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Genetic disruption of circadian rhythms impairs hippocampus-dependent memory. Wardlaw, Sarah. University of Washington.
Security and Privacy for Untrusted Applications in Modern and Emerging Client Platforms. Roesner, Franziska. University of Washington.
DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY CALL CINEMATEKET IN FRANCE? A ROYAL WITH CHEESE. - En målgruppeanalyse for Cinemateket. Jacobsen, Louise. Roskilde University.
Receptor revision in CD4 T cells is influenced by follicular helper T cell formation and germinal center interactions. Higdon, Lauren Elizabeth. University of Washington.
Livsfilosofi og genretræk i Kometen kommer. Hernø-Toftild, Sarah Liv. Roskilde University.
Power relations in the Za’atari refugee camp. Mogensen, Sofia Lin Hunglinger. Roskilde University.
Essays investigating gender and development in rural Ethiopia. Masuda, Yuta Jason. University of Washington.
The Grothendieck Groups of Module Categories over Coherent Algebras. Sisodia, Gautam. University of Washington.
Methods and models to control and predict behavior of two dimensional paper networks for diagnostics. Fridley, Gina Ella. University of Washington.
Det store svinerige, DRs fremstilling af den danske svineproduktion. Fromberg, Sofia. Roskilde University.
Economic Effects of Multispecies Catch Share Management. Scheld, Andrew. University of Washington.
Connections Across Oceans: Debussy, Impressionism, and "The Floating World (Ukiyo-e)" of Japanese Art. Maki, Tomoko. University of Washington.
Neighborhood Networks and the Decision-Making Processes in a Distressed Social-Built Environment: A Case Study in Lake City (Seattle), Washington. TROUT, Amber. University of Washington.
Examining distribution and concentration of access in British Columbia's salmon and herring fisheries. Haas, Andrea Rae. University of British Columbia.
Impersonality and the Cultural Work of Modernist Aesthetics. Arvidson, Heather. University of Washington.
Comparison of Static and Countermovement Jump Variables in Relation to Estimated Training Load and Subjective Measures of Fatigue. Sams, Matthew L. East Tennessee State University.
Terms of Flight. Bleecker, Alex O. University of Washington.
Community-Based Herbalism and Relational Approaches to Harm Reduction in Healthcare. Eloheimo, Marja. University of Washington.
Macro-size drop encapsulation. Maleki, Amir. University of British Columbia.
Studies on the regulatory mechanisms of GTN-induced protein kinase inhibitors in hepatocellular carcinoma-derived cells. Peng, Yu-Ting. NSYSU.
A Study of Senior Primary School Studentsâ Plant Observation Capabilities and Identification Models. Ou, Ya-Wen. NSYSU.
The Power of Time Perception: The Effect of Temporal Orientation in Tickets Group-buying. Chen, Chien-Yu. NSYSU.
Visualizing the Holocaust: The Perceived Benefits and Concerns of Including Holocaust Atrocity Images in Museum Exhibits. Mulder, Mark Alan. University of Washington.
Offentlighed i TV2 - et spørgsmål om legitimitet. Jensen, Sara Isabel. Roskilde University.
Persian school 2014:. Emami, Y.S. Delft University of Technology.
A Spatial Analysis of Forest Fire Survival and a Marked Cluster Process for Simulating Fire Load. Morin, Amy A. University of Western Ontario.
Performance improvement of motion control applications using GPPs and ASIPs on FPGA:. Jambekar, S.W. Delft University of Technology.
Kønnet i diskurser. Biener, Freja. Roskilde University.
Combining bottom trawl and acoustic data to improve survey derived abundance estimates of semipelagic species. Kotwicki, Stan. University of Washington.
End of Art. Minerva, Pietilä. Roskilde University.
Diabetes Distress and Diabetes Outcomes: the Association between Distress and Patient-Provider Communication, Quality of Life, and Glycemic Control. Kiefer, Meghan M. University of Washington.
Skæbne og effekt af kontaminanterne acetylcedren, triclosan samt miksturen af disse ved tilstedeværelse af sneglen Hydrobia ventrosa; Fate and effect of the contaminants acetyl cedrene, triclosan and the mixture of these in sediments inhabited by the snail Hydrobia ventrosa. Hansen, Cecilie Felicia. Roskilde University.
Hvad er lykke? Møller, Christoffer Steensen. Roskilde University.
Feature Engineering for 3D Medical Image Applications. Lam, Irma. University of Washington.
Mentoring program to empower African American female youth and young adults aging out of foster care: grant proposal. Ratcliff, Chauntelle E. California State University – Northridge.
"War for Peace": Race, Empire, and the Korean War. Kindig, Jessie L. University of Washington.
Examining sources of ecological resilience to climate change for restoration planning. Timpane-Padgham, Britta. University of Washington.
The distribution and timing of bearded seal (<italic>Erignathus barbatus</italic>) vocalizations reflect changing environmental conditions in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas. MacIntyre, Kalyn Quintin. University of Washington.
Flow-Capacity-Maintaining, Decoupled Conflict Resolution Procedures for Air Traffic Control. Yoo, Jeff. University of Washington.
Incidencia de diferentes metodologías de enseñanza-entrenamiento en el fútbol base sobre indicadores del abandono deportivo. Fernández Pérez, Roberto Carlos. Universidad de León.
China's Taiwan Policy under the âone China frameworkâ. Kang, Byung-Hwan. NSYSU.
Religion i Filosofi - et begreb om død. Malmkjær, Ida. Roskilde University.
Follow-up Difficulty and Retention: Evaluating Potential Attrition Bias in a Longitudinal Substance Abuse Treatment Study. Harrop, Erin Nicole. University of Washington.
Ballard Bridge Park: Preserving Place for Transient Populations in Urban Spaces. Bush, Erica A. University of Washington.
Seismic Evaluation of Bolted Connections in Non-Seismic Concentrically Braced Frames. Johnson, Molly Mae. University of Washington.
Siting City-bike Stations With Their Distances from MRT Stations as a Criterion. Hu , Yi-Ping. NSYSU.
The Effects on Students' Self-Efficacy Beliefs Regarding Their Comprehension of American Literature When Aesthetic Reading and Reader Response Strategy are Implemented. Zeitsiff, Charlotte A. Florida International University.
Math Attitudes and Interests of Adult Science Caf?? Participants. Johnson, Anna Louise. University of Washington.
The Deliberate Speed of the Tar Heel State: North Carolina’s Efforts to Resist School Desegregation, 1954-1966. Cash, Patrick S. East Tennessee State University.
Disease and aid: 100 yeas of US (de)construction of health citizenship in Haiti. Lopez, Patricia Josephina. University of Washington.
Emerging Practices: Early Learning Experiences in Art Museums. Miller, Julia. University of Washington.
Police reform and state-building in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. O'Shea, Liam. University of St. Andrews.
Couples coping with rheumatoid arthritis : spouse empathic responding as a moderator of depressive symptoms. Stephenson, Ellen Christine. University of British Columbia.
Epidemiological linkages between sexually transmitted infections. Masese, Linnet N. University of Washington.
Coplandia, or the Ideological American Sound. Cweibel, Rebecca. University of Washington.
Parental Opinions of Anti-Tobacco Messages within a Pediatric Dental Clinic. Sims, Kari Ann. University of Washington.
Non-Relativistic Holography from Horava Gravity. Janiszewski, Stefan John. University of Washington.
Haggling With the Muses: Negotiating Value in 18th Century English Poetry. Morgan, Paige Courtney. University of Washington.
WATERMARKS: New modes of inhabitation in the water dominated landscape of Rome. Sirbu, Sergiu Vlad. University of Washington.
Analysis of rhetoric and metaphors in President George W. Bush speeches after 11th of September 2001, and a possible use of propaganda. Clausen, Thomas Wolff. Roskilde University.
Vestre Fængsel - Repression eller Resocialisering. Lassen, Viktor Lerche-Jørgensen. Roskilde University.
Feasibility of supply in the proposal for 100% renewable energy system based in Varpelev – Hårlev. Boor Boor, Marjan. Roskilde University.
Fænomenet Angst. Larsen, Sine Munch. Roskilde University.
Building the Rule of Law in Fragile States: The Role of External Actors in Shaping Institutional Responses to Gender Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa. Lake, Milli May. University of Washington.
The Aesthetic Experience and Artful Public Administration. Piccorelli, Justin Thomas. Cleveland State University.
The relationship between how HIP (human, impact, profit) affects airport financial performance. Mandel, Case. Humboldt State University.
ANONYMOUS - Power and Counter-power in a Digital Age. de Kuoadio, Guy, Louise, Helga, Sara Dejgaard-Wandbæk, Thomas Therp, Finsdottir. Roskilde University.
Contentious Subjects: Non/violence as Topic and Trope in the Occupy Movement. Meckfessel, Shon. University of Washington.
Lan[d]tern: Designing the Transit-Oriented Pedestrian Nightscape. Maloney, Audrey. University of Washington.
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Coastal United States: Barriers and Bridges for Monitoring and Evaluation. Kelly, Emily. University of Washington.
Seasonal and Diurnal Patterns of Whole-Tree Plant Water Relations in Three Pacific Northwest Conifer Species: Thuja plicata, Pseudotsuga menziesii, and Tsuga heterophylla. Fox, Rhiannon Aurora. University of Washington.
On the design of hybrid simulation models, focussing on the agent-based system dynamics combination. Swinerd, C. Cranfield U : DCMT.
The effect of chronic adolescent cannabinoid exposure on adult sexual behaviour. Dang, Silivain Sili. University of British Columbia.
Studies on the relationship between ABT-751-induced apoptosis and autophagy in the hepatocellular carcinoma Hep-3B cells. Jheng, Huei-Ying. NSYSU.
Development and Application of Multifunctional Optical Coherence Tomography. Zhi, Zhongwei. University of Washington.
Makzin: Identifying Design Practices In Tablet Magazines. Trinnaman, Brad. University of Washington.
Black Sea Change: A Revision of the Sinop Ceramic Chronology Using Luminescence Dating. Casson, Mustafa Aksel. University of Washington.
An Empirical Evaluation of and Toolkit for Asynchronous Programming in C# Windows Phone Apps:. Hartveld, D.L. Delft University of Technology.
Modern Friendship: The "New Turkey" and Soviet Cultural Diplomacy, 1933-1934. Zajicek, Taylor Craig. University of Washington.
Tao Yuanming and William Wordsworth: A Parallel Study. Chen, Lin. University of Washington.
Modelling the spectral gamma-ray log: the influence of provenance and selective transport:. Van der Boor, M.C. Delft University of Technology.
Understanding how uncertainty in the forcing irradiances impacts simulations of snow. Lapo, Karl Eric. University of Washington.
Three Essays in Development and Health Economics. Alam, Shamma Adeeb. University of Washington.
Time Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for MEMS-based Endoscopic Application. Liu, Yunbo. University of Washington.
Public Curation as Civic Engagement: Naming Success in Participatory Curatorial Models. Stone, Amanda. University of Washington.
The Study of Compositions and Attributes of Unboxing Videos. Tai, Chia-Liang. NSYSU.
GADEKUNST I DEN PERFORMATIVE BY. Carlsen, Mia Bøcher. Roskilde University.
ABOUT TIME. Murley, Abraham. University of Washington.
National identity in politics - An analysis of British parliamentary debates on European integration 1957-1975. Hoskens, Ward. Leiden University.
Identifying best practices in human resource management. LeBow, Jamie L. Humboldt State University.
Transport properties of chiral p-wave superconductor-normal metal nanostructures. Keles, Ahmet. University of Washington.
Microfluidics enhanced synthesis of micellar nanostructures. Cardiel, Joshua Jeremy. University of Washington.
Dissapearing Acts: Making things +Making things go away. Chernow, Rebecca. University of Washington.
Improving jack-up capabilities:. Dimitriou, A. Delft University of Technology.
Investigation of Mercury's magnetospheric and surface magnetic fields. Winslow, Reka Moldovan. University of British Columbia.
A Study of Multi-objective Genetic Models for Stock Selection. Chen, Shin-shou. NSYSU.
Modelling channel morphodynamics : the effects of large wood and bed grain size distribution. MacKenzie, Lucy. University of British Columbia.
Merging active and passive seismic reflection data with interferometry by multidimensional deconvolution:. AlAli, A. Delft University of Technology.
Reduced basis methods for time-periodic parametric partial differential equations. Steih, Kristina. Universität Ulm.


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