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A Geodemographic Analysis of Environmental Racism in Sarnia’s Chemical Valley. Salian, Swetha. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Mike Leigh’s representation of the ageing, unmarried woman as a site of abjection: <i>Secrets and Lies</i> (1996) and<i> Another Year</i> (2010). McCarthy, Ellen. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Factores de riesgo intraoperatorios, asociados a la dehiscencia de anastomosis o rafia gastrointestinal en trauma abdominal por arma de fuego en el hospital Daniel Alcides Carrión durante el periodo 2015-2022. Ambía Alvarado, Carlo Efraín. National University of San Marcos.
Ultrasonic phased array imaging and data post processing with applications to resistance spot welding. Draskovic, Milos. University of Windsor.
Assessing the risks pesticides pose to birds. TASSIN DE MONTAIGU, Cannelle. University of Sussex.
Co-creatie als Hefboom voor Inclusief Onderwijs. Loomans, Inge. Open Universiteit Nederland.
Eskilstuna GUIF : Idrottsrörelsen med en nykterhetsgrund. Pasha, Mohannad. Karlstad University.
The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Enhance User Satisfaction in Cloud-Based Payment Systems in Australia. Yamaguti Mondego, Domingos. Central Queensland University.
Lärdomar från informationspåverkan : Amerikanska lärdomar i samband med valet 2016. Henriksson, Johan. Swedish Defence University.
An investigation of the caring efficacy of nursing students towards older hospitalised patients. Venables, Helen. La Trobe University.
The Attitudinal and Behavioural Correlates of Engagement with Ethnocultural Media at the Local Level: A Case Study of Mississauga and Vancouver. Bilinski, Natassja. Toronto Metropolitan University.
TikTok & the self: The relationship between self-concept clarity and self-presentation in adult TikTok creators. Guest, Ruth. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Key Challenges for Respiratory Virus Surveillance while Transitioning out of Acute Phase of COVID-19 Pandemic. Eales, Oliver; Plank, Michael; Cowling, Benjamin; Howden, Benjamin; Kucharski, Adam; Sullivan, Sheena; Vandemaele, Katelijn; Viboud, Cecile; Riley, Steven; McCaw, James. University of California.
Integrating Game Engines: A New Architecture Workflow. Au, Rachel. Toronto Metropolitan University.
So what if I'm white? Raising racial consciousness of teachers in predominantly white settings. Condon, Jamie Stevens. University of Rochester.
Grit and self-efficacy between first and final year undergraduate students. Bickers, Edward. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Insights into microbial acclimation to salinity in high-rate anaerobic digestion . Buenaño Vargas, Claribel Jahzeel. National University of Ireland – Galway.
Statična in dinamična analiza jeklenega visečega mostu v Renkah. Poglajen, Nik. Univerza v Mariboru.
spatialHeatmap: visualizing spatial bulk and single-cell assays in anatomical images. Zhang, Jianhai; Zhang, Le; Gongol, Brendan; Hayes, Jordan; Borowsky, Alexander T; Bailey-Serres, Julia. University of California.
Negotiating Peace: Analyzing Rebel Group Compliance with International Humanitarian Law. Kouwenhoven, Nicole. Uppsala University.
Developing a Novel Antibiotic Resistance Detection Method for Water Systems using IDEXX TECTA Technologies. Cole, Allison. Queens University.
Local Market Mechanisms: how Local Markets can shape the Energy Transition. GALICI, MARCO. Università di Cagliari.
Genetic Data Analysis and Interpretation Via Feature Selection and Network Science. Sha, Zhendong. Queens University.
Mapping Congenital Heart Disease Transitional Care Interventions to Health-Related Quality of Life Domains: A Scoping Review. Patel, Jinal. Toronto Metropolitan University.
The Relationships Among Cancer-Related Fatigue Trajectories, Anxiety, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Ovarian Cancer Patients. Hare, Crystal. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Perception of Lexical Stress by English Monolinguals and Chinese-English Bilinguals: A Mouse Trajectory Analysis. Chen, Yanran. University of Notre Dame.
Live Streaming and Entrepreneurship: Adapting Lean Start-Up Approaches to Live Streaming on Twitch. Mulé, Olivia. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Reducing toxicity in the treatment of lymphoma. Santarsieri, Anna. Anglia Ruskin University.
An Ecological Approach to Refugee Youth Identity Development in Small-Sized Cities. McFall, Carly. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Analiza razvoja kadrov na policijski postaji celje. Anželak, Tanja. Univerza v Mariboru.
Am I what I wear? The relationship between clothing, mood enhancement and self-concept clarity. Hayde, Sarah. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
High pressure in the Sun produces particles of the order of Gev. tian, zhenyuan. Figshare.
“More room for learning”: Early Childhood Educators’ reflections on their classroom environment. Walker, Stephanie. Toronto Metropolitan University.
‘Het leek zonder leven (…)’ : De representatie van natuur in Rubber van Madelon Székely-Lulofs vanuit postkoloniaal, ecokritisch perspectief. Wiegman, S.E. Open Universiteit Nederland.
Modelo integrado de producción para incrementar la productividad de una planta farmacéutica. Quispe Canales, Gustavo Raúl. National University of San Marcos.
Non-Linear and Non-Stationary Speech Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Rueda, Alice. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Projections of Polonia: Conservation, Re-Housing, and Analysis of Films from the Polish Consulate in Toronto. Day, Laurel. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Investigating the impact of Tinder’s user interface on choice and interaction with potential matches in online dating. McCarthy, Clodagh. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Is Anti-Oppressive Practice a Myth in Child Protection? Rolfe, Michelle. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Enhancing Identity Theory Measurement:  A Case Study in Ways to Advance the Subfield. Hayes, Whitney Ann. Virginia Tech.
Para além das fronteiras do gênero: a performance drag queen e seus repertórios críticos e subversivos nas redes on-line. Almeida Bezerra, Pedro Henrique. Figshare.
Control and Estimation of Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles in the presence of Constraints and Dynamic Uncertainties. Dongare, Abhijit. Syracuse University.
An investigation of persuasive mobile application design and pro-environmental behaviour. Lorenz, Leyla. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Pedagogers syn på barns riskfyllda lek i förskolans utomhusmiljö : En intervjustudie. Kariniemi, Janina. Dalarna University.
Razvoj spletne izobraževalne platforme z integracijo 3d objektov - spletna učilnica 3.0. Urbanc, Rok. Univerza v Mariboru.
Testimonial Smothering of the South Asian Experience: Gender Role Socialization. Hifsa, Hifsa. Toronto Metropolitan University.
The cosmetic industry and the western construction of ageing: Impact on older Caribbean/West Indian women and their adaptation and resistance strategies. Duncan, Paula. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression: Investigating relationships with subjective well-being and age. Supple, Keelin. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Time series forecasting models applied on large datasets with inclusion of external signals : Modèles de prévision de séries temporelles appliqués à de grands ensembles de données avec inclusion de signaux externes. David, Etienne. Institut polytechnique de Paris.
Computer Vision-based Ergonomic Assessment of Dentists Using Different Dental Units. Sadeghi, Seyedehfatemeh. University of Windsor.
Gamification, Game Based Learning, and Digital Card Games in Education. Hurst, Braeden. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Reducing the Visibility of High Latency Transitions in a Virtual World. Andrason, Sindri. Carnegie Mellon University.
re:TO: Pursuing Urban Re-Imaginaries Through an Affected Ontological Inquiry into the Capitalocene In Toronto. McClintock, Ashley. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Evaluation of Biopesticides and Novel Chemicals for Grape Ripe Rot and Sour Rot Disease Management in Virginia. Subedi, Manoj. Virginia Tech.
The effects of contract-type and working hours on students' work engagement. Harley, Eoghan. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
Scale development and construct clarification of HR hypocrisy. shal, zahra soltani. Macquarie University.
We will teach you a lesson : A qualitative study on militarized masculinity and the use of sexual violence in armed conflict. Nayabi, Zahra. Uppsala University.
The Modern Web and Autonomous Frameworks through Extensibility Products. Pordeli, Ali. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Cognitive Restructuring Before Versus After Exposure: The Effect on Expectancy and Outcome in Individuals with Claustrophobia. Krause, Kirstyn L. Toronto Metropolitan University.
A Comparative Analysis of Oral Health Disparities Among Caucasians and African Americans with Intellectual Disabilities. Williams, Darylisha. Georgia State University.
Lung Fibroblasts Take up Breast Cancer Cell-derived Extracellular Vesicles Partially Through MEK2-dependent Macropinocytosis. Wan, Yuhao; Zhao, Yue; Cao, Minghui; Wang, Jingyi; Tran, Sheila V; Song, Zhixuan; Hsueh, Brent W. University of California.
My research on astrophysics. Panchal, Ajay. Figshare.
Multimodal Sensor Fusion Frameworks With Application to Human Action Recognition. Ahmad, Zeeshan. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Rysslands invasion av Ukraina : En analys av svenska multinationella företags hantering av en exogen kris. Wistrom, Livia. Uppsala University.
Phase 1/2 study of monalizumab plus durvalumab in patients with advanced solid tumors. Patel, Sandip; Alonso-Gordoa, Teresa; Banerjee, Susana; Wang, Ding; Naidoo, Jarushka; Standifer, Nathan; Palmer, Doug; Cheng, Lin-Yang; Kourtesis, Panagiotis; Ascierto, Maria; Das, Mayukh; Diamond, Jennifer; Hellmann, Matthew. University of California.
A value-centered approach to data privacy decisions . Carter, Sarah E. National University of Ireland – Galway.
The politics of the return of tianxia (All-under-Heaven) in modern China. Liang, Chia-Yu. University of Sussex.
Gentrifying Toronto: identifying and quantifying neighbourhood change. Gidey, Fana. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Zhang, Chongyang. University of Rochester.
Platform capitalism in South Korea: labor control and resistance in the creative content industry. Faraoun, Ahlem. University of Sussex.
Factores de la calidad de vida del adulto mayor en un centro parroquial en contexto de la pandemia COVID 19. Lima. 2020. Elias Ramos, Anderson Michael. National University of San Marcos.
In Transferral Between Chinese and American Cultures: Famous Chinese Short Stories, Retold by Lin Yutang and its Chinese Translation. Liu, Min. Victoria University of Wellington / Te Herenga Waka.
Microalgae concentration by foam fractionation. [No author]. University of Hawaii.
An investigation of how manipulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipid body content impacts early infection of macrophages. Albatli, Shaikha A. University of Leicester.
Using Gamification To Influence User Success In Personal Finance Applications. Hayes, Carrie. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Att leda genom barriärer : <em>Chefers upplevelser av att hantera barriärer mot arbetsplatsdigitalisering </em>. Iwenstam, Elias Jägerroth. Linnaeus University.
Análisis de la desconexión de la central hidroeléctrica Cerro del Águila, utilizando la normativa del procedimiento técnico n°40 del COES. Rojas Escalante, Walter Kemberly. National University of San Marcos.
Bio-nano studies of organosilica and immune cells in vitro and in vivo. HENDERSON, EDWARD CHARLES. Monash University.
Bland sockor, spöken och pepparkakor : En undersökning av traditioner och kulturarv i förskolan. Weman, Annika. Malmö University.
تجديد التفكير الديني عند خالد محمد خالد "رؤية من هنا نبدأ ونقادها" Elmahdy, Dr/Nasser. Figshare.
Regulation of Endothelial Cell Behavior via KRIT1 Localization and Function. Swamy, Harsha. University of Rochester.
Age-related perceptual and cognitive effects on visual search. Alqahtani, Tahani A. University of Leicester.
<b>Prioritizing </b><b>forestation</b><b> in China through incorporating biogeochemical and local biogeophysical effects</b>. Li, Yu. Figshare.
Izolacija maščobnih kislin iz bučnih semen vrste cucurbita pepo. Hočevar, Nika. Univerza v Mariboru.
Children in Conflict: Assessing the Impact of UN Targeted Sanctions on Rebel Groups' Recruitment of Child Soldiers. Backryd, Rebecka. Uppsala University.
Comparative Analysis of In-Body to Out-Body Wireless CommunicationModules: Test Design and PerformanceEvaluation. Bhai, Remya Sree Rema. Halmstad University.
High dimensional multidisciplinary design optimization for eco-design aircraft : Optimisation multi-disciplinaire en grande dimension pour l’éco-conception avion en avant-projet. Saves, Paul. Toulouse, ISAE.
Exploring potential contributors to improved breast cancer patient prognosis over time in Aotearoa New Zealand - BWoodhouse Master's dissertation. Woodhouse, Braden. The University of Auckland.
Security Risk-Aware Resource Management Mechanism for the 5G Cloudified Infrastructure. Carvalho, Glaucio Haroldo Silva de. Toronto Metropolitan University.
Womens Club? : The Role of Gender in the Female Business Angel’s Investment Process. Edenvik, Hanna. Uppsala University.
Chemical genetic analysis of zinc-neutral lipid interaction in yeast. Amiri, Pegah. Victoria University of Wellington / Te Herenga Waka.
BRP39 Regulates Neutrophil Recruitment in NLRP3 Inflammasome-Induced Liver Inflammation. Kui, Lin; Kim, Andrea D; Onyuru, Janset; Hoffman, Hal M. University of California.
Vem passar bäst för jobbet? : - en kvantitativ studie om hur offentlig och privat erfarenhet påverkar synen på jobblämplighet. Bager, Michael. Linnaeus University.
Deep Multi-Resolution Operator Networks (DMON): Exploring Novel Data-Driven Strategies for Chaotic Inverse Problems. Donald, Sam Alexander Knowles. Virginia Tech.
Electronic Supporting Information 1 - Predicting Air-Water Partitioning of Oxyfluorfen Under California Rice Field Conditions. Bonnar, David. Figshare.
Mäns ekonomiska våld mot kvinnor i nära relationer : En intervjustudie om hur socialsekreterare arbetar med att identifiera ekonomiskt våld. Herremo, Alva. Linnaeus University.
Nivel de estrés académico en estudiantes de enfermería de una universidad pública en tiempos de COVID-19, Lima, 2021. Inocente Galvez, Alicia Pilar. National University of San Marcos.
“The Greatest Athlete Ever” - How Serena Williams is used in Nike’s activism style of advertising. Kilroy, Lauren. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.
'Remembrance within the sacred': Cultural memory in music video: American <i>Lieux de Mémoire</i> communicated through sound and vision. Walsh, Pearse. Institute of Art, Design + Technology.

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