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Frivillighed i Nord og Syd. frisdahl, Sascha. Roskilde University.
Discontinuous feedbacks and an application to the rocket car. Lucchese, Riccardo. Università degli Studi di Padova.
Pricing Asian Geometric power option. Li, Zih-Jie. NSYSU.
Fleksibilitet under ansvar; - Et empirisk studium af vidensarbejdere i et fleksibelt arbejdsliv. Ayotte, Stephanie Harild. Roskilde University.
De danske dagblades forfald? Rosendahl, Casper. Roskilde University.
Blocks and Playdough: Reconceptualizing Preschool Education through an Heuristic Multiple Case Study Approach . Williams, Carla Nicole. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
A Delay-Based CMT-SCTP Packet Scheduling Scheme with Consideration of Cross-Layer Information. Chen, Po-hung. NSYSU.
The Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Measure of Moral Orientation. Giammarco, Erica A. University of Western Ontario.
Comprehensive Analysis of Abdominal Tendon Length:Muscle Length Ratios in Human and Rat Specimens. Stephen, Alexander J. University of Western Ontario.
Case study on the control of VOC-containing gases in a petrochemical plant. KUO, CHENG HSIEN. NSYSU.
Role of Membrane Transporters in Drug Delivery, Drug Disposition And Drug-Drug Interactions . Khurana, Varun. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Konzepte, Architektur und Implementierung adaptiver Prozessmanagementsysteme. Kreher, Ulrich Walter. Universität Ulm.
A Study of Responding Strategy of Logistics Industry to Free Economic Pilot Zones in Kaohsiung. Chi, Mei-Lin. NSYSU.
An integral base weighted essentially non-oscillatory method for one dimensional hyperbolic conservation law. Lu, Xin. NSYSU.
Cell adhesion chromatography system for biophysical to biochemical analysis of human colon cancer metastasis through the vasculature. Oh, Jaeho. Georgia Tech.
"History's blinkers" : resituating 1950s aboriginal socio-economic history within anomie theory. Novakovic, Ana. University of Saskatchewan.
Influences in home, school and community environments on the dietary behaviours of overweight/obese adolescents. Watts, Allison Whitney. University of British Columbia.
The effect of IL-6 on the level of N-myc downstream regulated gene 2 and the growth and survival of colon cancer cells. Jørgensen, Louise Dannemann. Roskilde University.
Fragile States-The urge towards a common analytical framework and understanding. Sørensen, Tobias Lund. Roskilde University.
Overall survival and biochemical failure-free survival comparison of brachytherapy treatment options versus external beam radiation therapy for both low and intermediate-risk prostate cancer: A propensity-score matched analysis. Smith, Graham D. University of Western Ontario.
Verb Use in Parkinson's Disease. Nikumb, Swati S. University of Western Ontario.
Optical Properties of Nanostructured Dielectric Coatings. Giatti, Brandon. Portland State University.
Understanding Male Nursing Student Perceptions of the Influence of Gender: A Qualitative Case Study Approach of Students, Faculty, and Administration in a Pacific Northwest Nursing Program. Anderson, Jennifer Anne. Portland State University.
Characterization of Efferosome Maturation and the Processing of Apoptotic Bodies. Kim, Yohan. University of Western Ontario.
A Study on Integration and Renewal of Tax Information Systems and Work Performance. Her, Meei-Shouan. NSYSU.
Gumiho how I tried to give up eating human livers and love someone: an opera in two acts . Kim, Nahyun. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Preparation of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Films. Ruan, Wei-Sin. NSYSU.
Alcohol use among community dwelling older adults. Plested, Sushma. University of British Columbia.
Erhvervsrettelse af universitetsuddannelser – en diskursiv tilgang. Kjar, Jens Bastian. Roskilde University.
GAME - en institutionalisering af streetkulturen. Ovesen, Nadja Bering. Roskilde University.
Analysis of preparation for the job life during school time at two different types of high schools in Berlin. Keskin, Nico. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Perspectives Of Professional Learning Policy Implementation For Supporting English Language Learners In A Rural Ontario School Board. Milnes, TERRY. Queen's University.
A Study on the Relationships among High Performance Work System, Employee's Well-Being, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Proactive Personality. Chang, Hsiung-chiao. NSYSU.
From "Extinct Monsters" to Deep Time : an ethnography of fossil exhibits production at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Marsh, Diana Elizabeth. University of British Columbia.
Influence of mixture characteristics on the oxidative aging of asphalt binders. Morian, Nathan E. University of Nevada, Reno.
Toward a More Perfect Definition of Learning: Using Biomarkers to Predict and Assess Learning Performance. Hunt, Samuel J. Western Kentucky University.
Living with the past; Review of stakeholder opinions about the municipal archaeological policy of Apeldoorn. Vuuren, Sharon van. Leiden University.
New Robust Similarity Measures Derived from Entropic Profiles. Antonello, Morris. Università degli Studi di Padova.
Ritonavir - A Novel Multidrug Resistance Modulator in Cancer Chemotherapy and Ocular Neovascular Diseases . Vadlapatla, Ramya Krishna. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Lateral behaviour and direct displacement based design of a novel hybrid structure : cross laminated timber infilled steel moment resisting frames Okanagan. Bezabeh, Matiyas. University of British Columbia.
Kapitalflugt fra Zambia. Winther, Christian. Roskilde University.
The "Gray" Matters: Communicating the Liminality of Identity Reconstruction After Brain Injury. Wiechert, Kelsey Nicole. San Diego State University.
Facilitering af dialogiske processer i et anerkendende udforsknings perspektiv; Facilitating Dialogic Processes in an Appreciative Inquiry Perspective. Rasmussen, Asger Nørregård. Roskilde University.
Mobile Phone Security Specializing in GSM, UMTS, and LTE Networks. Lewis, David Royer. San Diego State University.
Modulation of stochastic vestibular stimulation-induced reflexes within a dynamic balance paradigm : the effect of response phase and emotional state. Lim, Shannon B. University of British Columbia.
Studies on the Friction Stir Welding of Copper Sheets Joint Characteristics with Pinless Tool. Lee, Yu-ting. NSYSU.
Methodological challenges of studying social media from the perspective of information manipulation. Kollanyi, Bence. Georgia Tech.
The Responsibilities of the Jewish Councils in Nazi-Occupied Poland. Basko, Susan Jayme. San Diego State University.
Physical layer security in MIMO power line communication networks. Zhuang, Yifei. University of British Columbia.
Al Jihad Al Kabir. Syed, Idris Kabir. Kent State University.
Physicochemical Fingerprints of Particulate Matter Emitted from Stacks in a Steel Plant. Wu, Pei-Yu. NSYSU.
The Minority Assistantship Program (MAP): Graduate Outcomes and Impact. Martin, Kenyetta. Western Kentucky University.
A Study of Multi-objective Genetic Models for Stock Selection. Chen, Shin-shou. NSYSU.
A Study of Medical Staffâs Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Toward Enhance Patient in Cognition of Labor Insurance of Occupational Injury. Tsai, Hui-ru. NSYSU.
Interpretable Machine Learning and Sparse Coding for Computer Vision. Landecker, Will albert. Portland State University.
Resource, innovation and competative advantage. omanaga, josphat. Roskilde University.
Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain. Gonzalez-Meeks, Moriah. San Diego State University.
A Health Promotion Perspective On Transitioning Into Retirement. Gelinas, Catherine P. University of Western Ontario.
Evolution of the Late Cretaceous Whistler Au-(Cu) porphyry corridor and magmatic-hydrothermal system, Kahiltna terrane, southwestern Alaska, USA. Hames, Benjamin P. University of British Columbia.
Building and Maintaining Guanxi in Confucian Societies: A Case Study of Foreign Business Practitioners in China and Taiwan. Barten, André. NSYSU.
Microstructure and properties of nanoporous silver fabricated by chemical dealloying of Ag-Al alloys. Wu, Tzu-Yang. NSYSU.
Laser-Assisted Surface Modification of Hybrid Hydrogels to Prevent Bacterial Contamination and Protein Fouling. Huang, Guobang. University of Western Ontario.
Vietnams økonomiske- og bæredygtige udvikling. Bønnelykke, Celine. Roskilde University.
The Big Three in Detroit: Race, Segregation and Urban Renewal. Hansen, Steffi. Roskilde University.
Modelling and control of the braking system of the electric Polaris Ranger all-terrain-vehicle. Geromel, Nicola. Università degli Studi di Padova.
Multi-sector Service Use by Children in Contact with Ontario Mental Health Agencies. Hahn, Christian M. University of Western Ontario.
1001 fortællinger om Danmark - En caseundersøgelse af kulturinstitutioners websites. Dalsgård, Kristoffer Fløe. Roskilde University.
A Special Relationship: Measuring the Perceptions of Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners' Working Relationship. Galchutt, Betsy Christine. San Diego State University.
Cannabisloven. Michael, Petersen. Roskilde University.
Exploring Naxi Baisha Xiyue. Kircher, Nicholas. Liberty University.
Protein production and applications of NMR in pharmaceutical sciences . Zhang, Chi. University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Die monoklonale Gammopathie unbestimmter Signifikanz (MGUS)-Charakterisierung eines Patientenkollektivs anhand molekularzytogenetischer und laborchemischer Merkmale. Schwarzwälder, Phyllis. Universität Ulm.
Efter strukturreformen - identitet i yderkanten af Slagelse kommune. Jensen, Julie Uldall. Roskilde University.
Kommunikation på de sociale medier. Gehrt, Ella Emilie. Roskilde University.
Echocardiographic Assessment of Right Ventricular Systolic Function in Conscious Healthy Dogs. Visser, Lance Charles. The Ohio State University.
Democratic Changes in Hungary. Otto, Jonathan O. B. Roskilde University.
Antifryseproteinproduktion i Brevibacillus choshinensis. Kofod, Lotte. Roskilde University.
Knowledge or Power Heinrich Meier and the Case For Political Philosophy. Gottschalk, Justin Michael. University of California, San Diego.
Economische Dekolonisatie in Indonesië en Brits Malaya / Maleisië in Regionaal Perspectief: Casus Het Verdrijven van de Nederlanders, 1957. Bergen, Daphne M. van. Leiden University.
Evaluation des Toxoplasmosescreenings in Oberösterreich im Rahmen der Mutter-Kind-Pass-Vorsorgeuntersuchungen. Sagel, Ulrich. Universität Bielefeld.
A Hybrid Approach to Detect Tabnabbing Attacks. Fahim Hashemi, Hana Sadat. Queen's University.
Idrottsprofilerad utbildning - i spåren av en avreglerad skola. Ferry, Magnus. University of Gothenburg / Göteborgs Universitet.
A Multi-Antenna Transmission Scheme For LTE in High-Speed Railway. Su, Yu-shiang. NSYSU.
Entangled graphs on surfaces in space . Castle, Toen. Australian National University.
"Unfit for publication" : rape, assault, and assault with intent in colonial Aotearoa New Zealand, 1842-1872. Cunningham, Caitlin Ann. University of British Columbia.
Face Value: Beyond the Surface of Brand Philanthropy and the Cultural Production of the M.A.C AIDS Fund. Benoit, Andrea. University of Western Ontario.
Satellite Channel Impairments: link performace degradation and countermeasures. Barbiero, Luca. Università degli Studi di Padova.
Thermo-mechanical Finite Element Model in BGA Solder Joints Fatigue Life Analysis. Wang, Yung-Wen. NSYSU.
Bushwhacker Belles : Exploring Gender, Guerrilla Warfare, and the Union Provost Marshal Records . Rohr, Stephanie M. (Stephanie Marie). University of Missouri – Kansas City.
Modeling the fluid-structure interaction of the upper airway : towards simulation of obstructive sleep apnea. Anderson, Peter J. University of British Columbia.
The Temperature Effects of Friction Properties Analysis in Single Crystalline and Polycrystalline Metal by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Han Tsai, Cing. NSYSU.
A Tensegrity Based Structure Optimization Framework. Jdanov, Vyacheslav. Queen's University.
Inferring systemic functional language models. Alsadhan, NASSER. Queen's University.
Evaluation of Peanut Roasting Using Oven and Microwave Technologies on the Development of Color, Flavor, and Lipid Oxidation. Smith, Alicia LouAnn. The Ohio State University.
Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra. Yang, Minsuk. University of Cincinnati.
An Appreciative Inquiry Study of Successful Navajo High School Students on the Navajo Nation. Cohen, Erik. The Ohio State University.
Et stærkt bånd i Tingbjerg. Kirk Andersen, Maiken. Roskilde University.


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