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Chromatic Dispersion Compensation using Fiber Bragg Gratings. Popury, Sree Rajya Lakshmi. California State University – Northridge.
Development and Validation of the Statistics Assessment of Graduate Students. Walpitage, Dammika Lakmal. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Korean-American Families: Bridging the disconnect in communication between first generation immigrant parents and their American-born children. Hong, Jacqueline. California State University – Northridge.
Resolution enhancement in shallow 3D-PS seismic reflection. Strong, Shaun Regen. University of Queensland.
Predictive Validity of Curriculum-Based Reading Measures for High-Stakes Outcome Assessments with Secondary Students Identified as Struggling Readers. Gifford, Tierney A. State University of New York at Albany.
Photographic key to the moss family Orthotrichaceae in California. Mendez, Nickte. California State University – Northridge.
Comparative ontogeny of avian limb skeleton: implications for ontogenetic ageing and evolutionary variability, with special emphasis on the evolution of avian flightlessness . Watanabe, Junya. Kyoto University.
西田幾多郎の行為の哲学 . 太田, 裕信. Kyoto University.
Learning to Teach Online: An Investigation of the Impacts of Faculty Development Training on Teaching Effectiveness and Attitudes toward Online Instruction. Brinkley, Karen Elizabeth. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Improved Fungicidal Control of Large Patch through Optimal Use of Surfactants and Spray Rate Volume. Benelli, Jesse J. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Witnesses with a microphone| Teaching and learning in a hip hop literacy community. Campbell, Philip Jude. University of Pennsylvania.
Synthesis, Reactivity, and NMR Trends of Early Transition Metal Compounds. Cook, Tabitha Marie. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Inhibitory Control Processes During the Preparation and Initiation of Motor Responses . Drummond, Neil M. University of Ottawa.
Design of novel chimeras provides insight into structure/function activity of apolipoprotein E3 and apolipoprotein AI. Lek, Mark T. California State University, Long Beach.
Design and Construction of Designer Bioester Libraries for Validation of the Modular Cell Theory. Layton, Donovan. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Resonant Light Scattering from Semiconductor Quantum Dots. Konthasinghe, Kumarasiri. University of South Florida.
Effect of Shoreline Subsidence and Anthropogenic Activity on Northwest Territories’ Lakes. Houben, Adam James. University of Ottawa.
Locally Optimized Mapping of Slum Conditions in a Sub-Saharan Context: A Case Study of Bamenda, Cameroon. Anchang, Julius. University of South Florida.
Substituting Failure Avoidance for Redundancy in Storage Fault Tolerance. Brumgard, Christopher David. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Emigration, Repatriation and the Reality of Returned Youth in El Salvador. Duarte Vasquez, Isabel C. University of San Francisco.
Investigating the Conditions of Ideal Family Business Successor: A Stakeholder Perspective. Chou, Tsai-yi. NSYSU.
Retinitis Pigmentosa with EYS Mutations Is the Most Prevalent Inherited Retinal Dystrophy in Japanese Populations . Ohashi(Arai), Yuuki. Kyoto University.
Beta-Delayed Neutron Data and Models for SCALE. Talley, Kemper Dyar. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Graduate recital in voice. Hu, Angelina. California State University – Northridge.
In vivo detection of atherosclerotic plaque using non-contact and label-free near-infrared hyperspectral imaging . Chihara, Hideo. Kyoto University.
Measuring and positively influencing physical activity and sedentary behaviour in adults with mental illness. Chapman, Justin. University of Queensland.
STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF CNT YARNS AND CNT/CNF REINFORCED PAN-BASED CARBON FIBERS. Hiremath, Nitilaksha Phalaxayya. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Turbine Engine Rotor Blade Damage Detection through the Analysis of Vibration of Stationary Components. Cox, Jon Rylan. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
What lies beneath| An exploration of the influence of social identity on school leadership. Rho, Kathy J. University of Pennsylvania.
Mitarbeiterführung und Social-Media-Nutzung im Führungsalltag von Generation-Y-Führungskräften - Eine explorative Analyse mittels Mixed-Methods-Ansatz. Feltes, Florian. Université du Luxembourg.
Armenian Youth and the Social Construction of Reality: A Video Documentary on the Land and Culture Organization. Chambers, Richard. California State University – Northridge.
Practice of power: Creek gift-giving and the retention of agency, 1790-1815. Casey, Mary. California State University – Northridge.
How Do People in Animal Welfare Fields Respond to Family Violence Situations? Poe, Bethanie Allison. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Developing a CMS PHP Framework with Symfony. Han-Nguyen, Justin. California State University – Northridge.
Generation of Photon Pairs in Fiber Microcouplers . Cheng, Xinru. University of Ottawa.
Social class in the organizational sciences| A meta-analysis. Loignon, Andrew Caleb. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
Solution Focused Therapy Group for Parents: Addressing Adolescent Substance Use disorder with Faith-based Populations. Brookshire, Carole. California State University – Northridge.
The Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler. Blattner, Timothy. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Academic Library Resources and Services for Online Distance Learners: An Exploratory Study. Sasso, Roseanne Michele. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
The use of simulation in causal analysis of sentinel events in healthcare. Davis, James E. University of Pennsylvania.
Assessing and Mapping Social Networks in Adolescent and Adult Clients. Maida, Hala. California State University – Northridge.
Ghrelin O-acyltransferase knockout mice show resistance to obesity when fed high-sucrose diet . Kouno, Tetsuya. Kyoto University.
Chronology and Paleoclimate of Late Pleistocene Glaciation in the Klamath Mountains, CA. Dickey, Nathan. California State University – Northridge.
Do Concussion History and Gender Influence Neurocognitive Testing Performance. Borque, Brandy. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
Develop an Interactive Classroom Response System. Soni, Saumil. California State University – Northridge.
Skeletal muscle PGC-1α1 and KAT enzymes at the intersection between depression and metabolic disease . Agudelo, Leandro. Karolinska Institute.
Great Recession, environmental awareness, and Philadelphia?s waste generation. Khajevand, Nikoo. Temple University.
The Impact of Ageing, Gamma(γ)-irradiation, and Varying Concentrations of Phosphate on the Stability and Solubility of Biogenic Iron Oxides (BIOS) in the Presence of Shewanella putrefaciens CN32 . Najem, Tarek. University of Ottawa.
La régularisation environnementale et le flux commercial : une analyse d'impact du programme canadien de lutte contre les pluies acides . Zhang,Yangyang. Université de Sherbrooke.
The effects of conformity and training in a phishing context| Conforming to the school of phish. Jones, Matt. The University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Superintendent use of Twitter| Learning, leading and leveraging through social media. Roth, Michael Q. University of Pennsylvania.
A Longitudinal Examination of a SSI-Embedded Experiential Environmental Education Course and Environmental Behaviors. Newton, Mark H. University of South Florida.
On the quantification of complexity and diversity from phenotypes to ecosystems. Marion, Zachary Harrison. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Integrated High-Resolution Chemostratigraphic and Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of the Paleotropical Carbonates Spanning the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary at the West End of Anticosti Island, Eastern Canada . Mauviel, Alain. University of Ottawa.
Land Use and Land Cover Based Habitat Analyses of Invasive Species Along the Lower Tonawanda Creek Applying Unmanned Helicopter Remote Sensing. Jiang, Chenliuli. Buffalo State College.
Laminar traffic flow: a continuous flow algorithm for intersecting traffic of automated vehicles. Studnitski, Nir. California State University – Northridge.
Potential Emissions and Exposures of Toxic Organics from Storage Tanks for Chemical Additions in Hydraulic Fracturing: A Modeling Approach. Chen, Huan. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Improved 2D and 3D resistivity surveys using buried electrodes and optimized arrays the multi-electrode resistivity implant technique (MERIT). Kiflu, Henok Gidey. University of South Florida.
The leadership gap| Where are African-American male students? Shin, Victor S. University of Pennsylvania.
Characteristics of Thick Concrete Neutron Reflection. Taylor, Richard Gordon. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Construction of continental crust by deep crustal fractional crystallization and garnet pyroxenite root development: geochemical evidence from Fiordland, New Zealand. Wiesenfeld, John. California State University – Northridge.
Stories of Success: A Phenomenological Study of Positive Transformative Learning Experiences of Low-Socioeconomic Status Community College Mathematics Students. Smith, John Thomas. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Paleohydrology of the Aeolis Dorsa region, Mars, with Insights from Modern and Ancient Terrestrial Analogs. Jacobsen, Robert Eric, II. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Longing For the Emotion in Music. Bi, Xuanjin. California State University – Northridge.
Comprehensive analysis of transitions in ribosomal DNA chromatin states in S. cerevisiae during different growth phases. Babl, Virginia-Lorena. Universität Regensburg.
Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) machine modeling. Rodriguez, Marvin O. California State University, Long Beach.
Design and Control of Close Proximity Indirect Exposure for Nonthermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Based Oxidation of Carbon Fiber Precursor. Bonds, Truman Andrew. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
How Parkour Coaches Learn to Coach: An Exploration of Parkour Coach Learning and Development . Greenberg, Ethan. University of Ottawa.
Errand planner. Karandikar, Nikita. California State University – Northridge.
On the Strong Novikov Conjecture of Locally Compact Groups for Low Degree Cohomology Classes . Fukumoto, Yoshiyasu. Kyoto University.
Wave chaos and enhancement of coherent radiation with rippled waveguides in a photoconductive antenna. Kim, Christopher. Temple University.
Trust:Therapeutic Relationships with African Americans Clinician Handbook. Walker, Eric. California State University – Northridge.
The Impact of Health Insurance for The Poor on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Indonesia. Fassi Fehri, Youssef. University of South Florida.
Family Experiences with Standardized Assessments Leading to Participation in the Opt Out Movement. Evans, Christy Lee. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Electrospun Particle/Polymer Fiber Mat Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries. Self, Ethan Craig. Vanderbilt University.
Moral Agency and Free Will: Speculative Fiction Fandom and the Discourse of Empathy. Strom, Julie. California State University – Northridge.
Sum-product estimates and finite point configurations over p-adic fields. Ethier, Dillon. University of Rochester.
Src regulates insulin secretion and glucose metabolism by influencing subcellular localization of glucokinase in pancreatic β-cells . Sato, Hiroki. Kyoto University.
Cloud based monitoring and control system for an aquaponics garden. Smart, Devon. California State University – Northridge.
地震動の水平上下スペクトル比を用いた地盤構造同定とその応用に関する研究 . 長嶋, 史明. Kyoto University.
Design, Control and Protection of Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)-Based Multi-Terminal HVDC System. Li, Yalong. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
The Vocal Communication of Tibetan Macaques in Mt. Huangshan, China: their Vocal Repertoire, Call Functions, and Congeneric Comparisons in the Genus Macaca . Sofia, Kaliope Bernstein. Kyoto University.
The Mobile Citizen: Canada’s Treatment of Mobility in Immigration, Citizenship, and Foreign Policy . Johnston, Alexander M. University of Ottawa.
The Study on Capability Evaluation of Strategic Human Resource Chief. Shen, Hui-Ping. NSYSU.
Microstructure Control and Correlation to Creep Properties in Grade 91 Steel Weldment After Thermo-Mechanical Treatments and an Fe-30Cr-3Al Alloy Strengthened by Fe2Nb Laves Phase. Shassere, Benjamin Allen. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Recognition Mechanism of Dibenzoylhydrazines by Human P-glycoprotein . Miyata, Kenichi. Kyoto University.
Hybrid microgrid and its coordination. Amin, Mihirkumar. California State University – Northridge.
Design and Synthesis of Lipid Probes Used for Membrane Derivatization and Fusion. Whitehead, Stuart Allen. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
Full waveform inversion of supershot-gathered data for optimization of turnaround time in seismic reflection survey . Ehsan, Jamali Hondori. Kyoto University.
Reflections of Instructional Technology Interns on the School-University Internship Experience An Interpretive Case Study of Pre-Service Teacher Interns. Tocci, Laurie B. Point Park University.
'Love and courage'| Resilience strategies of journalists facing trauma in Northern Mexico. Choice, Stephen. The University of Arizona.
Investigation on Energy-Saving Based Scheduling for Battery Testing System. Fan, Yu-Chen. NSYSU.
The Scruffy City: Development in Knoxville, TN. Morris, Katherine Leigh. University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
A Study of User Acceptance on mobile platform for order placement of securities firms. Yu, Tsai-Yen. NSYSU.
Kelp and Carbon: Pathways and Barriers to Acquisition and Transport. Drobnitch, Sarah Tepler. University of California – Santa Cruz.
Direct attention training with a school-aged student with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the implications for reading comprehension. Schwab, Sarah-Jane. California State University, Long Beach.
Determination of the optimal cutoff percentage of residual tumors to define the pathological response rate for gastric cancer treated with preoperative therapy (JCOG1004-A). Nakamura, Kenichi. Kyoto University.

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