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Transitioning the transport and land-use system. Switzer, A.W. NARCIS.
Capturing human behaviour through wearables by computational analysis of social dynamics. Gedik, E. Delft University of Technology.
Facteurs d’influence de la maturité en intelligence d’affaires des entreprises dans les pays émergents : Le cas de la Tunisie . Oueslati Mohamed. Université de Sherbrooke.
Quantum Control Architecture: Bridging the Gap between Quantum Software and Hardware. Fu, X. Delft University of Technology.
Gene Regulatory Compatibility in Bacteria: Consequences for Synthetic Biology and Evolution. Johns, Nathan Isaac. Columbia University.
Molecular and Computational Transcriptomics in Prostate Cancer. Hoogstrate, Youri. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Charge and Energy Transfer in Multichromophoric Arrays. Inan, D. Delft University of Technology.
Expression klassischer und nicht-klassischer MHC-Moleküle sowie Inflamationsproteine in latent HSV-1 infizierten Neuronen humaner sensorischer Ganglien. Reßle, Florian. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Multi-Microphone Noise Reduction for Hearing Assistive Devices. Koutrouvelis, A. Delft University of Technology.
Nonlinear optical phenomena in multimode fibers. Buch, Shaival V. University of Rochester.
Re-use of Building Products in the Netherlands: he development of a metabolism based assessment approach. Icibaci, L.M. A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment.
Caso de negocio para la PMO de la Empresa AtekPC . Raymundo Sacsara, Jorge Antonio. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Arsenic removal in rapid sand filters. Gude, J.C.J. Delft University of Technology.
Analiza percepcije medijskega občinstva. Tripkovič, Katja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Notranje revidiranje leta 2031. Kovač, Karmen. Univerza v Mariboru.
A framework for public private people partnerships in the city resilience building process. [No author]. Universidad de Navarra.
Cooperative intersection control for autonomous vehicles. Morales Medina, A.I. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Novel immunologic cellular mechanisms in atherosclerosis and potential therapeutic implications . Rahman, Mizanur. Karolinska Institute.
Sensory-Based Programming in Mental Health: Sense of Self. Yeckel, Nikki. Duquesne University.
Genetic variations in connection: understanding the effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in their biological context. Cirillo, Elisa.
Clearing the Smoke: The Changing Identities and Work in Firefighting. Rumsey, Alyssa. Georgia Tech.
Fully kinetic simulations of microscale turbulence in space and astrophysical plasmas. Grošelj, Daniel. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Exploring mechanisms of and therapeutic interventions for microvascular endothelial activation in shock. Yan, Rui. University of Groningen.
Estimating Surface Heat Fluxes Using Temperature and Wetness Information: A Particle Data Assimilation Framework. Lu, Y. Delft University of Technology.
Ultrazvočno merjenje višine na principu triangulacije. Korez, Kristijan. Univerza v Mariboru.
A Qualitative Case Study on the Domestic Violence Act, 2007 (732) and The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Hernandez, Victoria. University of San Francisco.
Dynamiek in beeld. Onderzoek van Westfriese nederzettingen uit de bronstijd. Roessingh, W. Leiden University.
Information Integration and Intelligent Control of Port Logistics System. Feng, F. Delft University of Technology.
An infants' graveyard?: Region, religion, and infant mortality in North Brabant, 1840-1940. Walhout, E.C. Print Service Ede.
Behavioral and neural selectivity for acoustic signatures of vocalizations. So, Lam Tsz Nina. Columbia University.
A Computational Approach to Optimize Surgical Intervention for Patients with Recurrent Patellar Dislocation on a Subject-Specific Basis. Alvarez, Oliver. Boise State University.
Backgrounds in XENON1T. Breur, P.A. NARCIS.
Hybrid resonators for light trapping and emission control. Doeleman, H.M. NARCIS.
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer in Linear Chains of Multilayered Spheres. Czapla, Braden Edward. Columbia University.
Understanding the Attitude in Israel Towards the Application of the Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees. Abuzayda, Wafaa. University of San Francisco.
Koncept razvoja novega izdelka z metodo vitkega okvirja. Brdnik Zdolšek, Tjaša. Univerza v Mariboru.
Design with forms as well as patterns. Cai, J. A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment.
Engineering Approaches to Control Activity and Selectivity of Enzymes for Multi-Step Catalysis. Abdallah, Walaa Khaled. Columbia University.
Improving Estimates of Seismic Source Parameters Using Surface-Wave Observations: Applications to Earthquakes and Underground Nuclear Explosions. Howe, Michael Joseph. Columbia University.
Vzpostavitev celovitega koncepta zasnove in vodenja projektov v podjetju Murales d.d. Meznarič, Ines. Univerza v Mariboru.
Development of metal complexes for specific targeting G-quadruplexes and the application studies . He, Lei. Nanyang Technological University.
Untersuchung und Aufklärung von Reaktionsnetzwerken im Zusammenhang mit dem Ursprung des Lebens und Implementierung der Hadamard-Transformation-Kapillarzonenelektrophorese auf kommerziellen Instrumenten. Pallmann, Sebastian. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Deciphering microglia plasticity in glioma . Saidi, Dalel. Karolinska Institute.
Power in Plain Sight: Exploring the Class Privilege at in Curriculum at Wealthy High Schools. Gross, Miriam. University of San Francisco.
Nanotechnology of III-V Quantum Semiconductors for Detection of Legionella pneumophila in Aqueous Environment . Aziziyan, Mohammad Reza. Université de Sherbrooke.
Understanding childlessness: Unravelling the link with genes and socio-environment. Verweij, Renske. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
Stress and memory in health and disease: Impact on Alzheimer's disease and memory mechanisms. Lesuis, S.L. NARCIS.
Metabolic and pharmacokinetic study to enhance busulphan therapeutic efficacy . Benkessou, Fadwa. Karolinska Institute.
Evaluating (inter)national variations of cochlear implantation in children : Towards evidence-based practice uniformity for cochlear implantation in children. Bruijnzeel, Hanneke. University Utrecht.
Evalvacija predstavitve vsebin s pomočjo virtualnih očal. Šimičić, Saša. Univerza v Mariboru.
Modélisation, analyse et vérification expérimentale d'un détecteur de masse ultra-sensible utilisant le comportement oscillatoire non linéaire d'une microgoutte de liquide . d'Arcy-Lepage, Andréane. Université de Sherbrooke.
School-based sex and relationship education: Towards a positive sexual self-esteem. de Lijster - van Kampen, Gaby. NARCIS.
Etablierung des neuartigen Gewebeclearing-Verfahrens CLARITY zur Verbesserung der Immunmarkierung in der Elektronenmikroskopie. Mackert, Sarah. Universität Ulm.
"Improving Nursing Communication Outcomes Through the Tell-Us Card" Cule, Jillian. University of San Francisco.
Three essays on measuring health-related quality of life: external and internal relationships of the EQ-5D-5L . Gamst-Klaussen, Thor. Universitetet i Tromsø.
Reciprocity and cooperation in strategic contexts. Casoria, Fortuna. NARCIS.
Data Preparation and Methods for Assessing U.S. Transit Ridership Trends. Diffee, Chandler. Georgia Tech.
Application of the concept of ‘Social Licence to Operate’ beyond infrastructure projects. Jijelava, David. University of Groningen.
Analyse expérimentale et numérique des structures de passage du poisson . Duguay, Jason. Université de Sherbrooke.
Impact of simulated polar night on Antarctic mixotrophic and strict photoautotrophic phytoplankton. Cariani, Zev. Miami University.
Pore-scale experimental studies of two-phase flow in porous media : Focusing on the discontinuous non-wetting phase. Zarikos, Ioannis. University Utrecht.
Choice and chance: model-based testing of stochastic behaviour. Gerhold, Marcus. University of Twente.
放映抵抗:新加坡影片中的酷儿化战术 = Screening resistance : queering as a tactic in Singapore films . 刘思娴 Lau Si Xian. Nanyang Technological University.
Untersuchung der inter- und intraindividuellen Variabilität der motorkortikalen Erregbarkeit bei gesunden Probanden. Bunse, Tilmann. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Gemeenschappelijke normen voor vertrouwensberoepen: Tuchtrechtelijke uitspraken over de tuchtnormen voor accountants, advocaten en artsen. Herregodts, Rianne Leonie. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
Applying a nodal diffusion-micro depletion sequence for high-fidelity analysis of sodium cooled fast reactors. Pereira, Gustavo Sigwalt Horn. Georgia Tech.
Biomechanics of a parasitic wasp ovipositor : Probing for answers. Cerkvenik, Uroš. Wageningen University.
Development and evaluation of a mobile application prototype for reclamations of citizens in smart cities. Ptiček, Filip. Univerza v Mariboru.
Formative Assessment in English Lessons in Primary School. Meško, Mirjam. Univerza v Mariboru.
Microstructure evolution in pearlitic rail steel due to rail/wheel interaction. Wu, J. Delft University of Technology.
Demographic and Psychiatric Correlates of Suicide Attempt in a Nationally Representative Sample. Rossi, Adam Joshua. Columbia University.
Ventral spinocerebellar tract neurons are essential for mammalian locomotion. Chalif, Joshua. Columbia University.
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new organoseleno compounds as cytotoxic and leishmanicidal agents . [No author]. Universidad de Navarra.
Interactions between glacial activity, dust-borne iron speciation, diatom productivity, and the biological pump. Shoenfelt, Elizabeth Marie. Columbia University.
Active perception for person tracking. Satsangi, Y. NARCIS.
Architectural Techniques for Disturbance Mitigation in Future Memory Systems. Seyedzadeh Delcheh, Seyed Mohammad. University of Pittsburgh.
Civil liability for damage caused by global navigation satellite system. Kong, D. Leiden University.
Inkjet Printing: bubble entrainment and satellite formation. Fraters, Arjan Bernard. University of Twente.
Risk-reducing surgery: Uptake & menopausal consequences. van Driel, Catheleine Margje Geerte. University of Groningen.
Creating a supportive environment: social support, basic psychological needs, and social well-being among older cancer survivors. Leow, Kenneth Kin Lok. University of Rochester.
Quality of life, physical limitations and psychological complaints in severely injured trauma patients. van Delft-Schreurs, C.C.H.M. Ridderprint.
The death instincts in the life and works of Heinrich von Kleist. Friedrich, Steffen. University of Glasgow.
The many hidden faces of extreme poverty: Inclusion and exclusion of extreme poor people in development interventions in Bangladesh, Benin and Ethiopia. Altaf, A. NARCIS.
Nucleosome Curtains and their application to the study of DNA condensation by condensin. Moevus, Corentin Jean. Columbia University.
Bioprospecting of Trichococcus species. Strepis, Nikolaos. Wageningen University.
Modulation of Synovium Mechanobiology and Tribology in the Osteoarthritic Environment. Estell, Eben Grant. Columbia University.
Beyond Realism: A Psychological Approach to Understanding Cambodia-China Relations and Its Implications for ASEAN Solidarity . [No author]. Georgetown University.
Evaluation verschiedener Zugangswege zur Etablierung eines porcinen Großtiermodells für den minimalinvasiven Pulmonalklappenersatz im Hybridverfahren. Thalmann, Ruth. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Activités anticancéreuses des antagonistes perméants des récepteurs B1 et B2 des kinines dans un modèle cellulaire de cancer du sein triple-négatif . Dubuc, Céléna. Université de Sherbrooke.
Diseño de un plan de endomarketing para reducir la rotación de personal del área de transporte de materiales peligrosos en una empresa logística . López Ruiz, Patricia Beatriz. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Charakterisierung der mechanischen Komponente des Racz-Katheterverfahrens zur epiduralen Neuroplastie. Baumert, Stefan. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Exploring the evolution of biofuel supply chains: An agent-based modeling approach. Moncada Escudero, J.A. Delft University of Technology.
Improving Nursing Communication Outcomes Through the Tell-Us Card. Pilker, Brittney. University of San Francisco.
Interfaces and heat transfer in jet impingement on a high temperature surface. Leocadio, H. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Ultra-wideband-based navigation for unmanned aerial vehicles . Guo, Kexin. Nanyang Technological University.
Design for Recycling of Electronic Products: How to bridge the gap between design methods and recycling practices. Fakhredin, F. Delft University of Technology.
The football stadium as classroom: exploring a program for at-risk students in secondary vocational education. Fix, Geertje Marieke. University of Twente.

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