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STORIES FROM THE RAINBOW ROAD: 2SLGBTQIA+ Identified Youth and Service Provider Experiences of Mental Health Service Delivery in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. de Jong, Kathleen. Wilfrid Laurier University.
Constrained Optimization on Manifolds. Ortiz, Julián. Universität Bayreuth.
Hitting the Trail: An Exploration of an Outdoor Educational Experience at Intermountain West Junior High School. Joy, David N. Utah State University.
Medical Device Development in Living Labs, a case study. Schouten, Anneke (author). Delft University of Technology.
Music Participation and Achievement Scores among Middle School Students with Disabilities: A Causal-Comparative Study. Gonzalez, Ashley Anne. Liberty University.
Cycling Distance and the Built Environment: An investigation to what extend cycling distance is influenced by the built environment of Amsterdam and surroundings. de Haas, Simon (author). Delft University of Technology.
Multimodal phenotyping of synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease : translational perspective with focus on quantitative EEG . Smailovic, Una. Karolinska Institute.
Global Englishes: Variations of a Single Language in All English Classrooms. Faulkenberry, Amanda Leigh. Liberty University.
Triple Pool Net: A novel robust Convolution neural network for image/content classification. Real, Shahriar. University of Waterloo.
Classical galactosemia: Elucidating the spectrum of clinical outcome. Welsink-Karssies, M.M. NARCIS.
Reducing settling time in high acceleration applications of macro scale robotic manipulators with dynamic balancing. Zomerdijk, Matthijs (author). Delft University of Technology.
Determinants and influence of mammographic features on breast cancer risk . Azam, Shadi. Karolinska Institute.
Application of advanced mass spectrometric techniques for the identification, metabolic characterisation and toxicological analysis of new psychoactive substances. Fabregat Safont, David. Universitat Jaume I.
The Thermal Interference Effect of Neighbouring Geothermal License Areas: a Parameter Modelling Study. Alem Iskandar, Aldyth (author). Delft University of Technology.
Computational Investigation of Role of Platelets In Cancer Metastasis. Anvari Naeini, Sina. University of Waterloo.
Embeddings and decompositions of graphs and hypergraphs. Ehard, Stefan. Universität Ulm.
Comparison of Public Mental Health Stigma in Youth. Clarke, Desiree A. Utah State University.
Dynamic Resource Provisioning and Scheduling in SDN/NFV-Enabled Core Networks. Qu, Kaige. University of Waterloo.
Developing fluency with multi-word expressions. Thomson, Haidee. Victoria University of Wellington.
We Eat. Rahrovan, Maliheh. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Nuevo modelo de peaje urbano vinculado a una segregación del tráfico por niveles de calidad. Hormigo Ventura, Juan Pedro. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
The participation of older people with and without dementia in public space, through the lens of Everyday Technology use . Gaber, Sophie Nadia. Karolinska Institute.
The Consequences of Environmental Properties and Tree Spatial Neighborhood on Post-Fire Structure of Forest in Yosemite National Park. Tamjidi, Jelveh. Utah State University.
Examining the Relationship between Academic Achievement and English Language Proficiency. Hyacinth, Cynthia Grant. Liberty University.
Improving parent-child communication: creating a relaxed conversation atmosphere during the COVID-19 quarantine period. Zhang, Yiwen (author). Delft University of Technology.
Overlooking health acculturation : a grounded theory study illustrating the complexity of intercultural consultation in Swedish primary care . Rothlind, Erica. Karolinska Institute.
Neighbouring Horizons: Migration, Squatting, and Citizenship in São Paulo. Zacca Thomaz, Diana. Wilfrid Laurier University.
Interaction between UTES systems: A simulation study to asses the effect of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage systems on the efficiency of Borehole Heat Exchangers. Koenders, David (author). Delft University of Technology.
Self-Induced Moral Injuries, Sexual Shame, and Well-Being: The Moderating Role of Self-Forgiveness. Phillips-Harris, Teresa Lynn. Liberty University.
The function of Lincer of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton (LINC)-Complex and nuclear actin polymerization in Myocardin Related Transcription Factor A (MRTF-A) regulated tumor cell invasion. Geißler, Maximilian Per. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Home Resources Supporting Workplace Resources: An Investigation of Moderated Intervention Effects from the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe). Haverly, Sarah Nielsen. Portland State University.
Identification of Bovine T-Cell Populations Involved in Placental Growth and Development. Leppo, Kelsy A. Utah State University.
Parents’ Responses to Relational Bullying in New Zealand. Brown, Tegan. Victoria University of Wellington.
Simulation and Modelling of Zinc Recovery Process from Steel Scrap. Olabiyi, Olatunji B. University of Saskatchewan.
A Study to Examine the Impact of the Paideia Seminar Reading Intervention Program at a School in Connecticut . Maxwell, Chandra D. University of Bridgeport.
Návrh vybraných strojně technologických zařízení ČOV se zaměřením na zlepšení hydraulických účinností: Design of Selected Parts of Machinery in WWTP focused on Improving Hydraulic Efficiency. Zejda, Vojtěch. Brno University of Technology.
On the Relationships Between Mind-Wandering, ADHD, Engagingness, and Effort. Hurst, Austin. University of Waterloo.
Impact forces on bridge piers in the event of ship collisions. Meijer, Berend (author). Delft University of Technology.
Redefining the Classroom: Incorporating Sensory Cognizant Design Strategies. Multani, Jasdeep. University of Waterloo.
Outcome in patients with a poor prognosis after subarachnoid hemmorrhage. Hoogmoed, J. NARCIS.
Engram, an application of recording and throwing back memories with your parents. Wu, Tong. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Structure-activity relationships of Pt based model electrodes in electrocatalysis. Klein, Jens. Universität Ulm.
Quantifying Nature-based Solutions for The Hague: A comparative analysis of spatial assessment methodologies. Loreti, Milan (author). Delft University of Technology.
The effect of ecosystem change, restoration, and plant diversity on thermally imaged surface temperature. Hamberg, L. Jonas. University of Waterloo.
Effects of a Lane Marking Nudge at a Cyclist T-Intersection: A field study at Eindhoven, Netherlands. Srinivasan Ravi Kumar, Girish Kumaar (author). Delft University of Technology.
Exploring Mechanisms of Seed Aging in Oats and Barley under Artificial Aging. Sakyi-Quartey, Solomon. University of Saskatchewan.
The effects of climate change on the radial growth of four shelterbelt species across the Brown, Dark Brown, and Black soil zones of Saskatchewan. Howat, Brooke Kendall. University of Saskatchewan.
Federated Learning for Mobile and Embedded Systems. Hofman, Stefan (author). Delft University of Technology.
Expository Teaching for the Stonepath Church’s Understanding of Worship. Kesler, Cassidy Ryan. Liberty University.
A benchmark study for dynamic multilevel multiscale (ADM) simulation of heat production from low-enthalpy fractured geothermal reservoirs. Marelis, Arjan (author). Delft University of Technology.
A Novel Multi-Layer Framework for Dynamic Operation of Prosumers in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Markets. Azam, Muhammad Umar. University of Waterloo.
Molecular basis for chaperone activities of the BRICHOS domain against different types of clumpy clients : a route to prevent amyloid toxicity . Leppert, Axel. Karolinska Institute.
Modern-Day Korahites in Crisis: Causes and Consequences of Moral Failure in Worship Leaders. Charles, Adely Thelus. Liberty University.
Design of a nature-based air purifier. Chozas Plasencia, A. (author). Delft University of Technology.
Eine Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von Psychological Ownership und Preissystemen auf die Wertschöpfung. Li, Jingshu. Freie Universität Berlin.
Eine Untersuchung und Erweiterung der Typologie der sozio-motivationalen (Un-)Anhängigkeit. Jagenow, Danilo. Freie Universität Berlin.
Side-channel leakages: from different target devices. Arora, V. (author). Delft University of Technology.
ANSYS AIM : Virtauslaskenta ja lämmönsiirto . Tuovinen, Taneli. Tampere University.
Assessment of changes in flood risk in South Holland due to sea level rise: How can the dunes of dijkring 14 cope with sea level rise? Meyer Ranneft, Marijn (author). Delft University of Technology.
Micro Grid Control Optimization with Load and Solar Prediction. Saha, Shaju. Utah State University.
The Relationship Between Secondary Teachers' Grit and Self-Efficacy Beliefs on Classroom Management and Student Engagement. Lee, Laurie White. Liberty University.
Mapping the future of protective hand-exoskeletons: Market identification and branding strategy development. Bouwers, Douwe (author). Delft University of Technology.
Simulation of matrix acidization with self-diverting acid systems. Guerrero, J.R. (author). Delft University of Technology.
A Novel Aircraft Market Assessment Model under Flexible Passenger Demand. Wink, Ruben (author). Delft University of Technology.
A Low-Power Capacitive Transimpedance D/A Converter. Velayutham, Sundararaman. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Assessing policy efficiency to reduce peak demand in trains. Overkleeft, Irene (author). Delft University of Technology.
Unsupervised and Supervised Learning of ComplexRelation Instances Extraction in Natural Language. Wang, Zina (author). Delft University of Technology.
Indoor Localization through Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Activity Recognition: A smartphone-based proof of concept. van Ingen, Bart (author). Delft University of Technology.
Venous thromboembolism and mechanisms during assisted reproductive technology . Olausson, Nina. Karolinska Institute.
Studien zum SELMA-Mechanismus. Morris, Stephanie. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Documentation-Guided Fuzzing for Testing Deep Learning API Functions. Li, Yitong. University of Waterloo.
Mental Illness Campaigns. Cui, Yiming. Rochester Institute of Technology.
Freedom of the Light. Padden, Kyle R. Rochester Institute of Technology.
When Ice Isn’t Slippery. Alexander, Alyssa Witbeck. Utah State University.
Managing the Maturity Model for Qualified Information Exchange. de Vries, Leon (author). Delft University of Technology.
Design of an external patient specific guide for drilling a tunnel through the scaphoid. Hiemstra, Olivier (author). Delft University of Technology.
Demarcating livelihood vulnerability and flood risk perceptions of villages in the Nadi River basin, Fiji : A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Applied Science. Sinclair, James Albert Parrott. Lincoln University.
La consolidación de las prácticas de alto rendimiento de gestión de personas, una tarea prioritaria para el éxito de los sistemas de producción cíber-físicos en las medianas empresas españolas. Llinás Sala, Daniel. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Avalia??o de propriedades f?sicas e mec?nicas em concretos produzidos com materiais da cidade de Manaus com o uso de redutores de permeabilidade por cristaliza??o. Ara?jo, Frank Albert Soares. Universidade Federal do Amazonas.
Testing Applicability of European Financial Models for Sustainable Building Renovation in a Middle Eastern Context. Rahimi, Ehsan (author). Delft University of Technology.
Existence a vlastnosti globálních řešení funkcionálních diferenciálních rovnic smíšeného typu: Existence and Properties of Global Solutions of Mixed-Type Functional Differential Equations. Vážanová, Gabriela. Brno University of Technology.
Novel Technology for Hydrogen Separation from Natural Gas using Pressure Swing Adsorption. Burgers, Iris (author). Delft University of Technology.
Deformation-Driven Element Packing. Saputra, Reza Adhitya. University of Waterloo.
The Effects of Consumer Buying Habits in the Automotive Industry. Towne, Tiffany R. Liberty University.
Enhancing Computational Methods for Strain Typing and Separating Strains of Mycoplasma bovis in Mixed Culture. Waldner, Matthew J. University of Saskatchewan.
An Effective Strategy of Family Ministry in Korean Church to Build a Biblical Family. Jin, Ikjae. Liberty University.
Transition to turbulence in particle-laden pipe flows. Krishnan, Vasudevan (author). Delft University of Technology.
Machine Learning for Software Refactoring: a Large-Scale Empirical Study. Gerling, Jan (author). Delft University of Technology.
Structure-based mechanisms of processive transcription anti-termination. Huang, Yong-Heng. Freie Universität Berlin.
Professor-Student Relationships and the Perceived Influence on Motivation to Persist in Undergraduate Students: A Phenomenological Study. Hogan, Tammy S. Liberty University.
Conceptual Design and Assessment of Extractive Distillation Processes Using Deep Eutectic Solvents. Minor, Ann-Joelle (author). Delft University of Technology.
DiGiME: An Interactive Experience to Ease the Education of Social Information Sharing. Wang, Kexin 'Coco'. Rochester Institute of Technology.
British Piracy Policy In Jamaica. Goins, Aaron M. Liberty University.
The Language of Parental Involvement: A Document Analysis of Parent Involvement Plans (PIP’s) of Title I Elementary Schools. Bido, Jacqueleen M. Seton Hall University.
The gut microbiome, mucosal immunity and disease pathogenesis in humans with HIV or idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia and in non-human primates with SIV. Sortino, O. NARCIS.
Shape engineering of InP nanostructures for optoelectronic applications . Wang, Naiyin. Australian National University.
Biblical Concepts in Action: A Case for Discipleship in the Worship Ministry. Reed, Wendall D. Liberty University.

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