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Development of Pd₃Co based catalysts for fuel cell applications and amine based solvents for CO₂ capture : a first principles based modelling of clean energy and clean air technology. Manogaran, Dhivya. University of Texas – Austin.
Borderline. Ratner, Rebecca Hilary. University of Texas – Austin.
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Based Reduced Order Modeling for Fluid Flow. Behzad, Fariduddin. Clarkson University.
Globalization and transnational academic mobility| The experiences of Chinese academic returnees. Chen, Qiongqiong. State University of New York at Buffalo.
Policy goals, political reality, and IT problems : the influence of politics and policy-making on the launch of Srinivasan, Ram, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
A Comparison of Students, Teachers and Counselors' Perceptions of the High School Counselor's Role. Bowen, Lionel C. California State University – East Bay.
Die Balkankriege 1912 - 1913 und das Ende der "Türkei in Europa" Weber, Antje. Universität Tübingen.
Host specialization in the fungal plant pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. Poppe, Stephan. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
'n Kritiese beskouing van die produkontwikkelingsproses . Meiring, J. University of Johannesburg.
Sollen wir Sterbehilfe leisten? Zum Einfluss des Medizinstudiums auf die moralischen Einstellungen der Studierenden und zum empirischen Nachweis der Wirkmächtigkeit ethischer Argumente in der Sterbehilfedebatte. Eine Umfrage unter Medizinstudierenden. Brossmann, Martin. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
The pixelated past| Predictive models and prehistoric pathways of the middle neolithic in Central Germany. Wiley, Kevin Lang. State University of New York at Buffalo.
Effect od supplemental dietary vitamin A on Aflatoxin B1 Toxicosis in growing Broilers. Chibanga, Felix Joseph. University of Zambia.
'n Studie van die verband tussen arbeid en kapitaal in Suid-Afrika aan die hand van die motoronderdeelvervaardigingsbedryfstak . Viljoen, Petrus Johannes Daniel. University of Johannesburg.
Exploring progressive variable-rate vehicle mileage fee structures on Maryland Statewide road network. Yang, Di. University of Maryland, College Park.
A bio-adjuvant combination approach for the chemoprevention of oral cancer| Preclinical trials. Bothwell, Katelyn Ann DiBernardo. State University of New York at Buffalo.
Communications used in intergrating Youth's rights in development programmes at Youth Alive Zambia, Lusaka. Mudenda, Ephat. University of Zambia.
Expression und Funktion der Toll-Like Rezeptoren TLR-4 und TLR-9 an Zelllinien des Harnblasenkarzinoms. Kesch, Claudia Verena. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Impacts of Father Input Support Programme ob beneficiaries: The case of Gwembe District. Sianjase, Alfred. University of Zambia.
Molekulare Analyse der Interaktion zwischen <i>Clostridium perfringens</i> Enterotoxin und Claudinen. Protze, Jonas. Freie Universität Berlin.
A Study of the Impact of LBOS Before and After. Carroll, Kevin P. California State University – East Bay.
The lived experience of younger, active women in recovery from a total hip replacement. Kendall, Valerie E. M. Saybrook University.
"Conchal Nicaragua| The Meaning of the Natural and Built Landscape" Lapp, Jennifer Ellen. State University of New York at Buffalo.
A framework for qualitative transportation management plan assessment using cognitive task analysis methods. Nittala, Ambareesha. University of Texas – Austin.
Die stryd van die Afrikaner in die Suid-Afrikaanse Mynwerkersunie aan die Witwatersrand, 1936-1948 . De Kock, Linda. University of Johannesburg.
A semi-empirical assessment of plunge pool scour| Two-dimensional application of Annandale's erodibility index method on four dams in British Columbia, Canada. Rock, Amanda J. Colorado School of Mines.
Análisis y elaboración de propuesta para mejorar la implementación exitosa del programa PSI – Sierra en la Junta de Usuarios de Agua Cusco . Huamán Cáceres, Rocío. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
A psycho-educational support group for Latino family caregivers affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders| A grant proposal project. Martinez, Adriana. California State University, Long Beach.
The causal relationship among financial development, trade openness, and economic growth in Zambia(1965-2011). Zombe, Chibvalo. University of Zambia.
Defining the mechanisms of uncoupling protein 3-induced thermogenesis and metabolism in brown adipose tissue. Veron, Sonya Maria. University of Texas – Austin.
A tale of two effective Title One Reward charter schools. Metcalfe, Laura. Northern Arizona University.
Die toepassing van Carkhuff se model vir die ontwikkeling van menslike vindingrykheid op 'n gesinsverrrykingsprojek . Lombard, Antoinette. University of Johannesburg.
The Semantics of Optionality. Heider, Paul M. State University of New York at Buffalo.
The place of a woman as reflected in two novels: So long a letter of Mariama Ba and Concubine of Elechi Amadi. Sisagali, Lumwanga. University of Zambia.
Factor models| Testing and forecasting. Yao, Jiawei. Princeton University.
Plan de negocios para servicio de administración de condominios en los segmentos B y C de Lima Metropolitana usando tecnología de redes virtuales como enfoque socio-cultural para agregar valor . Gutiérrez Herrera, Liliana. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Enkele aspekte van 'n elektroniese bankwese vir Suid-Afrika . Vogel, Lynette. University of Johannesburg.
Applying Variance Analysis to Examine Companies' Operating Cash Flows. Wong, Winston W. L. California State University – East Bay.
Numerical investigations of a pipe jet with coil insert issuing into a crossflow. Guzman, Saul. California State University, Long Beach.
Data science application in intelligent transportation systems| An integrative approach for border delay prediction and traffic accident analysis. Lin, Lei. State University of New York at Buffalo.
An evaluation of the communication strategies used by Zambia environmental management agency (ZEMA) in promoting environmental sustainability: A case study of Kabwe and Lusaka Districts. Mushimba, Kabashi Nicholas. University of Zambia.
'n Gerasionaliseerde modulêre kurrikulum vir tegniese vakke met verwysing na die elektriese studierigting . Human, Marthinus Cornelius. University of Johannesburg.
Plan de gestión de riesgos para los servicios de consultoría para proyectos de defensas ribereñas en la región de Cusco . Aragón Graneros, Luis. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Studies on optimal trade execution. Sepin, Tardu Selim. Princeton University.
A Comparison of Diel Nesting Behaviors of the Western Snowy Plover in the San Francisco Bay. Greuel, Bridget Marie. California State University – East Bay.
'n Retoriese kritiek van die politieke toesprake van Nelson Mandela : 1990-1994 . Muller, Brenda. University of Johannesburg.
Propuesta de mejora del control de costos aplicando el Método de Valor Ganado en un proyecto de infraestructura . Olarte Mescco, Kyralina. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
New reaction paths for advanced SiAlON/TiN composites. Calloch, Pauline. Victoria University of Wellington.
The relationship between inflation and Economic growth in Zambia (1980-2011). Chibwe, Francis. University of Zambia.
Ensuring positive cash flow by prompt payment in the construction industry . Van Vuuren, Elizabeth Louiza. University of Johannesburg.
Empowered belonging through identity transformation| Assemblies of God church planting narratives from West Africa since 1990. Jester, Jerry Stephen. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.
Bound orbits and virialized systems in a dark energy universe. Lackeos, Kristen. The University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Developmental assessment of motor & cognitive skills. Frost, Charles Scott. University of Texas – Austin.
Mental Health Administrators' Knowledge and Perceptions of Delivery of Relationship-Based Services. Singer, Alan Frank. Walden University.
Effective Slip Lengths for Stokes Flow over Rough, Mixed-Slip Surfaces. Lund, Nathaniel Joseph. Victoria University of Wellington.
Reflektometrische Interferenzspektroskopie (RIfS) zur Detektion ganzer Legionella pneumophila-Zellen und Entwicklung regenerierbarer funktionaler Oberflächen für Anwendungen in der Biosensorik. Merkl, Stefan. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Impacto de un Programa de Asesoría Nutricional en colaboradores con sobrepeso u obesidad del Área Administrativa, Enero- Julio de 2014 . Revilla Zamudio, María Elena. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
A Theory of Interest Convergence. Regilme, Salvador Santino Jr. Fulo. Freie Universität Berlin.
Untersuchungen zur Adsorptionsdynamik von Tetrahydrofuran, Trimethylamin und Cyclooctin auf Silizium-(001). Lipponer, Marcus Americanus. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Sistema de identificación y clasificación de inculpados . Mateo, Rodrigo. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Ecological mechanisms underlying soil microbial responses to climate change. Waring, Bonnie Grace. University of Texas – Austin.
LRRK1 による上皮成長因子受容体(EGFR)の細胞内輸送制御機構の解明. 慶田城, 迅. Nagoya University.
The assessment of DNA barcoding as an identification tool for traded and protected trees in southern Africa : Mozambican commercial timber species as a case study . Kabongo, Ronny Mukala. University of Johannesburg.
Comic art and humor in the workplace| An exploratory study?ZZzzzz. Brown, Kella. Pepperdine University.
Employee engagement amongst academic staff at a merged higher education institution . Du Plessis, Charmaine. University of Johannesburg.
Measurement of the Electron Recoil Band of the LUX Dark Matter Detector With a Tritium Calibration Source. Dobi, Attila. University of Maryland, College Park.
Eksperimentele ondersoek na die vervaardiging van enkele stelselkomponente vir 'n hidrofoon in optiese veseltegnologie . Spammer, Stephanus Johannes. University of Johannesburg.
Les formes de l'humain. Volatilite des frontieres dans le Roman Francophone autofictionnel contemporain. Hastings, Valerie Francoise. State University of New York at Buffalo.
A qualitative study of a mindfulness-based coaching intervention for perception shifts and emotional regulation around workplace stressors and quality of worklife. Linger, Rita Anita. Saybrook University.
Identification in Organizations with Multiple Identity Claims| The Role of Identity Claims of a Multiethnic Church in the Organizational Identification Process of Its Members. Solomon, Joel M. The George Washington University.
Launching the Next Generation of School Leaders| An Ethnographic Look at Leadership Coaches and Their Experiences on the Development of Transformational Leadership Skills in New School Administrators as a Result of Participating in the Blended Coaching Model. Wells, Karla E. Brandman University.
Identified enrollment management practices in the California State University system. Reyes, Ginger Q. Pepperdine University.
Knowledge formalization and reuse in BIM-based mechanical, electrical and plumbing design coordination in new construction projects using data mining techniques. Wang, Li, active 21st century. University of Texas – Austin.
The Value of the Semantic Differential to the Art Educator. Wilkins, Denise. The George Washington University.
Asociación del estado nutricional con los estilos de vida del profesional de salud de una empresa de salud . Hidalgo Chávez, Mariana Elvira. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Trypanocide usage and associated factors among cattle farmers in Itezhi Tezhi, Zambia. Mbewe, Joshua Njelembo. University of Zambia.
And the ocean came up on land : perceptions of adaptive capacity of cattle ranching in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Adams, Danica Claire. University of Texas – Austin.
Development of computational image processing algorithms for detecting morphological features of melanoma. Chamani, Alireza. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Stratification Within the Substrate and Vertical Distribution of the Infauna of Central San Francisco Bay Mud Flat. Vassallo, Marilyn Teresa. California State University – East Bay.
Die Rolle der Apoptose und des humanen Transkriptionsfaktors STAT1 bei der intrazellulären Abwehr von Trypanosoma cruzi. Stahl, Philipp. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Expression Analysis of the sax-2 Gene in C. elegans. Sakaldasis, George. California State University – East Bay.
The effect of the virtual sales person's customer centricity based on their sales manager's leadership style. Reddy, Ann-Marie. Capella University.
Educators' viewpoints on career counselling in secondary schools in the Mmakau-Mothotlung circuit . Motoma, David Rampei. University of Johannesburg.
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual client experiences and therapeutic practice with sexual minorities| An interpretive phenomenological analysis. Goettsche, Rebecca Shepard. Pacifica Graduate Institute.
Compliance of health professionals with patient confidentiality when using PACS and RIS . Mahlaola, Tintswalo Brenda. University of Johannesburg.
Trade, exchange, and social relationships in southeastern Poland| X-ray fluorescence and mitochondrial DNA analyses of neolithic sheep. Pipes, Marie-Lorraine. State University of New York at Buffalo.
Propuesta para reducir las horas extras del área de producción de un astillero aplicando incentivos y otras alternativas a través de herramientas de mejora continua . Cossa Reyna, Simoneth. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
501(c)Social video series : social media best practices for nonprofits in the digital age. Cool, Bailey Anne. University of Texas – Austin.
Effects of Fiber Architecture on Damage and Failure in C/SiC Composites. Shaw, John Henry. University of California, Santa Barbara.
The Vienna Sales Convention and private international law . Wethmar-Lemmer, Marlene Muriel. University of Johannesburg.
Application of spectral shaping techniques to synchronization error correcting codes . Clarke, Willem Adriaan. University of Johannesburg.
Modeling the electrohydrodynamics of three-dimensional vesicles. Kolahdouz, Mohammad Ebrahim. State University of New York at Buffalo.
Nanostructured thermoelectrics: Bi2Te3 / Sb2Te3 based superlattice systems fabricated by MBE and sputtering . Winkler, Markus. Universität Tübingen.
Effekte einer Langzeit-Therapie mit Pramipexol oder Levodopa auf die [123I]FP-CIT SPECT in einem Mausmodell der Parkinson-Krankheit. Maurer, Lukas. Philipps-Universität Marburg.
Elaboración de una herramienta para la toma de decisiones en gestión del talento para líderes . Quispitúpac Marcelo, Cynthia Paola. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
Automated detection in benthic images for megafauna classification and marine resource exploration: supervised and unsupervised methods for classification and regression tasks in benthic images with efficient integration of expert knowledge. Schoening, Timm. Universität Bielefeld.
Perspectives on the meaning and significance of imagery| A survey of clinicians, educators, and researchers. Singler, Mary E. Saybrook University.
Pacífico Seguros: proyecto de mejora en la estrategia de comunicación corporativa interna en Pacífico Seguros y su impacto en el desempeño de los colaboradores . Wong Rosales, María Graciela. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.
A preliminary investigation of the prevelence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its symptoms in selected Schools in Lusaka Urban. Tembol, Abe. University of Zambia.
Effets écotoxicologiques de nanoparticules de dioxyde de cérium en milieu aquatique : d’une évaluation en conditions monospécifiques à l’étude de chaînes trophiques expérimentales en microcosme. Bour, Agathe. École Doctorale Sciences de l'univers, de l'environnement et de l'espace (Toulouse);159341302.
Political landscapes of late prehispanic sonora| A view from the Moctezuma Valley. Pailes, Matthew C. The University of Arizona.


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