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Selected plays of rabindranath tagore a study;. Vinatha, reddy P. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Study on municipal administration in andhra pradesh with special reference to guntakal, municipality in anantapuramu district;. Kannaiah, M. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Evaporation in conceptual rainfall-runoff models: Testing model realism using remotely sensed evaporation:. Aalbers, E.E. Delft University of Technology.
Studies on the effect of haemoglagellate trypanosome trypanosma batrachi trypanosoma maguri on the histopatholgy and biochemistry of the host cat fish clarias batrachus from meerut district;. Kashyap, Anuradha. Chaudhary Charan Singh University.
Equitable access to green space : management strategies in San Diego California and Austin Texas. Steverson, Jennifer. University of Texas – Austin.
Production optimization and characterization of antimicrobial compounds by actinomycetes isolated from the rhizosphere of foxtao; millet;. Varalakshmi, T. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Nonlinear and wavelength-tunable plasmonic metasurfaces and devices. Lee, Jongwon. University of Texas – Austin.
Untersuchungen zur Stereoselektivität und -spezifität der Ketoreduktase Tyl-KR1 aus Streptomyces fradiae. Häckh, Matthias. Universität Freiburg.
Mejora del proceso de post venta en un concesionario Volskwagen . Polack Chávez, Estefanía. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Ladakh character A socio psychological study;. Nazki, Mohammad Iqbal. University of Kashmir.
Mitigation of voltage sag and swell using direct converters;. Abdul rahman S. Anna University.
Investigating self-assembly of linked oligomeric PPV-based materials. Ingle, Shauna Elizabeth. University of Texas – Austin.
History education at the secondary school level in Kerala state a critical study;. Pramod.V.S. University of Calicut.
Ehrhart Theory and Unimodular Decompositions of Lattice Polytopes. Tam, Ricci Yik Chi. University of Waterloo.
Sangakala ilakiya moliyeperppugal; -. Akilandeswari. Bharathidasan University.
Strategies for functionalization of recombinant spider silk. Jansson, Ronnie. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Impact of Foreign Institutional Investment Flow on Indian Stock Market;. Chhimwal, Rajani. Kumaun University.
In Some Asbestos World. Kroska, Aaron. Portland State University.
A study of the personality as a function of pro social behaviour religiosity in hindu and muslim boys and girls;. Parveen, Shagufta. Chaudhary Charan Singh University.
Design and Development of New Algorithm for Web Content Mining Suitable for Mobile Systems. Gupta, Neha. Manav Rachna International University.
Predictores clínicos y hemodinámicos de respuesta al tratamiento trombolítico endovenoso en pacientes con ictus isquémico agudo. Muchacha López, Marián. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Application intensities of conceptual organisational development models in cement industry;. Sree hari, S. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Studies on effect of coal properties process parameters on gasification kinetics; -. Chavan, Prakash Dhondiram. INFLIBNET.
Essays on the economics of development, education and violence. Gerardino Gutiérrez, María Paula. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Aportaciones a problemas de secuencias en entornos productivos JiT mediante procedimientos heurísticos, exactos e híbridos. Vilà Bonilla, Mariona. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Interference alignment in MIMO networks : feasibility and transceiver design. Alineado de interferencias en redes MIMO : existencia y cálculo de soluciones. González Fernández, Óscar. Universidad de Cantabria.
Democracy and punishment : an account of legitimacy of the criminal process. Roth, Laura C. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Investigations of InAsP/InP Semiconductor Devices for Quantum Communication Technologies. Bogan, Alex. University of Waterloo.
Masked by Fire: A Pilot Study Analyzing Perimortem Ballistic Trauma in Burnt Remains. Rundle, Jarred. University of Waterloo.
Programa de intervención en niños con trastorno por déficit de atención con hiperactividad (TDAH) y familia . Montáñez Gómez, María Isabel. Universidad de Extremadura.
Hydrogel synthesis and design of metal nanocomposited and bimetallic nanocomposites for antimicrobial applications;. Ranga reddy, P. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Studies on distribution ecology and taxonomy of microphytes and macrophytes of wetlands of goa; -. Kamat, Sima V. Goa University.
Implications of wto on indian economy an economic analysis of banking sector; -. Patnaik, Dulu. INFLIBNET.
Quality of customer service in banks a case study of idbi bank in rayalaseema region of ap;. Krishnapriya , A. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Ishvar petalikar ni janpadi navalkathao : aek abhiyas; -. Thakor, Bhagatsing Mohansing. INFLIBNET.
Estudio de impacto vial para escuelas en zonas urbanas de Lima Metropolitana . Arias Moreno, Prissil Estefania. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Parallel simulation of coupled flow and geomechanics in porous media. Wang, Bin, 1984-. University of Texas – Austin.
Kaleeth thogaiyel samugamum vaalviyal nerigalum; -. Indira. Bharathidasan University.
Customs Traditions and Rituals of Pre modern Chinese Turkestan;. Malik, Iqbal Hashim. University of Kashmir.
Negotiation Support System with Third Party Intervention. Kinsara, Rami. University of Waterloo.
A Socio legal Study of Crimes Against Women A Critical Review of Protective Laws;. Khandelwal, S. K. Kumaun University.
Marketing strategies of handloom weavers cooperative socieities an assessment;. Joseph Nelson, D. INFLIBNET.
Existence of periodic orbits in Riemannian and contact geometry. Röttgen, Nena. Universität Freiburg.
A study on corporate social responsibility of select services and business enterprises operating in manipur. Moirangthem Raju Singh. Manipur University.
political saga and administrative reforms of mrs indira gandhi a study;. Damodara, Reddy K. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
A pragmatic approach toward securing inter-domain routing. Siddiqui, Muhammad Shuaib. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Uttaranchal ki bhotia janjati janjatiya bhoogol mein ek adhyyan;. Negi, Narayan. Chaudhary Charan Singh University.
Scholastic motivation of secondary school pupils in relation to intelligence self concept classroom climate and parental involvement;. Ramakrlshnan. K. University of Calicut.
Identity and diversity in EU law: contextualising article 4(2) TEU. Alcoberro Llivina, Carina. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Evaluating natural pozzolans for use as alternative supplementary cementitious materials in concrete. Seraj, Saamiya. University of Texas – Austin.
Preliminary design of a crewed Mars flyby Solar Electric Propulsion mission:. De Smet, S. Delft University of Technology.
Avtar singh ajad rachit mahankav gurmat paripekh; -. Singh, Shahbaz. Punjabi University.
Gurbilas patshahi 10 vich krit quir singh ate sukha singh da dharam shashtri adhyan; -. Singh, Hardev. Punjabi University.
Bandwidth Efficient Human Centered Online Document Access System Using Compound Image Framework. Diwakar R. Marur. SRM University.
Chai for change? Stories of Adivasi indigeneities, self-reliance, and activism. AUFSCHNAITER, CLAUDIA,CATERINA. Durham University.
An interactional approach to the study of performance control systems. Wang, Wei, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
An economic survey of unorganised workers engaged in retail trade _A case study of Modinagar town;. Agrawal, Nidhi. Chaudhary Charan Singh University.
Mixed metals promotion on iron and cobalt based fischer tropsch catalysts: synergistic effect of calcium and transition metals; -. James, Olusola Oladele. INFLIBNET.
An evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment in a patient with chronic paraplegia. Janicki, Alexa. California State University – Sacramento.
The long-term history of temperate broadleaves in southern Sweden. Hultberg, Tove. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Hydralazine in heart failure: a study of the mechanism of action in human blood vessels. Rocchiccioli, John Paul. University of Glasgow.
Characteristics of spun silk fabrics Produced from hollow yarns;. Subashini S. Anna University.
Some aspects of the administrative socio economic and Cultural life of the people of Kashmir under the Sikhs 1819 to 1846;. Khanday, Abdul Rashid. University of Kashmir.
Making a fairbnb:. Mooi, A.F. Delft University of Technology.
Mitigating the impacts of droughts and heat waves at thermoelectric power plants in the United States. Cook, Margaret Allison. University of Texas – Austin.
Employment generation through rural industroalization during the post liberalization period in anantupur district;. Govindu, K. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Analysis of Passing Distances between Bicycles and Motorized Vehicles on Urban Arterials. Mehta, Kushal. University of Waterloo.
Linear quadratic optimal control For trajectory tracking Applications of under actuated System;. Vinodh kumar E. Anna University.
Heemana siyeth cirukathaikalil islamieya valviyeal; -. Ikbal. Bharathidasan University.
Mobile keystroke dynamics: assessment and implementation. Ryan, Shea. California State University – Northridge.
Systematics phylogeography and population genetics of the golden jackal canis aureus in india; -. Negi, Tripti. Saurashtra University.
Novel methods of characterizing phthalate emissions and their fate and transport in residential indoor environments. Liang, Yirui. University of Texas – Austin.
Gramadevatas - A study of the feminine divine Banglore rural district; a study of the feminine divine in Bangalore rural district 16th to 19th A D. Gomathi Manohar. University of Mysore.
Sistema de pronóstico de inventario basado en modelos estadísticos para la distribución de repuestos del sector motos . Sandoval Vicente, Juan Francisco. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
The nature of hallucinatory experience. Alves, Marco Aurelio Sousa. University of Texas – Austin.
Translokationspartner des Immunglobulinschwerkettengens in reifen aggressiven B-Zell-Lymphomen. Schwarz, Saskia Janina. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students' Knowledge, Perceptions, and Beliefs About HIV/AIDS . Piperato, Jamie M. Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
A comparative study on public expenditure and income of rajkot municipal corporation; -. Maheta, Ketan Jayntibhai. Saurashtra University.
Growth Dynamics of muscle fibers in relation to somatic development in vertebrates; -. Mayalata, Dimpal. Saurashtra University.
The treatment of myth and history in Salman Rushdies fiction;. Ash-Shaibani, Abdulmonim Ali Ben Ali. University of Mysore.
Studies on indium tin oxide ito films and computer simulation of ito si solar cells prepared by the spray pyrolysis technique;. Joseph Prince, J. INFLIBNET.
Corporation-led Urban Development: Motives for multinationals to engage in urban development projects:. Potters, B. Delft University of Technology.
Genètica i epigènetica dels trastorns neurològics paroxístics. Vila Pueyo, Marta. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Late quaternary climatic channges in garhwal himalaya by studying the lakes;. Joshi, Lalit Mohan. Kumaun University.
Some investigations on Nonequilibrium phenomena in Superconductors;. Chashoo, G. Jeelani. University of Kashmir.
Edayar naattar valakaatriyal oru aaivu; -. Senthamarai. Bharathidasan University.
Implementation and impact of mgnregs a study of anantapur district of andhra pradesh;. Rama Mohana Reddy, G. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Development of metacognitive skills in science student teachers through constructivist approach; -. Tandel, Sudhir H. Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
Propuesta de un modelo integral de gestión logística aplicado a una asociación de Mypes del sector metalmecánico de Villa el Salvador con la finalidad de lograr la mejora de la productividad de las mismas y aprovechar las oportunidades que ofrece el entorno para el comercio exterior . Palpa Chinchay, Herbert Jesús. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Studies on anticancer activity of brassica oleraceae extract and its mechanism of action on human epithelial carcinoma cells hep 2; -. Renuka Devi, J. SRM University.
Building Technology for climate change adaptation:. Mynett, L.S. Delft University of Technology.
Effects of chronic stress on encoding of space and context in the hippocampus behavioural and in vivo eletrophysiological analyses; -. Anupratap Tomar. Manipal University.
Friends or foes in virus-host interactions: Cell regulation of HIV-1 replication. Ruiz de Andrés, Alba. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
A computational framework for modelling micro-scale fluids in the presence of surface tension. Mackenzie, Ross J.D. University of Glasgow.
Evaluation of Computer-Based Math Homework and Students' Satisfaction with Online Math Classes . Koressa, Marcel. California State University – Channel Islands.
Study on the patient centered care at tertiary healthcare centres a managerial perspective. Bhooma Devi. Sri Ramachandra University.
Three essays on economic development. Méndez Errico, Paula Luciana. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Muslim life and Rituals A case study of major shrines of Kashmir;. Khan, Gousia. University of Kashmir.
Cheminformatics tools in drug discovery and docking study using parallel computing;. Sreenivasa, reddy P E. Sri Krishnadevaraya University.


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