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The Establishment of Cal Women’s Crew in 1974-75. Lippett, Peter. University of California.
CRT in Ohio Schools: Effects on School Partnerships & Student Behaviors. Jordan, Deanna. Youngstown State University.
Legendary Hotchkiss Wightman Revolutionized Game (Tennis). Caparaz, Dean. University of California.
Toll plaza Automation using GPS.pdf. Tyagi, Gaurav. Figshare.
Design and Material Characterization of an Inflatable Vaginal Dilator. Chen, Po-Han; Li, Yu; Morris, Karcher; Makale, Milan; Mayadev, Jyoti. University of California.
Recurring homozygous ACTN2 variant (p.Arg506Gly) causes a recessive myopathy. Donkervoort, Sandra; Mohassel, Payam; OLeary, Melanie; Bonner, Devon; Hartley, Taila; Acquaye, Nicole; Brull, Astrid; Saporta, Mario; Dyment, David; Sampson, Jacinda; Pajusalu, Sander; Austin-Tse, Christina; Hurth, Kyle; Cohen, Julie; McWalter, Kirsty; Warman-Chardon, Jodi; Crunk, Amy; Foley, A; Mammen, Andrew; Wheeler, Matthew; ODonnell-Luria, Anne; Bönnemann, Carsten. University of California.
Impact of COVID-19 on Educators' Roles and Morale. Schroder, Erica A. Youngstown State University.
Analiza in optimizacija procesnih parametrov sušilnice za koruzo. Simonič, Marko. Univerza v Mariboru.
Valerie McClain Interview, Jean Strauss 150W for Athletics. McClain, Valerie. University of California.
Biphasic regulation of epigenetic state by matrix stiffness during cell reprogramming. Song, Yang; Soto, Jennifer; Wong, Sze Yue; Wu, Yifan; Hoffman, Tyler; Akhtar, Navied; Norris, Sam; Chu, Julia; Park, Hyungju; Kelkhoff, Douglas O; Ang, Cheen Euong; Wernig, Marius; Kasko, Andrea; Downing, Timothy L; Poo, Mu-ming. University of California.
Indicadores de ciencia y género en la carrera del Personal de Apoyo de CONICET-Argentina. Pastor, Daniela Alejandra. Figshare.
Sex and pubertal variation in reward-related behavior and neural activation in early adolescents. Barendse, MEA; Swartz, JR; Taylor, SL; Fine, JR; Shirtcliff, EA; Yoon, L; McMillan, SJ; Tully, LM. University of California.
Targeted nonviral delivery of genome editors in vivo. Tsuchida, Connor A; Wasko, Kevin M; Hamilton, Jennifer R. University of California.
Missy Franklin, Olympic Swimmer. Rathi, Devanshi. University of California.
Caractérisation infrarouge operando des électrolyseurs à membrane électrolytique polymère pour la séparation de l'eau : Operando infrared characterization of polymer electrolyte membrane water splitting electrolyzers. Krause, Kevin. Bordeaux.
Marques et marges du futur en français. Expression verbale et valeurs / Défectivité et substitutions : Future Markers and Margins of French Future.Verbal expression and values / Defectivity and substitutions. Quemere, Françoise. Sorbonne université.
Joint offloading-scheduling policies for future generation wireless networks : Politiques conjointes de report de calcul et d'ordonnancement pour les réseaux sans fil de nouvelles générations. Djemai, Ibrahim. Institut polytechnique de Paris.
Evolution of mobile networks architecture and optimization of radio resource management : Evolution de l’architecture du réseau mobile et optimisation de la gestion des ressources radio. Saad, Joe. université Paris-Saclay.
Key-Frame Based Motion Representations for Pose Sequences. Thasarathan, Harrish Patrick. York University.
Focusing and separation of particles and cells activated by passive microfluidic systems. Zhang, Tianlong. Macquarie University.
Translating all under heaven: Language, politics, and nationhood in Chinese cinema. Robinson, Daniel. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Phosphoproteomic strategies for protein functional characterization of phosphatases and kinases. DeMarco, Andrew G. Purdue University.
Influenza D virus utilizes both 9-O-acetylated N-acetylneuraminic and 9-O-acetylated N-glycolylneuraminic acids as functional entry receptors. Liu, Yunpeng; Bowman, Andrew; Martinez-Sobrido, Luis; Parrish, Colin; Melikyan, Gregory; Wang, Dan; Li, Feng; Uprety, Tirth; Yu, Jieshi; Nogales, Aitor; Naveed, Ahsan; Yu, Hai. University of California.
Self-reported mid- to late-life physical and recreational activities: Associations with late-life cognition. Gavett, Brandon E; Widaman, Keith F; McKenzie, Cathryn; De Leon, Fransia S; Fletcher, Evan; Farias, Sarah Tomaszewski. University of California.
Carol Sanoff Interview, Jean Strauss 150W for Athletics. Sanoff, Carol. University of California.
Vitamin A deficiency impairs neutrophil-mediated control of Salmonella via SLC11A1 in mice. Lokken-Toyli, Kristen L; Diaz-Ochoa, Vladimir E; Camacho, Lizbeth; Stull-Lane, Annica R; Van Hecke, Amber ER; Mooney, Jason P; Muñoz, Ariel D; Walker, Gregory T; Hampel, Daniela; Jiang, Xiaowen; Labuda, Jasmine C; Depew, Claire E; McSorley, Stephen J; Stephensen, Charles B. University of California.
The detritus of reason: Surrealism, photography and the everyday. Reilly, Adrian. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Clinical, functional, and opportunistic CT metrics of sarcopenia at the point of imaging care: analysis of all-cause mortality. Yao, Lawrence; Petrosyan, Anahit; Chaudhari, Abhijit J; Lenchik, Leon. University of California.
The Costs of Inclusion: Debt, Migration, and the Privatization of Post-Secondary Education in Canada. Spring, Cynthia J. York University.
Part I, Introduction: About the Cal Women’s Rowing History Project. O'Reilly, Oliver. University of California.
Harmonização das Regras de Origem Preferenciais . Rocha, Glenyo Cristiano. Universidade de Coimbra.
<b>Machine Learning And remote sensing applications for lake Michigan coastal processes</b>. Abdelhady, Hazem Usama. Purdue University.
Reconnection of Production and Consumption in Alternative Food Networks – Motivations, Drivers and socio-economic Implications. Zoll, Felix. Humboldt University of Berlin.
The Ethics of Cognitive Security. Buzzell, Andrew Ward. York University.
Education as a Key Factor in Policy Support: An Evaluation of National Mileage Fee Support as it Varies with Information and Attitudes. Nelson, Clare. University of California.
The role of bioregionalization in improving our understanding of global biodiversity. Montalvo Mancheno, Cristian. University of Tasmania.
Pomen preventive v skrbi za zdravje. Kavaš, Nataša. Univerza v Mariboru.
Cyberbullying: A new dimension to an old problem. Corcoran, Lucie. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
14.8% Quantum Efficient Gallium Phosphide Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution. Becker, Kathleen; Xiao, Chengcan; Assavachin, Samutr; Kundmann, Anna. University of California.
Heart rate and breathing effects on attention and memory (HeartBEAM): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial in older adults. Nashiro, Kaoru; Yoo, Hyun; Cho, Christine; Kim, Andy; Nasseri, Padideh; Min, Jungwon; Dahl, Martin; Mercer, Noah; Choupan, Jeiran; Choi, Paul; Lee, Hye; Choi, David; Alemu, Kalekirstos; Herrera, Alexandra; Ng, Nicole; Thayer, Julian. University of California.
Where’s the BIPOC Blueprint for Healthy Youth Development? The Role of Scientific Omissions in Our Struggle for Science Translation and Racial Equity in the United States. Shapiro, Valerie B; Eldeeb, Nehal; McCoy, Henrika; Trujillo, Miguel. University of California.
Mechanism of Action of Oral Salmonella-Based Vaccine to Prevent and Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in NOD Mice. Cobb, Jacob; Rawson, Jeffrey; Gonzalez, Nelson; Singer, Mahmoud; Kandeel, Fouad. University of California.
Specialist cancer hospital-based smoking cessation service provision in Ireland. Lyons, Ailsa; Bhardwaj, Nancy; Masalkhi, Mouayad; Fox, Patricia; McCann, Amanda; Syed, Shiraz; Niranjan, Vikram; Kelleher, Cecily; Kavanagh, Paul; Fitzpatrick, Patricia. University of California.
Razvoj IIoT vmesnikov za procesno avtomatizacijo. Bajec, Dominik. Univerza v Mariboru.
Food restriction during breeding and development and its implications for reproductive trade-offs in zebra finches. Coutts, Victoria. Auburn University.
Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing identifies stage- and subtype-specific DNA methylation signatures in pancreatic cancer. Wang, Sarah S; Hall, Madison L; Lee, EunJung; Kim, Soon-Chan; Ramesh, Neha; Lee, Sang Hyub; Jang, Jin-Young; Bold, Richard J; Ku, Ja-Lok. University of California.
Primerjava ogrevanja stanovanjske hiše na lesno biomaso in toplotno črpalko ter njihov vpliv na okolje. Pacek, Lucija. Univerza v Mariboru.
A non-canonical role for p107 in muscle stem cell fate decisions. Hsiung, Justin Wei-Liang. York University.
Elucidating the Role of Syntaxin-1A in Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Hypertrophic Remodeling in the Adult Mouse Heart. Anser, Fahad. York University.
Structure and Local Properties of Dark Matter Halos. Smith-Orlik, Adam Jacob Ross. York University.
Ciblage thérapeutique de l’Hepatic Leukemia Factor (HLF) dans les cancers du sein triple négatifs : Targeting the Hepatic Leukemia factor (HLF) in triple negatif breast cancers. Bouakka, Ibrahim. université Paris-Saclay.
Učinek krajše meditativne in dihalne tehnike pri žalujočih z varnim stilom navezanosti. Goltnik, Tanja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax in Duffy negatives and Duffy positives from community and health centre collections in Ethiopia. Bradley, Lauren; Yewhalaw, Delenasaw; Hemming-Schroeder, Elizabeth; Jeang, Brook; Lee, Ming-Chieh; Zemene, Endalew; Degefa, Teshome; Lo, Eugenia; King, Christopher; Kazura, James. University of California.
Site-specific acetylation of polynucleotide kinase 3′-phosphatase regulates its distinct role in DNA repair pathways. Islam, Azharul; Chakraborty, Anirban; Sarker, Altaf H; Aryal, Uma K; Pan, Lang; Sharma, Gulshan; Boldogh, Istvan. University of California.
Metabolic signatures of indispensable amino acids deficiencies : Identification and validation of urinary biomarkers : Signatures métaboliques de la déficience en acides aminés indispensables : identification et validation de biomarqueurs urinaires. Roisné-Hamelin, Gaëtan. université Paris-Saclay.
COBRA improves the completeness and contiguity of viral genomes assembled from metagenomes. Chen, LinXing. University of California.
English version of questioners.pdf. Mesele, Molalegn. Figshare.
Navigating Intimate Image Sharing: Youth Experiences with Technology-Mediated Sexuality in a New Legal Landscape. Lockhart,Emily Mallary. York University.
Analiza uporabe nanotekočin v toplotnih prenosnikih. Špiler, Andrej. Univerza v Mariboru.
Novel Anti-CRISPR-Assisted CRISPR Biosensor for Exclusive Detection of Single-Stranded DNA (ssDNA). Ci, Qiaoqiao; He, Yawen. University of California.
Experimental analysis and mathematical modeling of pressurized alkaline water electrolysis powered by renewable energy. Brauns, Jörn. Technische Universität Clausthal.
Subicular neurons encode concave and convex geometries. Sun, Yanjun; Nitz, Douglas; Giocomo, Lisa. University of California.
Valuation of forestâmanagement and wildfire disturbance on water and carbon fluxes in mountain headwaters. Chung, Min Gon; Guo, Han; Nyelele, Charity; Egoh, Benis N; Goulden, Michael L; Keske, Catherine M. University of California.
I/O Access Patterns in HPC Applications: A 360-Degree Survey. Bez, Jean Luca; Byna, Suren. University of California.
Nonlinear low-frequency excitations of condensed matter studied by two-dimensional terahertz spectroscopy. Runge, Matthias. Humboldt University of Berlin.
The Contribution of Cortical Feature Processing to Oculomotor Target Selection. Kehoe, Devin William Heinze. York University.
Participant outcomes in residential Pay As You Save® programs. Deason, Jeff; Murphy, Sean. University of California.
Geochemical signatures track the evolution of the northwest North China Craton upper mantle. Dai, Hongkun. Macquarie University.
Sex and HIV Differences in Preserved Ratio Impaired Spirometry (PRISm) Among Ugandans Postpneumonia. Abelman, Rebecca A; Fitzpatrick, Jessica; Byanova, Katerina L; Zawedde, Josephine; Sanyu, Ingvar; Byanyima, Patrick; Musisi, Emmanuel; Hsieh, Jenny; Zhang, Michelle; Branchini, Jake; Sessolo, Abdul; Hunt, Peter W; Lalitha, Rejani; Davis, J Lucian; Crothers, Kristina; Worodria, William. University of California.
Specific anchoring of large topologically closed DNA for single-molecule protein:DNA interactions. Gilhooly, Neville S. University of California.
Prebiotics and Probiotics for Gastrointestinal Disorders. Rau, Sameeha; Gregg, Andrew; Yaceczko, Shelby. University of California.
Primerjava algoritmov za analizo sentimenta v filmskih kritikah. Milutinović, Virdžinija. Univerza v Mariboru.
Herptile gut microbiomes: a natural system to study multi-kingdom interactions between filamentous fungi and bacteria. Vargas-Gastélum, Lluvia; Romer, Alexander S; Ghotbi, Marjan; Dallas, Jason W; Alexander, N Reed; Moe, Kylie C; McPhail, Kerry L; Neuhaus, George F; Shadmani, Leila; Spatafora, Joseph W; Stajich, Jason E; Tabima, Javier F. University of California.
Animal labour and alienation under capitalism. Goris, John Ian. Macquarie University.
Cal Women's Rowing Crew Data Spreadsheet. Cal Women's Rowing History Project. University of California.
Distinct function of Chlamydomonas CTRA-CTR transporters in Cu assimilation and intracellular mobilization. Strenkert, Daniela; Schmollinger, Stefan; Paruthiyil, Srinand; Brown, Bonnie C; Green, Sydnee; Shafer, Catherine M; Salomé, Patrice; Nelson, Hosea; Blaby-Haas, Crysten E; Moseley, Jeffrey L. University of California.
Investigation and Characterization of Composite Silica Aerogel Nanostructures Obtained Via Magnetron Sputtering. Capacchione, Amanda. York University.
Long-range optical coherence tomography of pediatric airway during drug induced sleep endoscopy: A preliminary report. Goshtasbi, Khodayar; Su, Erica; Jing, Joseph C; Nguyen, Theodore V; Hong, Ellen M; Dilley, Katelyn D; Ahuja, Gurpreet S; Chen, Zhongping. University of California.
Climate and biodiversity change constrain the flow of cultural ecosystem services to people: A case study modeling birding across Africa under future climate scenarios. Manley, Kyle. University of California.
The epidemiology of burn injuries in a Canadian population during the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelberger, Alexander John. York University.
Carli Lloyd: From California’s Powerhouse toGlobal Playmaker. Chen, Mandy. University of California.
Design strategies and dyslexia: Improving the accessibility of course material for third-level students with dyslexia. Dunne, Colm. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Einfluss der Zeit zwischen Diagnose und Therapie des Prostatakarzinoms mittels radikaler Prostatektomie auf klinische und onkologische Parameter. Rodehutskors, Hoai Nam David. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
Vloga interesnih dejavnosti pri vključevanju otrok priseljencev v šolsko in širše družbeno okolje. Povalej, Urška. Univerza v Mariboru.
Understanding Student Perceptions of a High School Wellness Center: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis Qualitative Study. Clayton, Devan Audrey. Brigham Young University.
Assessing Farm Resilience to Strategic Risk. Lippsmeyer, Margaret Ann. Purdue University.
BIM-Based Circularity Assessment for Swiss Architecture Competitions. Androulaki, Ariadni. ETH Zürich.
Droplet Drag Modeling on Spray Conditions. Lin, Yushu. Virginia Tech.
The pronunciation of /r/ in English and German as foreign languages in II. gimnazija Maribor. Vuherer, Neli. Univerza v Mariboru.
Parallel Streams of Direct Corticogeniculate Feedback from Mid-level Extrastriate Cortex in the Macaque Monkey. Adusei, Matthew; Callaway, Edward M; Usrey, W Martin. University of California.
محمد عباسة-الشعر المقطعي الأندلسي وأثره في الشعر الأوكسيتاني. Abbassa, Mohammed. Figshare.
Landscape as witness: Aftermath photography, oral history, and ethnography in representing the Public Works Scheme of the Great Irish Famine. Laoide-Kemp, Seán. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Stratégies perceptive-motrices durant la locomotion des patients atteints d'une lombalgie chronique non-spécifique : vers de nou­velles méthodes d'analyse et de suivi : Perceptual-motor strategies during locomotion in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain : towards new methods of analysis and follow-up. Bilhaut, Agathe. Rennes 2.
Improving well-being among people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis living in Los Angeles County. Core, Erin. California State University – Northridge.
Colorimetric and Reverse Fluorescence Dual-Signal Readout Immunochromatographic Assay for the Sensitive Determination of Sibutramine. Gui, Yun; Zhao, Yun; Liu, Pengyan; Wang, Yulong; Mao, Xinxin; Peng, Chifang; Hammock, Bruce D. University of California.
Spatialized probabilistic flood risk assessment in urban areas protected by levees. Mainguenaud, Florence Marianne. York University.
Novel biomarkers in inflammatory bowel disease. MUNRO, ANKE LAM HONG. Monash University.
Insights on Expectations and Characteristics of Teacher-Student Relationships; A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Lived Experiences of Urban Elementary Parents. Italiano, Kristen Louise. Youngstown State University.
Načrtovanje polizoliranih vodnikov. Voršič, Žiga. Univerza v Mariboru.

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