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Toward a Poetics of Green Building. Hughes, Jonathan. University of Cincinnati.
An analysis and an interpretation of the role of Dickon in The scarecrow by Percy MacKaye. Evans, George Herbert. California State University – Sacramento.
Developing Architecture. Dickson, David T. University of Cincinnati.
Three-dimensional Bin Packing in Mixed-case Palletization. Yan, Yi Feng. University of Waterloo.
The experience of hosting friends and relatives for immigrants. Griffin, Tom. University of Waterloo.
The hybrid model and student learning experiences. Nava, Sarah. California State University – Sacramento.
sustainable vs. unsustainable: A geographic study of a major metropolitan city and the development of a model to measure levels of sustainability by census tracts in Los Angeles County, California. Prindle, Mark. California State University – Northridge.
A combined field data and empirical modeling approach to precipitation-runoff analysis in an agro-forested Prairie watershed. Petzold, Halya. University of Manitoba.
Beni Atlas': An interface for the informal city. van Overbeeke, Elisabeth. University of Waterloo.
Experimental study of particle-induced turbulence modification in the presence of a rough wall. Tay, Godwin Fabiola Kwaku. University of Manitoba.
Characterizing Electron Transport Phenomena in Graphene using an Analytical and Simulation Approach. Priest, Jeremie. California State University – Northridge.
Time-Variant Load Models of Electric Vehicle Chargers. Zimmerman, Nicole P. Portland State University.
Social shareholder engagement: How shareholders bring social, environmental and ethical concerns to the heart of management. Goodman, Jennifer Coralie. Universitat Ramon Llull.
Understanding primary-school, high-school and university students sustainable behaviours: An approach based on the theory of planned behaviour. De Leeuw, Astrid. Université du Luxembourg.
Optimizing Structure: An Investigation into Lightweight Structures. Jensen, Kyle. University of Waterloo.
Reversible Circuits Synthesis Based on EXOR-sum of Products of EXOR-sums. Tran, Linh Hoang. Portland State University.
Developing a set of criteria for defining the roles and responsibilities of the different types of heart failure disease management programs in Ontario: A mixed methods study. Hinton, Stephanie Nicole. University of Waterloo.
Investigations of the Air-Water Interface: A Structural Analysis of Metallic Surface Films and Aquatic Surface Films by Comparative Microscopy. Smith, Randall William. Portland State University.
Improving the Use of Migration Counts for Wildlife Population Monitoring. Crewe, Tara L. University of Western Ontario.
Study of Effect of Coverage and Purity on Quality of Learned Rules. Gandharva, Kumar. University of Cincinnati.
Development of novel energy systems for LNG locomotives. Al Ali, Mohammed. UOIT.
A Century of Geomorphic Change of the San Rafael River and Implications for River Rehabilitation. Fortney, Stephen T. Utah State University.
Die intra- und interkristalline Verteilung der Spurenelemente Phosphor, Scandium, Cobalt und Zink in Orogenen Ultramafititen. Schäfer, Lena. Universität Heidelberg.
Una testimonianza silenziosa.Storia della Chiesa cattolica in Tunisia dal Trattato del Bardo alla ‘rivoluzione dei gelsomini’. Cugusi, Maria Chiara. Università di Cagliari.
Education as the Everyday. Dougherty, Megan M. University of Cincinnati.
Inclusive Multiplayer Game Design: Applying Universal Design Principles to the Multiplayer Game Design Process for a Wider Player Range. Chen, Suyao. University of Cincinnati.
CMOS-MEMS Resonant Gate Transistor-Based Devices. Tazabekov, Olzhas. University of Waterloo.
Stem Cell Survival in the Face of Genomic Instability. Geiselhart, Anja. Universität Heidelberg.
The Relationship between Religiousness and Bullying Among Parochial High School Students in the Southeast. Willis, Matthew Adam. Liberty University.
Cultural Connectivity: Design as a method to facilitate cultural exchange within the Gerrard Bazaar. Shaikh, Sundus. University of Waterloo.
Me, Myself and the Other. Melanesian and Western Ideas on Selfhood and Recognition. Galuschek, Anita Caroline. Universität Heidelberg.
Managing research projects: judgment as a source of creativity. Nadal Burgués, Núria. Universitat Ramon Llull.
RoboBUG: a game-based approach to learning debugging techniques. Miljanovic, Michael A. UOIT.
A Case Study Examining the Restorative Justice Practices Implemented in Three California High Schools. Zulfa, Michael K. Liberty University.
The Lithotectonic Setting and Paragenetic History of Deposit No.1, Mary River District, North Baffin Island. Fulcher, Sean A. University of Western Ontario.
Stability and Change in the Strategic Decisions of Multinational Enterprise. Eghbali-Zarch, Majid. University of Western Ontario.
TV3, "la nostra" pels castellanoparlants?: anàlisi de la proposta enunciativa de la cadena i dels discursos dels receptors. Besalú Casademont, Reinald, 1983-. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Retrofitted in Flexure Using CFRP-NSM Technique. Al-Obaidi, Salam. Portland State University.
Mental health attitudes among Eastern Europeans. Caza, Simina. California State University – Sacramento.
Negotiations over large agreement spaces. de Jonge, Dave. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
A Comparative Analysis of Worldview Development and Religious Commitment Between Apostolic College Students Attending Apostolic Christian and Secular Colleges. Simoneaux, Carolyn Potts. Liberty University.
The Challenges of Missionary Training in the 21st Century: A Manual for Training of Missionaries. Aiyedogbon, Kola. Liberty University.
Estudio del duelo perinatal: interrupciones médicas del embarazo, muertes prenatales y muertes postnatales. Ridaura Pastor, Isabel. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Coping Mechanisms Moderate the Association between Stressful Life Experiences and Sub-threshold PTSD symptoms in College Students . VEAL, KELLY. Auburn University.
La influencia de Rafael Roldós Viñolas en el nacimiento y desarrollo de la actividad publicitaria en España: su obra y su legado (1857-1957). Serra Folch, Carolina. Universitat Ramon Llull.
Aquinas the Pacifist? A Comparative Study. Pemberton, Lloyd George. Liberty University.
Inferring 3D Cellular Forces from Confocal Image Stacks. Ehsandar, Ahmad. University of Waterloo.
Neuropsychological and brain functional changes across the different phases of schizoaffective disorder. Madre Rull, Mercè. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Corrosion at the head-neck taper interface of artificial hip joints. Dyrkacz, Richard Michael Ryan. University of Manitoba.
Toxicity of Ophthalmic Solutions, Benzalkonium Chloride and UV Radiation on Human Corneal Epithelial Cells in vitro. Xu, Manlong. University of Waterloo.
Globalization, Multiculturalism and the Evolution of Suburban Toronto, Richmond Hill Iranian Community. FAKHARI TEHRANI, FARIMAH. University of Waterloo.
Power control in energy-harvesting small cell networks: application of stochastic game. Tran, Thuc. University of Manitoba.
Operational Approaches to Quantum Correlations and Particle Creation in Field Theory. Brown, Eric Graham. University of Waterloo.
Improving Public Understanding of Large-Scale Transit Projects: A case study of the Region of Waterloo’s ION. Belanger, Julie. University of Waterloo.
Radio Resource Management for Relay-Aided Device-to-Device Communication. Hasan, Monowar. University of Manitoba.
Teenage Mothers Who Go on to Earn A College Degree: A Phenomenological Study. Salazar, Jena Kerry. Liberty University.
Act Like a Lady: The Impact of Gender Identity on American Sign Language – English Interpreters. Artl, Grace B. Western Oregon University.
Evaluation of Energy Systems for Distributed Green Data Centres using Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis. Werden, PAUL. Queen's University.
The Effectiveness of A Career Course on Program of Study Selection and Career Maturity of High School Freshmen. Roach, Susan West. Liberty University.
Hydrodynamics of a pitching foils: flexibility and ground effects. Fernández Prats, Rafael. Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
A Kinematic Analysis of Visual and Haptic Contributions to Precision Grasping in a Patient With Visual Form Agnosia and in Normally-Sighted Populations. Whitwell, Robert. University of Western Ontario.
"We have the best life there ever was": Linking sense of place and adaptive capacity in Nova Scotia's coastal communities. Brown, Shandel Marie. University of Waterloo.
Light conversion processes in lanthanide-based molecular materials. Artizzu, Flavia. Università di Cagliari.
Environmental governance and new ICTs : the impact of new information and communication technologies on global environmental governance. Duberry, Jérôme. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Academic demands on the social-emotional health of primary and secondary grade students. Sisson, Hilary F. California State University – Sacramento.
The Effects of Urban Containment Policies on Commuting Patterns. Kwon, Sung Moon. Portland State University.
Obtención de biodiésel mediante transesterificación de aceite de ricino y grasas animales. Aprovechamiento energético de la glicerina como subproducto del proceso . Sánchez Sánchez, Nuria. Universidad de Extremadura.
Rural High School Faculty Perspectives on Bring Your Own Device Implementation: A Phenomenological Study. Arnold, Philip Lee. Liberty University.
Deaf-Hearing Interpreter Teams: Navigating Trust in Shared Space. Reinhardt, Laurie Reese. Western Oregon University.
The First War Photographs: Henry Mosler and Mathew Brady, 1861-1865. Dickerson, Hannah R. University of Cincinnati.
Synthesis and Characterization of Poly-(Methyl Methacrylate) Nanoparticles with Ultrasound Assistance. Liu, Weihang. University of Waterloo.
Exploring the intersection of bi-cultural identity, social networking and a multiliteracies pedagogy on English language learning. Morrison, Laura. UOIT.
The Role of Shroom3 in Kidney Development. Sull, Alexandra. University of Western Ontario.
Diagenesis and reservoir quality of the Lower and Middle Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic), SW Germany. Soyk, Dominik. Universität Heidelberg.
Blood Sample Characterization Using A Co-Axial Transmission Line. Hilderbrand, Evan C. University of Cincinnati.
Effectiveness of Fine Motor intervention in Early Childhood Education . Morrow, Melanie. California State University – Channel Islands.
Student Responses to Math Instruction: A Comparison Between Human and Electronic Delivery in the Elementary Classroom . Foutz, Ian. California State University – Channel Islands.
Hamming distance as a metric for the detection of side channel in 802.11 wireless communications. Chea, Visal. UOIT.
A Culture in Change: The Development of Masculinity through P.G. Wodehouse's Psmith Series. Thompson, Allison. Liberty University.
Jacqueline Espinoza's Electronic Portfolio. Espinoza, Jacqueline. California State University – Northridge.
Being: At The Threshold. Di Giacomo, Joel Michael. University of Waterloo.
Fatigue Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Non-Prestressed and Prestressed Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars. Younes, Taha. University of Waterloo.
Service Revenue Management in the Presence of Grouping Complementarities. Farahani, Mohammadreza. University of Waterloo.
Spectrum sensing based on capon power spectral density estimation. Mohammed, Ola Ashour. UOIT.
Tempest Redux. O'Reilly, Morgan. University of Waterloo.
The Scholarship of Student Affairs Professionals: Effective Writing Strategies and Scholarly Identity Formation Explored through a Coaching Model. Hatfield, Lisa Janie. Portland State University.
An Investigation to Detect Delamination in Composite Laminated Plates Under Dynamic Loading. Starnes, Jason Christopher. Cal Poly.
Los titulares en los cibermedios deportivos. Principales figuras retóricas y su aplicación didáctica . Suárez Ramírez, Sergio. Universidad de Extremadura.
Reboot Retail Architecture. Ginn, Brady W. University of Cincinnati.
Black Student Self-Efficacy and the Achievement Gap: A Heterogeneous Grouping Case Study. Thompson, John Anthony. Liberty University.
Extending Cognitive Work Analysis and Engaging Nanotechnology: Embodied, Embedded and Socially Situated Processes. Kant, Vivek. University of Waterloo.
Early Intervention Impact Infants' and Toddlers' Language, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional Skills . Reinholdt, Kimberly. California State University – Channel Islands.
Encapsulated source contact dose estimates incorporating secondary electron emission. Cleary, James. UOIT.
A Correlational Study of Parental Involvement at the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School Level. Magouirk, Tammy Ann. Liberty University.
A Structure based Methodology for Retrieving Similar Rasters and Images. Jayaraman, Sambhavi. University of Cincinnati.
Optimal Location, Patient Routing, and Capacity Decisions for Endoscopy Clinical Network in Western Ontario: A Simulation-based Optimization Approach. Akhundov, Najmaddin. University of Waterloo.
QFRecs - Recommending Features in Feature-Rich Software based on Web Documentation. Khan, Md Adnan Alam. University of Manitoba.
KISS1R Signaling Promotes Breast Cancer Drug Resistance. Blake, Alexandra J. University of Western Ontario.

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