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Essays on the Economics of Education. Pariguana, Marco. University of Western Ontario.
A Theoretical Perspective on Parasite-Host Coevolution with Alternative Modes of Infection. Shillcock, George N. University of Western Ontario.
Healing historical trauma through resurgence and radical resistance. Bear, Germaine. University of Manitoba.
Multilevel Examination of the Protective Role Positive Classroom Climate Plays on Students' Worry and Negative Peer Relations. Kim, Sue. University of Western Ontario.
The Role of Middle and High School Principals During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Phenomenological Study. Ford, Dustin. East Tennessee State University.
“Now I Will Recall the Works of God”: Allusion and Intertextuality in Sirach 42:15-43:33. Klump, Gary Patrick. Marquette University.
An Experimental Investigation of Soot Formation in Laminar Inverse and Normal Diffusion Flames at Elevated Pressure. Alsheikh, Ibrahim. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
Short-term Comparison of Frictional Properties of Superpave and Balance Mix Design Hot Mix Asphalt Mixes. Matics, Janie Katherine. Virginia Tech.
Implementierung und Charakterisierung von Einzelphotonenquellen in zweidimensionalen Übergangsmetall-Dichalkogeniden und deren Kopplung an optische Resonatoren. Iff, Oliver. Universität Würzburg.
Trauma Informed Practices a Professional Development Series. Kanelis, Emily. Western Oregon University.
"More Beautiful and Better": Dr. Margaret Burroughs and the Pedagogy of Bronzeville. Hardy, Debra Anne. The Ohio State University.
The symplectic geometry of surface group representations in genus zero. Maret, Arnaud. Universität Heidelberg.
Entwicklung eines Industrie 4.0 Reifegradindex für produzierende Unternehmen. Schumacher, Jochen. Universität Potsdam.
Manipulation of the SUMO Activating Enzyme (SAE) by the Viral Oncoprotein, LMP1. McKinnon, Ashton Taylor. Mercer University.
Views of American Cities, 1800-1850. Wagoner, William J. University of Chicago.
Search for Dark Matter Produced in pp Collisions with the ATLAS Detector. MacDonell, Danika. University of Victoria.
3D-CFD analysis of a high performance hydrogen fuelled engine . Ferreira, João Eduardo Mota. Universidade de Aveiro.
Luminescent Group 11 Metal Chalcogen Clusters with Bidentate Phosphine Ligands. Nayyar, Mansha. University of Western Ontario.
Development of immunomodulatory RNA therapeutics for immune disorders . Iyer, Vaishnavi Srinivasan. Karolinska Institute.
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence: Effective Risk Management with Male Perpetrators. Tung, Simrat K. University of Western Ontario.
Exploring the transferability of flood loss models across flood types. Samprogna Mohor, Guilherme. Universität Potsdam.
Assessing the impact of The Jar Model of Mental Illness Video on reactions of prejudice towards people with mental illness in individuals without a personal or family history of mental illness. Houska-Segall, Hailey Autumn. The Ohio State University.
Soybean Planting Date and Seeding Rate Effects on Stand Loss, Grain Yield, Agronomic Optimum Seeding Rate, Partial Net Economic Return, and Seed Quality. Colet, Fabiano. The Ohio State University.
Prognostischer Wert neuer laborchemischer Biomarker bei diagnostisch naiven Patienten mit Verdacht auf Herzinsuffizienz - Follow-Up-II-Untersuchung zur randomisierten klinischen Studie „Objektivierung der kardiovaskulären Dysfunktion im ambulanten und hausärztlichen Bereich mittels handgehaltener Echokardiographie und dem BNP-Schnelltest“ (Handheld-BNP-Studie). Demirbas, Senem. Universität Würzburg.
Modulación de la contractilidad cardíaca por p38-MAPK: rol del intercambiador Na+/H+ (NHE-1) y del estrés oxidativo : Posibles implicancias clínicas. Zavala, Maite Raquel. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Prevalence of Oral Leukoplakia and Its Histopathologic Significance. Hochberg, Mark G. The Ohio State University.
Eficacia del plasma rico en plaquetas en las úlceras venosas de difícil cicatrización frente al tratamiento convencional: Effectiveness of platelet rich plasma in difficult healing venous ulcers compared to conventional treatment. Muñoz Gómez, Noemí. Universidad de Cantabria.
University of Manitoba Graduate felowship. Herath Mudiyanselage, Nuwan Madushanka Herath. University of Manitoba.
Evidence of Mineral Phase and Eutectic Chemistry as Dominant Factors Affecting Deposition of Heterogeneous Mineral Dust in an Impingement Coolant Jet. Nied, Eric Patrick. The Ohio State University.
Finding Community and Connection in the Shadow of COVID-19 at Forest Hills Baptist Church Youth Group, Raleigh, North Carolina. Pate, Kirby E. Mercer University.
Immobilized Phosphate-Binding Protein Systems to remove and Recover Phosphate. Hussein, Faten Bakri. Marquette University.
On the Methods for Explaining Polarization of Private and Unobservable Opinions: An opinion-behavior co-evolutionary approach. Tang, T. Delft University of Technology.
Power Efficient Wireless Sensor Node through Edge Intelligence. Damle, Abhishek Priyadarshan. Virginia Tech.
Impacts of spatiotemporal data resolution on monitoring nutrient concentrations and estimating nutrient loads in The Little Auglaize River. Pace, Shannon. The Ohio State University.
Persistence as Resistance: A Phenomenological Narrative Analysis of the Africultural Coping and Motivational Strategies of African American College Students. Scott, Miraca Joann. Mercer University.
Optimization of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Cooldown Using Real-Time Simulations: Experimental Approach. Gula, Noah. The Ohio State University.
Individual and Community-Level Drivers of Antimicrobial Resistance in Midwestern Beef and Dairy Cattle Communities. Overcast, Macon Z. The Ohio State University.
Impaired Efferocytosis in Knee Osteoarthritis. Del Sordo, Luigi M. University of Western Ontario.
Nostalgic Metafiction: The Adventure Fiction of Stevenson, Kipling, and Conrad. Lee, Hanji. University of Western Ontario.
Evaluación de la eficacia de un protocolo de prevención de desgarros cutáneos en Atención Primaria: protocolo de ensayo clínico aleatorio: Efficacy assessment of a protocol for the prevention of skin tears in Primary Care: randomized clinical trial protocol. Baltà Domínguez, Laura. Universidad de Cantabria.
Sex Dependent Associations of Bone Mineral Density Distribution with Temporomandibular Osteoarthritis. Kim, Paul Jay. The Ohio State University.
Possible role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition and its associated FGF/FGFR pathway in adrenocortical carcinoma. Sbiera, Iuliu. Universität Würzburg.
Design Optimization of AlGaN Channel Fin-HEMTs. Cao, Can. The Ohio State University.
Pharmacoepidemiological studies of rheumatoid arthritis : methodological considerations and applications . Barbulescu, Andrei. Karolinska Institute.
Social Support Buffering During a Traumatic Extraorganizational Stressor: The Relationship Between Supervisor Support, COVID-19 Related Fear, and Mental Health. MacLeod, Roderick. University of Ottawa.
Machine Learning with Big Data for Electrical Load Forecasting. L'Heureux, Alexandra. University of Western Ontario.
Heat flow in terrestrial-type bodies from high P,T electrical resistivity measurements of Au, Fe-Si and Fe-Ni-Si solid and liquid alloys. Berrada, Meryem. University of Western Ontario.
Entwicklung multi‐funktioneller TNFRSF Rezeptorspezifischer Antikörper‐Fusionsproteine mit FcγR‐unabhängiger Aktivität. Nelke, Johannes. Universität Würzburg.
UAV Trajectory Design and Mobility Management Based on RF Signal Observations. Chowdhury, Md Moin Uddin. North Carolina State University.
Ökonomische Evaluation und Reformimplikationen der deutschen Wettbewerbspolitik. Stöhr, Annika. Technische Universität Ilmenau.
Early-Exercise Effects on Mice Tendon Remodeling. Valencia, Miles. California State University – San Bernardino.
Can the Poor Have Their Say? Structural Incorporation of Low-Income Voices in Corporate Governance. Corbin, Brian Roland. Youngstown State University.
Synthesis of positron emitter-labelled amino acids: Application to the investigation of metabolic preferences and vulnerabilities in a mouse prostate cancer model. Castellnou Arenas, Pilar. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Procesos condicionantes de la calidad del agua subterránea en las zonas de borde continental del acuífero costero medanoso: aplicaciones al abastecimiento de agua en poblaciones rurales y al sustento de áreas naturales. Galliari, María Julieta. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
"Between the Uncertainties" Wenye Jiang and His Violin Sonata Op. 59. Chiu, Yi-Chieh. The Ohio State University.
Идентификација деривата жучних киселина као лиганада хумане рекомбинантне 3α-хидроксистероид дехидрогеназе типа 3 (3αХСД-3) и структурне основе модулације ензимске активности. Marinović Maja. University of Novi Sad.
Human exposure to low-frequency magnetic field: new methodologies for numerical dosimetry. [No author]. Politecnico di Torino.
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Newly Tested Blades on the Aerodynamic Performance and Power Output of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. Hasan, Alaa Sayed Mahmoud. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
Educational software of dynamic analysis of structures with rigid and flexible diaphragms. Garzón Buitrago, Oscar David. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Detección automática, clasificación y reconocimiento de escorpiones mediante técnicas de Aprendizaje Profundo. Giambelluca, Francisco Luis. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
On Constructing 'Our Home': North Korean Cinema and Symbolism. Cherry, Makayla. The Ohio State University.
Dynamic Event Tree Analysis of Accident Tolerant Fuel Safety Benefits Considering Steam Generator Tube Degradation. Kim, Jintae. The Ohio State University.
Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in the Neonatal Pig. Yonke, Joseph Allan. Virginia Tech.
Enfermedad metabólica hepática como enfermedad inflamatoria inmunomediada. Prevalencia y caracterización: Esteatohepatitis no alcohólica como enfermedad inflamatoria inmunomediada. Prevalencia y caracterización. Rodríguez Duque, Juan Carlos. Universidad de Cantabria.
An Analysis of Three Compositions for Trumpet by Female Composers. Sanso, Alexander Anthony. The Ohio State University.
Effective Teaching Strategies for an Up-and-Coming Science Teacher. Lampe, Daniel. Western Oregon University.
How Narcissism Relates to Social Rank Dynamics in Teams. Xu, Tianyue. University of Western Ontario.
Adjuvante Intensitätsmodulierte Radio-/ Radiochemotherapie maligner Tumoren im HNO-Bereich : Eine retrospektive monozentrische Analyse zu Akut- und Spät-Toxizitäten, der lokalen Kontrolle und des Überlebens, April 2007 bis Juli 2016. Mechtold, Ulrike. Universität Würzburg.
Revisión sistemática de Análisis Modales de Fallos y Efectos (AMFE) relacionados con Lesiones por Presión (LPP) y otras lesiones por dependencia en pacientes adultos hospitalizados: Systematic review of Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) related to Pressure Ulcers (PU) and other dependency injuries in hospitalized adult patients. Rodríguez Castaño, Mónica. Universidad de Cantabria.
Target identification studies for SC83288: a novel drug for the treatment of severe malaria. Celada, Romina Virginia. Universität Heidelberg.
Vergleichende biomechanische Untersuchung der LCP Superiore Anteriore Klavikula Platte (Fa. Synthes) zur 7-Loch und 10-Loch Rekonstruktionsplatte zur Versorgung einer Klavikulaschaftfraktur. Stoyhe, Jan. Universität Würzburg.
Analytical Approaches of Sustainability Characterization for Bio-based Systems. Herrera Diaz, Maria Alejandra. North Carolina State University.
The management of urban voids in Latin American cities. Evidence for the cases of Bogotá and São Paulo. Torres Garzón, Astrid Juliana. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Impact of Augmented Renal Clearance in Critically Ill Patients: Population Pharmacokinetics of Levetiracetam and Dosing Evaluation . Bilbao Meseguer, Idoia. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Dental and Dental Hygiene Students Perceptions on Intraprofessional Education. Johnston, Mhairi Ann. The Ohio State University.
Smart Quality Assurance System for Additive Manufacturing using Data-driven based Parameter-Signature-Quality Framework. Law, Andrew Chung Chee. Virginia Tech.
Edição com foco: a Foco, Serviços Editoriais e a editorial divergência no panorama das pequenas editoras . Gomes, Arlete Regina Guerreiro. Universidade de Aveiro.
Analyse möglicher produktiver Alternativen rund um die Erhaltung des Pisba Páramo im Rahmen des Páramo-Gesetzes – Fall Socha Boyacá. Peña Perez, David Andres. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Quantitative Assessment of Cardiac Functional Response after External Beam Radiotherapy using Non-invasive Multi-Modality Imaging. Chau, Oi Wai. University of Western Ontario.
Examining the relationship between the “real world” adoption of digital health tools and primary care experience. Pasat, Zain. McMaster University.
Developmental Differences in the Learning and Consolidation of Linguistic Regularities. Berger, Sarah. University of Western Ontario.
Three essays on ownership issues in corporate finance dissertation. Wang, Yuan. University of Manitoba.
Radar Imaging Applications for Mining and Landmine Detection. Abbasi Baghbadorani, Amin. Virginia Tech.
Revealed Preference Analysis: Theory and Applications. Gauthier, Charles. University of Western Ontario.
Effect of music therapy on pain management in women with fibromyalgia syndrome. Agreda España, Nelly Esperanza. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Measurement of Dicke narrowing in warm alkali vapor for different buffer gas pressures. Wenner, Scott Lake. Miami University.
Visual Rhetoric and The English Careers Website. Oforah, Ifeoma C. California State University – San Bernardino.
Teoría del Re-ad. Estética de la republicidad e interacciones entre arte y marca en el contexto contemporáneo . Figueres Ortiz, Pau. Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco.
Characterization of ReNCell for studying chromatin associated proteins MeCP2 and histone H1. Kim, Bo Hyun "Cindy". University of Victoria.
The Intersection of American Exceptionalism and Protestant Christianity: Distinction, Special Status, and Mission in the Early Republic. Graham, Ty J. Youngstown State University.
Microstructural Evolution of Aluminum Alloy 2219-T87 with Hot Torsion and Bobbin Tool Friction Stir Welding. Gilmore, Andrew Barrett. The Ohio State University.
Pathogenic and likely pathogenic variation in leukemia patients and their unrelated HLA-matched hematopoietic stem cell donors: implications for genetic counseling. Sucheston-Campbell, Lara. The Ohio State University.
Caregiver Experience with The Applied Coaching Model on Supporting Adherence to Home Exercise Programs for Children with Developmental Delays: A Mixed Methods Research Study. Cheng, Mackenzie. University of Western Ontario.
TetR family regulator FarR variation controls antimicrobial fatty acid efflux in Staphylococcus aureus. Bonn, Camryn M. University of Western Ontario.
The Petrology and Geochemistry of Igneous Dykes above the Temagami Anomaly (Ontario, Canada) and their Relationship to the 1.85 Ga Sudbury Impact. Kawohl, Alexander. Universität Würzburg.
Didactic sequence for teaching – learning of decimal numbers in primary school in a context of remote classes. Ospina Méndez, Diana Carolina. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Level of technological adoption in agribusiness producing avocado (Persea americana Mill.) and its associated factors. Cáceres-Zambrano, Jeimmy Alexandra. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral (CGS D). Lee, Danielle. University of Manitoba.
Three-dimensional Ultrasound Imaging for Characterization of Synovitis in First Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis. du Toit, Carla. University of Western Ontario.

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