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Diversity In Clinical Trials: The Case of Drug Development for Rare Diseases. Bowen, Allison. Georgia State University.
Extinction Anxiety as Zeitgeist: An Examination of the Cultural Anxiety Surrounding Extinction Threats. Kett, Spencer J. University of Western Ontario.
A Goat, a Dog, and a Turkey Walk Into a Cantata: Text-Setting in Charles Wuorinen and James Tate's It Happens Like This. Har-zvi, Adam. Bowling Green State University.
A giant virus infecting the amoeboflagellate Naegleria. Arthofer, Patrick; Panhölzl, Florian; Delafont, Vincent; Hay, Alban; Reipert, Siegfried; Cyran, Norbert; Wienkoop, Stefanie; Willemsen, Anouk; Sifaoui, Ines; Arberas-Jiménez, Iñigo; Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob; Horn, Matthias. University of California.
Depression and Anxiety Among US Born Children of Unauthorized Immigrants: A Systematic Literature Review. Jimenez, Ana. California State University – Northridge.
Performance and Preference of Rotary Files by Pre-Doctoral Dental Students at Marquette School of Dentistry. McCall, Morgan Elizabeth. Marquette University.
Geislaskammtar í tölvusneiðmyndum af hálshrygg á Heilbrigðisstofnun Vesturlands á Akranesi: Samanburður við erlend landsviðmið. Írena Rut Elmarsdóttir 1999-. University of Iceland.
The Protestant Vatican: Black Churches Involvement in The Nashville Civil Rights Movement 1865-1972. Momodu, Samuel Dingkee. Liberty University.
Understanding the function of enzymes involved in free fatty acid synthesis in cultivated seafoods. Shruti Jha. California State University – San Marcos.
Improving Quality of Life in Those Affected by Skin Cancer. Michael Castellanos. California State University – San Marcos.
Political Corruption: An Explanation for Latin American Migration. Remache Lopez, Angelica Anabel. Harvard University.
The Effectiveness of Virtual Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Suicidal Ideation and Non-suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents: A Randomized Control Trial. Krista Shambaugh. California State University – San Marcos.
Inhalation of Trace Metals in Secondhand and Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke Can Result in Increased Health Risks. Tang, Xiaochen; Dong, Wenming. University of California.
Analyzing Coccolithophore Calcification using Flow Cytometry. Melley Keomahavong; Kevin Bowditch. California State University – San Marcos.
The Highway Between. Simons, Bronwyn M. Georgia State University.
Shipboard Landing of Rotorcraft with Robotic Landing Gear. Kim, Dooroo. Georgia Tech.
Parent's assessment of preschoolers socio-emotional competence. Kristján Gauti Emilsson 1993-. University of Iceland.
Lahden Mailaveikkojen pelaajapolku ja valmennuslinjaus. Lahtinen, Tiia. Theseus.
Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Airport Operation and Management: A Case Study of Chongqing Jiangbei Airport. Lin, Ze. Theseus.
Héctor Fernández-Álvarez (1944–2023). Consoli, Andrés J; Gómez, Beatriz; Grazioso, María Del Pilar. University of California.
Taitoluisteluterien kansainvälistymissuunnitelma. Fagerholm, Amanda. Theseus.
Faraldsfræði og Endurhæfing Endurtekinna Höfuðáverka hjá Börnum 0-17 ára á Íslandi frá 2010-2021. Sara Ívarsdóttir 1999-. University of Iceland.
Modeling the impact of climate change on the hydrology of Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas. Ayejoto, Daniel Ayomikun. Texas Christian U : Thes.
Intersectional Stereotypes and Student Evaluation of Teaching: Exploring the impact of intersectional identities and grades on SETs. Stewart, Dillon. Rice University.
Þróun innlagna ungmenna á Vog og vímugjafaneyslu árin 2000-2023: Mögulegar skýringar og breytingar á tímabilinu. Benedikt Burkni Þ. Hjarðar 1997-. University of Iceland.
Modeling the Role of Social Information in Speech Perception. Remirez, Emily A. University of California.
Romp!. Johnson, Kirsten. University of California.
Hvatar og hindranir í vegi sjálfbærni fyrirtækja: Tilviksrannsókn um lítil og meðalstór fyrirtæki í gestrisnigeiranum. Dayanne Mirella Valenti Peter 1988-. University of Iceland.
The Usability of Ranked-Choice Voting in Digital Ballot Formats. Stewart, Kaitlyn M. Rice University.
Cuando de voz se trata : Propuesta de un Portal de Podcasts para la Facultad de Ciencias Humanas de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis. Spanarello Eguinoa, María Florencia. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Refractory Ulcerative Colitis With Associated Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis, Osteitis Syndrome Successfully Treated With Tofacitinib. Kim, Bryan; Thiemann, Anna; Dietz, Brett. University of California.
Hepatokine ITIH3 protects against hepatic steatosis by downregulating mitochondrial bioenergetics and de novo lipogenesis. Sotomayor-Rodriguez, Irene; Rahman, Afra; Péterfy, Miklós; Pajukanta, Päivi; Pihlajamäki, Jussi; Chella Krishnan, Karthickeyan; Talari, Noble; Mattam, Ushodaya. University of California.
The PROMIS-16 reproduces the PROMIS-29 physical and mental health summary scores accurately in a probability-based internet panel. Hays, Ron D; Herman, Patricia M; Rodriguez, Anthony; Slaughter, Mary; Zeng, Chengbo. University of California.
A Predictive Correlation and Causal-Comparative Study on Early Childhood Social-Emotional Scores, Socioeconomic Status, and Academic Achievement. Ashley, Denise A. Liberty University.
Þróun á tjáningu EGFR afbrigða í E.coli fyrir in vitro rannsóknir á EGFR sértækum lyfjum. Svava Guðný Helgadóttir 2001-. University of Iceland.
Flexural and compressive behavior of Acacia mangium Willd lumber laminates. Quintero Parra, Javier Andres. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Comparison of Renal Excretion Curves in Babies, Children, and Teens by Means of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Urography as a Model of Renal Maturation. Sarao, Karen. Harvard University.
Advancing Four-Dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy for the Strain Analysis of Deformed Thin Films. Mireles, Adan Joel. Rice University.
Effects of Canopy Cover on Bee Thermal Biology and Floral Visitation in a midwestern Oak savanna. Shaya, Toby. Bowling Green State University.
Integración de conocimientos teóricos en la gestión financiera del turismo estudiantil en Travel Rock S. A. De la Fuente, Macarena. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Understanding Medical Students' Perceived Readiness to Serve as Culturally Competent Practitioners. Bryant, Michel'le Janae. Seton Hall University.
Samband hámarksstyrks í kastöxl og hámarkssnúningsafls í bol við álagsmeiðsli í kastöxl meðal kvenkyns handboltaleikmanna: Keppnistímabilið 2023 - 2024. Erla Ásgeirsdóttir 1994-. University of Iceland.
Customer Success -toimintamallin parantaminen Alma Talent Oy:n Property Insights -liiketoiminnalle. Nurmi, Jenni. Theseus.
Mökinvuokraajan opas. Rantanen, Noora. Theseus.
Exploring and assessing sustainable flood mitigation strategies in response to rising sea levels in Boston. Dmitrieva, Elizavyeta. University of San Francisco.
Integrating Collective Art Healing Practices into Contemporary Art Therapy. Armen, Taleene; Aviel, Nicole; Liao, EJ; Mitjans, Brianna. Loyola Marymount University.
A Phenomenological Study of the Perception of Racial Unity in Evangelical Churches in Chicago. Harvey, Amber L. Liberty University.
Ancestry and genetic structure of resident and anadromous rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Argentina. Lázari, Carolina; Riva‐Rossi, Carla; Ciancio, Javier; Pascual, Miguel; Clemento, Anthony J; Pearse, Devon E. University of California.
Osaamisen kehittämisen trendit ja työntekijöiden sitouttaminen teknologiayrityksissä. Högström, Ada. Theseus.
Lessons Learned from Abroad: Potential Influence of California High-Speed Rail on Economic Development, Land Use Patterns, and Future Growth of Cities. Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia, PhD; Circella, Giovanni, PhD; Lecompte, Maria Carolina, MSc; Rossignol, Lucia. University of California.
Measuring Direct Network Effects: Evidence from the Online Video Game Industry. Le, Mary. Miami University.
The Influence of the Mechanical Compliance of a Substrate on the Morphology of Nanoporous Gold Thin Films. Shahriar, Sadi; Somayajula, Kavya; Winkeljohn, Conner; Mason, Jeremy K. University of California.
Elevating Rural Tourism Experiences in Finland. Pylkkänen, Laura. Theseus.
The impact of continuous and intermittent ketogenic diets on cognitive behavior, motor function, and blood lipids in TgF344-AD rats. Rutkowsky, Jennifer M; Roland, Zabrisky; Valenzuela, Anthony; Nguyen, An B; Park, Heui Hye; Six, Natalie; Dursun, Ilknur; Kim, Kyoungmi; Lein, Pamela J. University of California.
Uncertainty quantification of mass models using ensemble Bayesian model averaging. Saito, Yukiya; Dillmann, I; Krücken, R; Mumpower, MR. University of California.
Kvikmyndatónlist: Notkun á kvikmynda- og dægurlagatónlist í kvikmyndum. Vernharður Tage Eiríksson 1989-. University of Iceland.
Lighting the Path of Phagocytosis : Exploring Signaling Resolution and Rheological Parameters with Optical Tweezers. Eisentraut, Manuel Konrad. Universität Bayreuth.
Análisis comparativo de las decisiones de ingreso en una Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos frente a las decisiones de no ingreso en pacientes oncológicos. Cuenca Fito, Elena. Universidad de Cantabria.
Aðgát skal höfð í nærveru gervigreindar. Er gildandi réttur til þess fallinn að tryggja tjónþola bætur fyrir tjón sitt vegna notkunar á gervigreind? Sigríður Þóra Þórðardóttir 1999-. University of Iceland.
The Relationship Between Levels of Burnout and the Six Areas of Worklife—A Case Study of Kindergarten–12th-Grade Principals in Alpine Creek Public Schools. Forrest, Kelly Diana. University of Dayton.
Asai mæðgurnar: Þrautseigar konur. Borghildur Gunnarsdóttir 1998-. University of Iceland.
Folding Proteins In-Silco. Ray, Alan. University of Oklahoma.
Gendered Security Challenges in the Arctic: Indigenous Women in Greenland and Implications for Sustainability, Gender Equality, and Human Security. Unnur Lárusdóttir 1997-. University of Iceland.
Examining Sex and Gender Differences in Cognitive Recovery of Cardiac Arrest and Myocardial Infarction. Kelly, Sophie A. University of Western Ontario.
Child with Closed Head Injury and Persistent Vomiting. Khan, Abdullah. University of California.
Economic Development Opportunities and Challenges in Morocco: Corruption and Bureaucracy. Riegert, Philip Anderson. Harvard University.
Veröldin er víð. Um ólíka heima í skáldsögunni Ljósbera. Unnur Balaka Guðmundsdóttir 1999-. University of Iceland.
Microstrain Partitioning, TRIP Kinetics and Damage Evolution in Third Generation Dual Phase and TRIP-Assisted Advanced High Strength Steels. Pelligra, Concetta. McMaster University.
Tensor modeling of MRSA bacteremia cytokine and transcriptional patterns reveals coordinated, outcome-associated immunological programs. Chin, Jackson L; Tan, Zhixin Cyrillus; Chan, Liana C; Ruffin, Felicia; Parmar, Rajesh; Ahn, Richard; Taylor, Scott D; Bayer, Arnold S; Hoffmann, Alexander; Fowler, Vance G; Reed, Elaine F; Yeaman, Michael R; Meyer, Aaron S; Rajesh, Parmar; Ahn, Richard; Bayer, Arnold S; Chan, Liana; Chang, Yu-Ling; Filler, Scott G; Fowler, Vance G; Gjertson, David; Hoffmann, Alexander; Medie, Felix; Mitchell, Simon; Reed, Elaine F; Rossetti, Maura; Ruffin, Felicia; Qin, Yan; Sharma, Batu; Sheu, Katherine; Thaden, Joshua; Waring, Alan J; Xiong, Yan Q; Zheng, Ying. University of California.
Trends in Orthopaedic Surgery Workforce Diversity: Analyzing Changes Over Time. Lum, Zachary; Dennison, Stanley; Le, Hai; Bayne, Christopher. University of California.
Bias in the Eyes of the Beholder: Development of a Bias-Aware Facial Expression Recognition Algorithm for Autonomous Agents. Bryant, De'aira Gladys. Georgia Tech.
Health Insurance Policy and the Social Security Disability Insurance Population. Alfrey, Brett. Georgia State University.
Chiropractic spinal manipulation and likelihood of tramadol prescription in adults with radicular low back pain: a retrospective cohort study using US data. Trager, Robert; Cupler, Zachary; Srinivasan, Roshini; Casselberry, Regina; Perez, Jaime. University of California.
Screening for perinatal anxiety and depression: Improving maternal mental health outcomes. Alisha Brown. California State University – San Marcos.
Characterizing Hydroxyl Radical Formation from the Light-Driven Fe(II)-Peracetic Acid Reaction, a Key Process for Aerosol-Cloud Chemistry. Campbell, Steven; La, Chris; Zhou, Qingyang; Le, Jason; Galvez-Reyes, Jennyfer; Banach, Catherine; Houk, K; Chen, Jie. University of California.
Natural Language Search for NASA ADS. Marsh, Tanner. Harvard University.
Take Spring Airlines as an example to analyze the ancillary income of low-cost airlines. Zhou, Xinyu. Theseus.
Hernámið í framkvæmd: Störf bresk-íslensku leigumatsnefndarinnar 1940–1942. Skúli Matthías Ómarsson 1986-. University of Iceland.
Clustering symptomatic pixels in broomrape-infected carrots facilitates targeted evaluations of alterations in host primary plant traits. Atsmon, Guy; Pourreza, Alireza; Kamiya, Yuto; Mesgaran, Mohsen B; Kizel, Fadi; Eizenberg, Hanan. University of California.
New technological advances in scalable manufacturing and biophysical characterization of extracellular vesicles in biomedicine. Kapoor, Kshipra. Rice University.
Diary: Full Stack Internship in Mobile App Development. Brailoiu, Andrei Bogdan. Theseus.
$150 Cup of Coffee: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Cafes, and Gentrification in Portland, Oregon 1995-2020. Cote, Dennis Dalton. Harvard University.
Tracing Desires, Finding Utopia: Examining 2SLGBTQIA+ Students’ Queer Worldmaking in Higher Education Through Participatory Art-Based Research. Phan, Quan. University of Oklahoma.
Welfare-Based Human Rights Diffusion in Global Social Policy: Examining an Extended Spiral Model to Survey Welfare Norms. Duran, Kendra L. Liberty University.
Monipuolisen verkkosivuston suunnittelu ja toteutus käyttäen Wix-työkalua. Järvenpää, Taneli. Theseus.
The Influence of Sustained French Economic and Political Shelter in Post-colonial Mali and Senegal: A Comparative Case Study on Political Stability and Instability. Edward Winston Oppong Jr 1998-. University of Iceland.
Samanburður á sveiflum í ávöxtun hlutabréfa. Eru sveiflur í ávöxtun innlendra hlutabréfa meiri en í erlendum mælt frá sjónarhóli íslenskra fjárfesta? Vanessa Þóra Posch 2000-. University of Iceland.
Almennt fjártjón í opinberri sýslan. Viktor Örn Ásgeirsson 1998-. University of Iceland.
Advancements in Skin Cancer Detection: Using a UNet Model For Dermatoscopic Image Classification. Varun Vuppala. California State University – San Marcos.
CXCL9/10-engineered dendritic cells promote T cell activation and enhance immune checkpoint blockade for lung cancer. Lim, Raymond J; Salehi-Rad, Ramin; Tran, Linh M; Oh, Michael S; Dumitras, Camelia; Crosson, William P; Li, Rui; Patel, Tejas S; Man, Samantha; Yean, Cara E; Abascal, Jensen; Huang, ZiLing; Ong, Stephanie L; Krysan, Kostyantyn; Dubinett, Steven M. University of California.
A Catalog of Early Cycladic Zoomorphic Objects: Symbolism and Function. Ashbacher, Mariah. University of Oklahoma.
Memetic Performance in Iranian TikTok Protest: Constructing the Counter-Discursive Figure of the “Good Bad Hijabi”. Bernier, Asma Salsabeel. University of Calgary.
Taloushallinnon haasteet rekisteröidyssä yhdistyksessä rahastonhoitajan näkökulmasta. Kuvaja, Jori. Theseus.
Angelwing bivalve inspired rock drilling. Zhao, Yumeng. Georgia Tech.
Elements of Enchanted Forests: On Writing Child of the Forest. Íris Erna Eysteinsdóttir 2002-. University of Iceland.
Veður og viðvörunarkvarðar fyrir gróðurelda. Elísabet Þórdís Hauksdóttir 2002-. University of Iceland.
E kolo ana nō ke ēwe i ke ēwe (The rootlet will creep toward the rootlets). Marfil, Sanoe Kinikela; Caceres, Brandy Kalehua Kamohaliʻi; Carr, LeReen Iko Aranaydo; Perreira, Courtney Pualani. University of California.

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