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Studies in electret; -. Mathew, A C. INFLIBNET.
Genes Affecting the Repair and Survival of Escherichia coli Following Psoralen-Induced Damage:a DNA Interstrand Crosslinking Agent. Perera, Anthonige Vidya. Portland State University.
Nitrogen fertigation practices to optimize growth and yield of northern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.). Vargas, Oscar L. Oregon State University.
Spezifische Zytokinbestimmung in Trachealspülproben und im Serum COB-kranker Pferde nach inhalativer Immuntherapie mit nanopartikulär gebundenen CpG-ODN und spezifischen Allergenen. Steuer, Jeanette Elisabeth Katharina. Freie Universität Berlin.
Management of the Higher Education in Manipur Since1972; -. K P, Guite. Manipur University.
Politico Economic Development of the Zomis of Manipur; -. Guite, Chinkholian. Manipur University.
Dharma sastranusari dhandavidhanam; and#2343;and#2352;and#2381;and#2350;and#2358;and#2366;and#2360;and#2381;and#2340;and#2381;and#2352;and#2366;and#2344;and#2369;and#2360;and#2366;and#2352;and#2367; and#2342;and#2339;and#2381;and#2337;and#2357;and#2367;and#2343;and#2366;and#2344;and#2350;and#2381;. Karthikeyan B. INFLIBNET.
Geological and geomorphological studies along NH 53 from Imphal to Nungba with special emphasis on landslide; -. Okendro, Moirangthem. Manipur University.
Myanmar's Democratic Transition: An Examination of Internal and External Factors Leading Myanmar's Military Regime to Commence on a Transition Toward Democracy. Grønkjær, Lene. Roskilde University.
The Relationship Between the Christian Music Industry and Church Worship Music. Ashbaugh, Julianne E. Liberty University.
Turen går til Danmark. København før og nu. Ditberg, Alexander. Roskilde University.
A study of the patterns of growth and development during babyhood 0 2 years : A micro studyin Thongju Assemble Constituency in Imphal East district Manipur; -. Sarungbam, Gunadhor. Manipur University.
Det historiske og moderne København set gennem russiske øjne. Ricalovskis / Korko, Maksims / Dimitry. Roskilde University.
Effects of kinship and timing in familial cancer. Lee, Myeongjee. Karolinska Institute.
Small-scale Opera: History and Continuing Relevance in the 21st Century. Trisel, Joel B. Bowling Green State University.
Design, Analysis, and Optimization of a Dual Tank Solar-Assisted Heat Pump System. Banister, Carsen J. University of Waterloo.
Effect of selected yogic expercises on the skills of beginner sepaktakraw players; -. L, Kumar Singh. Manipur University.
The behavioral effects of children's exposure to domestic violence| A meta-analysis. Arth, Brandon W. California State University, Long Beach.
Performance Metrics for Depth-based Signal Separation Using Deep Vertical Line Arrays. Boyle, John Kenneth. Portland State University.
Assesing high altitude Andean wetlands using plant community structure : a multivariate analysis and remote sensing approach. Ruiz-Esquide, María José. University of British Columbia.
Anthropo genetical varitions on the meitels of manipur and assam; -. Singh, Soibam Jibonkumar. Manipur University.
Bcl-xL protects pancreatic beta-cells from high glucose-induced failure by dampening mitochondrial metabolism. Shih, Alexis Zi Le. University of British Columbia.
Seismotectonic Studies in Manipur; -. Sanoujam, Manichandra. Manipur University.
Il lavoro subordinato quale unico parametro di riferimento per i nuovi lavori? : il ruolo svolto dalle commissioni di certificazione nell’individuazione della tipologia contrattuale meglio rispondente al concreto atteggiarsi dei rapporti tra le parti. FILIPPO, VALERIA. Università degli studi di Bergamo.
Unges liv i uddannelse. Madsen, Cecilie Facius. Roskilde University.
Novel approaches in the design of Reliable custom topology for Application specific network on chip;. Maheswari M. Anna University.
Self-Concept, Weathering Experiences, and Neighborhood Attainment: Variations by Race/Ethnicity. Krieg, Andrea Garber. Bowling Green State University.
Managing short term fitness of industries : indian perspectives; -. Chandrababu Singh, W. Manipur University.
New insights into plant amino acid transport and its contribution to nitrogen nutrition. Ahmad, Iftikhar. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Complicity and Resistance: French Women's Colonial Nonfiction. Adamo, Elizabeth. Bowling Green State University.
Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice. Andersdotter, Sara. University of the Arts London.
Consumer s attitudes towards packaged drinking water and their awareness of its impact on their health in the southern districts of tamilnadu;. Vanitha, N. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
The yogic practices and flexibility of the players; A case study of Manipur; -. Langpoklakpam, Tamubi Devi. Manipur University.
Re-cycling her words : the transmission of narrative through poetry in the reception of Kenreimon'in Ukyō no Daibu shū within the imperial waka anthologies. Mc Nelly, Kim. University of British Columbia.
Manganese corrole catalyzed oxygenation of;. Bose Suranjana. University of North Bengal.
Investigations on al6061 tib2 in situ metal matrix composites production friction stir welding and characterization;. Vijay S J. Anna University.
Skiffergassens semiotiske socinatur. Stolten-Hansen, Simon. Roskilde University.
Hoe wordt blended learning ondersteund door de ICT-afdelingen in het hoger onderwijs? Menko, Robbert. Open Universiteit Nederland.
The epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis) in the Greater Riding Mountain Ecosystem. Shury, Todd. University of Saskatchewan.
Influence of personaliity and iict awareness on teachiing competency of prospectiive teachers;. Ramkumar, R. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Les β-arrestines et les produits de glycation avancée régulent et modulent respectivement la contraction cellulaire induite par l’activation de récepteurs couplés aux protéines G. Simard, Élie. Université de Sherbrooke.
At opleve krigen. Soldater i Første Verdenskrig set fra museumsudstillinger i Berlin og London. Jensen, Lisbeth. Roskilde University.
A Study of Microwave curing of Underfill using Open and Closed microwave ovens. Thakare, Aditya. Portland State University.
Engelsk ridderdigtning i krigens og sværdets lys. Jørgensen, Rune Thorlejf. Roskilde University.
Mapping the Garden of Truth : Buddhist and idiosyncratic elements in the religious space of Shinnyo-en. Collins, Casey Collins. University of British Columbia.
Trivsel - når midlet helliger målet. Ejlsborg, Line. Roskilde University.
A framework for designing serious games. Sinkewicz, Nicholas David. University of British Columbia.
Design and Control of Robotic Hands. Scarcia, Umberto and#60;1985and#62. Università di Bologna.
Planning for Urban Agriculture in Canadian Cities. Soderholm, Danielle. University of Waterloo.
A study on service quality and passengers attitude towards public transport in dindigul district;. Aleeswari, M. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Forebyggelse af madspild i husholdninger - EU, den danske regering og Frederiksberg kommunes indsats. Kristensen, Esther. Roskilde University.
Modstandskamp, kontrol og smugling på de illegale Øresundsruter 1943-45. Holtet, Jon Benkert. Roskilde University.
In vivo imaging of cortical porosity by synchrotron phase contrast micro computed tomography. Pratt, Isaac. University of Saskatchewan.
Biochemical and molecular traits underlying hypoxia tolerance in sculpins. Mandic, Milica. University of British Columbia.
MetaPathways : a modular pipeline for the analysis of environmental sequence information. Hanson, Niels William. University of British Columbia.
A.P.M.S. – Airport Pavement Management System – specificamente contestualizzato in aeroporti a traffico stagionale. Pigozzi, Franco. Università di Cagliari.
Adult Amateur Musicians' Perceptions of the Relationship Between Secondary Instrumental Music Education and Current Music Participation. Vial, Andrew John. Bowling Green State University.
Responses to Youth Crime in Canada: An Examination of the Micro and Macro Processes Associated with the Tough-on-Crime Legislation. Kassabian, Taline. University of Waterloo.
Scalable Emulator for Software Defined Networks. Roy, Arup Raton. University of Waterloo.
The pedagogy of Balinese vocal technique : developing total perception through embodied practice. Edwardson, Chelsea Dawn. University of British Columbia.
Development of a microgrid with renewable energy sources and electrochemical storage system integration. Subinas Seco de Herrera, Jose Manuel and#60;1985and#62. Università di Bologna.
Uoverensstemmelsen mellem internationale stofrelaterede strategier og den sociale virkelighed for kvindelige stofmisbrugere på Zanzibar, Tanzania. Kamarainen, Natashia. Roskilde University.
Decay and thermoluminescence of cas :th phosphors; -. Dikshita A N. INFLIBNET.
Synthèse de mouvement pour des personnages virtuels en environnements contraints. Tonneau, Steve. Rennes, INSA.
Political Participation of Tangkhul naga women in manipur 1972 2005; -. Maireiwon, Ningshen. Manipur University.
Formulation of a Path-Following Joint for Multibody System Dynamics. Hall, Andrew. University of Waterloo.
Structure and randomness in dynamical systems : different forms of equicontinuity and sensitivity. García-Ramos, Felipe. University of British Columbia.
Diskurser i folkeskolen - et speciale med fokus på danske elevers udsagn om folkeskoleliv. Jeppesen, Eva Møss. Roskilde University.
Contextualisation Matters : Aligning Social Enterprises to Nation-State Diversity. Svensson, Christian Franklin. Roskilde University.
A study on physical and physiological parameters on certain selected sp; -. Pebamcha, Sarat. Manipur University.
Engaging children and young people in physical activity. Lewis, Kiara. University of Huddersfield.
Adaptive behaviour A case study of institutionalized mentally retarded children in impal east and west districts of manipur; -. Caroline, Ngailiankim. Manipur University.
Role of Magnesium and its mitochondrial transporter MRS2 in the modulation of drug-induced apoptosis leading to multidrug resistance phenotype . Merolle, Lucia and#60;1986and#62. Università di Bologna.
A comparative study on dermatoglyphical variation between the brahmin and muslim of Manipur; -. Mangsatabam, Shyamchand Meitei. Manipur University.
Fine Mapping of qroot-yield-1.06, a QTL for Root, Plant Vigor and Yield in Maize. Martinez Ascanio, Ana Karine and#60;1979and#62. Università di Bologna.
Local Structural and Optical Characterization of Photonic Crystals by Back Focal Plane Imaging and Spectroscopy. Wagner, Rebecca. Universität Leipzig.
Dopamine and PDF signaling modulate habituation to repeated activation of a polymodal nociceptor in caenorhabditis elegans. Ardiel, Evan. University of British Columbia.
Допринос Светозара Радојчића методологији српске историје уметности. Vujnović, Andrej M. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Electrochemical characterization of carminic acid towards the use as an electrochemical molecular beacon for nucleic acid detection. Gorbunova, Santa Maria. University of British Columbia.
Distribution of Tritium in Precipitation and Surface Water in California. Harms, Patrick Alan. California State University – East Bay.
Physique and body composition of Hiv Aids and pulmonary tuberculosis co infected meitei male patients of Manipur; -. Haobijam, Prabhabati Devi. Manipur University.
Désassemblage et détection de logiciels malveillants auto-modifiants. Thierry, Aurélien. Université de Lorraine.
Use of compound microlens arrays as a magnifier in near-eye head-up displays. Park, Hongbae Sam. University of British Columbia.
Environmental impact assessment human health and evaluation of groundwater pollution in and around tuticorin city tamilnadu;. Selvam, S. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Studies in electrical properties of organic polymers films with special reference to state of persistent internal polarisation; -. Bhargava, Bharat. INFLIBNET.
Aligning Sales Promotion Strategies With Buying Attitudes in a Recession. Adjagbodjou, Paulin. Walden University.
Role of promotional agencies in industrial development in Manipur : policy assessment approach; -. Moirangthem, Ibungomacha Singh. Manipur University.
A Study of the changing faces of the paite community; -. Siamkhum, Guite. Manipur University.
Microtopographic Ecohydrology of a Forested Wetland in Louisiana. Hsueh, Yu-Hsin. Louisiana State University.
Knowledge attitude and beliefs of secondary school teachers and students of bundelkhand region of madhya pradesh about population education; -. Deousker, Mahesh. INFLIBNET.
Handloom industry in Manipur A spatio temporal analysis for economic transformation; -. Devi, Thangjam Romita. Manipur University.
Los comportamientos de salud en mujeres con incontinencia urinaria. Lamoglia Puig, Montserrat. Universitat de Girona.
Hard spheres within classical density functional theory and Min proteins in Escherichia coli. Schulte, Jeff B. Oregon State University.
An FPGA based architecture for real Time network traffic analysis;. Rajeswari P. Anna University.
Identification and characterization of regeneration specific genes;. Johnson retnaraj samuel, S. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Occurrence of urinary tract infection antibiotic sensitivity and resistant pattern of viable antibiotics against bacterial isolates in namakkal dt tamil nadu india;. Sudha, R. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
DFM Techniques for the Detection and Mitigation of Hotspots in Nanometer Technology. Madkour, Kareem. University of Waterloo.

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