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Budgetlovens ideologiske baggrund - Er budgetloven et led i en konkurrencestatslig udvikling? Bloch Kretzschmar, Line. Roskilde University.
Apathy in Persons with HIV Infection. Kamat, Rujvi. San Diego State University.
Egypt, the Fictive Theater of Napoleon’s Glory: A Celebration of the Egyptian Campaign in Paintings, Architecture, and Decorative Arts . Weiser, Abby Brianne. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
The biomechanical response of the interosseous membrane of the human forearm : an in-vitro investigation using robotics technology. DeFrate, Louis E., 1977-. MIT.
Overall survival and biochemical failure-free survival comparison of brachytherapy treatment options versus external beam radiation therapy for both low and intermediate-risk prostate cancer: A propensity-score matched analysis. Smith, Graham D. University of Western Ontario.
The Interpersonal is Political: Contesting and Negotiating Patriarchy Within the Chaldean Community. Sutton, Damien J. San Diego State University.
Cultural differences. Kujore, Adetokunbo. University of Southern California.
A Competition Study on Copper-binding Affinity of SCO protein. Xu, SHUAI. Queen's University.
"Truth" of War: Japanese Depictions in World War II Documentaries. Garrison, Kathy Ann. University of Oklahoma.
Investigation into the mechano-chemistry of de novo collagen assembly. Paten, Jeffrey. Northeastern University.
Research on the legal system of violation management of road traffic in Taiwan. Huang, Tzu-Chiang. NSYSU.
Influence of Lactobacilli and Streptococci on the Volatile Components found in Soymilk. Blagden, Trenna Diann. University of Oklahoma.
Performance Evaluation of Silt Fence With a Sloping Toe Trench. Cross, Christopher Bradley. University of Oklahoma.
Evaluation of Selected Courseware for Online Delivery of Distance Education Courses. Garcia-Causin, Gina Fe. University of Oklahoma.
Essays on education: from Indonesia to Los Angeles, CA. Kwon, William Wookun. University of Southern California.
Predicting Financial Markets Using Neuro Fuzzy Genetic Systems. Doeksen, Brent Arthur. University of Oklahoma.
St. Mildred of Thanet: biography of a cult. Swensson, Ericka Marie. University of Southern California.
Nonlinear filtering of video sequences using contraction theory. Grepl, Martin A. (Martin Alexander), 1974-. MIT.
Intensity Based Non-rigid Registration of 3D Whole Mouse Optical and MR Image Volumes. Harris, Jacqueline Kathleen. University of Western Ontario.
Factors Associated with College Athlete's Perceptions of Parental Connection and Parental Psychological Autonomy. Battaglini, Luciano Henrique Lopes Guimaraes. University of Oklahoma.
Rainbow flags and body bags : violence, terror, pride and everyday resistance in Northeastern Mexico. Pysklywec, John Alexander. University of British Columbia.
Analysis and Detection of Heap-based Malwares Using Introspection in a Virtualized Environment. Javaid, Salman. University of New Orleans.
The role of consumption of fructose on blood pressure in the nucleus tractus solitarii. Wen, Shu-Wei. NSYSU.
Future light-duty vehicles : predicting their fuel consumption and addressing their potential. AuYeung, Felix F. (Felix Faiying), 1976-. MIT.
Improvement of binomial trees model and Black-Scholes model in option pricing. Zhang, Hao. University of Southern California.
Modelling the thermal regime of a regulated coastal British Columbia river and assessing the potential of warming mitigation strategies. West, David. University of British Columbia.
The geography of voter power in the U.S. electoral college from 1900-2012. Wenschhof, Luke. University of Southern California.
Decision Feedback Equalizer with Oblique Projection Approach and Pilot-aided Channel Estimator for ST-BC MIMO-OFDM Receiver Design. Yeh, Kuei-Ming. NSYSU.
Exploring the Association Between Commute to School Duration and Children's Physical Activity Level and Bodyweight Status. Richard, Lucie. University of Western Ontario.
Using Landsat and a Bayesian hard classifier to study forest change in the Salmon Creek Watershed area from 1972–2013. Mullis, David Stone. University of Southern California.
The Influence of App Location Based Service towardâ the Purchase Intentions of Consumers. Yang æ¥å®é ´, Zong-ying. NSYSU.
Uncertainty Quantification for a Class of MEMS-based Vibratory Angular Rate Sensors. Abedin, Nujhat. University of Western Ontario.
Implementation and evaluation of a classroom synchronous participation system. Beshai, Peter. University of British Columbia.
On Bounded-Delay Minimum-Cost Path Problem. Du, Yuanbing. University of Oklahoma.
Break time, una empresa novedosa en la venta de desayunos saludables . Carreño Ruíz, Giancarlo Eduardo. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Stable expression of human B7-H4 in a mouse mammary tumor model as a target for cancer immunotherapy. Sankaranarayanan, Ishwarya. University of Southern California.
Pragmatic approaches for utilizing space-time encoding and decoding. Lee, David K. University of Southern California.
Rapid Segmentation Techniques for Cardiac and Neuroimage Analysis. Rajchl, Martin. University of Western Ontario.
The American deception epidemic: why public relations practitioners should take notice. Alboini, Lauren. University of Southern California.
A Wearable Sensor (Fitbit One) and Text-Messaging to Promote Physical Activity and Participants' Level of Engagement (A Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial). Wang, Julie B. San Diego State University.
Vietnams økonomiske- og bæredygtige udvikling. Bønnelykke, Celine. Roskilde University.
Manifestações no Brasil - Estruturação da Esfera Pública, Rede Social e Participação Popular na Internet. Melo, Thiago. Universidade de Coimbra.
Illness Uncertainty and Attributional Style as Predictors of Distress Among Parents of Chilren with Diabetes: A Longitudinal Study. Carpenter, Melissa Y. University of Oklahoma.
What Lies Behind: Speculations on the Real and the Willful. Hobot, Barbara. University of Western Ontario.
Experimental Hepatozoon Americanum Infection in Coyotes (Canis Latrans). Garrett, Jennifer Jane. University of Oklahoma.
The Women of reform: Kansas eugenics . Derrell, Anna. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
The Neural Correlates of Guilt and Restitution During a Social Decision Making Task. Ty, Ambrose. University of Western Ontario.
Exploring Meanings of Professional Development: Teacher Perspectives . Baker, Elizabeth. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Beneath the light: stage-bound and ankle-cuffed . Jordan, Alli. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Student and employer perceptions of the importance of entry-level employability skills . Rowley, Clarissa. California State University – Chico.
Measurements of carbon dioxide fluxes and concentrations at multiple scales in Vancouver, Canada. Crawford, Benjamin R. University of British Columbia.
Secure Hierarchical Group Communication on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Er, Sabri. University of Oklahoma.
Framing a shifting paradigm : art and anatomy in the early modern era. Jansen, Judy. University of British Columbia.
Evaluation of Auditory Evoked Potentials as a Hearing aid Outcome Measure. Easwar, Vijayalakshmi. University of Western Ontario.
Optimization and Sensory Quality of a Peanut-Based Calcium-Fortified Pasta. Hardy, Deborah. University of Oklahoma.
International sex and age differences in physical function and disability. Wheaton, Felicia Victoria. University of Southern California.
Behavioral alterations in rat offspring following maternal immune activation and CXC chemokine receptor antagonism. Ballendine, Stephanie. University of Saskatchewan.
Predicting Driver's Injury Severity in Automobile Head-on Collisions Using Machine Learning. Chong, Miao Mei. University of Oklahoma.
Plant substructuring and real-time simulation using model reduction. Zhao, Yili. University of Southern California.
The Discussion of Bicycle Industry in Central Taiwan with Industrial Clustering Patterns and Informal Innovation Network. Lu, Wan-yu. NSYSU.
Samfundsøkonomiske vurderinger i varmeplanlægningen. Kristensen, Jacob Byskov. Roskilde University.
Aid in Palestine. Hansen, Sofie Dahl. Roskilde University.
Idrottsprofilerad utbildning - i spåren av en avreglerad skola. Ferry, Magnus. University of Gothenburg / Göteborgs Universitet.
Sound-on-film: John Cage and avant-garde cinema. Brown, Richard H. University of Southern California.
Frivillighed i Nord og Syd. frisdahl, Sascha. Roskilde University.
An integral base weighted essentially non-oscillatory method for one dimensional hyperbolic conservation law. Lu, Xin. NSYSU.
Labours Of Love: Affect, Fan Labour, And The Monetization Of Fandom. Spence, Jennifer. University of Western Ontario.
Automatic Scientific Literature Classification Using Multiple Information Sources for Data Mining Purposes. Asnake, Benyam. University of Oklahoma.
Model based PET image reconstruction and kinetic parameter estimation. Lin, Yanguang. University of Southern California.
The effects of poor practice in public relations: the Pennsylvania State football scandal. Scheer, Erica Ann. University of Southern California.
Visual discrimination of French and English in inter-speech and speech-ready position. D'Aquisto, Joseph Paul. University of British Columbia.
Secure Hierarchical Group Communication on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Er, Sabri. University of Oklahoma.
The Role of Intermediaries in State Education Policy Implementation. Owens, Lorie Beth. The Ohio State University.
Modeller i remote sensing af vegetation. Bacher, Kristine. Roskilde University.
Transverse Thermoelectric Effect. Crawford, Charles. University of New Orleans.
Childhood Sexual Abuse, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Gender. Carlozzi, Noelle E. University of Oklahoma.
Design of Modular Autonomous Robot Vehicle. Edwan, Ezzaldeen. University of Oklahoma.
Monitoring and Characterization of a Batch Reaction - For On-line Recipe Adjustment. Alam, Syed Samir. University of Oklahoma.
Drawing/s. Sammis, Kim. MIT.
From Ingression to Circumscription: A Geographical Study of Kudzu Management Policies in the United States. Aldrich, Serena Rose. University of Oklahoma.
Future Focused Planning? The role of environmentalism and sustainability in theredevelopment of post-Katrina New Orleans. Nosse-Leirer, Emily Rose. The Ohio State University.
Pre- and Post-Package Pasteurization of Ready-to-eat Meats to Control Listeria Monocytogenes. Gande, Nanditha. University of Oklahoma.
The "Gray" Matters: Communicating the Liminality of Identity Reconstruction After Brain Injury. Wiechert, Kelsey Nicole. San Diego State University.
Awkward Is the New Black. Valley, Dylan-Wade. University of Southern California.
Just Farming: An Environmental Justice Perspective on the Capacity of Grassroots Organizations to Support the Rights of Organic Farmers and Laborers. Berkey, Rebecca Elaine. Antioch University.
Neo-Salafisme i Somalia; Neo-Salafism in Somalia. Gundel, Rasmus Emil. Roskilde University.
A cloned group II phytocystatin SPCPI differentially modulates ethephon and NaCl-induced leaf senescence in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.). Lai, Jia-fu. NSYSU.
At få brudt koden - at få lært noden. En kvalitativ undersøgelse af gruppebaseret patientuddannelse til borgere med type 2 diabetes. Nicic, Sara. Roskilde University.
The Power of TNCs Engaged in the Gold Mining Industry in Ghana. Thomsen, Andrea Dora. Roskilde University.
Designing the Plane While Flying It: A Case Study on Nursing Faculty Development during Academic Electronic Health Records Integration in a Small Liberal Arts College. Maxwell, Karen Elizabeth. Portland State University.
Western Influence on Dietary Habits in the Post-Communist Czech Republic. Humenikova, Lenka. University of Oklahoma.
Development of the Wireless Instructor System and Bluetooth Handover Technologies for Improved Virtual Laboratory Applications. George, Lynn Moses. University of Oklahoma.
Who cares for Detroit? Urban agriculture, Black self-determination, and struggles over urban space. Quizar, Jessi. University of Southern California.
Metabolic consequences of obesity-associated inflammation during puberty and perinatal development. Kayser, Brandon David. University of Southern California.
Modular System for Comparison of Navigation Algorithms in Visual Data Exploration. Jusuf, Patricia. University of Oklahoma.
Un sistema per il supporto della memoria prospettica. Petani, Albano. Università degli Studi di Padova.
On Bounded-Delay Minimum-Cost Path Problem. Du, Yuanbing. University of Oklahoma.
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy through African-centered Methods in a Midwestern Urban Elementary School . Bullard, Jimmie DeAnn. University of Missouri – Kansas City.


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