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Fishkul'tura: Sport-Fishing and the Soviet Union's Programme of Physical Culture and Sports. Burgt, Kelly van de. Leiden University.
First in world implementation of a smartphone application in primary and secondary prevention of stroke. Proesmans, Tine. Universiteit Hasselt.
Seat belt ignition interlock systemen: een onderzoek naar het maatschappelijk draagvlak, de academische en politieke visie, de barrières en het wetgevend kader. De Backer, Mathy. Universiteit Hasselt.
Innovation drivers for Dutch businesses. Toemen, Erik. Universiteit Hasselt.
The association of acute exacerbations in the previous year with functional parameters related to frailty in COPD patients. Özdemir, Sinan. Universiteit Hasselt.
Invloed van nanodeeltjes op coatingeigenschappen van Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) substraten. Bynens, Dana. Universiteit Hasselt.
Avatar rendering in virtual reality. Maes, Martijn. Universiteit Hasselt.
PrÃticas de estudo on-line de universitÃrios: cogniÃÃo e subjetivaÃÃo de jovens professores. Denise Costa Rodrigues. Universidade Federal do Ceará.
Quantifying the relationship between adaptive traits and agro-climatic conditions. Teklezgi, Mehari Gebre. Universiteit Hasselt.
Applications of DINEOF to satellite-derived chlorophyll-a from a productive coastal region. Hilborn, Andrea. University of Victoria.
Experimental investigation of oscillating-foil technologies. Iverson, Dylan. University of Victoria.
Minds, Materialism and Mental Representation. Hegarty, Michael. Leiden University.
Quantitative, qualitative or a combined movement assessment during return to sport testing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Petré, Tine. Universiteit Hasselt.
Threat and Deprivation: Early Adversities as Predictors of Child and Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Psychopathology. Henry, Lauren Marie. Vanderbilt University.
Image Analysis via Applied Harmonic Analysis : Perceptual Image Quality Assessment, Visual Servoing, and Feature Detection. Reisenhofer, Rafael. Universität Bremen.
Tight-Binding based Investigation of Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Molybdenum Disulfide Nanobubbles : From Atomic Structure to Optical Spectra. Carmesin, Christian. Universität Bremen.
Effect of Iron Carbonate Deposition on Mild Steel Corrosion in High Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems. Suhor, Muhammad Firdaus. Ohio University.
Kas sõjasõna sünnib sõtta? Erialakeele tõhusus sõjandusterminoloogia näitel . Hendrikson, Reet. Tartu University.
Functionele effecten van hoog intensiteit training bij aspecifieke chronische lage rugpijn. Schoeters, Philippe. Universiteit Hasselt.
Developing Elementary Students’ Motivation for Online Discussions and Argument-Counterargument Integration Skills in Blended Classrooms. Paul, Narmada. The Ohio State University.
Making sense of discourse: On discourse segmentation and the linguistic marking of coherence relations. Hoek, J. University Utrecht.
Responsive organocatalysis in soft materials. Trausel, F. Delft University of Technology.
Dental pulp stem cells and leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin as candidate therapies for articular cartilage and tendon repair. Beaumont, Joël. Universiteit Hasselt.
Intérêt de l’utilisation d’un peptidomimétique ciblant le récepteur NRP-1 pour le traitement du médulloblastome : Evaluation of a peptidomimetic targeting the receptor NRP-1 for treatment of medulloblastoma. Gong, Caifeng. Université de Lorraine.
What are the factors enabling or discouraging disruptive innovation in the insurance industry in Mauritius? Vu Thi Duong, Uyen. Universiteit Hasselt.
Analyse en preventie van schade bij brugdekvoegen toegepast in Vlaanderen. Droogmans, Ruben. Universiteit Hasselt.
Luchtdichtheid: onderzoek naar een akoestische schattingsmethode. Jehoul, Dries. Universiteit Hasselt.
Analysis of airline alliance member’s code-sharing cooperation. Gao, Ge. University of Manitoba.
Biophysical Techniques to Quantify Tissue Mechanical Forces and Chemical Kinetics. Auner, Alexander William. Vanderbilt University.
Dynamic Modeling and Implementation of Trajectory Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, and Optimal Control for Autonomous Deep Space Navigation. Schattel, Anne Sarah. Universität Bremen.
Toward a Hardware-assisted Online Intrusion Detection System Based on Deep Learning Algorithms for Resource-Limited Embedded Systems. Al Rawashdeh, Khaled. University of Cincinnati.
Derivation and Validation of a Clinical Tool to Predict Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Among Patients with Zero Coronary Calcium Score . Alshahrani, Ali. University of Ottawa.
Next-Generation-Sequencing – ist die Detektion tumorspezifischer SNPs der Schlüssel zur Pathobiologie des Magenkarzinoms? Holze, Niklas. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Institutionalization of corruption in post-Soviet public organizations. Aliyev, Ziya. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Muscle carnosine concentrations in m. vastus lateralis in patients with COPD. Verwimp, Eline. Universiteit Hasselt.
Physiological effects of the Pseudomonas putida toxin GraT . Ainelo, Andres. Tartu University.
De nieuwswaarden van constructieve journalistiek. van den Akker, Lisa. Leiden University.
A gramÃtica do poder local: ciclos polÃticos, trajetÃrias e recursos sociais de lederanÃa polÃticas em Acarape-CE. Monalisa Lima Torres. Universidade Federal do Ceará.
Reaction and mass transfer kinetics in multiphase bioreactors:experimental and modelling studies. Tervasmäki, P. (Petri). University of Oulu.
Het ideale profiel van de afgestudeerde accountant, vanuit het oogpunt van de auditwereld. Stockmans, Brent. Universiteit Hasselt.
Les représentations de la Shoah dans les albums de jeunesse américains et européens . Grobon, Alicia. University of Ottawa.
Conditional Process Analysis in Two-Instance Repeated-Measures Designs. Montoya, Amanda Kay. The Ohio State University.
Big Bits and Small States: Examining Reasons for Variation in Cryptocurrency Regulation in Europe. Rathod, Alex. Leiden University.
De invloed van de auditervaring van de CFO op de auditkwaliteit in private bedrijven. Geusens, Sofie. Universiteit Hasselt.
A New Institutional Economic Analysis and Implications for Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia: The Framework and Effects of Contemporary International Law and Migrant Workers . Alarife, Majed. University of Ottawa.
Imitatie bij kinderen met developmental coordination disorder in vergelijking met typisch ontwikkelende kinderen. Janssens, Dorien. Universiteit Hasselt.
Bayesian hierarchical models for powder manufacturing. Weru, Vivienn. Universiteit Hasselt.
Topological Phases with Crystalline Symmetries. Lu, Fuyan. The Ohio State University.
Teachers and learners constructing meaning in the foreign language classrooms: a study of multimodal communication in Estonian and French classes . Ingerpuu-Rümmel, Eva. Tartu University.
The spatio-temporal modeling of prostate cancer in Limburg. Ewnetu, Worku Biyadgie. Universiteit Hasselt.
Japanese Intonation: L1 transfer in Japanese intonation by Dutch L1- learners. van Duuren, Jimmy. Leiden University.
Adjetivos adverbializados: anÃlise lÃxico-funcional e implementaÃÃo computacional. Daniel de FranÃa Brasil Soares. Universidade Federal do Ceará.
Identity and Political Obligation. Natera, Noel Donato. Leiden University.
Pain Medication Utilization Among Cancer Survivors: Findings From Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Desai, Amarsinh M. University of Cincinnati.
Eurasia in Russian Foreign Policy under Putin in the Light of the Role Theory. Krulichová, Zuzana. Leiden University.
Using SVM and Deep Learning to facilitate orthognathic surgery planning. Peeters, Danilo. Universiteit Hasselt.
Professional Development For Culturally And Linguistically Responsive Classrooms: An Action Research Study . Sims, Violet. University of Bridgeport.
Board design and implementation for 8-bit avr microcontrollers in an educational environment. van Roon, Gideon. Universiteit Hasselt.
Ecology of hydrothermal vents on three segments of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, northeast Pacific. Tsurumi, Maia. University of Victoria.
Trends in Reporting Mental Health Concerns among College Student Athletes based on the National College Health Assessment. Edwards, Brian. University of Cincinnati.
De rol van de CEO in het gebruik van bankfinanciering in private familiebedrijven. Wertelaers, Stijn. Universiteit Hasselt.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Discourses in Saudi Arabia . Alharbi, Rabab. University of Ottawa.
Habitus e formaÃÃo musical de adolescentes: um estudo com estudantes da escola pÃblica. Yure Pereira de Abreu. Universidade Federal do Ceará.
A new approach to montage through Egyptian Hieroglyphs. MiKyung, Choi. Leiden University.
Study of parameters influencing the response of HPGe-detectors. Geelen, Stef. Universiteit Hasselt.
Analyse mathématique de divers systèmes de particules en milieu désordonné : Mathematical study of some systems of particles in a disordered medium. Ducatez, Raphaël. Paris Sciences et Lettres.
Experimental study of submerged turbulent twin jets interacting with a free surface and a solid wall. Essel, Ebenezer. University of Manitoba.
Effects of inhibition of adipose tissue lipolysis during exercise on glycaemic control and exercise performance in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Martens, Hanne. Universiteit Hasselt.
Стабилност и осциловање запремински оптерећене правоугаоне нано-плоче уз коришћење нелокалне теорије еластичности. Despotović Nikola. University of Novi Sad.
Techno-economische evaluatie van warmteverdeelsystemen in appartementsgebouwen met centrale warmteproductie of warmtenet-aansluiting. Bemelmans, Amber. Universiteit Hasselt.
Taking Credit: Case Study of a UV System to Expand Methods of Virus Inactivation and to Quantify the Enhanced Public Health and Sustainability. Kane, Tyler. University of New Hampshire.
Aspectos principales de un programa de cumplimiento de la regulación peruana de libre competencia. Paredes Seminario, Raysa Marisé. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Dancers’ Reflections on Their Healthcare Experiences: Perspectives from Australia and the USA. Descoteaux, Jill. Ohio University.
The Business Value of Blockchain. Schepers, Dimitri. Universiteit Hasselt.
Tukat nutturalle ja rahkamokokkoilemaan:taitoluistelun erikoiskieli ja slangi. Pöykiö-Reinikainen, S. (Susanna). University of Oulu.
In-vitro Untersuchungen zur Interaktion zwischen Thromben und Stentretrievern in Modellen embolisch verschlossener Hirnbasisarterien. Lamprecht, Sophie. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Les enfants au prisme des pratiques enseignantes d’éducation à la citoyenneté . Boyer, Stéphanie. University of Ottawa.
Medikamentenkonsum in der Schwangerschaft bei Müttern mit Frühgeborenen und hypotrophen Neugeborenen. Thamm, Jacqueline. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Design of a fully balanced ASIC coprocessor implementing complete addition formulas on Weierstrass elliptic curves. Pirotte, Niels. Universiteit Hasselt.
De rol van calciumtransporters in uraniumopname bij <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i>. Wuyts, Karen. Universiteit Hasselt.
Onderzoek naar het aanbrengen van een coating op keramische monolieten via ultrasoon spraycoaten. Loyen, Arno. Universiteit Hasselt.
Anti-Atheism in the United States. Klug, Petra. Universität Bremen.
Dynamic Hierarchical Cache Management for Cloud RAN and Multi- Access Edge Computing in 5G Networks. Rajendiran, Deepika Pathinga. San Jose State University.
Quantifying impacts of bioenergy : Model advancements to analyse indirect land use change mitigation and socio-economic impacts. Brinkman, M.L.J. University Utrecht.
Invloed van verschillende spuitgietparameters op de hechting tussen thermohardende rubbers en thermoplasten bij het 2K spuitgieten. Gijsen, Michiel. Universiteit Hasselt.
Impact of periodized home-based rehabilitation and B-alanine supplementation on exercise capacity in Multiple Sclerosis: a feasibility study. Van Herck, Maarten. Universiteit Hasselt.
Biogeochemical and phylogenetic signals of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic microbial metabolisms. Gruen, Danielle S. MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
De gevolgen van emotionele dissonantie in familiebedrijven. Claus, Brent. Universiteit Hasselt.
The Success of African American Medical Imaging Students: A Transformative Study of Student Engagement. Herrmann, Tracy. University of Cincinnati.
The effect of High Intensity Training on Activity Level, Pain and Disability in Chronic , Nonspecific Low Back Pain Patients. Lamers, Don. Universiteit Hasselt.
Lessons in Unlearning: Philosophy and Poetry in Wittgenstein and Pessoa. Boomsma, Lars. Leiden University.
Cake washing process development and end-point determination based on refractive index. Jennen, Jef. Universiteit Hasselt.
Optimizing Distributed In-memory Storage Systems˸ Fault-tolerance, Performance, Energy Efficiency : Optimisation des Systèmes de Stockage en Mémoire ˸ Performance, Efficacité, Durabilité. Taleb, Mohammed Yacine. Rennes, École normale supérieure.
Power Analysis on AES and LoRaWAN. Quetin, Robin. Universiteit Hasselt.
Lightweight authentication and key management of wireless sensor networks for Internet of things. Porambage, P. (Pawani). University of Oulu.
Design, fabrication and characterisation of humidity and force sensors based on carbon nanomaterials. Vasiljević Dragana. University of Novi Sad.
The reliability and validity of multidirectional hop tests versus sagittal plane-based hop tests in function of return-to-sport evaluation in patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Van Langendonck, Jan. Universiteit Hasselt.
SmartSharing: a content delivery network with local sharing of over-the-top devices. Fan, Jiamin. University of Victoria.

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