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Mobile localization : approach and applications. Rallapalli, Swati. University of Texas – Austin.
Organizational stretch goals and performance distribution. Yang, Min-Huei. University of New South Wales.
Prädiktor und Prophylaxe – Untersuchungen zu Diagnostik und Therapie des postoperativen Hypoparathyreoidismus. Bock, Leonore. Freie Universität Berlin.
Hydroxyurea therapy outcomes in sickle cell children with history of stroke at the University Teaching Hospital Zambia. Sikabalu, Racheal. University of Zambia.
Seif-perception and manifest competency of performing(selected) core-clinical skills by 2012/2013 final year medical students of the University of Zambia curriculum: A study of how medical students acquire competency in Clinical practical skills. Katowa-Mukwato, Patricia. University of Zambia.
The influence of micro-porosity on drainage relative permeability using digital core analysis. Norouzi Apourvari, Saeid. University of New South Wales.
Functional surfaces through biomimetic block copolymer membranes. Toughraï, Smahan. University of Basel.
Resource allocation in large-scale multi-server systems. Moharir, Sharayu Arun. University of Texas – Austin.
Assessment of Innovation Effects of Mergers. Kern, Benjamin René. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Simulation study of packing of fine particles under electric fields. Yang, Siyuan Eric. University of New South Wales.
The electrical resistivity of the Posidonia black shale. Santos Ferreira Adao, Filipe Jorge. Freie Universität Berlin.
A Theory of Interest Convergence. Regilme, Salvador Santino Jr. Fulo. Freie Universität Berlin.
FROntIER: A Framework for Extracting and Organizing Biographical Facts in Historical Documents. Park, Joseph. Brigham Young University.
Deformation mechanisms along active strike-slip faults : SeaMARC II and seismic data from the North America-Caribbean plate boundary. Tyburski, Stacey Ann. University of Texas – Austin.
Effective Slip Lengths for Stokes Flow over Rough, Mixed-Slip Surfaces. Lund, Nathaniel Joseph. Victoria University of Wellington.
Олтарска преграда - иконостас од IV до средине XVII века : форма, функција и значење. Rakićević, Tihon M. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Quantum Hall effects in novel 2D electron systems : nontrivial Fermi surface topology and quantum Hall ferromagnetism. Li, Xiao, 1986-. University of Texas – Austin.
The mechanisms of therapeutic change : a qualitative study of a cognitive-behavioral intervention with a parent-training component for anxious youth. Jones, Hannah Linley. University of Texas – Austin.
Behavior of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) anchors strengthening reinforced concrete structures. Sun, Wei, 1982-. University of Texas – Austin.
Characterizing argumentation structure within the asynchronous, online communication of novice engineering design students. McKenna, William F., active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
Characterization of soil unsaturated flow properties using steady state centrifuge methods. Plaisted, Michael David. University of Texas – Austin.
Coordinated response and regulation of carotenogenesis in Thermosynechococcus elongatus (BP-1) : implications for commercial application. Knight, Rebecca Anne. University of Texas – Austin.
Zum Stillverhalten von Frauen nach IVF/ICSI. Ludwig, Oliver. Freie Universität Berlin.
Evolved virtual creatures as content : increasing behavioral and morphological complexity. Lessin, Daniel Gregory. University of Texas – Austin.
Synthesis of novel analogues of dictyoquinazol A for the development of a treatment for stroke. Lizarme Salas, Yuvixza. University of New South Wales.
Beobachtung von Häufigkeit und Progression arteriosklerotischer Veränderungen älterer Spenderherzen vor und nach Transplantation. Haralambiev, Lyubomir. Freie Universität Berlin.
Exploring the relationships between concurrent types of interpersonal child maltreatments and severity of posttraumatic stress symptomatology : the moderated mediational role of a child’s strengths. McCoy, Thelma G. University of Texas – Austin.
Development of earth-abundant materials and low-cost processes for solar cells. Wang, Chih-Liang, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
Leading edge vortex modeling and its effect on propulsor performance. Tian, Ye, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
Theoretical study of correlation between structure and function for nanoparticle catalysts. Zhang, Liang, 1986. University of Texas – Austin.
Development of a four-phase thermal-chemical reservoir simulator for heavy oil. Lashgari, Hamid Reza. University of Texas – Austin.
Extensive reading in a second language : literature review and pedagogical implications. Hong, Sunju. University of Texas – Austin.
Hierarchical image geo-location on a world-wide scale. Vasile, Alexandru Nicolae. Northeastern University.
Fluorescence Imaging of Analyte Profiles in an Inductively Coupled Plasma with Laser Ablation as a Sample Introduction Source. Moses, Lance. Brigham Young University.
Examining the Performance of Multidisciplinary Greenhouse Gas Assurance Engagement Teams. Ekasingh, Erboon. University of New South Wales.
Competitive multi-agent search. Bahceci, Erkin. University of Texas – Austin.
And the ocean came up on land : perceptions of adaptive capacity of cattle ranching in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Adams, Danica Claire. University of Texas – Austin.
Human osteoblast damage after antiseptic treatment. Vörös, Pauline. Freie Universität Berlin.
Borderline. Ratner, Rebecca Hilary. University of Texas – Austin.
A framework for qualitative transportation management plan assessment using cognitive task analysis methods. Nittala, Ambareesha. University of Texas – Austin.
Acetylsalicylsäure verringert die Entzündungsaktivität in einem Mausmodell zur Kolitis und führt zu einer vermehrten Bildung von anti-inflammatorischen Lipidmediatoren. Köhnke, Thomas. Freie Universität Berlin.
Modelling and simulations of hydrogels with coupled solvent diffusion and large deformation. Bouklas, Nikolaos. University of Texas – Austin.
Phosphorus-recovery from Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) in enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) processes. Wang, Yuqi. Northeastern University.
Investigation of the effects of buoyancy and heterogeneity on the performance of surfactant floods. Tavassoli, Shayan. University of Texas – Austin.
On goal-oriented error estimation and adaptivity for nonlinear systems with uncertain data and application to flow problems. Bryant, Corey Michael. University of Texas – Austin.
Operationszeit der Mindener Technik der minimalinvasiven suprapubischen Cholezystektomie im Vergleich zur Standart Cholezystektomie. Laniewski, Jerzy. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Innovations at the Boundaries of Sectoral Systems of Innovation. Sandner, Thilo. Freie Universität Berlin.
Mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of municipal wastewater sludge and un-dewatered grease trap waste. Yalcinkaya, Sedat. University of Texas – Austin.
Immunohistochemical Characterization of Breast Cancer at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. Mbewe, Natalia. University of Zambia.
Convex Optimisation for Communication Systems. Singh, Sudhir. Victoria University of Wellington.
Involvement of Registered Nurses in Clinical Teaching of Nursing Students in Central Hospitals of Malawi. Katete, Greg Paul. University of Zambia.
Evaluación de la respuesta a la aplicación de riego deficitario controlado en cultivo de pera variedad triunfo de viena (pyrus communis l.). Díaz Abril, Diana Milena. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
A literacy-based approach to second language reading : using reading journals in collegiate beginning-level German instruction. Maxey, Karin Anne. University of Texas – Austin.
Carácterización clínica e histológica de los pacientes con diagnóstico de epidermolisis ampollar congénita y adquirida en Colombia. Quintero Martínez, José Nelson. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Defining the mechanisms of uncoupling protein 3-induced thermogenesis and metabolism in brown adipose tissue. Veron, Sonya Maria. University of Texas – Austin.
An investigation into the traditional Health practitioners' HIV/AIDS knowledge, atitude/beliefs and practices in Lusaka and Chongwe Districts. Mpande, Mutandwa Norman. University of Zambia.
BIG-Therapie bei Parkinson-Erkrankung. Grust, Ute. Freie Universität Berlin.
Integrating algorithm-level design and system-level design through specification synthesis. Zhang, Jiaxing. Northeastern University.
Bacterial cellulose in cyanobacteria : enhancement of cellulose production in Synechococcus elongatus with Gluconacetobacter xylinus transgenes. Sessler, Tate Hopkins. University of Texas – Austin.
Cultures of in-home child care: Nannies, migration and early childhood education and care policy in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. Adamson, Elizabeth. University of New South Wales.
Renewal Theory: Simple and Elegant Derivations. Fisher, Brent. Royal Military College of Canada.
Petrology of the Mitchell Mesa Rhyolite, Trans-Pecos Texas. Burt, Edward R. University of Texas – Austin.
Efficient processing of spatial queries over uncertain database. Zhan, Liming. University of New South Wales.
Räumliche Organisation der fäkalen Bakterien bei Patienten mit multipler Sklerose. Rejmus, Robert. Freie Universität Berlin.
An analysis of subduction related tectonics offshore southern and eastern Taiwan. Eakin, Daniel Hoyt, Jr. University of Texas – Austin.
Untersuchungen zur Porosität und Polarität von hochquervernetzten PS/DVB-Copolymeren im Hinblick auf Eigenschaften in der RP-HPLC. Lungfiel, Kristian. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Transcriptional regulation of kidney and skeletal muscle metabolism by the coactivator PGC-1α. Svensson, Sven Ove Kristoffer. University of Basel.
Development of Pd₃Co based catalysts for fuel cell applications and amine based solvents for CO₂ capture : a first principles based modelling of clean energy and clean air technology. Manogaran, Dhivya. University of Texas – Austin.
Pharmakodynamisches Immunmonitoring und Infektionsvorbeugung bei Patienten nach Nierentransplantation. Liman, Peter. Freie Universität Berlin.
Monolithic Integration of CMOS Charge Pumps for High Voltage Generation beyond 100 V. Shen, Lufei. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Policy goals, political reality, and IT problems : the influence of politics and policy-making on the launch of Srinivasan, Ram, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
Interaction of charged particle beams with plasmas. Siemon, Carl Joseph. University of Texas – Austin.
Unsafe abortion: Knowledge and perceptions among In-School female adolescents in Kapiri Mposhi. Lombe, Kaluba. University of Zambia.
Aproximación metodológica al análisis de la difusión de innovaciones en productos que utilizan tecnologías limpias considerando elecciones individuales de adopción. Cadavid Higuita, Diana Lorena. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Senior citizen as a market segment for Swedish travel industry. Bagherpour, Farshid. Blekinge Institute of Technology.
A framework for qualitative transportation management plan assessment using cognitive task analysis methods. Nittala, Ambareesha. University of Texas – Austin.
Turnover Intention. Orsaksfaktorer för intention till egen uppsägning inom vården och snabbmatbranschen. Popova, Evelina. Blekinge Institute of Technology.
Development and Conflict: The Economic Impacts of Civil War in Swat: Pakistan . Bhatti, Haseeb Ahmed. University of Waikato.
Theatre as TBLT: The implementation of theatre in a high school EFL Oral Communication course in Japan. Reid, Robin David. Victoria University of Wellington.
Free boundary problems governed by mean curvature. Volkmann, Alexander. Freie Universität Berlin.
Reduktion des pulmonalen Gefäßwiderstandes im frühen Verlauf nach Fontanoperation. Behrbohm, Svenja. Freie Universität Berlin.
The role of spirituality in the school experiences of church-going African American female adolescents. Blakes, Tifani Marie Jones. University of Texas – Austin.
Randomisierte, doppelblinde In-situ-Studie zur Wirkung von zwei Speichelersatzmitteln auf gesunden Schmelz und künstliche Schmelzläsionen. Wolf, Olivia. Freie Universität Berlin.
Samtalsgruppers inverkan i den äldres vardag. Frick, Malin. Blekinge Institute of Technology.
501(c)Social video series : social media best practices for nonprofits in the digital age. Cool, Bailey Anne. University of Texas – Austin.
The role of epitaxy, chemistry and magnetic fields in multiferroic systems: Investigations with neutron scattering. Bertinshaw, Joel. University of New South Wales.
Optimizing reliable network topology design using dynamic programming. Elshqeirat, Basima Ahmad Haroun. Curtin University of Technology.
Scale-up of reactive processes in heterogeneous media. Singh, Harpreet, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
La identidad y la practica ‘entrelazadas’ : towards a humanizing pedagogy. Chávez, Guadalupe Domínguez. University of Texas – Austin.
Micropolíticas de campesinos colonos en territorios indígenas de Nicaragua. Matamoros-Chavez, Edwin. University of Texas – Austin.
Induced differentiation of adult mesenchymal stem cells via fluid shear stimulation. Catlett, Adedayo E. Northeastern University.
Mechanistic modeling of low salinity water injection. Kazemi Nia Korrani, Aboulghasem. University of Texas – Austin.
Deciphering the P-T-t conditions of garnet-bearing metamorphic rocks in the Southern Menderes Massif, SW Turkey. Ataktürk, Katelyn Rahşan. University of Texas – Austin.
Utmaningar i att leda ur ett arbetskaraktäristikt perspektiv. Brinck, Jacqueline. Blekinge Institute of Technology.
Ionotropic glutamate receptor dysfunction in pediatric neurodevelopment. Geider, Kirsten. Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Reconstituting portals and power relations: the internationalization of l'Ecole polytechnique. Uhly, Katrina M. Northeastern University.
Reframing "quality" in quality rating and improvement systems : a critical analysis. Druckenbrod, Amelia Jean. University of Texas – Austin.


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