimořádné události s hromadným postižením osob z pohledu Zdravotnické záchranné služby Ústeckého kraje . Sandra Bulová. Czech University of Technology.
Building a better Placode: Modeling Neural Plate Border interactions with hPSCs. Blair, Joel. University of Cincinnati.
From ‘one size fts all’ to Machine-learning based Prediction of Methotrexate Treatment Response in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gosselt, Helen. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
High-contrast imaging polarimetry of exoplanets and circumstellar disks. Holstein, R.G. van. Leiden University.
Classicism and Romanticism in Three Ballets by Frederick Ashton. Ha, Steven Kyung-Gyoon. The Ohio State University.
Using a corpus of accidents to reveal adaptive patterns that threaten safety. Walker, Katherine E. The Ohio State University.
Integrating Machine Learning with Web Application to Predict Diabetes. Natarajan, Keerthana. University of Cincinnati.
Einfluss von Polyphosphat-Substraten auf das Wachstumsverhalten humaner Tumorzelllinien als Grundlage für die Etablierung eines innovativen Zellkulturmodells. Glisic, Lazar. Universität Regensburg.
Využití efektu akrální koaktivační terapie v silovém tréninku . Martin Beneš. Czech University of Technology.
Measurements and Development of Spray Performance Models of Pressure Swirl Atomizers for Trigger Sprayers. Princen, Princen. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Reimagining Social Work from an Islamic Worldview. Hussain, Tajseem. McMaster University.
Solar flares as observed in the low frequency microwave gyrosynchrotron emission. Shaik, Shaheda Begum. New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Kirche ohne Religion Umnutzung von Sakralräumen in urbanen Kontexten. Benke, Felizia. University of Zurich.
The Unspoken Rules between the Central and Local Governments in China's Land Governance. He, Jianzi. The Ohio State University.
Iterative tensor factorization based on Krylov subspace-type methods with applications to image processing. UGWU, UGOCHUKWU OBINNA. Kent State University.
A Study on the Thickness of Plate Washers for Anchor Rod Applications. Cozzens, Paul. University of Cincinnati.
Analyzing Barriers to Integrating Bike Share with Green Transportation Modes and the Trail System in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. Rogers, William P., III. University of Cincinnati.
Stability through design : towards dexterous in-hand manipulation in tendon-driven robotic hands. -4002-0984. University of Texas – Austin.
Modeling Notch Pathway Mutations Underlying Adams-Oliver Syndrome. Kolb Gagliani, Ellen. University of Cincinnati.
Конструкција, развој и трансформација идентитета покрета Младих муслимана. Kostić, Ivan E., 1979-, 75075081. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Optimal Sensor Locations Using Exact Modal Reduction. Jayakumar, Vivek. University of Cincinnati.
At the Intersection of Racialization and Criminalization: A Narrative Inquiry into the Collegiate Experiences of Black Students with Criminal Records. Johnson, Courtney Marie. The Ohio State University.
Cycling Pathways: The Politics and Governance of Dutch Cycling Infrastructure, 1920-2020. Dekker, Hendrik Johannes Theodoor. Amsterdam University.
Trauma-informed care within and across systems of care. Bargeman, Maria. McMaster University.
Designing Interventions for Cyber-bullying: A Design Thinking Approach. Lal, Shubhangi S. University of Cincinnati.
Metody sanace vlhkostních poruch betonových konstrukcí budov s využitím krystalických materiálů . Hana Žáková. Czech University of Technology.
Investigation of Environmental-friendly, Membraneless Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cells. Nguyen, Bao Q. Portland State University.
Rhyolite Stratigraphy Along Succor Creek: Insights into the Eruptive History of the Three Fingers and Mahogany Mountain Volcanic Field. Black, Cassandra Caryl. Portland State University.
Virtually Interactive DAAP. Kommineni, Rishyak Chowdhary. University of Cincinnati.
Understanding Artificial Agents as Facilitators of Learning. Fountoukidou, Sofia. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

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