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Bhartiy rajnaitik vyavstha me savidhan sarksan ke rup me uchchatam nyayalay ki bhumika; -. Mhajan, Sarda. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University.
損害賠償法における損益相殺に関する総合的研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 濱口, 弘太郎. Hokkaido University.
年金と信託 : 受託者責任を中心とした日英比較法研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 川村, 行論. Hokkaido University.
Interactions in the Ultracold Lithium Ytterbium 3P2 System. Dowd, William Heyl. University of Washington.
Studies on Mitochondrial Genome for Phylogenetic Inference and Species Identification in Pectinidae [an abstract of entire text]. Marin Guerrero, Alan Hertz. Hokkaido University.
Title IV-E program social work students??? perceptions of problems and needs of families in reunification. Rainey, Jasminka. California State University – Sacramento.
Communication and Social Hierarchy: Their Relationship and Interconnection. Eagle, Sarah. Brandeis University.
An electrophysiological study of attention capture : does rarity enable capture? Noesen, Birken. Oregon State University.
Expression and Functional Roles of Cytokinin Response Factor Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana . Zwack, Paul J. Auburn University.
A Survey of Health of First and 1.5 Generation Immigrant and Refugee Students in an all Immigrant School. Bromberg, Jennifer. Brandeis University.
Aeroelasticity of Nonlinear Tail / Rudder Systems with Freeplay. Rishel, Evan. University of Washington.
New Methods for Investigating the Interplay of Photoluminescence Intermittency and Local Dielectric Constant. Haupt, Chelsea Hess. University of Washington.
'Knowing me - knowing you': an exploratory and analytical study of the factors at an individual and organisation level which influence housing choices for older people. Bright, Colleen M. U of South Wales.
Nurturing healthy eating and positive body culture at school. Vernon-Cole, Eric J. California State University – Sacramento.
Involvement of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in the early and delayed antiarrhythmic effects of preconditioning. Hajnal Ágnes. University of Szeged.
"Turn on the Sunshine": A History of the Solar Future. Johnson, Christopher E. University of Washington.
Towards Intensified Protein Refolding and Purification on Size Exlusion Chromatography: Fundamental Studies and Mathematical Modelling. Saremirad, Pegah. University of Western Ontario.
Locus of control, aggression and general health of adolescents: a correlational study; -. Rahar, Poonam. Maharshi Dayanand University.
Characterization of Seed Transmission of Soybean Mosaic Virus in Soybean. Bashar, Tanvir. University of Western Ontario.
Certain investigations on wireless Ocdma coding techniques with Enhanced performance and Improved power control;. Kanmani R. Anna University.
On macrovascular and renal complications in type 1 diabetes: Aspects on glycemic memory. Rathsman, Björn. Karolinska Institute.
Studies on Mitochondrial Genome for Phylogenetic Inference and Species Identification in Pectinidae [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]. Marin Guerrero, Alan Hertz. Hokkaido University.
Studies on effect of stabilizers, chelators and inherent periodicity on nanoparticle antioxidant activity. Zhou, Zheng. Oregon State University.
CFD解析を用いたオッターボードの設計に関する研究 [全文の要約]. 高橋, 勇樹. Hokkaido University.
Social work professionals' knowledge and implementation of innovative therapies for adults with cancer. Sneed, Deborah J. California State University – Sacramento.
Emotional facial processing in younger and older adults. Svärd, Joakim. Karolinska Institute.
The Influence of Self-image Congruity on Perceived Value and Brand Loyalty Concerning Sportswear. Opiri, Jane Andayi. Louisiana State University.
The efficacy of bibliotherapy for social anxiety and depressive symptomology. Palumbo, Paige. Rowan University.
Fuzzy Rough Set Approximations in Large Scale Information Systems. Asfoor, Hasan M. University of Washington.
How Sponsors Influence Students' Writing Practices in an Eighth Grade English Language Arts Classroom. Loretto, Adam. University of Pittsburgh.
Early rectal cancer and screening for colorectal cancer. Saraste, Deborah. Karolinska Institute.
Réponse linéaire dynamique et auto-cohérente des atomes dans les plasmas quantiques : photo-absorption et effets collectifs dans les plasmas denses. Caizergues, Clément. Université Paris-Sud – Paris XI.
Virtual Patients as an innovative educational tool in transcultural psychiatry. Pantziaras, Ioannis. Karolinska Institute.
Muscle phenotype of the myostatin mutant Compact mice and myostatin/IGF-I transcript levels in pathological human hearts. Baán Júlia Aliz. University of Szeged.
Being social in the first year: examining the relationship between first year students??? use of social networking sites and sense of community. Greenwald, Reuben L. California State University – Sacramento.
Magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of chronic Achilles tendinosis. Gärdin, Anna. Karolinska Institute.
Enhancing algal biomass and biofuels recovery from open culture systems. Bai, Xue. University of Queensland.
The attitudes and perceptions of students about the study of english grammar: the case of selected senior high school students in northern region. Akurugu, Brigandi Micheal. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Nurses´ and patients´ experiences of caring touch interventions in an emergency context. Airosa, Fanny. Karolinska Institute.
Student Motivation in Foreign Language Learning at the Community College Level. Takagi, Hiroko. San Diego State University.
Māori Orality and Extended Cognition: A cognitive approach to memory and oral tradition in the Pacific. Murphy, David James. Victoria University of Wellington.
Suicide in the family : towards improved care of bereaved parents and siblings. Pettersén, Rossana. Karolinska Institute.
Effective Use of Cross-Domain Parsing in Automatic Speech Recognition and Error Detection. Marin, Marius. University of Washington.
Literature Review: Exploring the relationship between student engagement and two-year college transfer rates. Wark, Michael R. University of Washington.
Restaurant Response to the San Francisco Toy Ordinance: Changes in Toy Marketing and Children's Menu Options. Diedrich, Sara Louise. University of Washington.
Efficient and secured rekeying based key distribution in wireless sensor architecture with Arduino and XBee. Kabir, A.F.M. Sultanul. University of Lethbridge.
Diseño de un modelo de gestión integrado, aplicado a los laboratorios de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Palmira. González Osorio, Martha Lucia. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Unsteady Physics and Aeroelastic Response of Streamwise Vortex-Surface Interactions. Barnes, Caleb J. Wright State University.
Studies in some metallic complexes; -. Mishra, Kanti. INFLIBNET.
Development, Evaluation, and Analysis of Complex Eye Movement Behavior. Holland, Corey D. Texas State University – San Marcos.
Studies on Advanced Metaheuristics employing Local Clustering for Job-shop Scheduling Problem [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]. 田村, 康将. Hokkaido University.
Mothers of the Gods: A Case for Syncretism in the Cybele and Isis Cults at Pompeii. Caudill, Robert. Brandeis University.
Space Borne Hydrodynamic Model Development: The Case of Ganges and Brahmaputra River Basin. Maswood, Mehedi. University of Washington.
Ladder to the Moon. Karl, Stella Rosa. San Diego State University.
Part-time Soccer Instruction to National Franchise: Luke Vercollone and Mighty Kicks. Gugliotta, Kevin A. Creighton University.
Abnormal geodesics in generalized subriemannian geometry. 行野, 亘. Hokkaido University.
STM Spectroscopy in Organic Superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF-d[3,3])2Cu[N(CN)2]Br. 岡, 雄基. Hokkaido University.
Diferentes manifestaciones de lo gay en Lorca, Arenas y Noel y la sed de un canon queer latino. Tolsa Potous, Javier. Auburn University.
Derivation of optimization for the MRO process of train couplings by the analysis of an event driven- simulation model. MONTINARO, MILENA. Pisa University.
Development of nanoscale delivery systems for breast cancer treatment. Zhang, Yuning. Karolinska Institute.
Coupled Ozonation-Anaerobic Digestion of Glycerol For Biomethane Production. Stone, Blaine Douglas. San Diego State University.
A Quantitative Study of Alliance Structures in the Warring States of Ancient China, 453-221 B.C. Hu, Cheng-Tai. University of Saskatchewan.
Concentration of Metals in Alzheimer’s Disease Plaques . Pruett, John. George Mason University.
Adaptive Randomization Ratios in Multi-arm Clinical Trials. Garcia, Michael. University of Washington.
On the Identification and Study of Polycentric Nation Models through the Geosocial Analysis of Social Media Content . Cotnoir, Amy Elizabeth. George Mason University.
High Resolution Jamming Detection in Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Moussa, MOHAMED. Queen's University.
Collaborations in Open Learning Environments. Spoelstra, Howard. Open Universiteit Nederland.
Digital Reverse Time Chaos and Matched Filter Decoding . Bailey, John, III. Auburn University.
A biometric based personal Identification system using face;. Mathusoothana S kumar R. Anna University.
Role of the pH-sensing receptor GPR4 and OGR1 in intestinal inflammation. Wang, Yu. University of Zurich.
Academic achievement of Hmong students at Sacramento State University. Thao, Xeng. California State University – Sacramento.
The Use of audiotaped dialogues to enhance feelings expression for children of divorce. Rose, Christopher Donald. University of Victoria.
Characterization of poly(L-lactic acid)/ organically modified montmorillonite nanocomposites synthesized by a solution intercalation method [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]. 中西, 康. Hokkaido University.
キーワードのあいまい一致を導入したキーワードプログラミングシステムに関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 坂本, 悠輔. Hokkaido University.
Coherent control of nuclear spins in GaAs using spin injection techniques from a half-metallic spin source. 秋保, 貴史. Hokkaido University.
The L^2 Geometry of the Symplectomorphism Group. Benn, James. University of Notre Dame.
The City Under the City: in/to the PATH. Chan, Christina Linda. University of Waterloo.
From Dust to Dust. de Montreuil, Lynette M. University of Western Ontario.
The Influence of a New Student Orientation Program on Freshman Student Academic Performance and Retention at a Comprehensive Two-Year Community College . James, Kesha. Auburn University.
テンサイOwen型細胞質雄性不稔性に働く新規花粉稔性回復遺伝子Rf2の研究 [全文の要約]. 本間, 雄二朗. Hokkaido University.
Soil aquifer treatment and recharge through Decentralised treated wastewater using GIS Based multicriteria techniques;. Deepa K. Anna University.
Latest Pleistocene and Holocene behaviour of Franklin Glacier, Mt. Waddington Area, British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada. Mood, Bryan Joel. University of Victoria.
高温超電導量子干渉素子の量子的特性を考慮した数値解析に関する研究. 寺内, 直也. Hokkaido University.
The SKINT1-like Gene Is Inactivated in Hominoids But Not in All Primate Species : Implications for the Origin of Dendritic Epidermal T Cells [an abstract of entire text]. Hassan, Rania Hassan Mohamed. Hokkaido University.
Behavioural biometric authentication with reference to keystroke dynamics;. Senathipathi K. Anna University.
コンピュータグラフィックスにおける所望形状の雲の映像生成に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 楠元, 克敏. Hokkaido University.
The Role of Hydroxyl Surface Groups on the Dechlorination Activity of Iron Bearing Nanoparticles. Gabayet, Jorge. University of Western Ontario.
An assessment of enchroachment and resource management of Luano National Forest, Chingola. Mwila, Roselyne M. University of Zambia.
MSW students and AOD: personal & professional reflections on practice. Bravo, Shannon. California State University – Sacramento.
Assessing the barriers and gaps in identifying commercially sexually exploited children and the services provided: perspectives of professionals in the Sacramento area. Murphy, Rikki. California State University – Sacramento.
Moluscos y paleoambientes del Pleistoceno tardío - Holoceno en la cuenca media e inferior del Río Salado, provincia de Buenos Aires. Pisano, María Florencia. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Realization and implementation of state-space IIR digital filters. Tawfik, Ayman El-Sayed. University of Victoria.
Adaptive Wireless Biomedical Capsule Localization and Tracking. Umay, Ilknur. University of Waterloo.
Implementation of the IT as the way to increase the transparency and convenience of public administration in Russia. Boldyrev, Petr. University of Washington.
TLR4-mediated calvarial bone repair: investigating its role and potential use for regenerative medicine. Wang, Dan. University of Pittsburgh.
Contrato de cedência de loja em centro comercial : a necessidade de atender aos (novos) interesses do gestor sem descurar a devida protecção do lojista. Ávila, Wilson Daniel Vieira. Universidade de Coimbra.
Improving Faecal Sludge Dewatering Efficiency of Unplanted Drying Bed. Kuffour, Richard Amankwah. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
Development and evaluation of new therapeutic interventions for chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Holmström, Fredrik. Karolinska Institute.

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