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A study of financial efficiency of Indian steel industry; -. Shukla, Akhilesh N. Saurashtra University.
On the steady states of thin film equations. liu, guoqing. University of Pittsburgh.
Application of intutionistic fuzzy set in ring;. Meena, K. Mahatma Gandhi University.
Emocije kao kulturni konstrukti i njihova upotreba u političkim kontekstima savremene Srbije. Ilić, Vladimira, 1983-. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Single DNA Nucleotides Transport Through Nanoslits. Xia, Kai. Louisiana State University.
Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Brain Using an Ergonomic Driver: Assessment of Scan-Rescan Reproducibility. Chafi, Hatim. Louisiana State University.
Growth factor priming of murine mesenchymal stem cells critically determines their functionality. Suresh, Shankar. University of Birmingham.
La promozione dell'inclusione nei sistemi scolastici attraverso l'intervento di cooperazione internazionale: l'esperienza di El Salvador . Taddei, Arianna and#60;1979and#62. Università di Bologna.
Dimensions of fertility in Sagar district; A geographical appraisal. Shukla, Prabhati. INFLIBNET.
[No title]. Devi, Promila. Maharshi Dayanand University.
Delay Performance Evaluation of the IEC 61850 Standard in Power Transmission Substations. Safdar, Salman. Oregon State University.
Performance combustion and emission evaluation of di compression ignition engine fuelled with diesel and biodiesel blends; -. Mamilla, Venkata Ramesh. St Peters University.
The development of mental toughness in adolescents: utilising established theories. Mahoney, John William. University of Birmingham.
Structural features and interactions of substrates complexed with molecular chaperones. Ungelenk, Sophia Maria. Universität Heidelberg.
Phenotypic and molecular characterisation of germplasm collection of ocimum species;. Rajendra Prasad Patel. University of Lucknow.
Patología obstétrica y resultado perinatal en la población inmigrante atendida en el hospital del mar de Barcelona. Castillo Vico, Maria Teresa. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Biochemical pharmacological and toxicological investigation on the plant cuscuta reflexa in experimental animals;. Pavan Udavant Bhausaheb. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram.
A legal study on emerging role of independent directors in global corporate world; -. Pathakji, Rupa Amit. Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University.
Design of modified high secure optimized mix column and virtual s:box for AES; -. Gopi, V. St Peters University.
Making inferences between counterfactual and real worlds: developmental evidence. Colda, Livia Ioana. University of Birmingham.
Potential of galactomyces geotrichum mtcc 1360 and involvement of its oxidoreductive enzymes in the textile dyes degradation;. Waghmode, Tatoba Ramchandra. Shivaji University.
Effects of palladium thin films on the hydrogen permeability of Pd-Cu alloy membranes. Al-Mufachi, Naser Azzat. University of Birmingham.
Insulin resistance, ethnicity and cardiovascular risk. Malik, Muhammad Omar. University of Glasgow.
Allestimento di modello sperimentale su animali di tessuto osseo ingegnerizzato. Ragazzini, Sara and#60;1979and#62. Università di Bologna.
The value of mobile phone applications in heritage interpretation. Wicks, Sanna Pauliina. University of Birmingham.
Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Consequences of Loneliness: Health Behavior, Social Interactions, Self-Disclosure, and Perceived Responsiveness. Arpin, Sarah Noel. Portland State University.
Nutritional adequacy of menus offered to children of 2 to 5 years in registered child care facilities in Inanda. Nzama, Phindile Favourite. Durban University of Technology.
A study on the status of traditional shadow puppetry and puppeteers of South India;. Bhanumathi, R. INFLIBNET.
Design And Development Of Hot Point Proxy Hpproxy Caching With Multivariate Sector For Effective Multimedia Streaming;. S. P. Ponnusamy. Bharathiar University.
Studies on improving engineering aspects of copra processing and optimisation of drying parameters in Kerala;. Tapeswar Yidan Singh. INFLIBNET.
A new method for the orthogonal labeling and purification of Toxoplasma gondii proteins while inside of the host cell. Wier, Gregory M. University of Pittsburgh.
The theme of social discrimination in the novels of mulk raj anand; -. Reddy, V Sekhar. Sri Venkateswara University.
Discursive Security: F.B.I. Stings and the Nature of Peace. Testerman, Adam. Portland State University.
Vedantasara mai adhyaropa avam apavad; _. Sharma, Pushparani. Maharshi Dayanand University.
Awareness And Attitude Towards Consumerism With Special Reference To Coimbatore City;. D.Kalpana. Bharathiar University.
Some studies on multifeature Analysis and enhancement for Content based image retrieval;. Baulkani S. Anna University.
Lapsilisiä länteen ja päivähoitoa pohjoiseen? Alueellinen vertailu vanhempien perhepoliittisista preferensseistä. Korkiala, Terhi. University of Helsinki.
Seulomissyrjinnän kokonaistasapainomalli. Mäenpää, Eero. University of Helsinki.
Ab initio studies on properties of nanostructures; -. Kamal, C. INFLIBNET.
Prabhaslila of lord Shri Krishna a study with reference to Mahabharata and Puranas; -. Makawana, Bharti Prvinbhai. Saurashtra University.
Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of some oxidation and ligand substitution reactions involving cyano complexex of Ru ii;. Ruchi Singh. University of Lucknow.
Study on formulation and evaluation of modified release dosage form using coating technique; -. Keraliya, Rajesh A. Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University.
Problems and prospects of cattle feed manufacturing units in Kerala;. Philo Francis. University of Calicut.
Design and implementation of a novel digital modulation classifier for software defined radio receivers;. Prakasam P. Anna University.
Neurohormonal regulation of metabolism in the paddy pest spodoptera mauritia boisd noctuidae lepidoptera;. P. Shylaja Kumari. University of Calicut.
Experimental studies on strength and durability characteristics of ceramic waste aggregate concrete;. V. Giridhar. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram.
Socio_cultural impact of TV on youth: a study of Rohtak and Jhajjar district; -. Ravinder. Maharshi Dayanand University.
The influenec of english romantic poets on the writings of Kalapi; -. Shah, Nila. Saurashtra University.
Oxidative Reactions Of Aromatic And Aliphatic Alcohols With 1 Chlorobenzimidazole In Aqueous Acetic Acid Medium A Kinetic And Mechanistic Approach;. M. Rukmangathan. Bharathiar University.
Mahila sashaktikaran karyakram evam mihila jagrukta mulyankan samaj karya hastachep;. Santosh Kumar Yadav. University of Lucknow.
Study of genomics and proteomics signatures in oral cancer; -. Singh, Ragini. Sardar Patel University.
Impact of I R D Programme on rural poverty a study of chittoor district; -. Naidu, P Subramanyam. Sri Venkateswara University.
Study of folklore medicinal plants used i traditional management of human ailments in borana zone oromia Ethiopia;. Genene Bekele Tura. Osmania University.
An analytical study of marketing pharmaceutical products in kanniyakumari district;. Babita, R. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Paryavaran evam pradushan : Dharmashastriya chintan; -. Kumar, Radhyuman. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
Understanding parental opinions on whole exome sequencing in the prenatal setting. Kalynchuk, Eve. University of Pittsburgh.
Phytopharmacological evalution of some indigenous anti rheumatic plants; -. Kukkar, Rajiv R. Sardar Patel University.
Conducting polymers for micro and nano electrodes. Application to biomolecule sensing and release. Galán Cascales, Teresa. Universitat de Barcelona.
Location Privacy Preservation for Optimal Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks. Grissa, Mohamed. Oregon State University.
Analytical studie on some important pesticides and organic pollutants; -. Astana, Anupama. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
Evaluatio of performance appraisal system in IT industry at Hyderabad;. Gopalrao Sarpatwari Priti. Osmania University.
Copolymerization Of N Tert Butylacrylamide With Various Acrylate Acrylamide Monomers;. Mrs. S. Bharathi. Bharathiar University.
Extended Kalman Filter Simulink Model for Nonlinear System Modeling. So, Ratanak. Oregon State University.
Nonlinear quantum electrodynamic and electroweak processes in strong laser fields. Meuren, Sebastian. Universität Heidelberg.
The study of mechanical be other properties of wood; -. Kakkar, Shyam Sundar. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
Investigation on Cross Layer Based Congestion Control Schemes for Mobile Ad hoc Networks;. S. Sheeja. Bharathiar University.
The fiction of nayantara sahgal a study; -. Narendra, M. Sri Venkateswara University.
Kartar Singh Duggal te Prem Parkash diyan kahaniyan di rachna dristi; tulnatamak adhyan. Paramjit Kaur. Guru Nanak Dev University.
Funds management in andhra pradesh state co operative bank an evaluative study; -. Rao, I Bala Subba. Sri Venkateswara University.
A study of social economical and psychological impact on men of laws favouring women; -. Pandya, Jayvir Prahaladbhai. Saurashtra University.
On the Nature of Internet Addiction : What is it and how is it measured? Dhir, Amandeep. University of Helsinki.
Study of strongly interacting matter using dimuons produced in Pb Pb collisions at psNN 2 76 TeV; Study of strongly interacting matter using dimuons produced in Pb+Pb collisions at psNN = 2.76 TeV. Vineet Kumar. INFLIBNET.
Studies On The Synthesis Characterization And Biological Applications Of 9 Fluorenyl Derivatives;. V.Kirithivasan. Bharathiar University.
Design and implementation of artificial immune system for security of computers;. Kumar, Amit. Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna.
Basi molecolari ed implicazioni fisio-patologiche dell'alterata glicosilazione di IgG nell'invecchiamento. Catera, Mariangela and#60;1987and#62. Università di Bologna.
Synthesis and characterization of glass cow dung fiber reinforced polyester hybrid composites;. T. Ranjeth Kumar Reddy. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram.
Study of solid liquid junction solar cell using tmdcs; -. Parmar, Ripalben Kanaiyalal. Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University.
The Multilevel Effects of Supervisor Adaptability on Training Effectiveness and Employee Job Satisfaction. Sherwood, Joseph Alvin. Portland State University.
Light weight interpreter for embedded device; -. Patra, Sambit Kumar. Shiksha o Anusandhan University.
Studi epidemiologici su Pseudomonas syringae pv.actinidiae agente causale del cancro batterico in actinidia. Ardizzi, Stefano and#60;1984and#62. Università di Bologna.
Design and analysis of fringe field capacitive and optical sensors used for the measurement of moisture temperature and refractive Index;. Sarmah, Pobon Kumar. Gauhati University.
Workplace Aggression: A Multi-Study Examination of Work and Nonwork Consequences. Demsky, Caitlin Ann. Portland State University.
Some advanced techniques for error evaluation and correction to enhance measurement accuracy of microwave networks; -. Reddy, S Narayana. Sri Venkateswara University.
Portfolio of compositions. Morimoto, Yota. University of Birmingham.
Psychosocial and Oxidative Stress and Health of Adults. Annor, Francis. Georgia State University.
Medioituneet organisaatiot, verkkomediat ja maine. Hellström, Jani. University of Helsinki.
Evaluating Teaching Efficiency in Reading and Spelling Instruction. Miller, Sarah Joanne. Louisiana State University.
Population and food supply in Andaman islands; -. Nair, Manju. INFLIBNET.
Sosiaalinen toimintakyky nuorten kokemuksissa asunnottomuudesta ja tukiasumisesta. Järvinen, Marjo. University of Helsinki.
Patanjali yog darshan me karma sidhant: ek adhyayan; -. Malik, Suresh Kumar. Maharshi Dayanand University.
Topological characteristics of planau in pauall robots; -. Jagadeesh, Anne. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
Christian women in leadership: perspectives from seven black, Asian and white women. Pratt, Susan Annette. University of Birmingham.
The change of aanganvadi in non government organization : a sociological study with reference to Rajkot District; -. Dav, Pradip. Saurashtra University.
Die Evolution und Biogeographie der südostasiatischen Sumpfdeckelschnecken (Viviparidae). Richter, Romy. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Physiochemical Responses of Medicinal Plants To Heavy Metal Pollution;. Gandotra, Neeru. Jamia Hamdard University.
The Shropshire Enlightenment: a regional study of intellectual activity in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Bruton, Roger Neil. University of Birmingham.
Studies on production and characterization of super oxide dismutase from yeast species;. V. Nethravathy. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram.
Values and aggression; -. Sunita. Maharshi Dayanand University.
Total synthesis of Plus Minus Mupirocin H and Synthetic studies on Melleumins A B;. Sandip Popatrao Udawant. Osmania University.

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