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Evaluación de riesgos en suelos afectados por hidrocarburos de petróleo. Risk assessment applied to soils affected by petroleum hydrocarbons. Pinedo Alonso, Javier. Universidad de Cantabria.
Optical and structural properties of systems of conjugated molecules and graphenes. Lange, Philipp. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trombone. Stuppard, Javier-Luis A. University of Texas – Austin.
Méthode multi-échelle pour la modélisation du flambage des tôles minces sous contraintes résiduelles : Application au laminage à froid. Nakhoul, Rebecca. STAR.
The KwaZulu-Natal school library policy and its feasibility for implementation in the Province. Stilwell, Christine. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Perceptions of Be(com)ing a Guidance Counsellor in Ontario: A Qualitative Inquiry . Nadon, Daniel. University of Ottawa.
Performance Assessment of Alternative Composite Earth Wall Panels. Gowda, Vidya. Virginia Tech.
A Comparison of Calcium and Magnesium Ratios in Soilless Media for Optimum Vegetable Production Irrigated with Alkaline pH Water. Bertrand, Sarah E. Louisiana State University.
Charge-breeding studies for high-precision mass measurements on short-lived nuclides at TITAN and a direct determination of the 51Cr electron-capture Q-value for neutrino physics. Macdonald, Tegan Danielle. University of British Columbia.
Being Dark-Skinned and Poor in Brazil: The Intersectionality of Skin Color, Income, and Gender. White, Yvonne Marie. Vanderbilt University.
Effects of estradiol, progesterone and their antagonists (modulators) on both Methotrexate and Myotrexate induced apoptosis on endometrial stromal cell line in vitro. Nikolić Ivana. University of Kragujevac.
Evolvability of proteomes. Fournier, David. Freie Universität Berlin.
Safety Voicing: The impact of jobinsecurity and the differences in severity ofsafety concerns. Lu, Sam. University of Canterbury.
And Then It All Came Crashing. Kasinger, Michael B. Bowling Green State University.
Reeducación del individuo mediante el método grafotransformador. Valls i Morató, Joaquim. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
Fortællingens definitioner og funktioner i retorik- og managementlitteratur. Kent, Kasper Morten. Roskilde University.
Optimising Juridical-financial Flexibility of Corporate Real Estate:. Verhoeff, T.J. Delft University of Technology.
Making a Point!. Perdue, Sarah. Virginia Commonwealth University.
The Upside-Down Publicness:. Huang, D. Delft University of Technology.
Symbiotic relationships in patients' engagements with practice nurses. Lally, Elsa. Victoria University of Wellington.
On the Poincaré Lemma for reflexive differential forms. Jörder, Clemens. Universität Freiburg.
A nemzetközi segélyezés mint globális közjószág: civil szervezetek Afganisztánban = Foreign aid as a global public good: civil society organizations in Afghanistan. Horváthné Angyal, Boglárka. Corvinus University of Budapest.
Physical functioning in old age: Temporal trends and geographical variation in Sweden. Sjölund, Britt-Marie. Karolinska Institute.
Adult ADHD in DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5: Impact of Increased Age-of-Onset On Prevalence. Grinnell, Morgan Ashwill. Louisiana State University.
Spin Transfer Torque-induziertes Schalten von Nanomagneten in lateraler Geometrie bei Raumtemperatur. Buhl, Matthias. Technische Universität Dresden.
A contextual study of information literacy of aspirant barristers in Nigeria. Underwood, Peter. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Challenges in Canadian Cultural Discourses: Multiculturalism vis-à-vis Interculturalism and the Political 'Othering' of Canada's Cultural Fabric . Nassrallah, Mireille. University of Ottawa.
Sociotechniek in de zorg: ideaal en werkelijkheid. Sanders, Gerben. Universiteit Utrecht.
Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture. Gutierrez, Alejandro. University of Texas – Austin.
Miniatures Matter: Agency and Affect in Photographs by Lori Nix. Postlewait, Mariah A. Bowling Green State University.
"Tiedon äärirajoilla" - Tiedon avoimuuden merkitys alaisen ja esimiehen kokemalle luottamukselle organisaatiossa. Nissi, Kaisa. University of Helsinki.
Social support, coping, and anxiety in the context of parental divorce and other stressors. Record, Rosalynn M. University of British Columbia.
Ownership of Data: Students' Investigations with Remote Electron Microscopy. Childers, Gina Marlene. North Carolina State University.
Canadian Aboriginal voice : retooling Hirschman’s concepts of voice and exit. Freeman, Stacey. University of British Columbia.
5-HT7 Receptor Neuroprotection against Excitotoxicity in the Hippocampus. Vasefi, Seyedeh Maryam. University of Waterloo.
Comportement à la rupture et caractérisation mécanique des caoutchoucs cristallisants sous contrainte. Guilie, Joachim. Ecole Polytechnique X.
Framing Health: explanations of disadvantages in Taiwanese indigenous health from the perspectives of the government, the media and the experts. Gao, I-An. University of Helsinki.
Axion term in topological insulators with broken time reversal and parity. Reis, Itamar. University of British Columbia.
Comparing cell polarization models using local perturbation analysis. DuTôt, Meghan. University of British Columbia.
Stable isotope dendroclimatology of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis (D. Don) Lindl.) and cedar (Libocedrus bidwillii Hook. F.). Brookman, Tom Hugo. University of Canterbury.
Recent marine sediments and submarine topography, Sverdrup Islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Horn, David R. University of Texas – Austin.
The relative effectiveness of three full kinetic chain treatment protocols for osteoarthritis of the knee : manual therapy, rehabilitation and a combination thereof. Dwyer, Lauren. Durban University of Technology.
Radio-frequency generation of an electron plasma in a Malmberg-Penning trap and its interaction with a stationary or pulsed electron beam. IKRAM, MUHAMMAD. Università degli Studi di Milano.
Behavioral Inhibition and Anxiety. Exum, Alexis. Virginia Commonwealth University.
A higher order theory of locality and its application in multicore cache management. Xiang, Xiaoya. University of Rochester.
Gender Based Financing Preferences of SMEs: Discouraged Borrowers . Singh, Richa. University of Ottawa.
Paper Tower: Aesthetics, Taste, and the Mind-Body Problem in American Independent Comics. Jones, William Timothy. Bowling Green State University.
Les artistes vietnamiens contemporains. Traditions et singularités de 1980 à nos jours. Damon, François. Pau.
Doubly-robust Estimators in Observational Studies with and without a Stratified Sub-sample. Bai, Xiaofei. North Carolina State University.
Aberrant transforming growth factor beta1-angiotensin II crosstalk in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease parenchymal fibroblasts. Wee, Tracee. University of British Columbia.
An Intuitive Approach. Cody, Fonda. Virginia Commonwealth University.
A Study of Sunflower Oil. Craig, Burton. University of Saskatchewan.
Intravenous Immunoglobulin Use in the Treatment of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: A 10-year Retrospective Analysis of Patients of a Single Burn Center . Cooper, Ryan. University of Arizona.
Social Identity Economics. Valtonen, Jani. University of Helsinki.
Designing educational games and advanced learning technologies : an identification of emotions for modeling pedagogical and adaptive emotional agents. Gutica, Mirela. University of British Columbia.
Assessing equity in access to healthy diets in Ecuador following the addition of food sovereignty to the constitution. Garton, Kelly. University of British Columbia.
"Van Sara in de tent, naar een vrouw op het departement", de NCVB in een verzuild landschap 1945-1965. Zijlstra, E.C. Leiden University.
Investigating Burnout among University Students in a Post-Disaster Environment: Was there enough Support? Rae, Sonja. University of Canterbury.
The effects of English proficiency on length of stay after isolated cardiac bypass surgery. Tang, Erin Wei-Man. University of British Columbia.
De winst van waarden. Veur, Rozanne van der. Universiteit Utrecht.
Mare; :. Korst, L.A. Delft University of Technology.
Fire history and climate-fire relations in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Chavardès, Raphaël Daniel. University of British Columbia.
Understanding Peritraumatic Dissociation: Evolution-Prepared Dissociation, Tonic Immobility, and Clinical Dissociation. Halvorsen, Laura A. Antioch University.
Restoring Life-Giving in a Life-Taking World. Cone, Melissa G. Liberty University.
Tehnike računarske inteligencije u modeliranju i identifikaciji indikatora ponašanja brane. Novaković Aleksandar. University of Kragujevac.
Combined manipulation of leaf litter and microbial larvicide enhances local control of Culex mosquitoes. Bellile, Katie. Virginia Commonwealth University.
Energy-Aware Development and Labeling for Mobile Applications. Wilke, Claas. Technische Universität Dresden.
Analiza poslovnih ciljeva u uslovima neizvesnosti. Pravdić Predrag. University of Kragujevac.
Trans-situtational interventions : generalization of behaviour support across group home and family home settings. Reiman, Benjamin Adolph. University of British Columbia.
The Synthesis of Novel Gallium Carbenes, Nitrenes, Phosphinidenes and Alkoxides. Cummins, Struan John Wright. Victoria University of Wellington.
The acquisition of derivational morphology in EFL learning. Danilović Jelena. University of Kragujevac.
Harmony or Hegemony? Chinese Citizen Perceptions of the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations of 1989, Taiwan Independence, and Tibetan Soveireignty. Bardo, Nicholas William. Bowling Green State University.
Hepatitis B virus replication and integration. Larsson, Simon. University of Gothenburg / Göteborgs Universitet.
<i>Homecasting</i>: visualidades contemporáneas. Moreno Acosta, Adriana Marcela. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Fingering strategies in the Prelude of J.S. Bach's sixth suite for solo cello. Partridge, Alexandra Claire. Victoria University of Wellington.
Etude de l'hydrodynamique, de l'élimination de la DCO et de la nitrification d'un nouveau lit bactérien segmenté. Pang, Haoran. STAR.
Designing a Next-Generation Antibody Purification Process by Integrating a Decoupling Precipitation Capture Step. Nadkarni, Akshay Nitish. North Carolina State University.
Tutkijoiden erillissota - Suomalaisten historiantutkijoiden erillissotakeskustelu 2000-luvulla. Kainulainen, Heikki. University of Helsinki.
De som der delen:. De Vries, M.C. Delft University of Technology.
Investigation of ion-track morphology and annealing behavior using small-angle X-ray scattering . Afra, Boshra. Australian National University.
Otherworlds : teachers' experiences of power vis à vis accountability policies in South Carolina. Adkins Cartee, Mary Rebecca. University of British Columbia.
United Nations Environmental Council:. Bosch, M.C. Delft University of Technology.
Public Opinion in the Political Thought of John Stuart Mill. Melleri, Antti. University of Helsinki.
Échantillonnage d'importance des sources de lumière réalistes. Lu, Heqi. TEL.
Production of recombinant Immunoglobulin A in plants for passive immunotherapy. Juárez Ortega, Paloma. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Méthodes et applications industrielles en optimisation multi-critère de paramètres de processus et de forme en emboutissage. Oujebbour, Fatima Zahra. Nice.
Módszerfejlesztés Fourier-transzformációs közeli infravörös technika (FT-NIR) alkalmazási körének kibővítésére élelmiszeripari mintákon = Method development for expanding the application of Fourier-Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR) in food samples. Szigedi, Tamás. Corvinus University of Budapest.
Enemmän glasnostia! Poliittisen käsitteen synty ja elämä Neuvostoliitossa sekä Venäjällä 1985–1995. Laine, Veera. University of Helsinki.
Análisis de las Metodologías para la recuperación patrimonial de entornos urbanos protegidos. Propuesta Metodológica: desde los valores históricos a los nuevos modelos energéticos. Russafa desde el siglo XIX. JIMÉNEZ ALCAÑIZ, CESÁREO. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Giant Steps: Chord Substitutions and Chord-Scales for Improvisation. Kasler, Ariel. Bowling Green State University.
Shoestrings. Rush, Noah. Wesleyan University.
Algorithmes et analyses perceptuelles pour la navigation interactive basée image. Chaurasia, Gaurav. Nice.
Transforming coercive processes with a Korean family of a child with a developmental disabilities and problem behaviour. Kwon, Samantha Jin-Oh. University of British Columbia.
Anvendeligheden af mikrokalorimetri til at måle stress inducerede metabolismeændringer hos Hyalella azteca (orden: amphipoda). Floor, Jeppe H. Roskilde University.
Aplicación de índices de vegetación derivados de imágenes satelitales Landsat 7 ETM+ y ASTER para la caracterización de la cobertura vegetal en la zona centro de la provincia de Loja, Ecuador. Gonzaga Aguilar, Carlos. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Recommending messages to users in participatory media environments: a Bayesian credibility approach. Sardana, Noel. University of Waterloo.
Gene Therapy Evolution: How Gene Therapy has Evolved Preventive Medicine. Shah, Kayuri. Virginia Commonwealth University.


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